My Friend Lost To A Fredo

Added by Joel Yentis

I went to a UBW in Royston. Royston – it is a Tesco Extra and a train station with a bunch of houses. They also had some form of “Community Hall” facility which, this evening contained some up and coming wrestlers.

A big deal has been made over some guy who does Wrestling Memes who, is wrestling under the name Memes. I do not know what this means. I guess I am just not millennial enough. However, he was not the reason why I wanted to go to Royston to watch some graps. No, I was there to support a friend. YES I HAVE FRIENDS dammit.

The friend in question is a wrestler by the name of Jethro Roose. A publican who can wrestle. He and several others were in a match for the “Infinity” Championship I believe. This was a scramble match. When they say scramble match, it felt like they scrambled everything we think of as professional wrestling and shat it out.

My good pal Jethro pinned the champion in the scramble match. Unfortunately, the champion was a Christmas Tree. Having built up a high level of fatigue in wrestling the festive foliage, he decided it was time for a snack. A Fredo bar was the snack of choice, but unfortunately the Cadbury’s classic went into business for itself and pinned the poor publican. Fredo didn’t last long mind, Sidney James came in and broke him in half. I, being the witty smark decided to do a Jim Ross impression “AS GOD AS MY WITNESS HE IS BROKEN IN HALF”. Sidney then went on to eat the champ… putting the eat in beat? Am I right? So Sidney won by consumption.

Loads of shenenigans took place. John Cena (an action figure) went on to win the title, then defeated by arm bar.

This match was OVER!… overbooked AM I RIGHT?!?!

Highlight (other than Jethro beating up a Christmas Tree – about time too if you ask me!) was seeing Brad Tannen wrestle. He has the look and skills. Keep an eye out over the next few years. He wrestles and looks like a New Gen WWF wrestler with great potential.

It was a lot of fun. The night was a lot of fun. Support your Indy promotions people! You never know who you might see. I have seen two shows of UBW and the quality has improved greatly in between that time. If you like seeing people improve, this is a great place to start.