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September 16th OTT headed to the Europa Hotel in Belfast. Yet another stacked card, and some seriously great bookings. I imagine this is going to be one hell of a show.

Sammy D vs Scotty Davis

Kicking off Live in Belfast 2 we have SNAKEY Sammy D vs Scotty Davis. The match starts with the two locking up, as both look to get the measure of each other. Scotty snatches the neck and gets in a headlock. Sammy tries to fight out, but Scotty has it locked in tight. Sammy pulls Scotty’s hair and then sends him into the ropes, but eats a drop kick. Sammy goes to the outside and throws a tantrum. Sammy asks for a test of strength and Scotty agrees. Sammy knees him in the gut and locks in a headlock of his own. The snake antics have started early. Scotty sends Sammy into the ropes but Sammy takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Scotty then catches Sammy and hits two gator roll’s before suplexing him over. Sammy retreats to the outside. Scotty follows him out but is sent back first into the ring post, before being sent face first into another.

Sammy rolls him back in and drives the boots into the chest and throat of Scotty. Sammy covers but Scotty kicks out. Sammy forces Scotty into the corner and hits him with a sickening chop, and another in the other corner. Scotty returns with a couple of chops of his own but Sammy rakes the eyes. Sammy hoists him high and drops him on his neck but Scotty kicks out of the cover. The two then exchange blows before Sammy drives his boot into Scotty’s chest again. The two miss kicks but then Scotty connects before hitting a deadlift German suplex. He maintains the grip and hits another and another but somehow Sammy kicks out. The crowd are firmly behind Scotty and nobody wants Sammy to win.

Sammy catches Scotty with an elbow and the two miss blows on each other until Scotty rolls him through and hits a fisherman suplex. He bridges through and dumps Sammy on his head but cannot cover because Sammy goes to the outside. Sammy then hangs Scotty on the top rope and slams Scotty down on his knee but cannot pick up the win. Scotty ducks a kick and hits the supremacy and picks up the win.

Analysis: This was a great match to kick off the show, as it really sets the tone for the rest of the night. Both men are incredible and no doubt Scotty will be in the WWE in the very near future. His talent is astounding, and is such a joy to watch. Although Sammy is a snake he is a great heel and portrays the character well. He too has a lot of talent, and is fun to watch in competition. It’s good to see him back.

Gender Neutral Champion: LJ Cleary vs Martin Kirby vs Session Moth Martina vs Rickey Shane Page

Next up is a 4 way match for the gender neutral championship, with Martin Kirby, Session Moth Martina and Rickey Shane Page taking on each other and champion LJ Cleary. The match doesn’t officially get underway after the bell rings because Martina and LJ argue over how their best friends Rickey and Martin are going to get them into The Tournament of Death and World of Sport. Martin and Rickey send Martina and LJ into each other, and the two roll to the outside. Martin then takes down Rickey who then roll’s to the outside. LJ says to Martin you need to get me one of those WW WOS contracts. Martin then says we only have one season so there’s no point; Martin then takes down LJ with a forearm. Martina enters the ring and says she wants to be in WWE too, ugh WWF sorry. Martina then unloads on Martin with a series of chops. LJ and Martina briefly work together and say they’ve got OTT. Rickey then enters the ring and brings in a chair. Martina leaves the ring quickly.

LJ picks up the chair, and then sits on the chair and eats a boot. Martina enters but Rickey dumps her down. In comes Martin who is tossed half-way across the ring. Martina hits a rana off the top rope and then sends LJ into Rickey on the outside. Martina hits a satellite DDT on Martin and rolls through and hits a stalling vertical brainbuster. SOMEONE CAN WRESTLE. Martina covers but LJ breaks it up. LJ eats a boot and a sesh breaker from Martina. Rickey then takes Martina down, Martin takes down Rickey, and LJ takes down Martin. LJ covers but Martin kicks out. The action is fast now. This match is insane.

