Over The Top Wrestling: Fourth Year Anniversary Review

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT headed to the National Stadium in Dublin on the 13th October. The card is stacked and the main event if going to be epic. Let’s just get straight into it.

Scramble Match: OTT Gender Neutral Champion LJ Cleary vs Paddy M, Rocky Romero, Gino ‘Mr Juicy’ Gambino & Raven Creed

Kicking off the OTT show is a scramble match for the gender neutral championship, with champion LJ Cleary taking on Paddy M, Rocky Romero, Gino “Mr Juicy” Gambino and Raven Creed. This is going to be on hell of an opener.

Cleary instinctively gets in everyone’s faces. He shows no fear and then slaps Juicy who returns with a lariat that takes his head off. Then it breaks down as everyone beats on each other, and the action goes to the outside. Then inside the ring Romero unleashes chops and open hand strikes to Cleary. Cleary then is sent to the outside and Romero takes flight and takes everyone out. But Cleary is back up and wails down on him whilst Paddy climbs the ropes and hits a moonsault to the outside that takes everyone out. Things broke down very quickly. Cleary is in the ring and takes flight too and again takes everyone out. Dear God Juicy is now in the ring… Please God no. Oh my, Creed stops him with a forearm and head-butt, but is then taken out herself. Cleary enters and takes down Juicy and Paddy, but is taken down by Romero. Romero then hits all four other competitors with a lariat. Creed leaves the corner but is taken down by a lariat, and the same for Paddy and Cleary. Romero tries it on Juicy but it has no effect. He runs the ropes and again it has no effect. Finally Romero manages to take Juicy off his feet.

Creed kicks Juicy into the corner before slamming down Romero. Cleary then takes her out with a springboard code breaker, before running into Paddy. Cleary catches him and throws him into the turnbuckles and goes for the cover but Juicy lifts him high. Creed takes off and knees Cleary into the suplex. Juicy then spikes Creed on her head. OMG! That was brutal; the day of the dead came early for Creed. Juicy climbs the ropes; he is going to kill her again. Romero cuts him off, and climbs the ropes too. Juicy fights him off and Cleary hits an enziguri on Juicy and climbs the ropes and Paddy joins him. They look to suplex him but Juicy fights them off. Creed climbs the ropes and unloads on him and suplex’s him down… HOLY SHIT! What a woman. Paddy then hoists her high and slams her down face first but cannot get the cover as she rolls to the outside. Paddy goes to the top rope and hits a senton onto Juicy, then Cleary rolls him up and steals the win.

Thoughts: The odds were definitely stacked against LJ but I’m glad he managed to steal the win and remain champion, as there is a lot more he can do as champion. He’s a great athlete and performer and I can’t wait to see who he faces next. Paddy M is always a joy to watch and it’s great that he’s back in OTT more, he’s been missed. Hopefully he gets a solo shot at the title after that sneaky win from LJ. It’s the first time I’ve seen both Rocky Romero and Gino Gambino, and both these guys are extremely talented. I hope they come back to OTT very soon. As for Raven Creed… WOW! She becomes better and better every time I see her. She’s strong, reckless and ruthless, I adore her. When she suplexed Gambino I’m surprised the room didn’t blow off the stadium. She’s an amazing wrestling, and deserves a lot more respect. Is the WWE still hiring?

OTT Tag Team Champions The Kings Of The North (Corvin/Bonesaw) vs More Than Hype (Kearney/Martin)

Next up is a grudge match for the OTT tag team titles with the champions the Kings of the North (Damien Corvin and Bonesaw) taking on More Than Hype (Darren Kearney and Nathan Martin). This is going to be one for the books. Can MTH defeat their makers the KOTN? Will the KOTN take a knee because MTH wouldn’t bend it? Get the popcorn, because this is going to be insane.

The match starts with MTH attacking the kings before the bell. Both hit stereo splashes onto the kings but cannot pick up the win this early. Darren dives to the outside too Bonesaw. Nathan is still visibly hurt from the previous beat down, but MTH are ready to fight. Bonesaw chops Darren into next week, and then the two brawl with each other whilst Nathan and Corvin brawl on the other side. Corvin then takes out Nathan’s knee with a chair and a sick smile falls across his face. The Kings came for a good old fashioned beat down. Bonesaw then unloads on Darren in the ring. Darren is isolated in the ring as the Kings beat him down. Darren kicks out with a Bleh, but he can’t hold out for too long on his own. The kings again work together and hit a Belfast boot and senton, but still cannot pick up the win. Nathan is still on the outside clutching his knee. This is a mugging. The red right hand of Bonesaw, leaves a red hand print on Darren’s chest after a vicious shop. Darren fights back and looks for the tag but Nathan is down on the ground. Darren turns around and the Kings brutalise him, yet still can’t put him away. Nathan needs to help him, but what can he do?

