OTT Marble Zone: Act 1 Review

Added by Jenna MacDougall

Adam “Flex” Maxted with CT Flexor & Brian Abs vs Sammy D

This match saw Adam “Flex” Maxted, who recently had a tryout for WWE in London, take on Sammy D. At the beginning of the show it was revealed in a backstage segment that the beloved team of The Gymnasties had broken up, with B. Cool and Sammy D going their separate ways. This was a good opening match. Sammy D was always the member of The Gymnasties who best displayed his wrestling ability and an opponent in Maxted was a good start to his solo run. Sammy D threw multiple devastating superkicks at all three members of The Body Bros throughout the match as well as a massive headbutt to Maxted. Maxted displayed his strength while at the same time showing his impressive athleticism for a man of his size with his signature huge standing dropkick and a moonsault on Sammy from the second rope. In the end, the two other members of The Body Bros, C.T. Flexor and Brian Abs, got involved and the match ended in a DQ. This was a good match to open as it showcased the Irish talent well and provided a good start for Sammy D’s solo run in OTT.

Logan Bryce & Justin Shape with William Humperdink & Valerie vs Scotty Davis & Connor Andrews

This was a great match. Bryce and Shape really proved themselves to be a fantastic team back at last month’s Scrappermania III and it seems that the more they progress, the more cohesive they become. Davis and Andrews have never competed as a team before in OTT but once again proved themselves to truly be the future of the company. It was a really interesting clash of styles as both Davis and Andrews showed off their high flying athletic ability while Bryce and Shape showed of their strength with backbreakers…. So many backbreakers. The most impressive moment in the match was when Davis performed a moonsault OFF OF ONE OF THE SECURITY MEMBERS AROUND THE RING. It was great and the crowd loved it. Less than a minute later, Andrews hit a corkscrew 450 off of the top rope to the outside. William Humperdink attempted to cheat but was spotted by the referee. However, despite this, Bryce and Shape still walked away with the win after double backbreakers on each of the opposing team members. This match, once again, did a fantastic job at showcasing the wealth of Irish talent present in OTT.

After this match, Pastor William Eaver appeared in a video package with a personal message to Justin Shape, saying he was coming for him.

Alex Windsor vs ‘The Session Moth’ Martina

This was a grudge match that came from Windsor’s betrayal of Martina and Nixon Newell at last month’s Scrappermania III. While Windsor was part of the Session Friends team, she turned on her team mates at the end of their match, claiming it was because Martina was an embarrassment to women’s wrestling. The match started off quickly with Martina hitting the Seshbreaker (her version of the codebreaker) very early on in the match. The fact that Martina broke out this move so early (one she would usually use as a finish) really showed the animosity between the two women. Alex Windsor was able to showcase her ability far more here than at last month’s show and the two women put on a good match with a good story behind it. I hope they continue with this feud a little more as I would like to see how it develops. In the end, Martina hit another Seshbreaker from the top rope and got the pin.

Zack Gibson’s Open Challenge

Zack Gibson, after debuting at Scrappermania III, issued an open challenge to any wrestler in the locker room. His challenge was accepted by none other than Jimmy Havoc, making his OTT debut. Havoc got a huge reaction at the Tivoli. No one was expecting him to appear and so it was a more than welcome surprise. Havoc held nothing back, hitting Gibson with a big hurricanrana early in the match. The two then proceeded to fight all throughout the Tivoli, with Havoc at one point using a mop on Gibson’s face.. in true Havoc fashion. Gibson constantly tried to get Havoc to tap out to his submissions but to no avail. That is until Paul Tracey wondered out. Havoc was distracted and Gibson hit Havoc with a top rope codebreaker followed by his Helter Skelter brainbuster and pinned Havoc for the win. Tracey then left without ever saying a word.

Matt Riddle vs Kyle O’Reilly

This match was everything you would expect it to be, in the best way possible. Both competitors are so evenly matched in terms of skill level and style. This was clearly a night of fast paced opening action in each match. Riddle went for the armbar submission straight away. O’Reilly responded with the brutal series of kicks that he is known for. The two men constantly tried to catch the other in a submission and hit each other as hard as possible. It seemed as though the longer the match went on, the more energy each wrestler gained. Riddle even begged for O’Reilly to keep kicking him, with O’Reilly happily obliging. At one point, O’Reilly continuously attempted to take Riddle out with a suplex but Riddle immediately got right back up again. This was an amazingly intense match with a truly uncertain outcome as either man could have easily come out on top. In the end, Riddle won by submission.

Marty Scurll vs Donovan Dijak

This was a good match as Dijak, on his debut at OTT, managed to showcase the reasons for his growing popularity and Scurll, a true fan favourite of the Tivoli, pulled out all of the moves and character that made him so beloved. One of the OTT commentators, Don Marnell, described Scurll as, “The world’s most heroic villain.” This is a perfect summation of Scurll’s persona at OTT. Dijak exhibited his immense strength as well as some of his more athletic abilities. Scurll pulled out all of his usual moves and displayed his own strength when he picked up the huge Dijak for a brainbuster and a piledriver. In the end, it was Scurll who got the win with his Chicken Wing submission. Dijack put on a great show and I think he would have great matches with other regular members of the OTT roster.

B. Cool vs Sha Samuels

Sha Samuels was a great choice of opponent to start of B. Cool’s solo run after his split from Sammy D, as it allowed him to retain the humorous nature that he is best known for while still showing a slightly more determined side. The match was nothing spectacular but it was fun to see one of OTT’s most genuine faces against a great heel in Samuels. B. Cool also showed that he can hold his own as a solo performer. In the end however, Samuels got the pin. I really hope OTT bring Sha back as I think he would be a great regular addition to the roster. I also look forward to seeing where B. Cool’s solo run takes him.

Main Event: Ryan Smile, Travis Banks & Chris Brookes vs The Kings of the North

This was by far my match of the night. The stipulation of the match was that the wrestlers picked numbers from one to six and entered the ring in that order in two minute intervals. First to come out was KOTN member Damien Corvin, followed by OTT champion Ryan Smile, followed by Dunkan Disorderly, Travis Banks, Bonesaw and finally Chris Brookes. The match really became great when all six wrestlers were in the ring. Soon after Brookes entered the ring, all three members of KOTN found themselves in simultaneous submissions. There was a lot of fighting on the outside and the whole thing was more of a brawl than a traditional tag match, but in a great way. Not gonna lie, I went crazy for the finish. Brookes got Travis up on his shoulders, threw him at Corvin, Brookes hit him with the senton and then Smile hit him with his Frog Splash finisher. It was beautiful. This was a really great match that showed how talented each member of every team really is. Also, please come back CCK.

Matt Riddle then came out after the match and got in Smile’s face, challenging him to put his title on the line at next month’s show.

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