LJ goes to the top but is cut off by Rickey who unceremoniously dumps LJ down. Martina hits a sesh breaker on Rickey, Martin stacks Martina on her head and Martin goes to cover but LJ rolls him up and steals the win.

Analysis: This match was equal parts humour and talent. It was great to watch, I just wish the match went on longer so we could see some more high impact moves. But all competitors are extremely talented, and Martina is really showing off her talent now. Now people can’t say that she can’t wrestle. Rickey and Martin are always great to watch, and their talent and years of experience are clear to see. LJ is also talented, and no doubt will go on to do amazing things in the future.

Sean Guinness vs Nathan Martin

Next up Sean Guinness takes on Nathan Martin. The match starts with the two locking up. Sean then gets in a wrist lock and Nathan reverses with one of his own. Guinness reverses and again locks in a wrist lock and rolls up Nathan but he kicks out. Sean then goes to the outside, but is quickly back in. The two then go back and forth looking to get the upper hand. Both men showing off their speed and agility. Nathan rolls up Sean but he kicks out, then Nathan hits a drop kick and Sean goes to the outside. Nathan looks to dive but Sean stops him and drives his boots into Nathan’s face. Nathan tries to build up some offence but Sean cuts him off and grounds him. Sean covers but Nathan kicks out. Sean then hits a brutal chop that knocks Nathan off his feet, but still cannot put away Nathan. Nathan swings his legs and arms, but again is cut off and cannot build any offence. Sean grounds him yet again.

Sean then hoists him high and dumps him down, yet Nathan kicks out again. Sean keeps Nathan in the corner and drives him down into the ropes. Sean hits another vicious chop and Nathan takes a nasty fall to the outside. He’s quick to get back in and is sent into the corner, he hits Sean with a back elbow. Nathan is sent to the outside but lands on the apron, Sean then attacks the shoulder yet again. Sean then ties him up and again targets the shoulder and Nathan is in a considerable amount of pain. Sean rolls him through but Nathan manages to get his shoulder up. Nathan is then hoisted high and dumped down. Sean continues his assault on Nathan and hits another vicious chop. This is turning into a mugging, as Sean again attacks the injured shoulder. Sean rolls him through but Nathan gets under the ropes.

Sean is merciless in her assault on the shoulder of Nathan. Nathan fights back and hits a series of forearms with his right arm. He can’t swing his left, but he can swing his right. He hits a backbreaker and follows it up by slamming down Sean. Sean goes to the outside and Nathan dives to the outside twice and takes down Sean. Nathan rolls him in and heads to the top rope and hits a huge cross body but cannot put Sean away. Nathan sits Sean on the top rope and hits him with a vicious chop of his own. Nathan climbs the ropes and looks to take Sean down but Sean grabs his arm and again goes after the shoulder and hits Nathan with a stiff forearm sending him down. Sean catches Nathans leg and uses the ring ropes to his advantage as his continues the onslaught. Sean then climbs the ropes and boots Nathan in the shoulder. Sean covers but Nathan kicks out.

Nathan has the heart of a lion. Sean goes to the top and looks for a double foot stop but Nathan avoids it and drives his own boots in, and then turns Sean inside out. Sean kicks out, and Nathan hits a sit out powerbomb but again Sean kicks out. Nathan goes to the top rope and hits Sean and covers but he again kicks out. Nathan again follows up by hitting a deadlift but again Sean kicks out. What is it going to take for these guys to put each other away? This match is insane. Nathan goes to the top rope again but Sean pushes Niall Fox into the ropes. Sean then climbs the ropes and takes down Nathan and locks in an armbar and Nathan taps instantly.

Analysis: Wow what an amazing match. Both these men are insanely talented, and put on one hell of a match for everyone to enjoy. Sean has a vicious streak that was prominent in this match, as he mercilessly attacked Nathan’s shoulder. But this was a wrestling masterclass from Sean, and if you aren’t familiar with his work you should check him out. Nathan is also talented and no doubt will also go on to do amazing things in the future. He too showed off his talent, as he fought through pain and put up one hell of a fight. It’s a shame Sean picked up the win by essentially cheating, as he is extremely talented. I wanted to see a clean win between the two. There is also no shame in Nathan immediately tapping, it’s important for him to take care of himself and not do serious damage to his shoulder. Hopefully we get a rematch with these two soon.

