OTT Live in Belfast (3/6/18)

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT is live in Belfast at the Europa Hotel. The card is stacked yet again, and Trent Seven is the general commissioner for the second night in a row. You know this is going to be another great show. Spoilers ahead obviously.

Scotty Davis & Sean Guinness vs Team Whitewolf

Starting off the evening match wife we have Sean Guinness and Scotty Davis teaming up again Team Whitewolf (Adam Chase and A-Kid).

Starting off the match is A-Kid and Scotty Davis. The two try and keep each other grounded, both looking to get the upper hand. It’s a scramble between the two, with locks up and covers being exchanged left right and centre. A-Kid hits a drop kick and hits Davis square in the face. Scotty hits a gator roll early in the match and A-Kid has had enough and tags in Chase. Davis then tags in Guinness. The pace speeds up quickly. Guinness takes out the knees of Chase. Covers are swapped but both men repeatedly kick out. Davis enters the ring and Guinness and Davis wear down Chase. Davis goes for the cover but Chase kicks out.

Chase fights out of the corner and tags in A-Kid. Davis runs into a foot stop, and Guinness gets a boot to the face. Davis eats another drop kick from A-Kid. Chase is then tagged in. Whitewolf are wearing down Davis now. Guinness breaks up the pin. A-Kid is becoming more and more frustrated. Both members of Whitewolf are kicking hell out of Davis.

Davis finally gets w tag to Guinness, who gets both men in a double pin but they kick out. Guinness hits a double foot stomp on Chase, but the pin is intercepted by A-Kid. Team Whitewolf then work together to beat down Guinness but he manages to kick out of the cover. Guinness escapes and tags in Davis, who faces both Whitewolf members. Stereo superkicks floors Davis, but he kicks out of the cover. Davis then hits a stalling vertical suplex on A-Kid.

All four men are in the ring, and the action is thick and fast. A-Kid and Davis connect with each other and now all four men are down. A-Kid hits a springboard moonsault to the outside, then hits a high cross body but Davis rolls through. Davis then hits ‘the supremacy’ then hits a moonsault to he outside. He then takes flight again and lands on his feet. Super kick dragon suplex combo from Guinness and Davis, allows Davis to pick up the win.

WINNERS: Scotty Davis & Sean Guinness

An amazing opening match from four huge talents. Scotty Davis is going to take over the world, and if he isn’t signed to WWE in the future then it will be a great travesty. He’s extremely talented and I can’t wait to see what he does in the future. Sean Guinness is another huge talent and is a phenomenal athlete. He’s always a great joy to watch. Team Whitewolf are a fantastic tag team, and I’m glad they’ve come over to the UK/Ireland to show off their talents, because they are also a joy to watch. They have such great chemistry and work so well together. Great match up from all four men.

B-Cool & Session Moth Martina vs Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden Epic)

Trent is looking to compete even though he isn’t medically cleared to compete. But Trent is not going to be in action, Martina will be teaming with B-Cool this evening. Trent is going to be the ref. Starting off the match is B-Cool and Sexsea. Sexsea goes for an early roll up but Trent is slow to get down and B-Cool kicks out at one. B-Cool then chops Sexsea, Sexsea rolls him up but again he kicks out. Epic is tagged in. Martina tags herself in. A cat fight ensues between Martina and Epic. Martina then takes down B-Cool, three times. Epic is a sneaky one. Martina then sends Epic to the outside. Followed by Sexsea. Martina dives and hits B.

Jose Idle enters the ring taunting Martina. A bull fight ensues. Jose wraps a towel around Martina’s head and Sexsea super kicks her. Sexsea covers and Trent is slow to get to the ring and Martina kicks out. Martina then unleashes a series of chops and gets one in return from Sexsea. Club Tropicana work together to wear down Martina but she manages to make a tag. As the action goes on Trent is sitting on the ring post texting. Obviously texting Tripps. Club Tropicana hit the super sexy slip-and-slide in B. Then another on Martina which he regrets as he hit a can.

Martina then sprays beer in B’s face. B is getting it from everyone. Even Jose. And Trent. B then manages to kick out of a double cover. Martina hits a sesh breaker and B hits a brain buster on Sexsea and they pick up the win.

WINNERS: B-Cool & Martina

A great second match, filled with lots of comedic moments. Martina is a god damn queen and I love her so damn much and I can’t wait for her women’s championship rematch. B-Cool is always hilarious and is super talented. Club Tropicana are also comedy goals. I will definitely be re-watching this match again because it’s pure perfection.

