OTT WrestleRama (18/8/18) Review

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT is at The Arena, Dublin for Wrestlerama 2. The card is stacked, and some surprise returns show up and join in the fun. OTT always brings the hype, so let’s stop wasting time introducing everything, and get to the action. *SPOILERS * obviously.

Session Moth Martina & Paddy Morrow vs Rough Stuff (Paul Scarfe & CT Flexor)

The show kicks off with a returning Paddy Morrow teaming with Session Moth Martina to take on Rough Stuff (Paul Scarfe & CT Flexor). Team flats are back together baby. This match is going to be awesome. Rough Stuff attack Paddy and Martina before the bell, and it’s on. Paddy and Martina clear the ring, Paddy fakes a dive, and Martina then dives to the outside taking out both members of Rough Stuff. CT is rolled back into the ring and Paddy hits a swift right hand, and follows it up. He goes for the cover but CT kicks out. Martina is back in and the two work together but cannot put CT away. Martina goes to the top rope but is intercepted by Paul. CT pulls Martina down and begins wearing her down. Paul is tagged in and the two take down Martina. Paul covers but Martina kicks out. CT is tagged back in, Martina needs to make the tag. Martina is in the wrong part of town and CT unloads a few chops but takes too long to follow up and eats a boot, and then is welcomed to Chop City. Martina eats a devastating drop kick, but stays alive in the match.

Paul is tagged back in but Martina unloads a series of chops and follows it up with a DDT, spiking Paul right on his head. She just needs to get to her corner… And she does. CT is also tagged in. Paddy hits Paul and unloads some right hands on CT before taking him down. He then climbs the ropes and punches CT in the head, before hitting him in the face with his groin. Paddy covers but Paul breaks the pin before slamming Paddy down. Martina hits a top rope Sesh Breaker. She can actually wrestler and she’s ruining her own gimmick. Martina follows it up with a BrainBuster, and attempts a sessionsault but nobody’s home. CT hits a slingshot spear from the outside and Rough Stuff follow it up with a diving neck breaker. CT then shouts “get that fat bitch now” and is treated to some boos. Martina counters and sends Paul head first into CT’s groin, before sending him to the outside. Martina then hits a DDT on CT, and Paddy goes to the top rope and hits a diving senton to pick up the win.

Thoughts: I wish this match could have gone on longer. What a great way to kick off Wrestlerama 2. It’s great seeing Paddy M back in an OTT ring. Martina proved she can actually wrestle despite what some people actually think. I tell you, this woman is going to ruin her own gimmick. But she’s bloody incredible. Rough Stuff were powerful as always, and there is no denying they’re a great tag team. I’d love to see them challenge for the OTT tag team titles… Maybe soon hopefully. Either way, this was a great opener, and really sets the tone for what’s to come.

Losing Team MUST Split Up: Gender Neutral Champion LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin vs The Legit 100 (Scotty Davis, Curtis Murray & Michael May)

Next up a six man tag team match, and the losing team must disband. Honestly, it is going to be devastating no matter who loses, because, both teams are incredible.

Starting off the match we have LJ taking on May. The two lock up and both try to get the upper hand. May works the wrist and takes control as he grounds LJ. The two go back and forth and May hits a massive hip toss in the centre of the ring. LJ then hits a dropkick that takes May down. Darren is then tagged in and hits a dropkick. He covers but May kicks out. May counters and in comes Curtis. The two hit a ‘double’ snap suplex. Darren hits a dropkick knocking Curtis down and in comes Nathan. Nathan and Darren hit dropkicks to the side of Curtis’ head. Nathan then hoists Curtis up but Curtis escapes and hits a chop before tagging in Scotty.

The crowd are really torn between these two teams. And rightly so. Scotty kicks Nathan in the head and rolls him up but Nathan kicks out. Scotty hoists him high but Nathan powers out. Scotty kicks the feet out from Nathan and hits two gator roles before hitting a chancery suplex. The crowd goes wild. Curtis is then tagged in, and the two take him down. Curtis goes to the outside and kicks him in the head and Scotty follows it up with a belly to back suplex. Curtis covers but Nathan kicks out.