The Mongrels (Gavin Fitz, Russell Dempster & Eddie Stone) vs Curtis Murray, Tucker & Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted

The match starts with Dempster taking on Maxted. The two lock up and Maxted forces Dempster into the corner and it’s a clean break. They lock up again and this time Maxted is forced into the ropes and it’s not a clean break. Maxted gets in a side headlock and runs the ropes but runs into an immovable force in Dempster. Maxted hits a chop and runs the ropes again as does Dempster who takes him down. Maxted then hits a dropkick and Dempster retreats to his corner. Now its Tucker and Stone facing off. Stone ties up Tucker who quickly escapes and gets in a wristlock, Stone escapes and Tucker throws kicks and chops early in the match. Stone throws Tucker over but he lands on his feet, and Tucker then takes down Stone. Tucker then tags in Murray, Stone tags in Fitz. Fitz taunts Murray and gets a well v sign for his troubles.

Murray goes for a kick but Fitz catches it and then gets him in a headlock, before being sent into the ropes and taking him down with a shoulder tackle. Murray shows off his agility as he avoids Fitz’s moves, preventing him from building any offense. Murray takes out the knees and builds up his own offence. He sends Fitz into the corner and hits him with a vicious chop and then slaps him across the face. Dempster enters and Stone takes out Tucker and Maxted, as the dogs beat down Murray. Maxted is then brutalised and Stone uses Fitz as a missile on Maxted. Tucker’s in and takes out all the mongrels. The black dogs retreat to the outside. Tucker dives and takes everyone out. Murray takes flight and takes everyone out too. A health and safety inspector would have a field day. Maxted looks to dive but is cut off by Dempster, who hits him with a huge knee. Maxted then sends Dempster to the outside who then takes everyone out, Maxted dives and it’s an ugly landing. There was a sickening thud; I’m not sure who caused it though.

Murray rolls Fitz back in who hits him with a knee. Murray then counters Fitz and hits a sit out powerbomb, her covers but Fitz kicks out. Murray then drives boots into his face, and follows it up with a brutal slap to the face before tagging in Tucker. He follows up a snapmare from Murray, with a ‘tuck dog’ – kicking Fitz right in the throat. He then unleashes a huge chop and meets him in the corner, but the second time Fitz gets the boots up. He looks to take down Tucker but he’s caught and Tucker takes him down. Murray then tags himself in and hits a spiral senton. Dempster enters but is taken down, and Murray knocks Stone off the apron. Tucker hits a huge kick on Fitz, and Maxted is in and hit a powerslam but Stone breaks up the cover. Maxted knocks down Dempster then hits Stone/Fitz with a boot for each. Murray tags himself in and receives boos, as he turns around Fitz hits him with a right but it’s a poor cover. Fitz then drags him to his corner and in comes Dempster. Dempster hits a snap suplex then Murray kicks out at one.

Fitz is back in and wails on Murray, and then covers but it’s just a two count. Fitz drives the boots in but Murray fights back. Murray rolls Fitz up into a small package but he kicks out. Murray looks to take control and hits a springboard cutter but Dempster intercepts, then in comes Maxted and takes down Dempster, Stone takes out Maxted, Tucker takes out Stone. It’s hard to keep up with the action. Murray hits Tucker, after Fitz ducked. Fitz then hits a Belfast destroyer on Murray who then retreats to the outside. Tucker tags in Maxted and so in Dempster. Maxted hits a superman forearm and then hits him into the corner, and follows it up by hitting a spinebuster on Stone. Dempster sends Maxted into the corner but he gets the boot up and takes down Dempster, Stone & Fitz break up the pin attempt.