The Mongrels (Eddie Stone, G Fitz & Russell Dempster) vs MTH (Nathan Martin, Darren Kearney & LJ Cleary)

Starting off this match is all six competitors. MTH go “BLEH” which angers the Mongrels and everything breaks down. Finally we have on two competitors and that’s Nathan Martin and Russell Dempster. Dempster catches Martin and slams him down. Kearney is tags himself in, and Stone is tagged in. Kearney takes Stone down with a shoulder tackle and then again with a drop kick. G Fitz tags himself in and now Cleary is in too. Fitz takes down Cleary, and then is sent into the corner. Fitz does a handstand in the corner and eats a big boot to the chest. All members of MTH are in the ring and beat down Fitz.

MTH make quick tags and further best down Fitz and then decide to take time to mock other tag teams, and are knocked out for it. Stone then takes flight and takes everyone out. Fitz follows suit and does the same. Dempster then dives and again everyone hits the deck. Dempster rolls Martin into the ring. Cleary enters and is thrown halfway across the ring and Kearney follows. Dempster then hits a triple Dempster truck, three times. Martin taking all three, Stone and Fitz meet in the middle and Martin receives a forearm to the front and back of the neck.

All six men are back in the ring and the action is thick and fast. The win comes when Nathan Martin takes shots from all three opponents.

WINNERS: The Mongrels (Eddie Stone, G Fitz & Russell Dempster)

HUGE TALENTS!!!!! This was a top quality match, all men are extremely talented and deserve more credit than they currently get. All six will take over the world and I can’t wait to be honest. Given the quality of the match I hope we get a rematch soon, because it needs to happen.

Katey Harvey vs Debbie Keitel

Its ladies time with Katey Harvey taking on Debbie Keitel. The two females instantly lock up and Debbie is forced to the corner. Katey breaks but not before tapping Debbie on the chest. Katey locks in a wrist lock but Debbie counters. Katey overpowers and grounds her. Debbie then powers out. Katey looks for a bow and arrow but Debbie counters and rolls her up but she kicks out. Debbie covers two more times but Katey kicks out. The fans are really getting behind Debbie now. The two shake hands and then Katey kicks her in the gut, and then slams her down face first.

Debbie kicks Katey down, before driving her boots into her skull. She covers but Katey kicks out. Debbie splashes in the corner and goes for a second but meets a back elbow and then a boot. Katey hits a high cross body and covers but cannot put Debbie Away. The two then light each other up with chops and forearms. Katey punishes Debbie, and drives both knees into her gut. The crowd is split between both women.

Debbie slams her boots into Katey’s head twice, and goes for the cover out Katey kicks out. Debbie hoists her high but Katey escapes. The two women exchange blows on their knees before continuing in their feet. Katey hits a T-bone suplex but Debbie is straight back to her feet. Debbie now controls the match and delivers punishment to Katey. Katey overpowers and hits a sit out power bomb, but Db and I’ve kicks out.

Katey is becoming frustrated. Debbie hoists Katey night and hits ‘Debbie downer’ – a gut buster, Katey kicks out of the finisher. These two women are two tough chicks. Debbie hits a huge clothesline but cannot get the win. The two beat hell out of each other and the win comes when Katey hits the gory bomb.

WINNER:  Katey Harvey

These two women are strong, powerful and badass. This was an absolute war and the two beat absolute hell out of each other. Both women are extremely talented and its great seeing them both come against each other. Hopefully we get a rematch, because the world needs it.

Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin

Tyler Bate is looking to capture gold. Jordan Devlin is looking to add another name to his list. The two immediately lol to overpower each other. The two exchange locks ups and holds, both escape and counter. They are equally matched, and this is going to be interesting. Bate locks in a single leg and cranks on the leg, but Devlin escapes. The two exchange roll ups but both men kicks out. They are so evenly matched its crazy. It’s hard to determine who will win.

Devlin hits uranage and a standing moonsault, and it’s picture perfect. Devlin covers Bate kicks out. Devlin then cranks on Bate’s neck and it’s brutal. The two then light each other up with chops, before Devlin outs the boot in. Bate escapes out of the corner and takes down Devlin. Bate catches an incoming Devlin and slams him down. He looks for a standing shooting star but nobody’s home, Devlin loots for a moonsault but nobody’s home. Bate dumps Devlin down and bridges I to the cover but Devlin kicks out.

Both men are giving it all they’ve got. The two then battle to get the upper hand and Devlin covers into a bridge but Bate kicks out. Devlin then kicks Bate in the chest repeatedly. The thuds are sickening, Bate asks for more and fights them off. Bate hits a massive lariat that turns Devlin inside out. Devlin rolls out so Bate takes flight and connects. Bate goes to the top but Devlin cuts him off. Devlin looks for a package pile driver but Bate counters, then Devlin counts the Tyler driver forcing Bate to kick out.

