NGW 50 (14/9/14) DVD Review

Added by Nathan Hunt

The disc starts with a video package highlighting some of the historic moments from the company’s previous 49 shows, which is well produced and underlines the importance of this as the 50th show for the fast-rising company. The opening bout between Bubblegum and Matt Myers is a strong cruiserweight outing and the post-match promos are well done, particularly by Bubblegum, who is one of the best in the country at both wrestling and entertaining. The London Riots massacre Stixx in a handicap match where the babyface underdog story is told extremely well, with Stixx putting up a valiant & heroic effort against the dominant antagionsits. A great & surprising spot on the outside is a highlight of the match, while the inclusion of injured partner Colossus Kennedy helps to build the drama as the tale reaches its climax. Nathan Cruz returns to the ring against Sam Wilder in an early chapter of a larger storyline which has been ongoing for the company and has the regular fans of the product highly emotionally invested in Cruz as the future face of the company. Jack Gallagher and Dean Allmark put on a showcase of everything that is good about British wrestling in their Davey Boy Smith Memorial Cup tournament outing. Gallagher is a throwback grappler of a rarified quality and needs to be seen, especially for fans of traditional or submission wrestling, while Allmark is primarily a proponent of high-flying but is a solid all-rounder, making for an exciting and smoothly performed contest. ‘The Righteous’ Joseph Conners continues to improve in leaps and bounds and both he and his opponent, Liam Slater show great potential in their fast-paced offering. Dara Diablo & El Ligero Vs Rampage Brown & Mark Haskins starts out of the obligatory breakdown of the contract signing between Brown and Ligero for their upcoming Undisputed Championship unification match. The match itself is a decent and action-packed bout, but is more of a transitionary segment for the larger story going on than a main event for a seminal show.

Overall, with the great production values, some really strong action and the interesting ongoing storylines running through the show, it’s a must for any followers of the NGW product and a fairly decent event for more casual fans of the British scene in general. Unfortunately the lack of a big-feel main event takes away from rating this as a must-buy disc for pretty much anyone but hardcore NGW fans, as a strong undercard is not enough to make this priority viewing. There are certainly some very strong reasons to see the event, such as the tag title match and Gallagher Vs Allmark, but almost everything else is geared towards building to something bigger – which is great as a TV show episode formula, but not what people want from something presented as a major show in itself.

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