Maxted hits a sit out chokeslam on Fitz, Stone/Dempster look to take out Maxted be he reverses into a double neckbreaker. Maxted looks to make the tag but Murray jumps off the apron. He then leaves to the back, the coward. The mongrels then team up on Maxted and take him down. Tucker flies and takes out all three black dogs and hits a sling blade on Dempster, and kicks Fitz in the face. Tucker is caught by Stone who slams him down, and then here comes the Dempster truck. All three mongrels beat down Tucker until Dempster covers and picks up the win.

Analysis: Murray is a coward is the only thing that comes to mind from this match. He left his team high and dry, which impacted on the loss. There is no denying he has talent though, and honestly he’s portraying a heel exterior very well. Maxted is incredible, and in my opinion has gained some more skills since the last time I saw him in OTT. Tucker has always been a favourite of mine, and he has heaps of talent. Through some of the moves, it’s clear to see the influence of Balor, but Tucker is a phenomenal competitor in his own right. Let’s not forget that. The Mongrels are a great trio and work excellently as a team. Individually and as a trio they are extremely talented, and have varying styles which mesh together beautifully. I hope to see them in a tag title match soon.

Fred Yehi vs Jordan Devlin

The match starts with the two locking up; Yehi takes the arm and controls the match early. Devlin counters and takes Yehi down and controls him arm. Tit for tat and all that. The two then go back and forth with holds, and Yehi sweeps the leg and covers, but Devlin immediately kicks out. Far too early in the match to go for a cover. Yehi shoots for the single leg and grounds Devlin, who fights to escape. Devlin finally counters and grabs Yehi’s leg. Yehi transitions into an armbar but Devlin reverses into a pin and Yehi kicks out at one. The two eye each other up, looking to figure each other out. Yehi again sweeps the leg and covers but cannot but Devlin away this early. Yehi hits a snap suplex and follows it up with a chop, and then slams him down. Yehi man handles Devlin and captures the neck. Devlin won’t give up though. The two then exchange waist locks before Yehi hits Devlin with a back elbow, and then Devlin hits a springboard moonsault but Yehi kicks out of the cover. Yehi is in the corner and Devlin follows him in and hits a chop. Devlin hits a uranagi and moonsault and covers, but Yehi kicks out.

Yehi eats a big back elbow and kicks out of the pin attempt. Devlin works the neck as he keeps Yehi grounded. Yehi gets back to his feet and fights out of the hold. The two then exchange some sickening chops. Yehi scoops up Devlin and dumps him into the turnbuckle, then proceeds to wail on Devlin. Devlin is sent into the corner and then eats a chop. Yehi sends Devlin into the ropes and takes him down, before grounding his neck and face into the ring ropes. Yehi then stomps on Devlin’s hands. Let’s not forget Devlin had a broken thumb a few months back, so this could be dangerous for him. Yehi contorts Devlin’s body and keeps him grounded on the canvas, before hoisting him high and tossing him down. Devlin is getting angry, his face says he’s pissed off. Devlin gets in a chop but eats a knee to the gut.

Devin looks for the package piledriver but it’s reversed and then Devlin reverses and rolls him up but doesn’t pick up the win. The two then exchange chops again, until Yehi grounds Devlin and hits double boots to the spine. Yehi lifts him up and runs into the corner and Devlin gets all the impact on his back, before landing on his head and neck. Devlin goes to the outside to try and recover but Yehi meets him outside and Devlin is grounded by a chop. The crowd is really getting up close and personal now. Yehi hoists him high but Devlin gets on the apron and kicks of Yehi’s head, and then hits a sringboard moonsault to the outside that wipes out Yehi. Yehi is rolled back in and Devlin goes for the slingshot cutter but Yehi catches him and maintains a waistlock and tosses Devlin around like a rag doll. Yehi covers and Devlin kicks out at two. Yehi has Devlin well scouted. This is turning into an all-out war. Yehi runs into the corner but Devlin catches the boots and hangs his feet on the ropes and lands a back cracker before following it up with a springboard cutter. It’s still not enough to puit Yehi away. Devlin is getting fired up now, and drives the boot into Yehi, before tossing him across the ring. It’s still not enough though.