Bate hits Bob and bang and Devlin crumbles. Bate then takes Devlin for a spin. Devlin stacks Bate in his head and then hits a package pile driver and picks up the win.

WINNER: Jordan Devlin

I don’t think I have to explain how talented both these men are, because I’m sure everyone already knows. But this match was insane. It could have gone either way, as both men are so evenly matched. It was insane. It turned into a war, and boy did neither man disappoint. I wonder what it will take to defeat the Import Killer.

Tucker vs Curtis Murray

Tucker shoved Curtis, he clearly didn’t come to play. Curtis then kicks Tucker into the corner before the bell rings, Curtis immediately takes control. Tucker rolls to the outside and Curtis takes flight, connecting with Tucker. Curtis speaks to the camera and says he’s tired of being overlooked. Tucker then unloads on Curtis. A big back elbow from Curtis rocks Tucker. Curtis looks to take control and does. He hits a springboard senton to the lower spine of Tucker before rolling him up, but Tucker kicks out. Tucker drives both boots into the chest of Curtis. Tucker has the size and experience advantage but Curtis has the speed advantage. It’s a battle of student vs teacher and only one can win.

Tucker hits a diving back elbow, and wears down Curtis. Tucker unleashes a series of kicks to the chest of Curtis. Curtis hits a chin breaker and returns with kicks of his own. Revenge is sweet and violent. Tucker hits a discuss enziguri and Curtis is down. Tucker goes to the top but Curtis cuts him off. Tucker then fights of Curtis and looks to hit a senton but Curtis gets the knees up. Curtis then hits a reverse hurricanrana. Now both men are down, Curtis cannot capitalise.

The two exchange blows as they get back to their feet. Curtis unloads on Tucker, and hits a springboard forearm knocking him down. Curtis hits a reverse Belfast destroyer and covers, but Tucker gets his foot on the rope. It’s only a one count. Tucker brutalises Curtis, venom lacing his blows. Curtis is bleeding from the top of his head, it’s gruesome. There is a lot of blood, but Curtis isn’t letting it stop him.

He leaps from the top rope and drives Tucker’s head into the canvas, it takes a while to cover and Tucker kicks out. Curtis is losing blood rapidly. Tucker kicks him in the open wound and Curtis crumbles. Curtis hits a springboard cutter and picks up the win.

WINNER: Curtis Murray

The student has become the master. Curtis said he didn’t want to be overlooked any longer, well after that match I don’t think he will be. He lost a hell of a lot of blood, but continued with the match, it would have been easier and more sensible to quit, but he is a warrior and fought against it. It was incredible. I really don’t think anyone will overlook that or him again. He is insanely talented and definitely someone to keep your eye on, because, he’s going to achieve big things. Tucker is another big talent, and always outs on a great performance and tonight was the same. I’m honestly living for the heel Tucker though. A lot of people want to hate on him for this persona, but he plays the role perfectly and that’s something to be admired. I’m just waiting for his title shot against Devlin, because that match would blow the roof off the place.

Adam Maxted vs Pete Dunne

Pete immediately antagonises Adam, which angers him. Pete is being a little shit, and Adam is already wound up and ready to fight. The two already scrap with each other, and Pete continues being a little shit. Pete grounds Adam and then rolls him up, but he won’t get a win this early. Pete grounds Adam again and works on his joints. Adam counters with an arm drag. Pete then knocks Adam down with a vicious forearm. Pete goes back to working the joints, but Adam counters and hoists Pete high before dropping him down, Adam takes flight but eats a shot and crashes to the floor. Pete then sends him into the chairs. Pete then stomps on him. This has broken down quickly.

Pete then runs through Adam with a vicious boot. Pete further bests down Adam with a series of vicious boots and stomps. Once Adam rolls into the ring Pete captures his legs and slaps him silly. He then drives his knees into the canvas, and then goes back to putting the boot in. He then targets the elbow, systematically ripping Adam a part. Pete then snaps the fingers, and it’s sickening.

Adam tries to fight back but it’s knocked down with a forearm, although he kicks out of the cover. Pete goes back to kicking the outside leg of Adam. Adam fights back and takes Pete down with a lariat, but Pete then locks in a triangle. Adam hoists him up and hits a sit out power bomb, and goes for the cover out Pet kicks out. Adam won’t give up easily, and Pete is an absolute beast. This is going to be one hell of a war. Pete then beats down Adam; it’s turning into a real mugging. Pete goes to the top, but eats a huge drop kick from Adam. Adam then hits a superplex to the centre of the ring, but cannot capitalise.

