PWG ELEVEN (26/7/14) Review

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This is Audie Kings, an attendant at PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla). I’m just going to give my take on this PWG’s Eleven from July 26th, 2014. This are my live impressions of the show, I don’t have a DVD in front of me to give the play-by-play but I’ll do my best to remember all the important moments of the show!

Before the doors opened to the venue in beautiful Reseda, California, camera man for PWG, James, was interviewing fans in line about their experiences with PWG. I was fortunately one of the fans interviewed. It was hot outside, but everyone was pumped for the show.

The show started with the usual Excalibur introduction. Hot in the crowd, as we start to chant “A/C, A/C, A/C”… ect. But it’s all good as the show is about to get underway.

Rocky Romero vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The is how you start an anniversary show, with an exciting opener from bell to bell. In the opening moments the action spilled outside the ring, with Ciampa landing on the floor and the chairs beside me. This was a good back and forth match, with the crowd pretty pro-Ciampa. Ciampa took the victory here. Good *** match in my opinion.

Cedric Alexander vs. ACH

After a good start to the show, these guys tore the house down. The beginning antics of the match were well played out, with a starting hand shake for sportsmanship, following another that ACH took advantage of with the headlock. ACH again with the crowd surfing during the match up. The match build up to some insane spots. With the crowd split right down the middle. The athleticism from both men is impressive. They got the crowd going, loud pops during near falls following with the “This is awesome!” chant. ACH was the victor with the 450 Splash. I’d give this a ***3/4 – **** range.

The Unbreakable F’N Friends (Micheal Elgin & Johnny Gargano) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?)

Brian Cage suffered an injury in the week leading up to Eleven, Johnny Gargano filled his spot. Action stayed steady, boiling up towards the finish, crowd enjoying both teams. Best Friends take the victory here, becoming the #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles. All four men go in for a group hug. Another enjoyable *** match.

Kevin Steen vs. Trevor Lee

This is going to be an emotional farewell. Kevin Steen rolls in a sea of steamers. The match starts out hard hitting, with Steen hitting Trevor with a powerbomb on all four sides of the ring apron. With the crowd chanting “Mr. Wrestling!”, Steen disagrees. He then says he’s Mr. Powerbomb, thus the crowd erupts in a “Mr. Powerbomb!” chant. Trevor Lee kicked out of some hard moves including Steen’s Piledriver. Trevor held his own against Steen, taking a victory with a Small Package. The crowd boo’s, but soon after Steen takes the mic and says that’s PWG’s future and the crowd claps. It’s sad to see Steen go. He will be missed. The match itself was in the ***1/4 – ***1/2 range.


Frankie Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick

It was great seeing Kazarian and Kendrick. The match was well worked but not entirely memorable. Looking forward to seeing Kazarian tag with Daniels at BOLA. Frankie Kazarian takes the victory. Kazarian says PWG has always been his home.

Adam Cole vs. Roderick Strong

Johnny Gargano was originally in the this match up, but due to the card changing he was moved to a different match. This match had a great pace. Hard hitting, and good mix with use of submissions. Strong wins and becomes the number 1 contender. Awesome ***1/2 match.

Kyle O’Reilly (c) vs. Chris Hero (PWG World Championship)

By this point the crowd has calmed down a bit. It’s hot and past midnight in the building. Hero had a lot of offense in. Some really hard shots during this match. The crowd was divided. Very physical. Hero worked O’Reilly’s ankle through most of the match and O’Reilly focused on Hero’s arm. In the end, Hero tapped out to the Armbar by O’Reilly. Decent defense. ***1/2 from me. After, Roderick Strong approached O’Reilly and hit him with the sick kick. After exiting the ring, Hero came in and was about to hit O’Reilly until he said that would have been too easy. He tells O’Reilly he needs to fight back against Roderick.

The Young Bucks vs. The World’s Cutest Tag Team (PWG World Tag Team Championship – Guerrilla Warfare Match)

This one was insane. The match began right away. Like the past few years, this is going to be a standing room only match, the brawl will be all over the building. Match started with the trash can, following some chairs. Candice put on a pink Super Dragon mask and the crowd began chanting “Super Candice!”. Nick took out a small bag, and out came gummy bears in the middle of the ring, then Joey Ryan with the spear to Nick onto the gummy bears. Many great and memorable moments in this match. Young Bucks double Superplex’d Joey Ryan onto 4 chairs. Candice hit a moonsault on the outside of the ring to the Young Bucks. Nick hit the 450 onto Joey Ryan with the trash can between them. Candice dove outside the ring looking for the spinning DDT, but Matt caught her and set her up for the tombstone. Nick in the ring looking out at them, he springboards off the top rope to the outside of the ring, spiking Candice with the tombstone on the floor. Following this, the Young Bucks took out a bag, this time with thumb tacs spreading in the ring. The Young Bucks grab a hand full of tacs and shove them in Joey’s mouth, then super kicks his jaw. Candice beside me, begins dropping a puddle of blood. Some fans in the crowd say that’s enough. Knox checks on her but she refuses to give up and blood, climbs back in the ring. The Young Bucks now with a shoe covered in tacs, super kicks Candice. Joey makes the save during the pin fall. Joey spears Nick through a table to the outside of the ring. Candice grabs a hand full of tacs and drop them in Matt’s pants then ballsplex onto the thumb tacs. The World’s Cutest Tag Team are your new PWG Tag Champions with one of the loudest pops in recent memory! Incredible match, the crowd chants “Match of the Year” and I’d agree as far as PWG goes. This will be one to remember in years to come. ****3/4

After the match, Steen and Cole come out and are all in for a group hug. Young Bucks and Cole then back up and say “We’re sorry”. And all three super kick Kevin Steen. Wrapping up a fantastic anniversary show.

With BOLA 2014 coming fast, all hype seem to be for that show (for good reason though). This show should not be so much under the radar as it has been. This is a high recommendation. You can pre – order the show at

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