Devlin climbs the ropes and looks for a moonsault but nobody’s home. Yehi hits a dragon suplex but Devlin stays alive. 2.99 as the commentators say. Yehi drives his boots into Devlin’s head, showing zero respect. Devlin then eats some chops, but Yehi eats a huge punch. Devlin looks for the package piledriver but again Yehi fights out and drives his knees into Devlin’s face before kicking him in the head. It’s not enough though. Devlin counters and hits a moonsault and covers but Yehi kicks out. Devlin finally hits the package piledriver and picks up the win. Devlin’s back baby.

Analysis: I’ll be honest (as I always am), I am not familiar with Fred Yehi and haven’t seen any of his matches before. But wow! What a talent. Hopefully he’s back in OTT soon so I (and everyone else) can see him again. A great booking from OTT with this match. As for Devlin, well I think everyone already knows how talented he already is, and he didn’t disappoint. This was one hell of a showing from him, and it’s great to see him back in OTT after his time away.

Tag Team Title Match: Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) vs The Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Dunkan Disorderly)

Before the match starts the Aussies step up to a fan and Mark picks him up and takes him to the back. Niall Fox makes sure the fan steps back when he comes forward to Kyle. That fan is an absolute idiot. The Kings enter and receive a huge pop from the fans. As soon as the Kings enter the ring all four men face off with each other. This is going to be a war.

As the Kings are introduced Kyle hits Bonesaw as he stands on the ropes. The crowd are booing the Aussies and chanting “who are ya?” oh please don’t antagonise them. The match starts with Mark facing off against Dunkan. Mark pushes Dunkan away and Dunkan responds. The two lock up and the powerhouses look to get the better of each other. Dunkan works the wrist with a wristlock and Mark gets the rope break. Mark then kicks Dunkan in the gut and snatches a side headlock. Mark grounds Dunkan with a headlock take over. Dunkan counters with head scissors, and Mark gets his foot on the rope forcing the break, before exiting the ring. Mark gets a wrist lock but Dunkan escapes and rolls him up, but he kicks out. Dunkan pins with a backslide but he escapes, another roll up on Davis but the match continues. A huge leg lariat connects with Mark. Mark fights off both Kings, but Kyle is overpowered by both men. Bonesaw covers but Kyle kicks out. Kyle then receives a series of chops and it’s sickening. Bonesaw tangles Kyle in the ropes and hits a sickening chop. Kyle now has a permanent handprint on his chest. Dunkan then chops him, and then Mark. Things are breaking down quickly. Bonesaw crushes Kyle with a suplex and covers, but Kyle escapes.

Dunkan is back in and both men beat down Kyle but still cannot put him away. Kyle drives Dunkan into his corner and Davis takes out Bonesaw. The Aussies then beat down Dunkan but he stays alive. Dunkan fights back with chops to Mark but Mark picks him up and drops him down. Mark then knocks Dunkan off his feet with a huge chop. Kyle is tagged in and delivers a huge blow to the rubs of Dunkan, and then goes to antagonise Bonesaw. This distraction allows Mark to choke Dunkan. Dunkan fights his way out of the corner but is tossed to the apron and takes down Mark. Dunkan looks to tag in Bonesaw but Kyle stomps him down and hits Bonesaw for good measure. Kyle then wails on Dunkan before dragging him back to his corner. Mark takes Bonesaw out with a huge boot before driving his knee down into Dunkan’s face. The Aussies are taunting the fans; these constant distractions could be their downfall. The Aussies make quick tags and further beat down Dunkan. Dunkan really needs to tag in Bonesaw.

