OTT Contenders 13 (20/1/19) Review

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT were back in the Ringside Club, Dublin, on January 20th. This time with Contenders 13. The card is stacked, so let’s get into the action.

Steve Carvel & Curtis Murray vs Club Tropicana (Aiden Epic & Captain Sexsea) With Jose Idle

Kicking off Contenders 13 we have Curtis Murray and Steven Carvel taking on Club Tropicana. Starting off the match we have Sexsea taking on Murray. Murray takes him down with a waist lock before rolling him up, but of course the match doesn’t end so early. Sexsea tries to kick Murray but he avoids and gets in a waist lock but Sexsea counters into a headlock. Sexsea runs the ropes but Murray takes him down with a rana but Sexsea is quickly back to his feet unbeknownst to Murray. The two then come face to face before Sexsea hits a rana of his own. Murray retreats to his corner. Murray then tags in Carvel. Sexsea then tags in Aiden.

Aiden then tags in Sexsea, who tags Aiden back in. The two then do rock paper scissors, before Sexsea rolls in Jose. This is a distraction as both members of Club Tropicana chop the back of Carvel, which has little effect. Club Tropicana then try to take down Carvel but instead Carvel takes both men down before stomping down on Aiden, and then forces Sexsea into the corner. Carvel dominates the match and traps Sexsea in the ropes before sending Aiden towards him, but Aiden comes to a halt. Carvel then hoists Aiden high but Aiden escapes. Aiden then kicks Sexsea in his prone nether regions… Ooops and Ouch! It looks like Sexsea’s cup has fallen out too. Carvel continues to dominate the match hitting a leg lariat on Aiden, but cannot put him away. Murray is tagged back in and Carvel and Murray double team Aiden, and Aiden is down. It still isn’t enough to put him away though. It looks like Sexsea is nowhere to be seen.

Looks like it’s going to be a two on one situation for a while. Aiden begins firing back on both men, trying to build some offense, and manages to get an assisted cutter by kicking the legs out from under Murray who then connects with Carvel. Aiden still has a lot of fight left in him. Aiden is looking to his corner but Sexsea isn’t there. But wait, Sexsea comes out from the back and is bandaged up which looks more like a nappy (diaper if you’re American), Sexsea isn’t done yet. Sexsea is tagged in and chops Murray repeatedly. Unleashing chops in the corner Murray is getting lit up. Aiden is tagged back in and Murray fights off both men, but not for long as Sexsea throws Murray across the ring and Aiden hits a cutter. Murray manages to kick out though. Aiden hoists him high and the two look to double team but Carvel drags Sexsea out of the ring, and Murray rolls up Aiden but he kicks out. Carvel is tagged back in and the two work together with Murray hitting an enziguri and Carvel dumping him down on his knees but Aiden stays alive. This is incredible. Nobody thought he’d kick out of that.

Murray is tagged back in but Aiden sends Murray into Carvel who knocks him down, and then sends Murray to the apron. Murray then hangs him on the ropes and looks to climb to the corner but Sexsea cuts him off with a superkick. Sexsea hits a Jon Woo into the corner on Carvel, and then look to hit the super-sexy-slip-and-slide… and they do with an actual slip from Sexsea. Aiden covers but Murray drags Aiden to the outside. Carvel hits a low blow on Sexsea then Carvel and Murray work together and take down Sexsea, and Carvel gets the three count.

Thoughts:  This match was funny and hard hitting, and a great way to kick off Contenders 13. Now I’ll be honest before this match I hadn’t heard the name Steven Carvel, well that was my loss. I don’t remember which wrestler tweeted this statement, but someone said “Steven Carvel is no longer Ireland’s best kept secret”. That’s a good thing. This guy is talented, and hopefully he’s back in OTT soon, because I’d love to see more matches with him in. Curtis Murray gets a lot of heat due to his heel persona but he plays the heel so well, plus it’s always good to love a bad guy. Love him or loathe him you can’t deny that Murray is talented in the ring. I can’t wait to see what else he does within his career. Club Tropicana are equal levels of comedy and talent and are always joys to watch in the ring, hopefully they get to hold tag team gold soon, because, these guys deserve it.