The Dublin crowd is really backing MTH, because Dublin clearly hates the Belfast Kings. Darren avoids a big boot and Corvin kicks Bonesaw off the apron. Darren then hits a step-up enziguri on Corvin but there is still nobody for him to tag in. Nathan slowly climbs onto the apron and Darren makes the tag. Nathan unloads on Corvin with a series of forearms and takes him down. Bonesaw is in and suplex’s him but he lands on his feet and unloads on Bonesaw. Nathan then drives his boots into the skull of Bonesaw and he’s getting fired up. He’s still hobbling due to his knee injury, I don’t think he should compete. Oh God now he’s climbed to the top turnbuckle and dives to the outside and takes out Corvin, but he seems to have caught his knee again. Bonesaw then cannonball’s to the outside and takes out Nathan. Corvin’s in the ring and takes flight and also takes out Nathan. It’s a hard landing on the concrete. Darren then takes everyone out, including Nathan.

Darren rolls Corvin in and unloads with a series of kicks, before hitting a running elbow. Darren then hoists him up and slams him down, and then Bonesaw hits a spinning backbreaker before dumping him on his neck. Nathan then takes out Bonesaw. Then Corvin puts the nail in the coffin as he slams Nathan down face first. Corvin looks to inflict further damage but Nathan counters and spikes him on his head, but can’t put him away. Bonesaw then repeatedly stomps on Nathan. Nathan is just rag dolled as he struggles to support his own weight. The Kings work together to brutalise Nathan. Bonesaw bridges into a cover but somehow Nathan kicks out… He should stay down. His injury is just going to get worse. The kings will kill him. Darren cuts off Corvin and sends him to the outside before hitting Bonesaw, and Nathan kicks him from behind. Darren enters the ring and sends Bonesaw down face first. MTH work together and take down Bonesaw, but Corvin makes the save. Corvin sends Nathan to the outside and kicks a big Belfast boot the face of Darren, and the Kings work together and plant Darren. Bonesaw covers but Nathan intercepts. He then rolls around in pain clutching his knee. He should give up. Where are the medics? MTH plant Corvin on his head, but he kicks out just before the three count. Darren can’t believe it. The crowd again back MTH.

All men are there knees wailing on each other, and continue to beat each other down when they get to their feet. Bonesaw pulls done his straps and Nathan and Bonesaw wail on each other with lariats. Both men are then taken off their feet and all men are down. Again all four men unload on each other. MTH get the upper hand but not for long. Corvin is sent to the outside by Nathan, whilst Darren locks in a half crab on Bonesaw. Bonesaw is in the centre of the ring and it’s locked in deep, and punches Bonesaw in the knee. Corvin then hits Darren in the back of the head with the belt whilst the ref is distracted, and the Kings pick up the win.

Thoughts: What a match! MTH potentially had the match won if Corvin hadn’t of used the belt to strike Darren. Bonesaw looked ready to tap. But by any means necessary the Kings won, and I’m glad they retained their titles. The Kings are phenomenal athletes/performers and I love seeing them in action. They deserve to be the champs for a lot longer, they are a dominant faction and honestly the Dublin the crowd needs to be more respectful of the Belfast lads. MTH are also fantastic, and have huge careers in front of them, and I can’t wait to see what they do. Hopefully we get a six man tag between MTH/The Kings for the titles, because that will be one hell of a rematch.

Hirooki Goto & Sean Guinness vs Satoshi Kojima & Michael May

Next up more tag team action with Hirooki Goto & Sean Guinness facing Satoshi Kojima & Michael May.

The match starts with Goto facing off against Kojima. The two lock up and look to get the upper hand but they seem equally matched. It isn’t a clean break as Kojima chops Goto. The two lock up again and Goto gets Kojima in a waist lock, but Kojima reverses into a wrist lock. This time Kojima is on the ropes and Goto chops him. There is your receipt buddy. Goto gets Kojima in a headlock and grounds him on the canvas. The two then go back and forth exchanging locks until Goto takes down Kojima with a shoulder tackle. Goto locks in a headlock again but Kojima grabs his hair and locks in a headlock of his own, before taking him down with a shoulder tackle. Anything you can do I can do… Kojima looks for an elbow drop but nobody’s home. May tags himself in and Guinness is then tagged in. The two immediately lock up and exchange holds. Guinness covers but May powers out, and covers Guinness but he counters. The two then trade pin falls, but it’s far too early for these two men to pick up the win. The fans then chant “Irish wrestling” showing their appreciation.