May is then tagged in. May hits a brutal chop and then stomps on Nathan’s shoulder before going for the cover. Nathan kicks out, and kicks May in the head. Both men are woozy and need to make a tag. May tags in Scotty and Nathan tags in Darren to knocks Curtis off the apron before unloading on Scotty. Darren is sent into his corner and LJ makes a blind tag, Curtis is in and takes down Darren but receives a sweet kick from LJ. LJ then unloads on May who rolls through and then kicks him in the head. May looks to dive but is turned inside out by Nathan. Nathan looks to dive but is cut off by Scotty. Scotty then dives to the outside and takes down all members of MTH and lands on his feet. Honestly, it’s freaking beautiful. May then dives to the outside and takes everyone include Scotty out. Curtis climbs the top rope but slips and goes stomach first into the ropes. It’s brutal, and I gasped. Nathan is rolled in and Curtis goes to the top rope again but misses Nathan. Curtis then connects with a big boot and looks to end it but Nathan shrugs him off. Now it’s three on one with all members of Legit 100 beating down Nathan. Legit 100 are being booed, which is unusual.
MTH are definitely the favourite team to win this. Nathan then fights back and beats down all members of Legit 100. Psycho Nathan has arrived. He is then cut off but the remaining MTH members make the save and now Curtis is isolated in the ring. Scotty makes the save. All six men then beat hell out of each other, LJ is now isolated but somehow kicks out. It seems like this match wont end. But unfortunately everything must come to an end, and the end comes when Curtis is isolated in the ring with both May and Scotty down on the outside. Darren hoists Curtis high and Nathan kicks him in the head, all three men cover and pick up the win. Legit 100 must disband as a team. After the match Scotty and May shake hands with MTH but Curtis doesn’t, and instead sticks a middle finger up to them and gets in the face of his former team mates. A sore loser in deed.

Thoughts: It’s a shame Legit 100 must disband, but it would have been a shame for MTH to disband. This was devastating either way. All six men are huge talents and no doubt all members of Legit 100 are going on to do amazing things. I really hope we see a three way between these members given how the match ended. They worked so well as a team so it’s a real shame they cannot team again, but they are also incredible singles competitors, so I look forward to seeing what these men do. As for MTH they work so effortlessly as a team and they are a joy to watch. It’s good seeing them appear in other promotions now too, and honestly, I look forward to seeing what these guys do as individuals and as a team in the future.

Kushida vs Shane Strickland

Now time for singles competition with Kushida taking on Shane Strickland. The match starts with both men looking to get the upper hand, as they go back and forth with different lock ups. Shane grounds Kushida and his shoulders are down but he reverses. Kushida slides along the canvas toying with Shane, so Shane sits on the top rope. Well that’s one way to avoid your opponent. Shane looks to take out the leg but instead goes for the arm, before taking him down with a waist lock take down. Shane then mimics Kudisha which irritates him. Shane is forced into the corner and it’s a clean break from Kushida.

The two then go back and forth until Kushida locks in a wrist lock, but Shane fights out and locks in one of his own. The two are matching each other hold for hold. Kushida grounds Shane, and his shoulders are down but Shane gets his shoulder up. Kushida keeps him grounded working Shane’s shoulder. Kushida has total control, and grinds his shoulder into the canvas before stomping down. It’s brutal. Kushida then hits a chop straight to Shane’s throat and hits another, before whipping him into the corner. Shane escapes and takes him down. Shane hits a big drop kick, getting huge elevation. It’s so effortless. Shane goes for the pin but Kushida kicks out. Shane hits a vicious chop that sends Kushida into the corner. Now Shane unloads before having to break it up. Shane covers but cannot get the win.

Shane takes control of the match, brutalising Kushida. Shane hits a brutal back breaker but still cannot put him away. Kushida fights out of a hold and rolls up Shane but Shane kicks out. Kushida then catches Shane and tosses him to ref Niall Fox, before kicking Shane’s head off. Kushida now takes control but cannot put Shane away. Kushida then locks up Shane, targeting his shoulder again. Shane gets to the rope and forces the break. Kushida continues to target the left shoulder but Shane fights back with a chop. Kushida fires back with a series of moves of his own, but still Shane stays alive. Kushida seems to be getting angry that he can’t put him away. Again Kushida attacks the left shoulder. Kushida kicks Shane into the corner and his shoulder takes a lot of the impact. Shane tries to fight back, but a lot has been taken out of him. Kushida locks in an armbar but Shane gets straight to the rope.

