PWG ‘Prince’ DVD Review

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PWG is an amazing promotion out of southern California and happens to be one of the most popular promotions on the indie scene. With the debut of Jeff Cobb, aka Lucha Underground’s Matanza and Kamaitachi, a great luchador from Japan, I was very excited to watch this. Jeff Cobb vs. WOTY Chris Hero had me so hyped to watch and review this bad boy!

Dalton Castle vs. Adam Cole

This match was kind of a let down. The beginning of the match felt like a glorified taunt fest, with both of them doing their signature taunts repeatedly, avoiding moves. That stuff usually bores me if it exceeds a minute and this definitely did. Then there was a pretty egregious botch from Castle, slipping off the top rope, creating a very awkward spot. But after that they picked it up. Castle hit a beautiful Deadlift German after doing a sick transition and he caught Cole from the Panama Sunrise into a suplex. The match was pretty solid, but weak choice for an opener, and Cole won with his signature neck breaker **3/4

Michael Elgin vs. Kamaitachi

This was an insane match. This is something I would have thought I would have never happened in our crazy spot of pro wrestling. But it happened, and it was great. Kamaitachi was so impressive in his PWG, he took some crazy bumps and did some crazy spots. He did a senton to a standing Elgin on the outside and it was insane. He also did a top rope hurricanrana to Elgin that was sick. Elgin displayed his strength with a plethora of insane powerbombs and slams. After a combo of powerbombs, Elgin wins with the Elgin bomb in a sick match that you all need to see ****

Mark Andrews vs. Marty Scurll

Now I REALLY dislike Mark Andrews and I am starting to get annoyed by his performances in PWG, but after a killer match in PROGRESS with WOTY Hero, I was willing to give it a chance. And wow. This was a great match! Scurll was such an asshole in the best way. There was a sick spot where Scurll gets his legs up while Andrews goes for a shooting star press and counters the maneuver! Andrews also hit the Stundog Millionaire, and while I previously stated I dislike Mandrews, I love that move a lot, a sick move and the way it happens is sleak! At one point he throws the tiny Mandrews into a fan, the fan drops him, so Scurll eye pokes the fan! I could not stop laughing after that. He also brought the banter to the crowd, calling out the crowd and yelling at them. But this was not all fun and games as towards the end, Marty and his signature Chickenwing kept getting close to tapping Andrews out but he was flipping his way out of Scurll’s attacks. On his third attempt, Scurll gets Andrews to tap out. Hoot of a match, surprised by how good Mandrews was in this match ****

Andrew Everett vs. Trevor Lee

Two North Carolina boys going at it. They are also 2 TNA superstars as stated by Lee early on, but that got crazy heat as the Reseda faithful strongly dislike DixieLand, it can get pretty crazy. One of the standout moments of this very awesome match was Andrew Everett hitting a Shooting Star Press on a standing opponent, that was something very unique and sick! These 2 just have crazy chemistry and every time they fight, it seems different. Everett lives up to his name, The Apex of Agility, with standing moonsaults, topes suicida and back handsprings. The finish was insane as Lee catches the Big Dog off of a springboard in a suplex position but transitions into a damn small package driver for the 3 ****

Jeff Cobb vs. Chris Hero

This is Jeff Cobb’s PWG debut! Commentary put over Cobb BIG TIME and it was sweet because this debut was long over due. He has been wrestling in the Cali scene but had never gotten the call til now, and it was so worth the wait. Chris Hero is on a Wrestler of the Year run and this match just show cases why. They threw every thing at each other. So many dead lift spots from Cobb, showcasing his freestyle wrestling background. And Chris Hero was Chris Hero. Being amazing. Hitting elbows, kicks and most importantly, PILEDRIVERS! Spot of the match was Cobb no selling pile drivers because he has no freaking neck! Hero finally won with a death blow elbow in an awesome match ****1/4

Drew Galloway vs. Michael Elgin

This was supposed to be Galloway vs. Brian Cage but he had to pull out, citing family issues. Galloway seemed to be really pissed about that and said PWG is not any ordinary indie and it is hard to get back in or to get in the promotion in general, and was kind of shooting on Cage. He issues an open challenge and BIG MIKE comes out to answer it and they start brawling right away! The match was good, with both of the beating the crap out of each other, in and out the ring, and doing big power moves but it felt like it went on WAY too long and both guys were getting out of breath, and it dragged. Galloway eventually won with the Future Shock DDT after a sick transition. Very understandable why this was not as good as one would expect as Elgin was pulling double duty, although he was thebetter one in the match, it was just way too long. Cut off 10 minutes and you have an awesome match ***

Sami Callihan vs. Roderick Strong

This is Roderick Strong’s first match since losing the PWG title to ZSJ, and he is pretty obviously mad. But the Callihan Death Machine is in his way. I was pretty hyped for this match, but honestly it did not live up to the hype. That is not to say it was bad, as it was quite good but I expected more and the finish was pretty bad. So much interference, Cole comes out, costs Callihan the win. Then Dalton Castle comes out to cost Roddy the win. Finally, Cole comes back out, creating enough of a distraction for Sami to lost and Roddy to win. Solid match, but all this interference in Roddy’s PWG matches are getting to be a bit much ***1/4

Overall this was an amazing show, a definite show of the year contender. There were 4 consecutive **** matches and that is just not common. Cobb’s and Kamitachi’s debut were so good and it is worth it to buy this show to see those 2 matches. Thanks for reading and if you want to, follow me on twitter @a7xweeman!

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