Carlos Romo vs Calum Black

Next up is Carlos Romo taking on Calum Black. The match starts with both men locking up and Black forces Romo into the corner. Romo escapes and then takes down Black and traps him in a headlock. Black escapes and keeps Romo grounded until Romo counters and locks up Black again. Black transitions to a pin but it’s not enough. Black sends Romo into the ropes and runs the ropes himself before crashing into Romo and sending him halfway across the ring. Black is a power house. Black then stomps and pounds on Romo wearing him down. Romo gets in a waist lock but Black easily fights him off. Romo then takes down black with a big leaping leg lariat, he then covers but it’s not enough. Romo puts in a boot of his own, before hitting a snapmare and then slamming his shin into Black’s spine. Romo covers but it’s not enough.

Black fires back with forearms but Romo manages to slam him down, before grounding him down with stomps. Romo then traps the arm and targets it, maybe trying to prevent and impactful punches. Romo dominates the match as he continues to target the arms with vicious strikes. Black is in pain. The crowd is really getting behind Black now. Romo hits Black to the jaw but Black fires back but not for long as Romo goes back to the arm. He then wraps Black’s arm around the ropes and pulls on it. A callous and vicious attack from Romo. Romo covers but Black kicks out. Black fires back with forearms but Romo fires back with one of his own. Black fights off Romo with a big boot, and then catches him off the ropes but Romo is wrenching on the arm. Black fires back and then hoists him high and slams him down with a suplex. A one armed suplex… Insane.

Black then runs into the corner and hits some vicious strikes with his left arm, before kneeing Romo in the jaw. His right arm is just hanging limply now, God knows what damage has been done to his right arm. Black then hoists him high and dumps him down. Black covers but it’s not enough. Black couldn’t hit the suplex properly so had to release it, Niall Fox may have to stop this match. Black hoists him high again but can’t complete the move and has to put him down. This is unfortunate. Romo capitalises and hits a destroyer and leans into the pin but Black kicks out. This maybe a mistake on Black’s part. Romo taunts him by kicking him in the head before hitting a forearm. The two exchange forearms, but Black doesn’t have enough power behind his right arm. Romo unleashes but Black takes him down with a left arm lariat. He lifts him high and hits a one armed sit out power bomb. He covers but Romo just kicks out. Romo’s lariat has no effect, and then Black dumps him down. Romo connects with a knee before hitting a springboard cutter, but Black kicks out. Romo then transitions into the armbar and Black is forced to tap.

Thoughts: What a match! Calum Black is phenomenal, and really showed off his power in this match despite being injured. Carlos Romo gave it his all, and showed a mean streak that was great. This match is what contenders is about. This is only the second time that I’ve seen Calum Black and he’s incredible. He’s got so much skill and talent and hopefully he’s back in OTT more frequently. I can’t wait to see what he does next. Carlos Romo is also extremely talented and is always great to watch, I hope he’s back in OTT again quickly, either as a solo competitor or as a tag team with A-Kid.

‘King Of Contenders’ Conor Andrews vs ‘Strongman’ Phil Nelson

Next up is the “King of Contenders” Connor Andrews taking on “Strongman” Phil Nelson. I’d like to point out that Conor is wearing a suit… This will be interesting. I love impromptu matches. The match starts Conor getting in the face of Phil and poking his chest. He then chops the chest of Phil and goes for a second… big mistake. Phil picks him up and tosses him halfway across the ring with a fallaway slam and follows it up by crushing him with an avalanche in the corner, and then hits a double under hook suplex. Phil continues to dominate and gets Conor is a stalling vertical suplex before dumping him down. Conor escapes to the outside and makes a fan stand so he can have a seat. A fan then leads down to him and says “your waistcoat is a bit creased”. Hahaha well played lad. Conor then threatens to throw his shoe into the ring but Phil comes to the outside.

Conor catches him with a boot to the midsection before sending him into the ring post. Conor then goes for a diving crossbody but Phil catches him, and hoists him high before tossing him back into the ring. Damn this guy is a powerhouse, I’d hate to meet him in a dark alley. As he’s getting back into the ring Conor sweeps the leg from underneath him sending him crashing down to the canvas. Cheap shot pays off in this case. Conor then drives a boot in, and sweeps the leg out again before stomping on his leg. Conor then continues to stomp on the leg before chopping his back which hurts him. And again! Conor is wrestling shoeless and it’s hilarious seeing him in his socks. Every chop and kick hurts Conor.