A springboard double back elbow takes down both Aussies, but he has to cross the ring for the tag which he does. Bonesaw knocks Mark off the apron and hits a dropkick on Kyle. He then puts the boot into Mark and hits Kyle in the corner before hitting a northern light suplex on Kyle. Kyle is hoisted high but fights out then eats an elbow. Kyle slams down Bonesaw but he kicks out. The Aussies are becoming increasingly frustrated. Mark is back in but Bonesaw fights them both off and tags in Dunkan, who drives the boots in. Mark wails down on Dunkan’s back but eats a sit out urinagi, but Dunkan still cannot put him away. Bonesaw’s back and Mark is trapped in between them and eats chops. They look to take him out but Kyle intercepts and drags Dunkan out of the ring. Dunkan spikes Mark on his head and Kyle slowly enters the ring and then takes down Dunkan. Bonesaw then takes out Kyle. All four men are down. Do the Aussies really think they can win the belts in Belfast? I’d try Dublin lads. The belts are going anywhere on home turf.

Bonesaw climbs the ropes, Mark meets him, Kyle sends Dunkan into Mark and then all men find themselves down on the canvas, as the tower of doom proves to be formidable. The men get to their knees and trade blows with each other. This is now a brawl and honestly, you never want to brawl in Belfast. The Kings take down Mark, and then Kyle. Dunkan covers but Mark breaks up the cover to keep the Aussies alive. Mark then sends Bonesaw out of the ring, but Dunkan then sends him out. Dunkan eats a boot from Kyle and lands on Mark’s shoulders and it’s a two man go to sleep, followed by a huge powerbomb. Dunkan kicks out and Kyle can’t believe it. Neither can it to be honest. Dunkan escapes Mark’s clutches and Kyle hits a cutter on Mark. Dunkan dives to the outside and takes out Mark, and Bonesaw takes down Kyle. Dunkan hits a splash on Kyle and the King retain.

Analysis: I have nothing but love for both of these teams, and holy crap this was an incredible match. I’m glad to see the Kings hold onto the titles. This match was intense and proved to be a war. This was also one hell of a match, with both teams beating hell out of each other. The Aussies are extremely talented and work fantastically as a tag team; it’s also great seeing a heel side of the Aussies. However, negative interactions with fans proved to be a downfall for them as the constant distractions got the better of them. The Kings work together effortlessly and always put on a phenomenal performance, and this match was no different. I’d love to see a rematch with these men, as a match like this deserves another go.

Main Event: WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne vs Damien Corvin

Damien Corvin taking on the WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne. Pete shoves Corvin before the bell, I hope Corvin kicks him in the head.

The match starts chants going back and forth for Pete and Corvin. Pete then makes a wanker gesture with his hand towards Corvin, what a cheeky little shit. It’s a part of his charm though. Corvin leaves the ring and holds up the WWE UK Championship which he had taken from a fan in the crowd. Two can play the cocky game. The two then lock up and Corvin takes control of the wrist but Pete counters with a snapmare and connects with a swift kick to Corvin’s spine. Pete exits the ring and goes towards the fan with the UK belt. Pete looks to pick up a child but he refuses, so gets another fan and shoves him into Corvin. The two enter the ring and lock up again, this time Corvin captures the waist. Pete grabs Corvin’s hand and grounds him to the canvas and manipulates the joints in Corvin’s hand. Corvin takes control of Pete’s hand but he again counters and grounds him down, and scratches Corvin’s ribs. He takes a leg and drives his right knee into the canvas whilst manipulating the ankle. He ties him up and further works on the legs.

Pete turns Corvin into a pretzel and turns it into a pin cover, but Corvin gets his shoulders up. Pete manipulates Corvin’s facial features before stomping both of his knees into the canvas. Pete then kicks Corvin in the side of the head before stomping on his hands. Pete follows it up with a huge boot to the skull, and then further manipulates Corvin’s joints before stomping and kicking Corvin’s shoulder. A meticulous breaking of Corvin. Corvin really needs to build some offense right now. Pete snatches the neck but Corvin grabs the hair and then hits a beautiful dropkick. Corvin then wails on Pete with swift forearms, before snatching the neck. Pete sends him into the ropes and eventually takes him down with a lariat and sends him to the outside. Pete jumps from the apron and hits a double stomp straight into Corvin’s ribs.