Kushida uses the ropes to his advantage before having to break his assault. Shane hits an axe kick to the face followed by a huge cutter, but he doesn’t capitalise. He tries to shake some life into his shoulder. He then hits an uppercut before driving his knee into Kushida’s face, and follows it up by hoisting Kushida high and dumping him down. Kushida rolls to the outside but Shane goes to the apron and kicks him in the head before following him out. Kushida then runs and kicks him in the head again, crushing Kushida and a few chairs. Shane continues his assault on the outside. He takes another run up but Kushida catches him and sends him head first down on the chair. This match is brutal. Both men are barely moving. I don’t know if the twenty count is a blessing or further punishment. At a count of nineteen both men roll into the ring. Kushida fly’s but Shane kicks out. Kushida is straight back to the shoulder, delivering more punishment. It’s nasty. Shane fights back and slams Kushida down.

This match is relentless. The win finally comes when Kushida locks in an armbar that forces Shane to tap.

Thoughts: I’m not too familiar with Kushida but he’s phenomenal, as is Shane. This match was brutal, and was an all-out war. Shane fought hard and at times I thought he had it, but Kushida really worked that shoulder, so much so Shane had to tap. This was punishing and gruelling for both men, and honestly an incredible match. I hope we get a rematch. Both these guys deserve so much respect, because, they are so damn good.

Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden Epic) vs Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)

Next up tag action with Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden Epic) taking on Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher). A timer starts and this seems to be a reverse rumble to see how long Club Tropicana can last. Well let’s see. Mark is really into this match, and is infatuated with Captain Sexsea. Starting off the match is Mark and Sexsea. Davis lays down and Sexsea covers but Kyle breaks it up and forces Mark into the corner before tagging himself in. Kyle rolls up Sexsea but in comes Mark who breaks up the cover. Does Mark know what team he’s on? Sexsea then takes down Kyle and wraps him up. Kyle screams for help and when Mark enters he embraces Sexsea who then ties him up. He then proceeds to sit on Kyle and read a paper. Mark is free and is unhappy. Mark then punches Sexsea in the face, and timber… hes down. Aiden is now in and pulls Sexsea to his corner before tagging himself in. Aiden hits a chop that has zero effect on Mark, who punches him in the face and knocks him down. Kyle covers but Aiden kicks out. Aussie Open work together to beat down Aiden. A vicious chop from Mark is sickening. Aiden maybe dead, oh no he kicked out. He’s still pretty fucked though.

Aiden tries to fight back but it has zero impact on Kyle who knocks him down, but somehow he still kicks out. Mark is back in, and chops him down like a tree. Sexsea breaks up the pin. Aiden is going to die tonight. Kyle tags himself in and takes down Aiden but again he stays alive. The punishment on Aiden is getting hard to watch, but I cannot look away. The clock is nearing six minutes, can Club Tropicana stay alive? Aiden tries to fight back but is quickly cut off with a back elbow. Mark has no more love to Captain Sexsea. Aiden fights out and finally makes the tag. Sexsea takes it to both men, and unloads on both. He covers Mark but he kicks out. Can Sexsea build up more offense? Club Tropicana look to dive but both are cut off. Aussie Open destroy Sexsea but Aiden breaks up the cover. They stay alive. Aiden is sent to the outside and Sexsea is isolated yet again. This is becoming a mugging. Even with a sit-out powerbomb Sexsea stays alive. Sexsea fights out but eats a superkick. Club Tropicana manage to take down both members of Aussie Open, and hit a super sexy slip-and-slide on Kyle but he kicks out.

Kyle locks up Aiden in a figure four, Mark locks up Sexsea. The clock reaches ten minutes, and just past the ten minute mark both members of Club Tropicana tap. Aussie Open pick up the win. After the match Aussie Open are no longer the fun loving men they once were, now we see a heel turn with both men attacking Jose Idle and Club Tropicana.

Thoughts: Another great match, filled with brutality and comedy. I adore Club Tropicana, they are such fun loving guys and bring joy and laughter to the world of wrestling. It’s interesting seeing a heel turn from Aussie Open, and I can’t wait to see them challenge for the OTT tag titles. I like this darker side of the Aussies. Give me more of this.