Conor then chops Phil which has zero effect but his chop sends him into the corner. Conor then gets Phil down and cranks on his neck with his legs. Phil stands up and lifts him high before hitting a huge backbreaker. Phil clutches his knee, it appears some damage has been done. Phil then continuously drives Conor back first into the corner, but Conor escapes one and then goes to untie the turnbuckle which is a distraction. Conor gets the weight lifting belt and hits Phil’s knee which takes him down. Conor then hits ‘beheading’ a modified curb stomp, and stealing the win.

Thoughts: An impromptu match that proved to be a great showing for both men. I’ve only seen Conor in OTT once before and he’s still as talented as I remember. He’d better be back in OTT again, and get a title shot. I’m not familiar with Phil Nelson but wow this guy is incredible, a real damn powerhouse like holy shit. I hope he’s back in OTT soon too. Both of these men put up a great fight, rematch lads?

Debbie Keitel, Valkyrie & Veda Scott vs Raven Creed, Amy Alonsy & Katey Harvey

Next up Women’s tag team action with Debbie Keitel, Valkyrie and Veda Scott, taking on Women’s Champion Raven Creed, Amy Alonsy and Katey Harvey. As Amy’s music hits Amy is nowhere to be seen. The music hits again and still no Amy. Is this going to be a handicap match now? It looks like it, as it announced that the match will continue as a 3 on 2.

The match starts with Debbie and Valkyrie attacking Raven and Katey, whilst Veda stands back. These four women beat hell out of each other and then Veda gets involved hitting both Raven and Katey in the back. This is an absolute beat down. Raven and Katey send them to the outside leaving Veda in the ring along. Katey hits a running European uppercut and Raven headbutts her knocking Veda down, who then rolls to the outside. Raven takes flight and takes out all three of her opponents. Katey climbs to the top and takes out all the women too, but it’s an ugly landing. Raven rolls Debbie back into the ring. Raven is fired up and looks to squash her in the corner but Debbie avoids. Debbie then trashes Amy’s merch taunting her, and Raven beats her down. Raven picks her up and sends her spine first into the ring post. Veda and Valkyrie come up from behind and attack Raven. It’s now Raven and Veda in the ring, and Katey is still down. This may now be three on one.

Veda beats down Raven before tagging in Valkyrie who goes for a cover, but Raven kicks out. Raven tries to fight back but Valkyrie keeps her grounded. Valkyrie stomps her down in the corner, before kicking her in the spine and then covering. Raven kicks out. Raven is one tough chick. Veda is tagged back in as Debbie keeps Raven trapped in the corner. Veda delivers a huge boot before cranking on Raven’s neck. Raven fights out and takes Veda down and delivers a huge forearm. Veda then rakes the eyes of Raven, that’s a dirty tactic. Raven is now in the wrong side of town. Valkyrie is back in and stomps down on Raven again before hitting a snap suplex, but it’s still not enough to put her away. Raven fights back and drops Valkyrie, and covers but it’s not enough.

Debbie is now in. Raven headbutts her and Debbie is dropped. Raven looks for a waist lock but Debbie counters and hits a huge German Suplex, but it’s not enough to finish the match. Veda is back in to continue the assault, before trapping her in the corner. These three women are really wearing Raven down. It’s only a matter of time before these three women win. Valkyrie is legal and lands a huge hit to Raven’s gut before locking her up and cranking on the neck. Raven counters with elbows which breaks the hold and then drops Valkyrie on her head. But Raven cannot capitalise. She’s looking to her corner, but there is no one there to tag. Veda is in and Raven knocks Debbie off the apron and attacks Veda with vicious strikes. Raven is not done yet, and hits a running spear before hitting a knee strike that takes Veda down. Raven covers but Debbie is in to break it up. Debbie then hits a Snap German Suplex and it’s ugly. Raven headbutts Debbie before hoisting her high and dumping her down, but Veda intercepts as Debbie kicks out. Raven fights off Veda with forearms and a headbutt before kicking her out of the ring.

