OTT ‘Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Back in the Dr. Dre’ (5/2/17) Review

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After a year of incredible growth and global recognition, OTT kicked off 2017 with ‘Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Back in the Dr. Dre.’ It has been a whole year since Martina’s last gaff party, which took place in January of 2016, and OTT has developed hugely as a promotion since then. This was without doubt the promotion’s most stacked card to date (we will talk about upcoming events a little later). What was unique, however, about this particular show was that, even though the wrestlers themselves were announced, only two of the actual matches were announced before the show took place in the Tivoli on Saturday, February 4th. I went into this show almost completely blind and expecting some big surprises, which is exactly what I

‘Session Moth’ Martina vs Jinny Couture

The show opened with a rematch from last year’s gaff party. Jinny made a surprise appearance and took on Martina once again. This was a great opener to the show. Both women took turns dominating the match. Jinny was the dominant woman in the first half of the match, hitting Martina with a series of vicious knees in the corner and locking her opponent into her signature submission. However, as the match progresses, Martina starts to make a comeback, hitting Jinny with a series of suplexes. The highlight of the match was when Martina caught Jinny in a tarantula submission and, of course, managed to have a can while doing so. After Jinny was released of the submission, Martina proceeded to ‘mist’ her with, you guessed it, the contents of said can. Martina constantly has something new to bring with every match. Though both women took turns controlling the action, it was Jinny who came out on top after a facebuster from the turnbuckle. She also slapped Martina so hard right before hitting her finishing move that her earring flew off. So that was fun.

Eddie Kingston vs Justin Shape (w/ William Humperdink)

This match was an all-out brawl. Both wrestlers spent just as much time outside of the ring as inside the ring. The whole match was a cavalcade of headbutts, elbows, knees and chops… my God, the chops. I have genuinely never been as worried for a wrestler’s well-being as I was for Justy’s as he took brutal chop after brutal chop from Kingston. Justy puts up a hell of a fight though, hitting Kingston right back. The win for Kingston seemed secured when he hit Justy with his backdrop driver. Kingston did walk away with the victory but by DQ as Justy’s new found companion, Logan Bryce, interrupted the match and hit Kingston with a low blow. Kingston was assisted after the match with a run in by Justin Shape’s former teammates, The Gymnasties (B. Cool and Sammy D). I enjoyed this match because it was a good contrast to the previous contest and further developed Justin Shape’s newly discovered persona.

Mark Haskins vs Mark Andrews

This match was absolutely non-stop from start to finish. It was Haskin’s first match back after his four month absence and he didn’t look like he’d missed a single day. The style’s of both wrestlers meshed perfectly as Haskins constantly attempted to ground the high-flying Andrews. Both men employed a series of innovative reversals that flowed into one another seamlessly. Andrews, of course, displayed his acrobatic ability both in and out of the ring while Haskins hit him hard (really hard) every chance he got. There was a sequence a little more than half-way through the match where each man employed reversal after reversal with such speed that it was hard to keep up. It seemed over when Haskins applied his signature bridging armbar but Andrews managed to counter it into a two second pin. It was Haskins who walked away with the win after Andrews tapped while in the deepest Sharpshooter I have ever seen. It was truly incredible to see Haskins back on top form after such a worrying absence.

Matt Riddle vs Marty Scurll

Marty. Scurll. The ROH TV Champion’s appearance was a complete surprise and triggered the biggest pop I have ever heard at any live wrestling event, as he came out to go one-on-one with the ‘Bro’ Matt Riddle. This match was a little bit slower than some of the previous bouts on the card but not in a negative way. It started out with a lot of mat-based chain wrestling, with each man constantly trying to catch the other in a submission. As the match progressed, both men refused to let up. Even while Scurll delivered kick after kick to his face, Riddle asked for more. At one point, after numerous kicks from Riddle, Scurll countered and performed his signature finger breaking move to Riddle’s toes. That was pretty special. Scurll then hit Riddle with a piledriver and Riddle kicked out after a count of just one and almost immediately hit Scurll with a piledriver of his own. Throughout, both men displayed determination, agility and strength but it was Scurll who eventually went over with, you guessed it, the crossface chickenwing.

Jordan Devlin vs ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Fresh off of his performance in the WWE UK Tournament, Jordan Devlin went up against ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey in one of the only two matches announced prior to the show. This whole match was a constant back and forth. Bailey continuously attempted to use his high, hard-hitting kicks and in response Devlin kept almost all of his offense firmly fixed on Bailey’s leg. The match contained some striking (no pun intended) moves from both men, including Bailey’s standing moonsault double knee strike and Devlin’s slingshot cutter. The most notable thing to take from this match was that, on Devlin’s first appearance back at OTT after the UK Tournament, he certainly showed why WWE took such interest in him in the first place.
*Also, quick shoutout to the guy with the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Balor” sign. That was amazing. You’re my hero.

The Social Elite (Paul Tracey & Charlie Sterling) vs Tyler Bate & Angel Cruz

This match was just fun from start to finish, from the entrances to the in-ring action to the crowd chants. Everyone was very excited to see Tyler Bate’s return to OTT as the WWE UK Champion. I love the comedic chemistry between Bate and Cruz, and Sterling and Tracey always work great together as part of OTT’s top heel faction. The match was full of fun moments such as Sterling and Tracey aggressively twirling Bate’s moustache, Bate throwing Cruz (and his outstretched knee) into the face of Sterling and the involvement of Cruz’s security guards Peter and Rick a.k.a PRICK. My personal favourite OTT chant, “Sexy Moustache”, also made an appearance during the match. The most impressive moment came when Bate hit Sterling, who is 6’2 and 230 pounds, with a delayed German suplex. In the end, the team of Bate and Cruz won when Bate hit Tracey with the Tyler Driver 97… named after the year he was born… damn it.

NLW Championship Match: Pete Dunne vs Ryan Smile

The main event saw NLW Champion ‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne face the ‘All Day Star’ Ryan Smile. Smile’s chance at the title was, like most things on the show, a surprise. It was made even more surprising by the fact that Smile had tweeted earlier in the day saying he was having a quiet night in (sneaky!). This match was a war but what truly made it special was the psychology. Dunne was portrayed as the unbeatable champion who had just returned from the WWE UK Tournament and Smile portrayed as the OTT original who never quite captured the title. Dunne makes reference to his new affiliation with WWE by hitting Smile with The Pedigree and taking him to Suplex City early in the match. The match itself and the determination of both competitors could not be contained and they brawled out into the OTT crowd. It was a great main event for a great show with both men displaying how far they’ve come from when they wrestled each other on the first ever OTT show. In the end, Smile finally achieved the seemingly impossible and pinned Pete Dunne after two huge frog splashes. When I was first told about OTT, Ryan Smile was one of the first names that came up. It was truly a joy to see him capture the title. Yes. He. Did.

Another surprise included on the show was the appearance of Drew Galloway, who saved Martina from an altercation with The Body Bros. Then they had cans… obviously. It was a beautiful moment. OTT also announced their biggest show ever in the form of Scrappermania III, which will feature the likes of Will Ospreay, Ricochet, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. All in all, this was probably OTT’s best event to date but with the announcement of the upcoming shows, that may not be the case for very long.

The show is on the OTT Vimeo on demand service, here is a preview video

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