May hoists Guinness high but he escapes. These two men know each other so well as they avoid shots from one another that is until Guinness stomps on his face, and then chops him in the throat. May returns with chops of his own but it has no effect. Guinness hits a chop and floors May. Goto is then tagged in and he stomps on May, before hitting Kojima off the apron. Goto then chops May and it’s sickening, and another. Goto then kicks him in the back and covers, but it’s not enough. Guinness is then tagged back in and has a sickening chop of his own. Guinness then dumps him down but cannot put him away. Goto is back in and delivers a double axe handle to the spine. May tries to fire back but his chops have to effect on Goto, but Goto floors him. Goto hoists him high and hits a stalling vertical suplex but it’s still not enough, May still has fight in him. The crowds getting behind May now. May kicks him in the gut but eats a back elbow, and then tacks Goto down with a huge hip toss. He needs to tag in Kojima, and he does.

Kojima knocks Guinness down from the apron and then unloads on Goto in the corner. Those chops are fast, like damn. CHOP FOREVER! Kojima takes him down and then drives his elbow down into his sternum but it’s not enough for the win. The two then exchange chops, and then a huge lariat from Goto takes down Kojima. Goto hoists him high but he escapes and takes him down. Kojima takes of his elbow pad but is caught by Goto who slams his neck into his knee, it’s brutal. Kojima tags in May but Guinness is also in. The two go back and forth and May eats a pair of boots. Guinness distracts the ref and low blows May before driving him head first into the turnbuckle. Guinness climbs the top rope and boots May in the back of the neck and covers but it’s not enough. Guinness climbs the ropes but nobody’s home. May hits a diving back elbow from the second and then hits a huge powerbomb but Guinness kicks out. Guinness then hits a huge chop, but a dropkick takes Guinness down, and returns with a huge kick. Goto is back in and takes out Kojima, and Guinness and Goto work together to brutalise May. But Kojima makes the save and then takes down both men. He then hoists May up and drops him down on Goto and then does the same with Guinness. May covers but Goto kicks out.  May goes up top and takes down Goto and hits a huge dragon suplex but it’s not enough. It seems like these men will fight forever, but the win comes when Goto hits the GTR to May.

Thoughts: WOW! ALL THESE GUYS, ALL THESE GUYS! What a match. This from incredible start to finish, and it’s one of those matches where you wish they’d fight forever. Hard hitting moves, each man showing off their power, just wow. Purchase this show purely for this match, honestly, you won’t be disappointed. Can we get Goto and Kojima back soon for a one on one? Because that would bring down the house.

Scotty ‘The Supreme Suplex Machine’ Davis vs Mark ‘Dunkzilla’ Davis

Next up singles competition with Scotty Davis taking on Mark Davis, and no they aren’t related in anyway shape or form.

The crowd immediately chants “Let’s go Davis, Davis sucks” are you confused? Well to clarify for you all let’s go Scotty, Mark sucks. Got it? Okay good. Now the match starts off with both men sizing each other up, and Scotty kicks Mark in the legs before getting a waist lock, but Mark throws him off like a rag doll, and again. Scotty avoids a chop and snatches a headlock. Mark tries to shoot him off but Scotty has it locked in tight. Scotty then snatches it again and cranks on it, but Mark hoists him high, but Scotty rolls through with a huge headlock take over. Mark forces him into the ropes before smacking him in the face, and then unloads on him. Mark then drives his boot into his face in the corner. Scotty ducks a big boot and then kicks Mark in the head sending him to the outside. Scotty runs the ropes looking to dive but Mark cuts him off and slams him face first into the ring apron, and then delivers a sickening chop. The two continue battling on the outside, as Mark wails on him.

Mark then kicks him in the chest before sending him into the ring. Mark then hits another sickening chop. Mark is showing off his strength as he wails down on him. This is a mugging, with a chop and forearm combo. But Scotty fights back and unloads of Mark with some fast strikes. But is then taken off his feet and turned inside out, but somehow he kicks out. Scotty is pain. Mark hoists him high and stalls for a long time before dumping him down, but Scotty kicks out.

Mark then kicks him in the chest repeatedly. Mark has zero respect for Scotty and it’s disgusting. Scotty fires back and then the two just unload on each other, until Scotty is taken off his feet. A open hand slap by Mark, fires up Scotty who connects with a series of kicks. Scotty spikes Mark’s head down onto the canvas before hitting a springboard moonsault. Both men are down. Mark rolls to the outside and Scotty takes flight and takes him out. Scotty lands on his feet before taking a seat, cheeky little shit. Mark looks to send him to the outside but Scotty catches himself. Scotty re-enters the ring and looks to overpower Mark but he can’t, but then hits him in the face repeatedly with his knee. Mark is down on his knees as Scotty takes control. Scotty locks in an armbar but Mark gets the rope break. Scotty lifts Mark off his feet but Mark hits him with a back elbow, Scotty then hits two spears into the corner until Mark crushes him. Mark then hoists him high and dumps him down. Scotty kicks out at two and Mark can’t believe it. Scotty is resilient. Mark spits out his mouth guard as he means business, and then slams into Scotty before looking to his close your eyes and count to fuck, but Scotty reverses into a rana and then deadlifts Mark and bridges into the cover but Mark kicks out. Imagine if I just referred to them as their last names, would you still follow? Probably not, I’m too kind to you.