Debbie then slams Raven down face first and covers, and picks up the three count. There is a delay in ringing the bell but Foxy calls out and says it’s a three count ring the bell. After the match Debbie kicks Raven again for good measure.

Thoughts: This match was a real mugging for Raven Creed. It’s a shame Amy Alonsy didn’t appear in the match, it would have been great to see her get some revenge on Debbie and Valkyrie. It’s also unfortunate that Katey Harvey got injured, but credit to Raven for continuing on in a 3 on 1 handicap match. Debbie, Valkyrie and Veda showed a real mean streak, that further cerements Debbie and Valkyrie as heels and it’s great to watch them take on this new side. Going into business for themselves may prove to be the best decision they ever made. All six of these women are incredible. Katey Harvey is a freaking warrior and it’s such a shame that she’s injured right now, but she will be back stronger than ever, I don’t doubt that fact. Raven Creed is an insane mad woman and I love her, I can’t wait to see her have a long run as champion. Amy Alonsy is incredibly talented and I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves. Here’s to her proving everyone wrong. Veda Scott is incredible, although I’m not too familiar with her work due to not following wrestling promotions. It’s good to see her in OTT, hopefully she’s back soon. Valkyrie has a hell of a lot of talent and no doubt will become champion soon and I can’t wait for that. I also can’t wait to see Debbie Keitel as champion because she’s a damn Queen. I live for her matches. OTT has an incredible women’s division, and this is just a small showcase of what the women have to offer.

Session Moth Martina & The Lads from The Flats vs More Than Hype (LJ Clearly, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney)

More six tag action next with Session Moth Martina & Lads From The Flats taking on More Than Hype. The match starts with Paddy taking on LJ. The two lock up and LJ works on the arm, but Paddy retaliates by working on LJ’s arm. The two go back and forth trying to get the upper hand. Paddy gets in a waist lock but LJ counters. The continue to go back and forth, the pace going fast already and the match has just started. This is going to be one hell of a match. Paddy then slaps LJ in the face after giving him a high ten. Workie is then tagged in and looks to hit LJ but hits Paddy instead. Darren is tagged in and LJ and Darren work together and take him down, but it’s not enough to end the match. Workie fights back with a back elbow and tosses Darren to the apron, and eats a massive enziguri from the outside. Darren looks to fly but nobody’s home and he face plants the canvas. Ouch!

Martina is then tagged in and so is Nathan. Martina hits a huge chop and Nathan’s down and manages to tag in Darren as he falls. Darren also eats a chop, as does LJ when he tries to get involved. Martina is amazing. LJ and Darren then look to take down Martina but Workie helps save her, then Martina and the Lads take it to MTH. Paddy then hits a huge elbow on Darren, but is cut off by LJ when he looks to run the ropes. Darren then pounds on Paddy before tagging in Nathan. Darren and Nathan then work together to wear down Paddy. LJ is tagged back in and all of MTH beat down Paddy. LJ covers but it’s not enough. Nathan drives a boot into the gut of Paddy and sends him into the corner turnbuckle with force. Nathan covers but Paddy kicks out. Nathan sends Paddy into the corner again but Paddy manages to clothesline Darren and LJ, knocking them off the apron unbeknown to Nathan who is taunting Martina and Workie. Paddy and Nathan both hit a clothesline and both men are down. Paddy tags in Martina but LJ is tagged in too. LJ unloads on Martina and covers but she kicks out.

Martina avoids a hit in the corner and connects with a knee lift. Martina then dumps him down with a fisherman’s suplex and covers but he kicks out. Martina then kicks his head off and covers again but Darren breaks up the count. Martina tags in Workie and then headbutts Darren, before eating a superkick. Workie is in and beats down Darren. Workie hits a sit out power bomb and covers but Nathan breaks it up and follows it up with a head kick. Nathan takes flight and hits a cross body. Nathan covers but this time it’s Paddy who intercepts the cover with a leg drop. LJ then takes down Paddy, and Martina hits an enziguri on LJ, before hitting a satellite DDT on Nathan. She rolls through and hits a stalling vertical suplex. Darren then breaks up the cover. LJ’s back in and the two look to beat down Martina but she chops LJ down, and unloads forearms onto Darren. Darren follows her to the ropes and cuts her off. Nathan and Darren then work together to beat her down. LJ then hits a frog splash but Martina kicks out.

