P.A.I.D Promotions ‘Fightmare Before Christmas’ Review

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The event kicked off with a warm reception for Stallion, who before he could continue his introduction for the fans, he was interupted by Team Lambert who positioned themselves in the seating box overlooking the ring and fans.

There, Greg Lambert had an introduction of his own the fans, “I’d like to welcome you to my hometown, this is why they call me Mr Morecambe” that was greeted by boos.

Bubblegum vs Damien Dunne

The opening bout refereed by known international, Chris sharpe, was a good fast pased affair.

It was Bubblegum on his way to the ring greeted by choruses of, “You sold out!” by fans after his actions in the last event.

The two started off with a cotton-elbow tie up, followed up with a wristlock, then  side-headlock that got cheers from the fans.

The two dazzled the crowd with there fast paced action with Dunne hitting a standing dropkick and spear while Bubblegum connected with a dropkick from the top turnbuckle and demonstrated his aggressiveness as he took control of the match.

Both mem had the crowd entertained as the tired to counter and stay one step ahead of each other, a prime example is when Dunne fought Bubblegum off the top turnbuckle but missed a manoeuvre from the top turnbuckle, then Bubblegum did vice verse except Dunne got a near-fall with a crossbody from the top turnbuckle.

The ending occurred with Bubblegum, spat at Dunne, then hit a low blow and connected with his finisher to get the win.

Winner: Bubblegum.

The match may have been over but war wasn’t as Bubblegum used the chair to punish the defeated Dunne, drawing RJM to rescue his friend, but this in turn allowed T-Bone to attack.

The fan favourite was outnumbered and decimated by the two causing Team Alpha Omega to enter the fray but the damage was done.

Then began the verbal exchange between the hated Team Lambert and the heroic Stixx, “every wrestler and the fans are sick of your crap, tonight its gona be game over for you”.

Greg Lambert then quoted, “You’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming from this building!”

Barricade vs Ryan Smile

A slow bout to begin with as the crowd saw Smile trying to get the crowd under the skin of the monsterous Barricade, but all this did was anger him as Smile felt as he was struck with a deverstating lariat that made him spin 360 degrees.

As Smile tried to get into the match, Barricade would use his power to overcome the speed of the fan favourite.

However, it was when Barricade leapt of the second turnbuckle and missed a splash that the course of the match changed, seizing on the opportunity Smiles attacked the larger opponent with his highflying ability that has made him known in the Uk.

Despite Barricade attempting to stop the fast paced action he could not prevent a dropkick from the second turnbuckle and a suicide dive over the ropes to the floor from Smiles, as the crowd cheered there hero on.

From there the ending was undeniable as Smile sprung from the top turnbuckle to hit his finisher to get the win.

Marty “The Villain’ Scurll vs The Lion Kid

The match started quickly as Scrull sneak attacked Lion Kid with brutal kicks and hard punches forcing him into the corner.

Lion Kid wouldn’t allow the set back to stop him as he countered the onslaught and began his own offence by using his speed and the ropes.

The Villain was taken aback by the quickness of Lion Kid as he propelled himself off the turnbuckles,  then executing a helacanrana and following up with a feat of balance by performing a handstand on the top turnbuckle.

Not to be outdone, the Villain done the exact same move to demonstrate his agility as well, but Lion Kid was clearly un-impressed as he hit a dropkick sending Scrull to the floor.

The excellent encounter continued as both traded counters to each other moves has the fans engrossed in the bout.

Scrull turned the match in his favour in an excellent spot when Lion Kid flew off the top turnbuckle for a splash but was caught and suffered a spinning back breaker.

From the Scrull used his vast experience to torture Lion Kid, from attacking the left leg to wrenching the leg over his head then following up with a version of a surfboard be in control of the bout.

Like in the past though, Lion Kid recovered by launching into a series of forearms, then clotheslines and then springboard elbow.

In an ending to an excellent match, Lion Kid took the win after a brutal thrust kick then a moonsault to leave Scrull shocked at his defeat.

Kay Lee Ray vs Viper vs Nikki Storm vs Lana Austin

The four premier talents of the UK all showed why they are held in such high regard as they kicked the match off at a quick pace with Storm hiding and the fierce duo of Ray and Austin taking on the awesome Viper.

Combating Viper’s raw strength, Austin.
and Ray used there speed and agility to gain the advantage. As the match developed, Storm and Viper joined forces to face the fan favourites, as Storm continued to keep Ray out of the ring, Viper battled Austin.

The Viper/Austin battle had the fans enthralled as Viper tried to dominate the smaller Austin, only for Austin to get a near-fall with a spinning DDT from the second turnbuckle.

A determined Ray finally got back into the match as she connected with a double droppkick and soon it looked that the fan favourites were solidly in control.

Austin and Ray highfived then suddenly Ray blindsided her with a stick kick, as the fans sat dumbstruck at what was transpiring, there hero continued to shock them as she joined the outspoken Referendum. Also the mercenary, Nikki Storm appeared to have joined the faction as well.