Scotty then rolls through but Mark counters, but then Scotty counters looking for a triangle lock and he locks it in, but it’s not in deep. Mark powers him up and slams him down, but Scotty locks in the triangle again, before transitioning and locking in both arms, and wailing down on his ribs. Mark taps verbally, and Scotty picks up the win.

After the match Mark attacks Scotty on the ramp.

Thoughts: Mark Davis is a great athlete and performer, whether or not he is heel or face, he’s always a joy to watch. He is strong, powerful and agile, and always puts on a great show. I look forward to seeing more of the Aussie’s in action. Scotty Davis is the future of wrestling, he’s incredible and the things he can do in the ring are insane. He always changes things up and takes people by surprise. Is there anything he can’t do? Hopefully he gets a title shot soon.

The Gymnasties (Sammy D, Justy & Liam Royal) vs  The Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B-Cool) And Jimmy Havoc

Next up more tag team action with The Gymnasties (Sammy D, Justy & Liam Royal) taking on The Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B-Cool) and Jimmy Havoc. This is going to be brutal.

Everything immediately breaks down as soon as the Angel Cruzers/Havoc enter, everyone just begins wailing on each other. Justy is left alone in the ring and the three men beat him down. B-Cool looks to hit a brainbuster on Justy but Sammy pulls him out of the ring. Angel takes flight and takes everyone out. B-Cool then takes flight and again takes everyone out. Jimmy is gearing up in the ring but just jumps down and ignores everyone, and instead heads to the back. He comes back out with weapons. Oh fuck. He then throws a bin lid at Justy before unloading on everyone with a kendo stick. And then slapping Liam with a tray. Angel unleashes on Sammy with a kendo, as B-Cool unloads on Justy. Jimmy then uses a piece of mental to slice Sammy’s hand…. FUCK! Angel then pies him in the face. Fantastic! Then a paper cut to Justy’s hamstring, and his lips. Fucking hell Jimmy is a sick fuck. Jimmy then slaps Justy’s back and rakes his eyes. Liam unloads on B-Cool but Jimmy cuts him off.

Sammy then hits Jimmy as Justy takes out B-Cool. Jimmy is alone in the ring but takes out Sammy and Justy, but cannot handle Liam. Liam then hits an elbow drop on Jimmy, before putting the boot in. Jimmy then grabs a handful of crotch before hoisting Liam high but Liam escapes and dumps Jimmy back first onto the chair. Liam covers but Jimmy kicks out. B-Cool chops Liam but is tehn taken out with a huge boot. He then ragdolls B-Cool. B-Cool is then alone as the Gymnasties beat him down. B-Cool fires back but the numbers game is too much. Jimmy then grabs the ropes and Justy and Sammy fall to the outside, Angel looks to take down Liam but he throws him off. Liam looks to chokeslam Angel but he lands on the ropes and goes old school and takes down Liam. Sammy then enters and slams Angel’s neck down. B-Cool hits a big boot on Sammy before driving the boots in further. Havoc places a bin on top of Justy’s head now all three men are stacked in the corner. Angel then hits coast to coast on all three men.

Jimmy drives Sammy down but cannot pick up the win, as the others fight on the outside. Jimmy goes back under the ring and pulls out a bag, oh how tacky of him. He pours them all out onto the canvas and Sammy is scared. B-Cool looks to his a brainbuster but Liam saves him and then he looks to drop B, but the others make the same. Justy looks to fly and everyone moves out of the way and Justy goes face and chest first into the tacks. Jimmy is then spinebustered into the tacks by Liam, and looks to do the same to Angel but Team Prick make the save. Team Prick and Angel hit a powerpomb on Liam into the tacks. Sammy superkicks Team Prick and Angel. B-Cool and Sammy then clothesline each other into the tacks. This match is sickening and everyone is down.

Justy hits a spear onto B-Cool and looks to powerbomb him but Sammy intercepts and tosses B-Cool to the outside. Jimmy and Angel then toss Liam and Sammy to the outside. Jimmy and Angel climb the ropes, as do Sammy and Liam. Then B-Cool tumbles them all then climbs the ropes and attacks Justy. B-Cool then hits a brainbuster into the tacks, but cannot cover due to Justy rolling out of the ring. This is supposed to be a tag team match, but there has been zero tags. Angel then heads to the back and brings back some lighting tubes. Angel misses Justy and hits Jimmy straight on the head. Angel fucked up. Angel then attacks Justy with a kendo stick before rolling him back into the ring. Angel looks to finish Justy but Jimmy enters the ring and hits an acid rainmaker on Angel into the tacks. He then allows B-Cool to be superkicked and Justy covers and picks up the win.

