‘PAC Is Back’ Rev-Pro LIVE In Portsmouth (22/11/18) Review

Added by Josh From grapsNthat

So as I entered the Portsmouth Guildhall for my 1st ever Rev-Pro show I noticed the merch stands to my left, full with Rev-Pro apparel and NJPW gear. It is so easy to spend so much money at these shows but I kept mine locked tight in my pocket until the obvious arrival of “THE MAN THAT GRAVITY FORGOT” he shorty arrived for a photo opportunity and signed 8x10s, a combined price of these was £15 and it was money well spent! Pac was fairly chatty and legit happy to be around fans who travelled to see him, I highly recommend attempting to meet him!

On to the show and the opening contest was a fun one, intact it was very well performed. David Starr is a star indeed, he is great on the mic, mocking the city of Portsmouth in favour of his love for Southampton gaining immediate heat. Starr was facing Darius Lockhart, a man who lives and breathes his revolutionary persona and I for one immediately became a fan. These 2 had great chemistry and I would love to see these 2 work again in the future. We saw some high flying innovation from Lockhart who is extremely agile for a fairly big guy, reminded me slightly of ACH or a smaller Apollo Crews (if your looking for comparisons) Starr picked up a hard fought victory with his Ushigoroshi style finisher which had great impact and was taken well by Lockhart. Great opening match to warm the crowd.

Up next with was Josh Bodom and he defeated Carlos Romo (team whitewolf), this was again a very back and forth match and Josh is a beast! He finished the match with a tombstone piledriver on the ring apron (hardest part of the ring) followed by a bouncing style piledriver from the ring ropes bringing Romo head first back in the ring, both moves had huge impact with got the crowd going and I would look forward to seeing Josh Bodom again soon.

Lord Gideon Grey graced us with his fantastic heel presence and mic skills to follow, introducing the UNDEFEATED DOMINATOR Great – O – Kharn, his opponent, the super talented Shane Taylor (who I approached at the interview, grabbed a selfie with but thanked him for his hard work which he appreciated) this was a very one sided match with Shane Taylor being ruthless throughout but it was always going to be difficult to stop Gideon Grey from meddling in the match, he caused a distraction which allowed a low blow to Taylor from O-Kharn followed by the face grabbing choke slam style finisher which had big impact allowing the 3 count and win awarded to Great – O – Kharn, this man has a serious presence and the undefeated streak continues. I will be keeping a close eye on his future booking.

The last contest before the interval was El Phantasmo vs A-Kid (team whitewolf), oh man, El Phantasmo is incredible, but so was his opponent tonight! ELP has had a breakout year, winning British j cup and being, perhaps, one ion the lead talents on shows much like this, he is a draw and it’s clear to see! Some of the high risk moves were a joy to watch, the counter wrestling was superband I could have watched these 2 all night! Both got a standing ovation here and it was very noticeable at the following interval that not only A-Kid but his partner Carlos Romo were greeted but lots of fans asking for pictures etc. ELP picked up the win with a hurricanrana from the top followed by a moonsault from the opposite top rope! Fantastic stuff!

After the interval it felt like things got serious and no better way with a vicious and aggressive Chris Brookes (whom I didn’t see at the merch stand all night which was a shame as I wanted a CCK tee) he faced ‘contender’ Michael Oku (known elsewhere as The OJMO) who is a great seller.

Brookes was aggressive with his assault on the outside of the ring using the barricades to his advantage. Chris eventually picked up the win but you will have to forgive me for not being able to remember the finish here. Apologies to you all!

Aussie Open were the next team on the scene, I love these guys and im pretty sure most of you reading this are also huge fans! So I met these guys back in March at Fight Club Pro and I must mention a huge change in the physique of Kyle Fletcher, he has certainly beefed top around his shoulders and arms! Perhaps its all the high 5ing that he and Mark Davis do in their own time?! I want to briefly mention the draw that the guys are, much like ELP but slightly more ion the radar, they posses great merchandise and fans flocked for selfies and paid and signed 8x10s which were amazing prints of them with the Progress tag titles, gutted I that I didn’t collect one for myself. Their opposition on this night were the team of Dan Head & James Castle, known as HxC. These guys are nasty heels who drew great heat with fantastic heel fan interaction, they began a vicious beatdown before the bell could sound, they dominated on Kyle, grounding him for some time before the hot tag to Mark Davis who pummelled both HxC, this allowing the match a few high spots and near falls before Aussie Open hit the fidget spinner for the Win. This was the biggest pop of the night for the victors here.

This brings us to the main event, PAC is Back and he sure was, Mike Bailey entered first and is a clear fan favourite, I have watched him recently in Defiant wrestling and only a week ago facing Eddie Dennis ever in Progress. Enter PAC, this guy is HUGE, make no mistake about the muscle that thus guy has put on! This match was alone worth the entrance fee. PAC dream immediate hear as he stood up in the face of Bailey but during the match Mike Bailey managed to get all of his signature offence in, almost picking up the win on several near falls. The best spot of the night was when PAC hit a T-Bone suplex on Bailey on the outside of the ring and Bailey hit the ring apron hard. PAC followed this up with the Rings of Saturn which Bailey escaped, however, he later couldn’t evade the stunning Red Arrow which PAC hit for the Win.

Overall this was a fantastic night and I will be retuning to Rev-Pro Portsmouth at the next available date regardless of talent on offer!