OTT: Outta Space Odessey III: Stranger Things Have Happened

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Kenny Williams vs Jake McCluskey

This was a good start to the show and slightly different to the usual OTT openers. Often the OTT openers are good wrestling matches with a lot of comedy. This was less overtly comedic but still had its funny moments as well as a lot of great wrestling. Kenny Williams is just so likable for both his in ring persona and his ability. He showed off his high-flying style with moonsaults and dives throughout the match. I had never seen Jake McCluskey before this match and I was definitely impressed. He is super athletic and pulled out some really impressive moves. In the end, Kenny Williams came out the winner after a rough DDT to McCluskey. I certainly hope both these guys turn up at the Tivoli more often.

2 Unlimited vs Extra Talented

Like Jake McCluskey in the previous match, I had never seen the work of either tag team in this match. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from either team but both exceeded any expectations I did have. Extra Talented are great heels and really interacted well with the crowd. Both members, but especially Ricky Starks, were hilarious as well as being impressive wrestlers. 2 Unlimited had one of the best first showings at OTT I have ever seen. Both Jay and Patrick are incredibly athletic and wonderfully innovative in their wrestling, especially when it comes to their high-flying offense. Early in the match, Jay moonsaults out of the ring onto both members of Extra Talented. There is also a sequence later in the match where Patrick takes on both members of Extra Talented by himself and it was so fast paced and precise. It was 2 Unlimited who came out on top after they hit their finish, the Limitless Effect which involved Jay jumping from Patrick’s (who was already on the top rope) shoulders onto their opponent, followed by a moonsault from Patrick. Amazing.

Justin Shape vs Pastor William Eaver

This was a really entertaining match. There actually wasn’t a ton of straight up wrestling in it but it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of crowd interaction, with Eaver performing “miracles” as he walked out to the ring and then getting the crowd to chop Shape. Shape did all he could but when your opponent’s offense is made up mostly of the… power of the Holy Spirit… there’s just not much you can do. The highlight of the match was when Shape attempted to fishhook Eaver but using his.. religious powers (?)… Eaver managed to make Shape fishhook himself. Eaver won with, again, the power of the Holy Spirit… it was pretty great.

Sha Samuels & Charlie Sterling vs The Lads From The Flats

This was a good match. I personally LOVE the team of Sha and Charlie and The Lads from the Flats are the people of the Tivoli’s favourite tag team. It was a good match with Sterling and Samuels constantly berating the crowd and beating down Workie and Paddy M. Sterling seems to get more and more aggressive every month at OTT and this month was no different. The match ended in a DQ when Samuels very openly hit Workie with a low blow. After the match had finished Sterling and Samuels beat down the Lads with steel chairs. They then targeted Paddy M’s leg but Workie made the save before any real damage could be done.

Sami Callihan vs Mark Haskins

This was every bit as hard hitting as you’d expect it to be. There was a lot of brawling outside of the ring with each man striking the other as hard as possible. What amazes me every time I see him is how fluid Haskins is inside the ring. At one point he rolls up Callihan and then flawlessly transitions into a unique submission hold. Callihan took everything Haskins hit him with and hit him back harder. In the end, however, Haskins won via submission with the Sharpshooter. This match, along with every other bout he has had at OTT, solidifies that there is no one more deserving of a shot at the title than Haskins.

Kay Lee Ray & Kris Wolf vs ‘The Session Moth’ Martina & Katey Harvey

This match had a really fun and interesting dynamic, with Martina being more friendly with Kay Lee Ray and Kris Wolf but having to team with, essentially, her arch nemesis in Harvey. All in all, the match was a great mix of fun and really great wrestling. Martina and Kay Lee Ray performed the now signature pinning sequence with cans in hand and without spilling a drop. All of Kris Wolf’s charisma and talent shone through and she was instantly loved by the Tivoli. The match also had a great finish with Kay Lee Ray rolling up Harvey only for Martina to push Kay Lee so that she became the one being pinned by Harvey for the win. After the match, Martina and Harvey built up even more to their championship match at Wrestlerama.

Jordan Devlin vs Moose

I’m not sure anyone expected this match to be quite as amazing as it was. Devlin and Moose put on an incredible match that is sure to be an instant OTT classic. MOOSE THREW DEVLIN INTO THE STAGE SEATING AREA AND SECONDS LATER DEVLIN DOVE BACK OUT OF THE STAGE AREA, BACK INTO THE RING AND HIT MOOSE WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY. It was incredible. It was really hard hitting and both men went to war in the match. Devlin then hit Moose with a huge Spanish Fly. In the end, Devlin won after pinning Moose after a perfect moonsault… the guy really does have a beautiful moonsault. Fantastic match.

Angel Cruz, B. Cool & Tyler… Breeze vs British Strong Style

Honestly, there is absolutely nothing I can say that will do this match justice. You really just have to see it for yourself. I can guarantee it will be one of, if not the, most entertaining wrestling matches you have ever seen. Tyler is on both teams, Team PRICK get involved, and Angel somehow ends up with an axe. The match is up on Youtube for free. Please. Watch it. It is amazing in every way.

NLW Championship Match: Ryan Smile vs Matt Riddle

This was a good match but what made it special was that it newly solidified Smile as a heel champion in OTT. After the Tivoli constantly cheering for Riddle, it seemed as though Smile just snapped and used the belt to hit Riddle. Though it did not directly lead to the pin, it revealed a new Ryan Smile at OTT. Even before this final moment, Smile’s offense had become more aggressive than in the past. He spat water in Riddle’s face, hit him with rough elbows to the neck and stood on his head while he was down. The psychology of this match was what elevated it. Riddle showed off his signature strength and perseverance but in the end it was Smile who remained the NLW Champion and will go on to face Mark Haskins on July 1st.


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