Thoughts: What a match, it’s just a shame about the ending. This match broke down before the bell even started, and it was fantastic. It’s great seeing Jimmy Havoc back in an OTT ring, and after this match I hope we see and Jimmy v Angel death match. Angel and B worked together amazingly yet again, and never fail to put on an amazing performance. The Gymnasties are incredible and it’s great seeing this team back in OTT, I can’t wait to see more.

KUSHIDA vs Tomohiro Ishii

Next up Tomohiro Ishii takes on Kushida (current IWGP Jr Heavyweight champion, belt NOT on the line). The match starts with both men locking up and Ishii forces Kushida into the ropes, and looks to chop him but Kushida dodges it and unleashes on him. Kushida rolls him up but Ishii escapes and then avoids a kick. The two then go back and forth until Ishii grounds Kushida. Kushida taunts Ishii and then slaps him in the back of the head before kicking him in the face. Ishii is pissed. Kushida then tries to unload on Ishii but he might as well punch a statue because Ishii isn’t moving. Ishii then knocks down Kushida with one hit. Kushida then kicks Ishii in the face and Ishii is pissed and unloads on him. Kushida hits a dropkick but Ishii shrugs it off but he can’t shrug off the second. Ishii then cuts Kushida off to prevent him from taking flight. Ishii then chops Kushida and it’s sickening, yet Kushida’s chops have no effect.

Kushida is sent to the outside and Ishii follows and attacks him further. It’s turning into a mugging as Ishii relentlessly beats down Kushida. Kushida tries to hide behind a fan but it’s no use. Ishii rolls into the ring and hopes to get the count out but Kushida enters the ring. Ishii continues his assault on Kushida and even gets in the face of the ref, but Foxy is having none of it. Ishii then places Kushida on the ropes and joins him as Kushida tries to fight out of it. Kushida manages to fight out but Ishii is right back on him, but Kushida locks in an armbar before driving him down into the canvas. Ishii rolls to the outside. Kushida dives to the outside and takes out Ishii. Kushida hits a crossbody from the top but Ishii kicks out.

These two men appear to know each other really well, and at giving it all they’ve got. Kushida goes back to targeting Ishii’s arm. Ishii fights it off and hoists Kushida high before dumping him down. Ishii unloads on Kushida and its brutal, these chops are vicious. Ishii then runs straight through Kushida. Ambulance for Kushida please. Ishii then hoists him up onto the top turn buckle and climbs up to meet him. Ishii then hoists him high and dumps him down, and somehow Kushida kicks out. How much more can Kushida take? Ishii hoists him high and Kushida tries to counter but is dropped on his head. Kushida then hits a huge head kick as Ishii falls to his knees. Kushida is feeling it now. He looks for another kick but misses, and then Kushida ducks a lariat and drives his shin into Ishii’s head. Kushida then stacks Ishii on his head and rolls through and locks in an armbar. Ishii locks his arms and Kushida can’t break the lock. Ishii overpowers him and hoists him up before chopping him mercilessly. Kushida then kicks him in the arm, but eats a chop. Again the two exchange kicks and chops until Kushida gets in repeated kicks and then a huge right hand. The two again go back and forth and Kushida catches Ishii clean and knocks him down. The sound, sounds like something is broken but I’m not too sure if anything actually is. Maybe just the sound of bone hitting bone?

Kushida then stomps down on Ishii’s shoulder. He is sending a clear message now as he again locks in the arm. The crowd is chanting for Ishii to tap but he refuses. Ishii counters and hoists him up, but Kushida dumps him down but Ishii is back to his feet. Kushida goes back to the arm but Ishii is fighting, and then dumps him down but he’s back to his feet. Kushida hits an overhead kick before kicking him in the jaw. Ishii then takes Kushida off his feet. Ishii then hoists him up and dumps him down with an ugly powerbomb and Kushida manages to kick out. Ishii then hits a running forearm and still Kushida kicks out. How much more can he take, seriously? Kushida rolls up Ishii but Ishii kicks out, he nearly got the win. The rolls him again but again Ishii kicks out. Kushida is becoming increasingly frustrated, as he wails on Ishii. Ishii then head-butt’s him square on the jaw before turning him inside out, and it’s still only a two count. Ishii then hoists him high and hits a brainbuster and picks up the win.

Thoughts: WOW both these guys better come back to OTT soon. What a match. There were a lot of mind games going on in this match as Kushida taunted Ishii. Kushida is talented and an amazing performer, and Ishii is just an unmoveable force that will break you. These guys put on an excellent match up and it was great to watch the two of them face off with each other. Rematch soon yeah?