The two then exchange blows looking to finish the match. Both get the upper hand, but cannot out each other away. This war is intense. Both men are giving their all. Both battering each other and taking each other to the limit. The finish comes when Pete hits a tombstone pile driver.

WINNER: Pete Dunne

Everyone knows how talented the current WWE UK champion Pete Dunne is, so I won’t waste my breath in explaining his talent. But damn what a match. It seemed like he was going to lose at times. Adam out on a heck of a performance, he’s an underrated talent but maybe now people will take more notice of him. He has the power, speed and agility and is a big talent. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future, and hopefully he’s around in OTT more.

Kings  Of The North (Damien Corbin, Bonesaw & Dunkan Disordely) vs The Rapture (Zack Gibson, Charlie  Sterling & Sha Samuels)

Main event time with the tag team championships on the line. The battle we’ve all been waiting for.

Starting off the match is Corvin and Gibson. Briefly as Sterling tags himself in. Sterling forces actor in into the corner and a gibbon and Sha attack, but Corvin cleans house. Things break down instantly as all six men are in the ring. Foxy has some trope on his hands, he really has his work cut out. They leave and Charlie takes down Corvin, Corvin quickly sends him down. It all breaks down again with triple drop kicks knocking The a rapture out of he ring.

The action spills to be outside and it’s a damn riot. If the Rapture wanted a battle, they shouldn’t have looked for one in Belfast, and not with the Kings. It’s carnage, the camera men can’t keep up with the action. Bonesaw chops Sha, Corvin scents Gibson into the wall. It seems the Kings are dominating, it’s a 3 on 1 fight as the Kings wear down Sterling. Sterling kicks out of the cover though, he needs to make a tag but his tag partners aren’t anywhere to be seen.

Gibson enters the ring causing a distraction that allows Sha to knock Dunkan from the ropes. Sterling then antagonises Corvin and Bonesaw on the apron which allows Sterling to brutalise Dunkan, as the ref is distracted. Sha is then tagged in and it’s a three on one beat down. Sha covers but Dunkan kicks out. And again, Gibson is then tagged in and further punishes Dunkan. Gibson trash talks as usual, further winding up the Kings. Dunkan fires back but the numbers game is too much, Sterling is tagged back in. The crowd are backing Dunkan, he really needs to make the tag.

Dunkan fires back again and takes down Gibson, and tags in Corvin, Corvin cleans house and takes down the now legal Sterling. Corvin hits a uranage slingshot senton combo. He then assists Bonesaw to the outside before taking flight himself. Cruiser actor in showed up quick. Sterling then rakes Corvin’s eyes and he’s pretty pleased with himself. But Corvin hits the F6 Counties, but Sha breaks up the cover. A huge boot sends Sha off his feet. Sha hits a spine buster on Bonesaw, but Corvin hits him with a white star line. Dunkan hits a superman punch. Big son hits a ticket to ride, and Bonesaw hits a Belfast boot. The Rapture lock in the shankly gates. Corvin overpowers Sterling and dumps him on Gibson then boots Sha, breaking all holds.

It’s a war, a riot and a mugging all in one. It’s one hell of a match, and bad blood runs deep through it. The Rapture hit an assisted power bomb but Bonesaw kicks out. Corvin and Dunkan are still on the outside. Bonesaw needs help. The boys are back and clear the ring of Sha and Gibson. The Rapture hit a double doomsday in Corvin and Dunkan, and it’s an ugly landing. Bonesaw rolls up Sterling but cannot get the win. Bonesaw is alone again.

Dunkan is legal again and unloads on Gibson. The action is on the outside again and Dunkan hits a springboard moonsault onto all three Rapture members. Dunkan rolls up Gibson after The a rapture try to steal the win. Gibson kicks out. He Kings hit emir moves but Sterling pulls a foxy out of the ring. Foxy then lunches Sterling and enters the ring, but Gibson kicks out. Sha then sends a chair into Dunkan’s face, but Dunkan kicks out of Gibson’s cover.

Sterling is now in. Dunkan hits a drop kick in both Sha and Gibson. The Kings hit their trio move set on Sterling and pick up the win.


The titles are going back to Belfast. LONG LIVE THE KINGS!!!!!! Watch a match. This was absolutely phenomenal, you couldn’t fault a single second. It doesn’t matter if you like the Rapture or not you have to admit they are extremely talented as individuals and a tag team. The Kings are always incredible too, and it’s good to see gold back with them. No doubt The Rapture will be looking for their rematch soon.

Another outstanding show from OTT. Every single match was incredible. OTT always pack in great talent and this show was no different. Every match was main event worthy, and this is why I love OTT. So stop reading this and go and give it a watch on demand now HERE