PWG All Star Weekend 2016 Night 2 DVD Review

Added by Ben Mendall

After an amazing night 1, PWG returns with a night 2 of a doubleshot and this card looks just as good as night 1! JT Dunn’s debut in PWG is something that really intrigued me and the title match between ZSJ and Roddy was highly anticipated because Roddy kept denying Sabre Jr. his title shot he won from BOLA, and I bought into the hype!

Chuck Taylor vs Marty Scurll

A solid opener. Nothing special, just a ton of comedy, some of which I found very funny. Scurll kept yelling Chickenwing which is starting to get on my nerves a bit. All in all, an average PWG opener, with comedy to set the mood for the show and Chuck Taylor is usually the best person to send out for this. The Streak is still alive as Chuckie T gets the win with his AWESOME Awful Waffle. Solid Opener.


Mark Andrews vs Evil Uno

Mandrews has been very disappointing in PWG and this match was just not all that good. Evil Uno can have a great match with almost any one but this was not all that good. A lot of dumb dick comedy, PWG has a lot of dick comedy but it just took control of this match. Uno was working over Mandrews’ penis, and Andrews got some of his comeuppance by hitting a double foot stomp onto the nuts of Uno. If that was a lot shorter it would have been fine but it ate up the whole match! Although the end of this match nearly saved this, they went at it, showing that they could both go, but it was too short. Andrews got the underdog win by hitting a surprise Shooting Star Press. I would skip this when you watch the DVD or Blu Ray.

Drew Galloway vs Trevor Lee

Both of these guys are great wrestlers and Lee is a personal favorite so this had the possibility to be great! Some funny stuff with the crowd, USA chants and a ton of TNA banter. This was a typical Galloway indie match but with Lee in it, it just felt awesome. These 2 brawled all over the Region Hall! When Lee got control of this match, it was so entertaining and he wins with a small package. This was a great brawl that went a bit above my expectations that I had! Go out and see this ASAP!


Death by Elbow (JT Dunn & Chris Hero) vs Ricochet & Matt Sydal

This was JT Dunn’s debut in PWG and after seeing him a ton in Beyond, I was excited he was here and making the debut with his mentor and tag partner, Chris Hero! And this was an awesome spotfest, like the main event from night one! At one point they all go for hurricanrana’s and even Chris Hero hits one for a HUGE pop. A ton of cool sequences like that were in this match. Ricochet gets the win for his team by hitting a Benadryller onto Dunn! You should go out of your way to see this too. So happy to see Dunn here and he shined!


Adam Cole vs Trent?

Once again, Chuckie T was on commentary for a Trent? match and boy, the banter was very much prevalent. This was similar to the Trent? match from Night 1 because Trent? took a ton of bumps, including a Panama Sunrise off the top rope, just insane. He also got hit with a nasty piledriver on the apron, and the crowd popped huge! A bit of dick comedy but it did not overstay the welcome! Trent? gets the roll up for the victory, and I was very happy to see this, a great bout!


PWG Tag Titles: Young Bucks (C) vs reDRagon

We have seen this match a ton in ROH and in NJPW but this is PWG and a completely different environment. Once again, dick comedy, a ton on this show, usually there is a little bit on a PWG show but they went a bit overboard on this show, and this was the match I least wanted to see that penis grabbing comedy in. This felt like a usual match between these 2 teams, besides the cock comedy that went overboard, it was very good. Young Bucks retained after hitting a 450 splash then a moonsault press, sweet combo!

PWG Title Match: Roderick Strong (C) vs Zack Sabre Jr

This match has been building up since ZSJ won the BOLA tournament in August and Roddy Strong kept denying the title shot that ZSJ rightfully have. This match went on forever, in a good way, making the finish all the sweeter. Brutal and brooding, the match was sick. ZSJ gets the biggest pop of the night when he locks in the Strong Hold on to Roddy for the win and he is your new champ! Great match.


Overall, this was not as good as the first night and the first 2 matches were not that good compared to the rest of the show but the rest was all ranged from good to awesome! You should also watch this when you can. Thanks for reading and if you want to, follow me on twitter @a7xweeman!

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