Pete sends Corvin into the chairs before stomping on him. The fans are becoming really acquainted with them now. Corvin is then sent into the other side of fans, and a fan then steps up to Pete and gets in his face. This type of disrespect actually pisses me off. Corvin then rains down some blows but is knocked down by Pete. Corvin is again sent into the chairs by Pete. Kids are in the audience, they need to be careful. Corvin drops Pete with a single right hand. Pete grabs a fan and then kicks Corvin in the head. Niall fox is now at an eleven count. Pete then stomps Corvin’s hand into the apron, before kicking his head off. Corvin is prone on the floor. It looks like Corvin is popping his fingers back into the joints. Pete then traps Corvin’s hand into the turn buckle and then kicks him. This is meticulous and cruel from the Bruiserweight. This is definitely not family friendly.

Yet again Corvin is trapped and Pete rains forearms down on him. Corvin gets back to his feet and fires back but a single right hand drops him. Pete holds him down with his foot, a disrespectful cover than doesn’t gain him the win. Pete then drives his knees into Corvin’s back. Pete then connects with a vicious forearm. Pete then wails on him with swift punches then an inside leg kick. Pete goes back to trying to interact with fans who doesn’t want to return the favour. This distract leads to a Belfast boot and a huge drop kick. Corvin hits a uranagi and a slingshot senton, followed by a death valley driver. He covers but Pete kicks out. Corvin appears to be bleeding from his forehead.

Corvin lands his elbow square on Pete’s jaw and knocks him down. He does it again and Pete stands up and tells him to bring it on. He walks into the forearms that have no effect, but Pete’s knocks Corvin down into the corner. Pete hits a huge enziguri, and then kicks Corvin in the back of the neck. Pete drops Corvin into an armbar and it’s vicious. Corvin counters into a pin forcing Pete to break the hold. Pete hits a hangman DDT and Corvin seems to be out, but he manages to kick out at two. Pete goes to the top and is met with a Belfast boot. Corvin climbs the ropes and hits F6 Counties from the top rope and Pete just kicks out. If Corvin had covered both arms, he may have picked up the win. Both men are bruised and battered, but both men will not give up without a fight.

Corvin looks to end it as he repeatedly connects with Pete’s jaw. The two exchange punches and kicks and knock each other down. It’s carnage. Corvin hits a vicious Belfast boot, Pete turns Niall Fox around and hits a soccer kick to Corvin’s groin. He then hits the bitter end but Corvin kicks out. Pete then locks in a triangle lock and manipulates Corvin’s fingers. Corvin tries to power him up but he can’t do it. He tries again and slams him down with a sit out powerbomb. He really is relentless. Pete goes to the outside and Corvin dives and takes him out, he slams him down but Pete kicks out of the cover. The crowd are split evenly between these two men. Another Belfast boot from across the ring leads to Pete snapping Corvin’s fingers. Pete hits a pump handle tombstone and picks up the win.

After the match the two men shake hands, and this time Corvin makes a wanker gesture and Pete laughs. Pete looks to hit Corvin, but he’s just kidding and instead raises his hand showing him respect.

Analysis: HOLY SHIT!!!! What a match. These two men went to war and put on a phenomenal match for the fans. This match was absolutely insane, and anyone could have taken it. Corvin fought through pain and blood. He needs to be signed with the WWE soon and challenge for the UK Championship, because, seriously this guy should be everywhere. Everyone already knows how talented Pete is, and how merciless he can be. However, he was extremely merciless and meticulous in this match. A combination of some humour and high impact moves. Both these guys are astounding, and great at what they do. So OTT how about a rematch soon? Yeah? Cool.

Wow, another fantastic show from OTT. Each booking was perfect, and all matches were incredible. Seriously, OTT cannot put on a bad show. If you aren’t subscribed to OTT on demand or haven’t seen any shows then you are truly missing out. This company is what wrestling is all about. So go and watch this match and then subscribe. You will never be disappointed.

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