Timothy Thatcher vs David Starr

Now Timothy Thatcher takes on David Starr. The match starts with Starr shooting for the single leg, but Thatcher quickly transitions and Starr is forced to grab the rope to prevent Thatcher locking anything in. Thatcher then looks to take control as he looks to lock up Starr. They are evenly matched, and the action is moving quickly. Starr locks in head scissors and Thatcher escapes. The transitions are rapid and it’s hard to keep up with the action. The two then engage in a test of strength of sorts, Thatcher slides Starr over but Starr reverses and goes for a cover of his own but Thatcher escapes. Thatcher locks in a single leg but Starr gets to the rope and forces the hold. Things are breaking down as the two exchange slaps and Thatcher takes down Starr. Thatcher then unloads on Starr and ties him up in an inverted surfboard. Starr escapes but Thatcher quickly counters and Starr is forced to grab the rope. Thatcher then drives Starr face first into the edge of the apron.

Thatcher then hoists Starr high and rag dolls him, as he is thrown down. Starr hits a chop but Thatcher shrugs it off, twice. And Starr pays the price with vicious uppercuts. The two exchange blows then Starr unloads on Thatcher and forces him into the corner, but is forced to stop his assault. A huge lariat rocks Thatcher and sends him down. Starr hits an ugly suplex and goes for the cover but Thatcher kicks out. Starr unloads on Thatcher again, and yet again is forced to stop the assault with the refs count. Thatcher then slaps Starr into next week. The two exchange holds again with Thatcher getting the upper hand when he locks in an ankle lock, but Starr counters and forces Thatcher to kick out. Thatcher then locks in an armbar and Starr manages to get to the ropes.

Starr hits a DDT on the ring apron and then turns Thatcher inside out with a clothesline. Starr shakes life into his arm so doesn’t go for the cover. This gives Thatcher time to recover. Starr looks to capitalise, looking for a package piledriver but Thatcher reverses into a pin, but Starr reverses. Again the action is thick and fast it’s hard to keep up. The win comes when Thatcher hits a series of moves and slams Starr down.

Thoughts: What a match. Both these men are amazing, and are extremely talented. This was a real battle. The action was so fast paced at times it was hard to keep up, but it shows how well these men know each other and how good they are at their craft. I hope we see these men competing against each other soon, because, this type of match deserves a rematch.

‘Lumberjack’ Match: OTT Tag Team Champions The Kings Of The North (Dunkan Disorderly & Bonesaw) vs The Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B-Cool)

The Angel Cruzers look to take the titles from the Kings Of The North. The lumberjacks enter with Gunther Isaak leading the charge. The match itself starts with B facing off against Dunkan. Dunkan is getting angry with B not paying attention to the match and instead looking out to the crowd. Dunkan torments and punishes him, before B tags in Angel. Dunkan then tags in Bonesaw. The two lock up and Angel chops Bonesaw’s back before Bonesaw counters. The two then go back and forth and Bonesaw eats a fist, before unloading a series of chops onto Angel. Angel then kicks Bonesaw’s head off and tags in B. B is distracted and Angel pays the price. Dunkan is tagged in and knocks down B with a series of chops. He sends B to the outside and the lumberjacks wail on him before tossing him back into the ring. Angel is tagged in and takes down Dunkan.

Angel hits Bonesaw for good measure. Angel avoids going to the outside and instead sends Dunkan over, and then fly’s with a senton to the outside from the top rope, taking everyone out. Bodies are everywhere. The action is back into the ring and B and Bonesaw are the legal men. B unloads with some right hands and follows it up. The Hardy Tank has arrived. B climbs the ropes but Bonesaw distracts him and Dunkan pushes B to the outside. Dunkan continues the assault on the outside before sending B back into the ring. The Kings then work together and punish B further. Dunkan covers but B kicks out. The Kings chop the crap out of B, I’m pretty sure he has a permanent hand print on his chest now. They still can’t put B away though. B tries to fight back but is cut off with vicious chops. Bonesaw climbs the ropes with bad intentions on his mind, but B fights back. The lumberjacks catch Bonesaw and push him back up, leading him to grab B and throw him to the outside. Bonesaw has zero regard for health and safety. If an inspector was around, this show would be shut down.