LIJ (Tetsuya Naito, EVIL & Sanada) vs Shane Strickland, Flamita & Bandido

Yet another tag team match with Tetsuya Naito, Evil and Sanada taking on Shane Strickland, Flamita and Bandido. The match starts with Naito taking on Bandido. Naito looks to lock up with ref Nial Fox. No Naito, he’s not fighting you. The crowd then chants “fuck him up Foxy fuck him up”. Naito and Bandido then lock up and Naito is up against the ropes and it’s a clean break, but Naito hits Bandido. Bandido then unloads on him, but then is taken off his feet by Naito. This is speeding up quickly. Naito then unloads on Bandido, but in comes Flamita and the two work together to take down Naito, and then Shane gets involved. They then knock Evil and Sanada off the apron before flossing. Shane then beats down Naito on the outside. Evil, Sanada and Naito then work together to take it to all three members. The action has spilled to the outside and everyone is going off in different directions so it’s hard to know what’s going on at all times.

Everything has broken down spectacular. Naito has an umbrella and is beating down Bandido. Evil is beating down Shane, and Sanada is beating down Flamita. Bandido is rolled back into the ring and Naito tries to take off his mask but Foxy stops it. Sanada is now in and continues to beat down before tying him up in a paradise lock and then driving his boots into his backside. Now that’s a kick in the ass. The crowd then chants “one more time” and Sanada ties him up again and kicks him in the ass, much to the crowd’s enjoyment. The crowd again chants “one more time” and Sanada ignores, and instead tags in Evil who knocks Flamita and Shane off the apron, now Bandido is isolated but somehow kicks out of the cover. Evil drives his knee into Bandido’s spine. Bandido really needs to make a tag. Bandido fights back and goes to the top and hits a dropkick. He’s looking to make a tag but Naito grabs him, but eats a headkick. Shane is now tagged in. Evil and Naito attempt to work together but Shane takes them down down. This guy is amazing. Sanada is in now and looks to inflict punishment on Shane, but Shane blocks and hits a rolling cutter. Bandido is tagged in and hits a high cross body on Evil. Flamita, Shane and Bandido again work together flawlessly to beat down Evil, who ends up kicking out at two. He then eats a kick from Bandido, and a double foot stomp from Shane but Naito and Sanada make the save. Now Evil and Bandido are left alone in the ring.

Sanada is tagged in and takes Bandido off his feet with a dropkick. He rolls him through and double boots from Sanada and Naito rattle Bandido’s brain, but he still manages to kick out. A huge kick from Shane to Sanada knocks him off his feet. Evil then hits everything is evil on Shane and he rolls to the outside, Flamita comes in and eats a boot, before Naito takes him off his feet. Sanada then hits skull end and Bandido taps.

After the match Naito unmasks Flamita and Shane covers him to protect his identity.

Thoughts: Yet another fantastic booking by OTT. This was an incredible match. I will forever say this, OTT can never book bad matches. All of these men are insanely talented, I’ll be honest I’m not familiar with Tetsuya Naito, Evil and Sanada. Nor am I too familiar with Flamita and Bandido but wow, they are fantastic. Shane Strickland is insane, and the things he does shouldn’t be humanly possible. Just wow, what a fantastic match. The unmasking of Flamita has people shook!

Minoru Suzuki vs Timothy Thatcher

Back to singles competition with Minoru Suzuki taking on Timothy Thatcher, both of these guys are hench, so this is going to be interesting. The match starts with the two locking up as they try to get the measure of each other. Minoru goes low and shoots for a single but Timothy catches the arm and then snatches the head. Minoru tries to fight him off and wrenches on Timothy’s thumb forcing him to break the hold. Timothy snatches the head again and takes him down. Minoru gets in a head scissors and cranks on the neck. The two go back and forth exchanging holds, and Minoru gets in an ankle lock but he quickly escapes… Luckily! Timothy takes Minoru down with a single leg but Minoru fights out and wrenches on the arm/wrist of Timothy and grounds him. Minoru then cranks on Timothy’s head before attempting an armbar but Timothy counters. These guys are evenly matched.

