NJPW ‘G1 Climax 28’ Night 7 22/07/2018

Added by Luke Hickey

Night 7 and 4th consecutive in a row comes from Esforta Arena Hachioji in Tokyo. A Block returns for it’s 4th round of matches, Page goes up against Tanahashi as Okada faces Makabe in the main event.

G.O.D (Loa & Tama) def. Umino & Henare
YOH & Goto def. Gedo & Yano
SHO & Ishii def. ZSJ & TAKA Michinoku
Finlay & Robinson def. Omega & Owens
Naito & SANADA def. Takahashi & Ibushi

A Block: Round 4 of Matches

YOSHI-HASHI vs Michael Elgin

I thought this match was very bad, YOSHI-HASHI needs a win bad but didn’t seem to show any of the fire in his first two matches and was lacklustre against Suzuki, my interest in this was minimal. I couldn’t buy into after a botched reversal, Elgin going for the Splash Mountain Bomb from the second rope and YOSHI-HASHI was, I guess, meant to reverse with a Rana but doesn’t catch Elgin at all and they both seemed to have flipped out aimlessly to me. YOSHI-HASHI wins with Karma.

Bad Luck Fale vs EVIL

I get the story they are doing with the BCOG’s but is running it through the G1 going to be worth it? Loa is out once again but EVIl uses it to his advantage, baiting Loa and using him to distract the ref. Asami goes down and Loa attacks, BUSHI mists him but Tama comes out, then Naito, EVIL gets an Everything is Evil but Asami doesn’t count and calls for the bell after Tama Gun Stuns EVIL in front of him. Afterwards Naito gets a Gun Stun too.

Jay White vs Minoru Suzuki

White plays the cowardly heel early on but Suzuki gets a grasp on him outside the ring but White runs Suzuki back and forth from the railing to the apron, suffocates Suzuki with the apron as well. White’s in control but slapping the head of Suzuki wakes up the sadist. In an okay match, Suzuki puts a stop to White’s streak following a Gotch Style Piledriver.

Hangman Page vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

First time meeting between these two as the veteran meets the young, first time G1 debutant Page, in what some have called the Battle of the Handsome. After an impressive loss to Okada, Page will be looking to win over more fans here with a good performance against long time New Japan Ace, Tanahashi. He delivers in my opinion, hitting all but finisher Rite of Passage, a series of Dragon Screw, Slingblade followed by a High Flow Cross Body and a High Fly Flow is enough to put him away.

Togi Makabe vs Balloon Maker Kazuchika Okada

Still no Gedo, but Okada is on the board. Okada has an answer for everything that Makabe throws at him and at times fights Makabe’s style, hard hitting, but Okada dictates the pace of the match. Makabe slips up as he goes for King Kong Knee to a standing Okada who dropkicks him, whips him off the rope for another, brings back that rolling lariat and follows it up with a Rainmaker for the win.

Not the best show of the G1, can’t say any of them blew me away. Did their job, got their points. 4 day break, returns on the 26th for B Block.

Luke Hickey