Back in the ring Dunkan punishes Angel, tossing him around like a rag doll. Angel fights back and dumps Dunkan on the back of his head. Angel goes old school and walks the ropes with the help of his entourage (team prick), but with a spear out of nowhere, Dunkan and Angel crash to the outside. Angel maybe dead. I think he is dead, he’s a literal angel now. The kings turn their attention back to B and toss him into the ring, and further punish him. They still can’t put him away. Becoming frustrated Dunkan knocks out Niall Fox. All bets of off now lads. Anything goes. The Kings grab some chairs and wail on the lumberjacks, taking them out of the situation.

They then punish the Angel Cruzers and Team Prick who tried to help, but it went disastrously wrong. The Kings are heels again, those little shits….Das my boys!!!! The crowd are now booing the Kings, who quite frankly give no fucks. The punishment is brutal but Angel brought a little friend with him… a damn chainsaw. The kings retreat to the back but out comes Sammy D and the crowd erupts into “Sammy you’re a snake”. Sammy knocks down Angel, but is foiled by B. The Kings return to the ring and B hits a brainbuster on Bonesaw. He covers but the ref is out. The fans are counting, but that isn’t how you pick up the win. Team Prick pick up the ref but it isn’t Niall Fox. IT’S JUSTY!!!! Bonesaw takes advantage and hits a spinebuster and Dunkan follows it up with a frog splash. Justy rolls Foxy in for the three count, and the Kings pick up the win.

Thoughts: All the love for the Kings. They are absolute beasts, and with the new buzz cut Dunkan looks even more terrifying. Bonesaw is a big strong da, and will batter anyone standing is his way. Both men are great athletes, and love them or hate them you can’t deny they are incredible. The Angel Cruzers always put on a hilariously brilliant performance, and I adore them too. I really hope we see the Cruzers taking on Justy and Sammy D very soon. This is a match that needs to happen… Like NOW!

OTT Women’s Champion Sammii Jayne vs Katey Harvey vs Valkyrie

Women’s action time with Sammii Jayne defending her title against Katey Harvey and Valkyrie. The crowd immediately begin chanting “Anyone but Sammii”, so I guess the fans just want Katey and Valkyrie to fight. It all breaks down quickly as these three talented, strong females begin beating hell out of each other. Katey takes control of her match as she punishes Katey, but Valkyrie is back up and takes down Katey. Sammii then looks to take down Valkyrie but Valkyrie hits a high cross body, and then takes down Katey. Sammii then dumps Valkyrie on her head. The action is fast, as all three women want to walk away with the title. Sammii is now in control as she beats down both women. Katey climbs to the top and has a boot for both women. Now Katey is in control again, just dumping both women down. Katey goes to the top again but is cut off by Sammii, Valkyrie then captures both of them and dumps them both down. This tower of terror ended badly for the champ and Katey.

Katey breaks up the pin to stay alive. Valkyrie and Katey then go at it. The student vs the master. Valkyrie hits a drop kick to the back of Katey’s head knocking her down. As Valkyrie takes a moment to sit on the ropes and take in the crowd, Sammii slides through and hits shadow fox, and Valkyrie’s head smashes against the canvas. Sammii covers Valkyrie and again Katey breaks up the cover. Katey then drives Sammii down face first, but Valkyrie breaks up the cover. The three exchange moves, all punishing each other. All three women are down. The three kneel on the canvas exchanging blows. Back to their feet they exchange blows further. Valkyrie pulls the ref out of the ring, then attacks the injured shoulder of Katey and sends her shoulder first into the ring post. Sammii then rolls up Valkyrie to pick up the win.

Thoughts: All three of these women are powerful, beautiful, strong and bloody damn incredible at what they do. Katey is called the feminist icon for a reason, and proves it with her power and agility. She is absolutely incredible. Valkyrie has a bright future, with vicious strikes and high flying ability. This woman will hold the title in the future, no doubt about it. Sammii too is incredible, a powerhouse with some vicious moves. I want to see her hold onto the title for a little bit longer, because, she really brings an extra edge to OTT.

IWGP US Champion Juice Robinson vs Tomohiro Ishii

Back to singles competition before the main event. Tomohiro Ishii vs Juice Robinson. Both men quickly lock up as they look to take control of the match. Juice is sent into the ropes and Ishii and Juice clash in the middle. Neither man going down. They then head to opposing sides and continuously meet in the middle. Still both men are standing. WTF! Juice then finally manages to knock Ishii off his feet. Juice looks to capitalise but cannot put Ishii away. Ishii has a series of vicious chops for Juice. Juice has one of his own. Ishii then knocks Juice off his feet and sends him to the outside. Ishii conducts traffic as he moves the fans, before sending Juice into the chairs. Ishii then drags Juice around through the fans, sending him into whatever object he can. Ishii unloads on Juice, the chops making a thudding sound as they connect. It’s sickening. The action finally heads back into the ring.