Minoru then snatches the head again and looks for a piledriver but Timothy escapes out of the ring. Minoru then taunts him. The two lock up again and Timothy takes him down and goes back to his head/neck. Timothy attempts a fujiwara armbar but  Minoru gets his foot on the rope, so Timothy has to release. Minoru then traps Timothy’s arm in the ropes and Minoru eventually breaks it before taking a seat, and then driving Timothy into the ring post. Minoru then grabs a chair and distracts Foxy before hitting Timothy with the chair. This is turning into a mugging as Minoru beats down Timothy, stomping him into the canvas. Minoru attacks the arm and gets him in a hold but Timothy gets his foot on the rope. Timothy kicks at Minoru’s legs and Minoru hands him his receipts. Minoru then looks to grab Timothy’s head but he fights it off and looks for a single leg but can’t get it. Timothy then unceremoniously dumps Minoru down and covers, but it’s not enough. Timothy then mounts him and repeatedly slaps him before looking for an armbar. Minoru tries to fight it off as he holds his hands together. Minoru tries to power through but by doing so Timothy gets more of an extension on the arm and Minoru scrambles to the ropes for the break.

Timothy then wails down on Minoru and tries to put him away, but he kicks out. Timothy goes back to targeting the arm, maybe trying to prevent a piledriver later on in the match? Timothy is whipped into the corner and eats a big boot, before Minoru slams his shin into his chest and covers. Timothy kicks out, and Minoru attacks his arm, and manipulates his wrist and fingers. It’s ugly. Minoru then taunts Timothy by kicking and slapping him. Timothy then hits a huge uppercut that rocks Minoru, who appears to like it. Minoru then hits a brutal chop, and returns with an uppercut. The two go back and forth exchanging chops and uppercuts. These two guys are brutal. Timothy rocks Minoru but doesn’t stay on him, giving him a small amount of time to recover before hitting another uppercut. Minoru grins maniacally at him before grabbing his head and hitting him swaure on the jaw, repeatedly. Timothy is down, and Foxy checks on him. He looks out, but moves slightly and Minoru picks him up and hits another shot to his jaw and he crumbles to the floor again. Minoru doesn’t go for a cover and instead yells at Timothy to get up. Minoru then unloads with a series of slaps and punches to Timothy.

Timothy then hits a jumping head kick before locking in a fujiwara arm bar. Minoru rolls through and Timothy locks the arm again in the centre of the ring. It looks like Minoru tapped but Foxy says it wasn’t a tap as he’s talking to him. Minoru then gets a foot on the rope forcing Timothy to break the hold. Timothy then wails down in Minoru with clubbing forearms and knees to the gut. Minoru looks to be going for a rear naked choke and then a piledriver, but Timothy sends him over head like a rag doll. Timothy then slaps him and Minoru gets in a choke hold. Timothy looks to be fading. Minoru then hits a piledriver and Timothy is spiked on top of his head, and Minoru gets the win.

Thoughts: An amazing display of strength and ruthlessness. These two guys laid it all out on the line and held nothing back. Both of these men are great athletes and the power these two guys have is insane. This was a great match up, and I’d love to see a rematch with these two. This match was brutal and at some points hard to watch, especially with the joint manipulation. These two are evenly matched, with Timothy Thatcher having the height advantage, but height doesn’t matter when you are on your back.

OTT World Champion WALTER vs Will Ospreay

Main event time with the OTT World Championship on the line. Champion Walter takes on Will Ospreay. Power vs high flying, a clashing of styles… Well this is going to be interesting. The match starts with Will going for outside leg kicks early, and shoots for a single leg but Walter stops it. Will kicks and escapes. The two size each other up. Walter stops another single leg attempt as he grouns Will, and grabs a leg of his own. Will fights out. Will again shoots for a single leg, but Walter lifts him up and places him on the apron before patting him on the head. Will enters the ring and hits Walter square in the face, but is then grounded for his troubles. Walter shows off his power early. Will is sent into the ropes and then is knocked off his feet, and Walter drives a boot in before brutally clubbing down on his with a forearm, and then stomps down on his chest.  Walter continues the assault with vicious stomps.

Will takes down Walter and wails down on Walter, stomping, kicking and slapping. The crowd cheers Will, and Will is feeling it. Walter sends him to the apron and catches the rope sending Will crashing down, preventing any high flying. Will goes to the outside to try and recover. Back in the ring now Walter continues the assault and covers Will but he kicks out. Walter then begins cranking on the neck of Will, and keeping him grounded. Will needs to get to the ropes. Will tries to fight out, but a knee to the gut quickly stops him. Walter then clubs down on his back again and taunts Will to fight back. Will chops Walter, and eats a forearm that takes him down. Will springs off the ropes and catches Walter in the head and he retreats to the outside. Will dives to the outside and takes out Walter. Nobody does it better than Ospreay. Will takes down Walter and covers, but Walter kicks out effortlessly. It’s not going to be that easy to defeat the champ.