The valiant Austin tried to overcome the three on one assault but against three of the best women in the UK, this was a titantic effort as after the Ray-Bomb from Kay Lee Ray all three pinned her at the same time.

Adding insult to betrayal, Viper then draped the Scottish flag over Austin as Lord Grayson issuesd a warning to the roster, “I have a nation of people to choose from”.

Stallion had seen enough and sprung into the ring to confront Grayson, as the two traded insults, suddenly Stallion found himself surrounded by Bobby Roberts and Stevie Miles.

The fans looked on as they hoped there host wouldn’t be hurt and then the music surrounded the building, it was The Models, Danny Hope and Joey Hayes.

The Models vs The Referendum

As the Referendum faction went into retreat, Lord Grayson had apparently picked up an injury as he came off the ring and his replacement in the match would be Stevie Miles.

From the start The Models were on high attack, both Hayes and Hope catching the Referendum off guard. The plan hatched by Grayson had failed it appeared as Stevie Miles was been beaten all over the ring. The intensity of The Models was there for everyone to see and they wanted revenge for Hope being defeated in the last show.

Hayes had Roberts and Miles dazed and looking beaten as his offense of high flying combined with his mat ability took its toll. Then Hope tagged in then continued the barrage as he had both his opponents on opposite corners and progressed to connect with stunning running clotheslines.

But unable to keep himself out the match, Grayson interfered and even though Hope got his hands on him, this was all Miles needed to turn the tide.

Miles and Roberts constantly attacked Hope with heavy stomps and punches. Roberts showed his sheer power with hard slams and a crushing splash in the corner.

The finale came as Hope seemed to hulk up against the clubbing blows off Roberts but as he came off the ropes, Roberts struck to get the pin.

Before the viscous Grayson who entered the ring afterwards could do any damage with his flag that he was ready to use as a weapon, Stallion entered the fray. The Models unified with the host drove the Referendum into retreat and had the fans cheering as they made the ring there very own catwalk.

As Santa helped helped with the raffle, the moment took a serious tone, when Mr Big Shaun Vasey came to ringside, who was hellbent on putting someone through a table on this night after the match with Demian Leigh was postponed.

Without warning, Vasey’s target was Santa and succeeded in dropping him through the table as children looked on in shock and parents looked on with a chuckle.

P.A.I.D Promotions Champion Craig Kollins, T-Bone, Ridgeway & CJ Banks vs Stixx, El Ligero & Dave Mastiff

Due to the injury to RJM earlier in the event it looked that Team Lambert had got there way as the match would be four – three.

The first two men to start would be Ligero against Ridgeway, the two traded holds and countered them in great entertainment as fans were drawn into the technical ability of both.

The two continue there battle until Ligero tags in Mastiff and Ridgeway who was not ready to face the awesome powerhouse tagged in the deverstating, T-Bone.

The two larger than life men couldn’t show separate who was more stronger, but T-Bone tagged in Ridgeway after sucker punching Mastiff, from there Ridgeway suffered the wrath of his opponent.

Later on as Stixx was tagged in he managed to hold Banks up for thirty second standing suplex. From there the action came think and fast as Ridgeway was pinned.

The fantastic bout continued as Mastiff who looked amazing in this match as it was clear hes only improved since his TNA experience, found himself disqualified.

T-Bone faced Stixx as the match became three – two. Stixx had Bone nearly pinnee several times but the sheer power of Bone wouldn’t be denied. As the Champion was in Stixx showed he’s more than ready for the upcoming battle in February as the two gave the fans some blistering action.

Another highlight between Stixx and T-Bone occurred when they engaged in a furious chop battle that had the fans whincing.

Ligero who equally excelled in this match almost had a near fall on Kollins after hitting his finisher but as he came off the ropes for a back elbow, the Champion connected with a stiff forarm for the pin making it three – one.

Knowing that he had to change the tide Stixx showed the fans that he was far from done as he caused Banks and T-Bone to collide allowing him to hit his spear to make it two – one.

From this moment Stixx was outnumbered and despite his best efforts he was taking a Beating, the Champion was hitting hard short clotheslines and T-Bone was destructive in his offense until when Kollins attempted a discus, Stixx hit a powerbomb.

The odds continued to be stacked against Stixx and it appeared that Team Lambert would be successful until the return of RJM.

The injured star arrived just in time and quickly turned the tables by eliminating T-Bone making it two – one.

The Champion looked at the odds against him and fought hard, striking with a hard discus shot to both and almost looked to send the fans disappointed until Team Alpha finally got the win as Stixx pinned Kollins.

Winner: Stixx & RJM.

The aftermath, the crowd erupted and in contrast, Lambert stood in awe, in shock at what had transpired, his tyrannical empire crumbling around him and then he ran.

His escape was short lived as the roster came out and seized him. Everything that had occured in the past finally arrived to haunt him and his words from earlier in the show rang true.

The fan’s cheered and loved at what they saw as Lambert was dragged out the building, kicking and screaming, a new hope rang over Paid Promotions and the crowd looked forward to February 2015 when Stixx challenges the Champion, Craig Kollins for the Title.

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