OTT Wrestling ‘WrestleRama’ (5/8/17) Review

Added by Jenna MacDougall

Jordan Devlin vs Matt Cross

Wrestlerama opened with the National Stadium debut of Jordan Devlin. Devlin had been booed out of the Tivoli for months prior to this appearance but due to all he’s done and proved for Irish wrestling, the OTT crowd couldn’t help but praise him with cheers. The match started off quite slowly with both men feeling each other out and proving that, in almost every way, they were incredibly evenly matched. Cross showed off his impressive athleticism and precision while Devlin busted out all of his signature moves (including the prettiest moonsault you will ever see.) In the final moments of the match, both guys had the crowd on their feet. In the end, Devlin hit Cross with a Spanish Fly off the top rope and got the win. Devlin looked like an absolute star and Cross received a stadium full of “Please come back” chants.

Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm vs 2 Unlimited

I only saw 2 Unlimited for the first time a few months ago at OTT but I was so incredibly impressed with them. Having them go up against Storm and Fleisch was a fantastic idea and a great opportunity for them to show off exactly what they can do. They absolutely did not disappoint. You could tell both Jay and Patrick put their all into this match while Storm and Fleisch proved why they are such huge names in the British wrestling scene and the high flying style. 2 Unlimited worked so well as a cohesive unit and busted out some amazing tag moves. They are fearless in the ring to the point where it is almost a little scary to watch but they are incredible performers. The match was non-stop action from the start to the finish, when 2 Unlimited hit Fleisch with one of their many tag moves… I’m not totally sure what to call it… but it was sick.

Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson vs The Lads From The Flats

It can’t be denied that Sterling and Gibson are (aside from The Kings of the North) the biggest bad guy team in OTT, while Workie and Paddy M are the most beloved. This match had a great build up and it really felt like these guys just really wanted to hurt each other. Before the match started Gibson tried to speak on the mic but he was being booed so intensely by the entire arena that, even with a mic, I couldn’t hear what he was saying. The match was a good brawl with plenty of bad guy shenanigans. Paddy M’s high flying moves are always a highlight of any match he’s in. Though the crowd were firmly behind The Lads, it was Gibson and Sterling who picked up the win after a low blow and an assisted piledriver from Sterling.

No Rules Match: Jimmy Havoc vs Paul Tracey

The best part of this match was the total clashing of styles. Every time Havoc attempted to pull out some kind of weapon, Tracey would throw it away, claiming that they were just supposed to wrestle. It was an enjoyable match with some brutal moments, from both men just repeatedly smacking each other in the head with baking trays, to the always difficult to watch paper cuts from Havoc. The match spilled out into the crowd and onto the stage. There were chairs, toilet seats and thumbtacks. The madness ended when Havoc hit Tracey with the Acid Rainmaker for the win.

OTT Tag Team Title Match: The Kings of the North vs CCK

This was a great match that really garnered the investment of the crowd. A lot of the first half of the match was a merciless assault on Lykos by all three members of the KOTN but the wolf fought back. Brookes brought forward some super cool and innovative singles offense while Banks, as always, sought to demolish everything in his path. KOTN worked flawlessly as one cohesive unit throughout. The highlight of the match was the triple Coast to Coast by CCK. It really looked like CCK might have it when Brookes locked in his second Octopus Stretch on Corvin but after a distraction from Dunkan and an attack from Bonesaw, Corvin pinned Brookes and KOTN retained (which definitely did not make me cry…)

Ricochet vs Matt Sydal

This match was everything you’d think it would be. The technique and precision of both men is absolutely flawless. They make intricate sequences and complex high flying moves look easy. They always worked incredibly well as a team and they work just as well against each other. Ricochet got the win when he hit Sydal with ALL THE SPINS. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Joey Ryan & Angel Cruz vs B. Cool & Candice LeRae

This match was the definition of fun. From Joey Ryan greasing up Angel Cruz, to the switching of partners, to the reveal of Cruz’s GREATEST. WEAPON. TO. DATE. this match was non-stop entertainment. Cruz and B. Cool instantly make any match they are involved in so incredibly fun and entertaining. World’s Cutest Tag Team are the same and Candice’s in ring ability is always so impressive. I said this about the last Angel Cruz match I spoke about… but really… just watch it. I cannot do it justice.

Jeff Cobb & War Machine vs British Strong Style

This match consisted hugely of big men being thrown at other men by even bigger men… and it was amazing. All six men brawled out into the crowd for a lot of the first half of the match. Cobb’s strength and agility, no matter how many times I see it, will never not amaze me. Also, Tyler airplane spun and squatted Hanson….. Yup… that happened. Overall, this was a really, really great match. BSS did everything that always makes them so entertaining and impressive and watching Cobb and War Machine just throw guys around was great. BSS got the win in the end after Cobb was hit with a move by every member of BSS individually.

OTT Women’s Championship Match: Katey Harvey vs ‘The Session Moth’ Martina

What I loved so much about this match was the desire that each woman had. As soon as the bell rang, Martina hit Harvey with her finisher, Harvey kicked out and immediately returned the favour. The match had some brutal moments with both women giving their absolute all at every second. Harvey is a truly gifted wrestler who only seems to get better with every match, as does Martina. The passion of both women is what always makes their matches so compelling. This was definitely the most feel good match of the evening as Martina hit a Sesh Breaker from the top rope and pinned Harvey to regain the OTT Women’s Championship. The whole stadium jumped to their feet. It was a really special moment.

OTT NLW Championship Elimination Match: Ryan Smile vs Mark Haskins vs Marty Scurll

This match was fast paced, non-stop action from start to finish. All three men have quite different styles but they all seemed to work together perfectly, with Haskins constantly trying to ground Smile and Scurll attempting to outwit both of his opponents. After teasing a Chicken Wing on Haskins, Scurll was rolled up and eliminated by Smile. This further solidified Smile’s status as the bad guy and Haskins’ as the hero. The singles bout that followed was an absolute struggle on the part of both men to keep the other down. Smile even resorted to cheating, pushing the referee out of the ring and curb stomping Haskins onto the championship belt.. but this didn’t keep Haskins down. Moments later, Haskins locked in the Sharpshooter to become the new NLW Champion and the National Stadium exploded with cheers.

There was also a great appearance from Guest Commissioner Mick Foley that involved Justin Shape and Logan Bryce, Team PRICK and Joey Ryan’s penis. Need I say more?