MTH look to capitalise as they take formation, but Martina catches LJ with the sesh breaker. In come Paddy and Workie who knock Darren and Nathan to the outside. Workie then hoists LJ high as Paddy climbs the ropes. Workie hits a TKO dumping LJ down, and Paddy dives and connects with LJ and picks up the win.

After the match the Kings of the North’s music hits, and out come Bonesaw and Damien Corvin. Corvin says they just beat the best team in this country, but they aren’t from this country. Oh no, they are BELFAST BOYS! He continues to say they’re the best team in Belfast, Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales and the belts prove it. They continuously prove they are the best, and they’ll see them at Homecoming. You want the match they got the match, but it’s the King’s match and states that Martina will be in the match too. The match will be three on two, the Lads & Martina vs Corvin and Bonesaw. The stage is set. As they are leaving Bonesaw says oh one more thing, let’s do it in a steel cage. Shots fired!

Thoughts: What an incredible fast paced match. This match was insane. It seemed like it would never end, with both tag teams giving it there all and showing the world what they’re made of. I have so much love for both teams. MTH are still only young but are bloody incredible, and no doubt they will have wonderful careers. It’s great seeing them travelling the world now, but nothing is better than them putting on a fantastic show at OTT. As individuals and as a tag team all three of these guys are extremely talented, and never fail to impress. The Lads are comical and talented, and it’s always great seeing them in an OTT ring, because, they always put on one hell of a show. Martina is a Queen and has improved significantly and continuously proves why she is more than just a gimmick. A comedy Queen which some wicked chops, what isn’t to like? I can’t wait to see the Lads and Martina in a steel cage against the Kings of the North, because it’s going to be an incredible match.

David Starr vs Terry Thatcher

Next is singles action with David Starr taking on Terry Thatcher. The fans aren’t happy with David and clearly favour Terry. The match starts David rolling to the outside, it seems like he’s trying to get the measure of Terry. David gets back in and the two lock up and Terry is forced into the corner. The two lock up again and David captures the arm and works on it. David flips him over and covers but Terry quickly kicks out. David gets a single leg and works on the ankle, twisting it in ways it shouldn’t be bent. Maybe trying to stop any high flying from Terry. David wraps the legs up and continues working on them, but Terry takes David down with a single leg. David quickly exists the ring. David slowly gets back in the ring after taunting a fan. The fans then fire back referencing beating Walter, and Terry loves it.

David is mad as hell now, and takes it out on Terry. David unloads chops onto Terry and pushes his head and slaps him. Real school boy taunting. Terry is fired up and unloads on David, but is quickly cut off. Terry sends David into the ropes, but David kicks him in the arm. The two go back and forth both looking to get the upper hand and end the match quickly. David hits a huge chop and kicks Terry in the chest before chopping him again. Terry sends David into the ropes but eats a kick again, but Terry then manages to take David down. Terry fires back with chops of his own. Terry hangs David in the ropes and wears him down further as he cranks on the chin. David then avoids the boots as Terry goes to the outside, David dives to the outside and takes out Terry. David is back to taunting the fans, who then taunt him by saying he’ll never beat Walter. This just fires up David more and Terry faces the punishment.

David rolls Terry back into the ring and delivers a huge kick to the spine and covers with a push up, but Terry kicks out. A cocky cover like that rarely wins. David then goes back to attacking Terry’s legs, and then grinds him down to the canvas by standing and then stamping on his neck. David is in control as he continues the punishment on Terry. He’s being a real dick! Terry eventually manages to fire back with forearms but is quickly taken down again. David cartwheels into a kick and Terry is down. David is back to controlling the match and he nearly takes Terry’s head off. David is so cocky as he poses in the ring. Someone paint him like one of those French girls!