Will then kicks Walter in the chest repeatedly, the stiff kicks rocking Walter. Walter then catches the leg, but Will avoids a chop and unloads on Walter. Will runs the ropes but Walter chops his back and the sound ricochets throughout the arena. Walter covers but Will kicks out. Walter then snatches the neck again and drives his elbow down into his head. The crowd begins to boo Walter. Will attempts to build an offence but Walter chops him. The two then go back and forth exchanging chops, and Walter has the upper hand with his strength. Walter hangs him on the ropes and chops him again before stomping onto his neck and stretching him out over the turnbuckle. The crowd are really turning on Walter now. Walter ties him up again on the ropes and pulls his head back and wails down on his chest. A dull thud can be heard and it’s sickening. How much more can Will take?

The crowd is really getting behind Will now, but Walter doesn’t stop his assault. Will is getting fired up and fires back but is chopped down like a tree. Walter covers, but Will kicks out, only just though. Will chops Walter and Walter looks pissed and begs for more. Walter then nearly takes his head off with a huge boot. Will then escapes and hits Walter with a back elbow before kicking him in the face and then taking him down. Will hits a standing shooting star but he hasn’t done enough to pick up the win. Will looks for a springboard cutter but Walter catches him. Will escapes to the apron, and jumps from the top rope and hits a missile dropkick to the back of Walter’s head. Both men are down and Will is the first to his knees. Will hits a rainmaker but is has no effect. Walter slaps him and then hits a tombstone piledriver. He doesn’t go for the cover though, instead takes time to gloat. Walter lifts him up and looks for his own rainmaker. Will ducks and hits his own rainmaker taking Walter down. Will still has hold of Walter’s wrist.

Will then kicks Walter flush, and nearly takes his head off. There is your receipt. Will climbs to the top but nobody’s home. Walter hits a John Woo into the corner and the impact is disgusting. Will goes to the outside, and he’s visibly out of it. Walter follows him out and moves the steel steps leading to the stage. Walter then chops Will again, and he crumbles down to the chairs. Foxy is trying to get them into the ring, but Walter doesn’t care and tells him to count him out. Walter then powerbomb’s Will onto the stage, and he seems to go down neck first. Foxy is checking on him and he doesn’t seem to be moving. Walter stands over him and the crowd boos. Walter has murder on his mind, looking to powerbomb him from the stage onto the concrete but Will manages to escape. Will kicks his legs out from under him before baseball sliding into his face.

Will then takes a run up and takes Walter out, and it’s beautiful. Walter then sends Will back into the ring. The crowd are on their feet, in shock at the punishment Will has taken. Walter rolls him back into the ring and tangles him up in the ropes again, and cranks on the neck. Will has suffered a neck injury in the past and throughout the match Walter has targeted it, with no regard to his health at all. Will escapes and slams his arm down onto the rope before kicking him in the head. He then hangs Walter on the ropes, before hitting a shooting star from the top rope sending him crashing down. He then hits another shooting star and catches him flush, and then looks for another but Walter gets his feet up. Then he locks in a choke hold and Will is fading fast. Will fights out but is caught again and Walter is leaning all his weight on it. Will gets back to his feet and gets the ropes but Walter hits a huge German Suplex. Walter then moves Will’s prone body away from the ropes and then climbs the ropes himself. Will cuts him off and joins him at the top but is chopped down. Will fights back and kicks Walter in the head. What can’t Will Ospreay do? Will climbs the ropes again and looks to take Walter down, but he is caught. Walter then powerbomb’s him from the top rope and covers, but Will kicks out. Walter locks in the choke hold yet again. Will fights back but Walter slams him down and gets the win, but the fans point out Will’s feet are on the ropes and Foxy revokes his call. The match continues. Walter throws Foxy across the ring, before pulling Will up. Walter looks to hit Will with the belt but is kicked in the head instead. Will is eyeing up the belt and looks to use it too. Foxy stops it, and Will repeatedly kicks Walter in the head.

Will then hits a springboard cutter and covers, but Walter kicks out. What a match! Will then stomps on Walter’s face, getting really fired up. Walter then hits a huge lariat and covers, but Will kicks out before three. Fight forever comes to mind. Walter slaps Will, showing zero respect for him. Will hits a sit out powerbomb on Walter but it’s still not enough. The war isn’t over. Will is unsteady on his feet as he stands on the top rope, and Walter takes his legs out from under him. Walter goes to the top and lands straight on top of Will and picks up the win.

Thoughts: This clashing of styles made for one hell of a main event. Ospreay is phenomenal, and his high flying ability makes him the best in the game. His high flying ability is sensational, and is always a joy to watch. Walter is a dominant force and the title isn’t going anywhere easily, he is merciless in his onslaught of any opponent, and there is no denying that he is one of the strongest people anyone will step in the ring with.

Yet another phenomenal show from OTT, they are the best wrestling promotion within the UK (yes I am including ROI in this), or even the world. It’s a big claim, but they never fail to put on a spectacular show that is entertaining, jaw dropping and sometimes bloody. Stop wasting time and go and give it a watch on Demand now.

You can watch the show HERE