I think a lot of fans lost their pints through that carnage. Again Ishii has a brutal chop for Juice, and another. The sound really is sickening, I’m pretty sure Juice is going to have bruises for months after this match. Now the two trade headbutts, Ishii is inhuman. Juice hits a spinebuster and it’s devastatingly beautiful, Ishii really went up high there. Juice then unloads on Ishii. Juice dumps him down and covers but Ishii kicks out. I’m glad this match isn’t over yet. Ishii fights back and plants Juice down, and follows it with a series of chops and forearms. This is brutal and both men are laying it all out on the line. I don’t want this match to end, but sadly it does. The win comes when Ishii a brainbuster after previously hitting a series of moves that Juice kicked out of. The punishment was just too much for Juice, who is now freshly squeezed.

Review: I’m not too familiar with either man, but both men have just gained a new fan. Both men absolutely brutalised each other, and I, and I’m pretty sure all the fans wanted these two men to fight forever because the match was electric. These two men are extremely talented and so different from each other. Absolutely banger of a booking by OTT. I know it was a dream match for some, and dreams definitely do come true.

OTT World Champion Jordan Devlin vs WALTER

The match that everyone has been waiting for. It’s main even time with Jordan Devlin defending against Walter.

Walter makes his way to the ring accompanied by Terry Thatcher, and Devlin makes his way to the ring accompanied by David Starr. I really need to find me a man that supports me, like David Starr supports Devlin. This is a true bromance. But enough of that, because Devlin has a war on his hands.

Devlin immediately gets in the face of Walter who pushes him aside like he’s nothing. The two lock up and Devlin and forced into the corner but reverses. Walter looks to chop Devlin, but Devlin avoids. From ringside Starr cheers on Devlin. Inside the ring Devlin goes for a single leg, but Walter gets a leg of his own forcing Devlin to reach for the ropes. Devlin hits a swift kick to the high of Walter, trying to chop down Walter. He hits another. The two then lock up and Walter grounds Devlin. Outside leg kicks from Devlin to Walter, allows Devlin to force Walter down to the canvas. Walter reverses, and Devlin quickly gets his shoulders up twice. Walter then stomps on Devlin’s face. Walter takes control of the match as he punishes Devlin.

Devlin fights back with axe kicks but Walter catches him and unloads on him. Walter is a beast. Walter continues his assault on Devlin, but Devlin kicks out. The match progresses with the two exchanging blows. The beast that is Walter continuously grounds Devlin, with his height and strength advantage. Walter catches Devlin and dumps him down on the back of his head, the impact is hard to watch. Somehow Devlin kicks out. Devlin uses his speed and ties Walter up in the ropes before sending him down, he then hits a slingshot cutter from the outside but only gets a two count. Devlin then hits a double foot stomp (boots of Bray), but Walter locks in a choke. Walter hits a brainbuster and drives him down, but Devlin stays alive. As the two go back and forth the action spills to the outside and Walter sends Devlin into the tenth row of the chairs. Devlin is a broken man.

Devlin counters and catches the ropes and wails on Walter before delivering two swift kicks to the face. Walter is down. Devlin hits a moonsault from the top rope onto Walter, and catches his head on the chair on the way down. Both men look hurt, but are back to their feet. Walter continuously locks in the choke hold but Devlin fights out, after surviving Walter’s signature choke hold on multiple occasions, Walter hits a ‘Rikishi’ driver and Devlin cannot kick out after taking so much punishment.

Thoughts: It’s sad to see Devlin lose the title but on the other hand, it’s also great seeing Walter as champion. It is going to take one incredible man to defeat Walter to pick up the title now. You literally cannot say a bad word about either of these men, because, they are so fantastic at what they do. They have different styles, but somehow it works so well when they compete against each other. These two men are phenomenal, and I can’t wait to see round two with the title on the line.

OTT always book insane matches and put on incredible shows. This show was no different, so go and check it out on demand now. Every match is worth every single penny you’ll spend.