David goes back to kicking Terry’s head, toying with him. Terry then catches his leg and sends him face first into the canvas. Serves him right. Terry then unloads with punches, trying to build some offense but David is right back on him with chops. This is a punishing assault by David. Terry fires back with chops and catches David off the ropes and spikes him down. The crowd is really behind Terry, but will the never say die attitude hold out for a win?

Terry gets huge elevation on a drop kick twice as he connects with David’s face. David shrugs him off but eats a stiff forearm and then eats a leading head kick. Terry then spikes him on his head, and covers but David kicks out at 2. This match is incredible. Terry climbs the ropes but David rolls out. Terry looks to fly but is caught by David who rolls him up but Terry kicks out. David is back to the outside and Terry takes flight as takes David down. Terry sends him back into the ring and climbs high again looking for a double foot stomp but nobody’s home, but lands an elbow drop. Terry covers but it isn’t enough. Terry looks for De Thatched but David counters and takes him down. Terry kicks out of the cover and rolls to the outside.

David looks to go to the outside but Thatcher goes in the ring, but David catches him and drives him headfirst onto the apron, before continuing the assault on the outside. David is just punishing him now. David goes back in the ring, it appears he is looking for the count out win. A fan helps Terry up and directs him towards the ring. Terry is injured and just makes it back into the ring in time. David hoists him up and drops him and it’s ugly but somehow Terry kicks out. Now that’s the heart of a Lion. David then spits on Terry, despicable actions. He continues to taunt him like a bully. Terry won’t stay down, eating vicious hits. Terry is back to his feet and David eats a superkick to his injured shoulder. Terry sends him into the corner twice before driving him down. Terry again looks for De Thatched but referee Niall Fox stops him because David is complaining he is hurt. Terry pushes Fox to the side and rolls up Terry stealing the win.

Thoughts: What a violent, hard hitting and incredible match this was. Neither man was going to give up easy. Both of these guys are extremely talented. Both men took part in an absolute brawl and it was fantastic. The crowd getting involved in their chanting was great, although I’m sure Terry Thatcher would disagree with that given the fact that David took it out on him. But wow! Both these guys are insane. Terry Thatcher is extremely underrated in my opinion, and deserves another match against Murray for the title. Thatcher is packed full of talent, and always puts on one hell of a performance. He has the heart of a Lion, and when he should probably stay down he doesn’t. I love that about him. David Starr is also extremely talented, and this new feud with Devlin is a great new direction. This win should give him some confidence heading into the match with Devlin, which will be one for the history books. I can’t wait to see what else David Starr can do in OTT.

Scotty Davis vs ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Now this is going to be a match. Scotty Davis takes on “Speedball” Mike Bailey in singles competition. They have similar styles so this is going to be interesting. The match starts with Mike shooting for the single leg but Scotty catches him and targets his legs, maybe trying to stop any hard kicking early. Mike quickly gets out of the hold though. The crowd is divided by these two men. The two lock up and Scotty transitions out of a waist lock and takes down Mike twice. They are then both on the ropes and have to break it up. Mike then pats his chest and Scotty is angry and slaps away Mike’s hand. Mike then unloads with kicks and then kicks Scotty in the head. Scotty then takes him down and hits a gator roll, and Mike exits the ring. The two are on the outside and Mike hits a flying kick and Scotty is rocked. Mike then sends Scotty into the chairs. This match has broken down quickly.

Mike drives Scotty back first into the apron before dropkicking him in the spine. This is becoming a brawl. Scotty is sent back into the ring and Mike follows him in, stalking him in. Scotty kicks at Mike’s legs but he’s still stuck on the floor. Mike catches his leg and unleashes with kicks to the leg, and sternum of Scotty. Mike covers but Scotty kicks out, but he looks hurt. Mike picks him up and dumps him down before climbing the ropes and hitting a splash. Scotty then kicks out of the cover. The two then exchange stiff forearms, both looking to take control of the match. Scotty is sent to the outside and Mike hits a beautiful moonsault and lands on his feet. Scotty is down, and appears to be clutching his shoulder. Mike sends Scotty back into the ring, and climbs the ropes. Scotty is back to his feet and avoids contact and hits a huge German Suplex. Scotty then sweeps the legs out from under him and hits two Gator Rolls before dumping him down, and bridges into the cover but it’s not enough.

