NGW Eternal Glory Night 2 DVD Review

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Night 2 of NGW’s Eternal Glory sees a return to their home town of Hull, once again taking over the Bonus Arena at the KC Stadium. After a great night in Keighley the pressure is on to perform….

Kris Travis def Noam Dar Similarly to Night One a great match up to open this show too. Dar had been out of action for quite some time with an injury but since he has returned he has not missed a step and looks as good, if not better, than ever. Travis is a great entertainer and somebody that I always look forward to seeing as he can do everything in the ring – comedy, technical, high flying and hard hitting. Before the match starts Dar is refusing to get in the ring, ending up with him taking a photographer backstage with him only to steal her camera and glasses and return to ringside in her place while Travis calls him chicken. Once the action starts it doesn’t disappoint with a lot of back and forth between the two, with Dar focusing his varied and innovative offence on the left leg of Travis. Ultimately Travis comes out on top of a hard fought match; this is a great start and really sets the tone for the rest of the night.

Rampage Brown def Doug Williams – Williams seems to be getting better and better, which is something you would normally say about a rookie not someone with his years of experience! Two matches in two nights and Williams has really impressed in both. However, as good as Williams is Rampage Brown is an absolute beast! As I said in the Night 1 review about Dave Mastiff Brown looks like he would just kill people, and he can wrestle too.

Colossus Kennedy & Stixx def Team GB (Colossus and Stixx become NEW NGW Tag Team Championship) DOUBLE BLACKHOLE SLAM! That is the main thing on my mind after this match, Colossus and Stixx combining to overcome the long standing NGW tag team champions in a great tag match. Momentum shifted regularly between the size and experience of Colossus and Stixx and the tag team sychronicity, and under handed tactics of Team GB. A really good match that really felt like it could go either way. A lot is said about how good Stixx is and I am personally yet to see him have a bad performance (at the point of writing this he has just become a father of a beautiful daughter which is really great news and I wish him and his fiancé all the best, I’m sure he will make a great daddy) As two individuals teaming together Colossus and Stixx work really well together, including the double blackhole slam I mentioned above, both very big men but both good workers and they complement one another very well, ultimately picking up the victory to become the NEW NGW Tag Team Champions to the joy of those in attendance.

Matt Myers & Ryu Kilik def The Proven I know I harp on about Myers quite a bit but he is, as Alex Shane describes him in commentary “NGWs favourite son” practically born and bred within the company. That’s not to say he is liked just for that reason, he has plenty of skill and charisma to more than back it up. Here he teams with Ryu Kilik – who STILL seems oddly familiar in style …. – to take on the team of Sam Wilder and Caz Crash a.k.a The Proven, who again I have spoken highly of in the review of Night 1. This match was 100mph from the opening bell, after the early advantage going to Myers and Kilik it went back and forth with high flying moves, hard kicks and general chaos with all four men involved. The finish came when Myers reversed an ace crusher and hit a stunner on Caz Crash followed by a beautiful moonsault for the 3 count.

Dara Diablo def CJ Banks A clash of demeanors in this match, CJ Banks is incredibly serious in everything he does but Diablo is fun and tries to entertain in everything he does. Both men though are highly talented. Diablo opened like a house on fire, flying around the ring but Banks soon took over the match with a series of hard hits and powerful moves grinding down the fan favourite. Banks claims that he is the “pound for pound best in the business” and to watch him work and the way he moves around the ring it is pretty difficult to dispute that. Alex Shane describes him as having shades of the style of lots of legends, the one that springs to mind to me is Chris Jericho or maybe even William Regal – there is no wasted motion, every move has a reason. Diablo has a tonne of heart though and is incredibly resilient, eventually taking his opportunity and picking up the win with a Death Valley Driver.

El Ligero def Mark Haskins (El Ligero becomes NEW NGW Champion) This match was shown prior to the DVD release on British Wrestling Roundup on Challenge TV. The title match fought under street fight rules between the recognised Champion Haskins and the home hero (even though he is from Mexico ….) El Ligero. Difficult to find anything to say about these two that has not been said a hundred times – both of them can do anything and everything.

The match starts with Haskins walking out of the ring, only for the rest of The Control to blindside Ligero with the street fight rules meaning the referee can do nothing to stop it. The beat down continues until Myers, Kilik and Diablo make the save leaving just Haskins and Ligero in the ring to get into it while all hell breaks loose all around the arena. Haskins and Ligero battle up some scaffolding only for Ligero to get knocked off the top onto a pile of NGW crew then Haskins drags him back to the ring before adding his own commentary. Ligero threatens to power bomb Haskins through some tables but gets reversed and goes through the wood himself. Miraculously Ligero keeps fighting back, so we end up with a steel chair AND a table in the ring – both of which Ligero managed to turn to his brutal advantage. It looked like Haskins had retained his title after the original referee was accidentally knocked out, to be replaced by a trainee who counted the pin fall, only for the decision to be overturned by Luke Ingamells the General Manager who restarted the match. El Ligero it’s a C4L and picks up the win in the middle of the ring to become NEW NGW Champion.

Both men pulled out all the stops as you would imagine, to give a fitting conclusion to a weekend packed full of action.

Overall the second night trumped the first, but that is to expected on home territory and certainly gave the sense of the whole thing coming to a climax. There is not really anything to criticize from the whole thing, some very good matches throughout and some great individual performances. The G-Man and Alex Shane commentary team was good too which adds to the quality of the overall product, as does having two very good crowds in who really got into the action – which was helped by some good booking as well as the performances of those involved.

If you haven’t seen NGW before then you really should look them up, go to a show, buy a DVD (they have a deal running where you can get 3 DVDs for £20 which is well worth it) head over to for all you need to know!

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