Scotty then eats a huge super kick and is knocked down. Mike then unloads with kicks to Scotty before covering, it still isn’t enough. Both of these men aren’t ready to give up yet. These guys are insane, and evenly matched. A huge kick to the chest of Scotty sends him crashing down to the canvas. Scotty catches the leg but can’t complete the suplex and then Mike kicks him in the chest, again sending him crashing down. Yet another kick, the sounds of his feet connecting with his chest is sickening. Scotty then unleashes kicks of his own. Mike retaliates, and Scotty catches the leg and hits a huge T Bone suplex. Mike goes to the outside and Scotty takes flight and connects. The crowd are really getting behind Scotty now.

The two men fight on the outside again, exchanging blows. Scotty then Gator Rolls Mike into the chairs. It’s brutal, you can hear the bottles rattling around on the floor. Both men are giving it there all. Both men are back in the ring just before the count out. They are on the apron and Scotty kicks him in the chest repeatedly, and Mike hands him his receipts. Scotty catches the leg and looks for a suplex but Mike takes him down and looks to hit a moonsault on Scotty but nobody’s home, and Mike lands knee’s first on the apron. OUCH! Scotty climbs the ropes and hoists Mike high and hits a deadlift fisherman suplex from the second rope, but Mike somehow manages to kick out. HOLY SHIT!

Mike looks to fight back but Scotty gets in an arm bar and locks in the other arm but Mike won’t verbally tap. Scotty then drives him elbow into the side of Mike, who then manages to get his foot on the bottom rope which forces Scotty to break the hold. The two miss kicks and then Mike drives him down to the canvas but he kicks out. This match may never end. Mike unloads with palm strikes but Scotty fires back. Mike lands a kick to the spine before climbing the ropes and eats a dropkick to the spine, that sends him into the corner. Mike hits a running discus head kick and stacks up Scotty before spiking him down on his head, but Scotty kicks out. How the hell did he do that? Scotty Davis is no human. This kid is from another planet.

Mike is on the top rope again but Scotty moves out of the way, but then eats kicks. Scotty lads a kick of his own before hitting The Supremacy and then picks up the win. This could be the biggest win in Scotty Davis’ career. This kid is going to do incredible things.

Thoughts: This is a match for the history books, as both men are evenly matched and have similar styles. Mike Bailey is a huge striker but Scotty Davis is no slouch, and his grappling ability is out of this world. This is a huge win for Scotty, and it’s well deserved. I’m not too familiar with Mike Baily but there is no denying he’s a talented wrestler, and puts on a hell of a show when he wrestles. He’s entertaining to watch, and the crowd seem to like him too. Scotty Davis is talented too and at such a young age has bucket loads of skill. There is no doubt in my mind that Scotty Davis is going to be OTT champion one day, and what an amazing day that will be. Scotty has a huge career ahead of him, and it will be joyous to watch. So let’s give Scotty a title shot yeah?

‘Irish Ace’ Jordan Devlin vs A-Kid

Closing the show is Jordan Devlin taking on A-Kid. The match starts with both men kicking each other’s legs before locking up. Jordan forces A-Kid into the ropes and breaks the hold. A-Kid gets the single leg take down, and the two scramble before breaking up. They lock up again with Jordan getting the upper hand and working the arm. A-Kid breaks free, before the two lock up again. A-Kid takes him down and works on the neck, but Jordan counters. The two scramble back and forth, both exchanging control. These men are evenly matched at the start of the match. Jordan maintains a wrist lock, as he rag dolls A-Kid, before wrenching on the arm. The two lock up again, testing each other’s strength. A-Kid is forced down but lifts him arm, then the other, then bridges out of the count. A-Kid counters and takes Jordan down with an arm drag before hitting a drop kick.

Jordan hits a huge enziguri that drops A-Kid to the outside. Jordan then goes to the outside and the fight continues, as Jordan chops A-Kid repeatedly. A-Kid returns with chops of his own, but is quickly taken down by Jordan. Jordan then unceremoniously dumps him down on the ring apron and it’s brutal. The two get back into the ring and Jordan continues the beat down by stomping him down. Jordan hits a uranage before moonsaulting on A-Kid, and covering but he kicks out. Jordan then targets the leg of A-Kid, twisting and manipulating it in vicious ways. A-Kid is in pain, and it’s understandable. A-Kid chops Jordan but it has zero effect. Jordan then asks for more and places his arms behind his back but they have no effect. Jordan then chops A-Kid and he is knocked down. Jordan then targets the legs again, wrapping him up and cranking on them. A-Kid manages to get to the ropes so Jordan has to break it.

A-Kid is struggling to stand which makes it easy for Jordan to knock him down. Jordan grabs a leg and hoists him up before slamming him down. He’s just toying with him now. A-Kid then gets in an armbar but Jordan powers out before eating a dropkick. Jordan goes to the outside and A-Kid hits a springboard moonsault and connects with Jordan. A-Kid tosses him back into the ring and climbs the ropes and hits a huge dropkick, but Jordan kicks out of the cover. A-Kid hits a massive superkick before taking Jordan down and hitting a standing moonsault. A-Kid covers but only gets a 2 count. A-Kid lifts him up but Jordan knees him in the head and fights his way out of the fisherman. Jordan looks to take him down but A-Kid hits the destroyer and leans into the cover, but it’s not enough.

Jordan just manages to kick out at 2 and a ½ it really was a close one. Jordan hits a uranage again but nobody’s home for the moonsault, and A-Kid hits a huge kick, but it’s still not enough. He didn’t hook the leg, maybe if he did the match would be over. These guys are incredible, and chop each other as they are on their knees. Both men just going to war, beating hell out of each other. A-Kid then hits a standing Spanish Fly and then hits one of his own. Both men are down on their backs and the count begins. Nobody wants a double count out. Jordan grabs A-Kid’s wrist and eats a series of chops and a knee, but he remains his grip. Jordan then headbutts A-Kid before hitting a back drop driver, but it’s not enough to put A-Kid away. Jordan then signals for the end, wanting to finish this match now. Jordan hits a package pile driver and gets the three count and picks up the win.

After the match David Starr comes out with an ice pack on his shoulder. Jordan Devlin taunts him and tells him to get in the ring to fight. The locker room comes out in order to keep these two men a part. The fans start chanting “let them fight”, but the other wrestlers are keeping them a part. Jordan Devlin is pissed and wants a battle, but David Starr won’t fight him due to his shoulder. David Starr then spikes Scotty Davis on his head and Jordan claws at the ring trying to get to David but the wrestlers are holding him back. David just smirks at his as Jordan tells him he’s a dead man. Jordan is really pissed, you can see the bad intentions in his eyes. David then picks up Captain Sexsea and spikes him on his head too. David is callous and vile and quite frankly the wrestlers should let Jordan go in order to beat him down. David is going to regret his actions when nobody is there to hold Devlin back.

Thoughts: This new side of Devlin is brutal, but it’s also great to see this different side of him. It really cements the feud with David, and with Walter. Although hard to watch at times due to the callous nature of some of his moves, but now I really can’t wait to see Devlin vs Starr. It’s going to be incredible. A-Kid showed off some impressive moves, and had Devlin shook a few times which is also great to see, especially since Devlin was getting cocky. A-Kid is a talented guy and it’s great seeing him back in the ring. It’s always great seeing his flying ability, because he can do things no man should be able to do. Whether performing as an individual or as part of a tag team he always impresses. If you aren’t familiar with him, Carlos Romo or WhiteWolf then you are missing out. Hopefully he’s back in OTT again soon, either as a solo competitor or as a tag team. Now it’s no secret Jordan Devlin is an incredible performer. I’m sure everyone is aware of that, and the amazing work within the UK tournament and NXT UK. I mean what can’t Devlin do? He is flawless, and always puts up one hell of a fight. No doubt the win will spur him on when he fights David Starr, which will be an incredible match.

Overview: Yet another incredible show from OTT, as I’ve said many times before this company literally cannot put on a bad show. Shows are always entertaining, fun, fan orientated, and pack one hell of a punch. So many talented wrestlers work for the company either on a regular basis, or once in a while, either way it’s always a joy watching an OTT show. This show is no different, so go and give it a watch.

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