Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 7 Review

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Sexy Star & The Mack Backstage Segment:

The Mack walks up to Sexy Star in the locker room. He wants Star to be in his corner while he battles The Moth. Sexy Star declines The Mack’s offer by shaking her head no. The Mack says that the Sexy Star he knew didn’t run and hide. She’s strong and she kicks ass. The Mack asks Star if she will help squash that bug? Star gives The Mack a fist bump.

The Mack w/Sexy Star vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez

The bell rings and The Mack drives Martinez to the corner. Mack bounces Martinez head on the top turnbuckle. Which the Moth continues to bounce his own head off the turnbuckle. Martinez shoves The Mack. Mack connects with a big clothesline. Mack with a side kick that sends Martinez to the outside. The Mack goes for a dive, but Martinez rolls back into the ring. Martinez sends The Mack to the ring apron. Martinez with a kick that knocks The Mack off the ring apron. Martinez with a over the top rope to The Mack.

Martinez rolls Mack back into the ring. Martinez begins to attack the chest of The Mack. Martinez with a running bulldog to the corner. Martinez goes for the Splash, but nobody’s home. The Mack connects with a big german suplex. The Mack with a T-Bone Suplex to Martinez. Mack climbs up the top rope and the lights go off. Music plays and a luchadora appears. Martinez with a Curb Stomp to The Mack off the second rope to pickup the victory. After the match Martinez tells everybody to bow down to his sister Mariposa. Mariposa drops Sexy Star on the outside with a big boot. Mariposa’s outfit is very fitting for Marty’s sister.

Winner: Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Brian Cage vs. Mundo in a No Disqualification Match

In a surprise twist Taya enters the ring. Taya says that she knew that Cage wanted to fight Mundo tonight, but Mundo already kicked his ass. Taya says that it’s now her turn. Taya introduces herself. She’s the perfect woman with badass abs. Taya wants to know if Cage has the balls to face her. Taya slaps Cage twice as the bell rings. Cage drops Taya with a massive clothesline. Cage does ten dumbbell shoulder curls with Taya then lands a back breaker. Cage with the Chain link to Taya. Taya gives Cage a low blow. Taya with a running dropkick to Cage. Taya with a spinning Tornado DDT that sends Cage to the corner. Taya with running knees to Cage for a two count. Taya rolls out of the ring. Taya grabs a lead pipe from the ring.

Cage drives Taya back first to the steel guardrail and steel ring post. Cage rolls Taya back into the ring. Cage with a powerbomb. Cage connects with a Bomb to Taya. Cage rolls out of the ring and brings out a table. Cage sets up two tables at ringside. Cage gets on the second rope. Cage with a superplex on Taya from the ring through the two tables at ringside. Cage rolls Taya back into the ring. Mundo appears and attacks Cage fro behind. Mundo hits Cage in the face with the pipe. Mundo drags Taya over and Cage kicks out at two. Mundo brings out a cinder block and a couple of beer bottles. Mundo with a right hand to the back of Cage. Cage with a Alabama Slam to Mundo. Taya gets Cage in a sleeper hold. Mundo whacks Cage in a face with two beer bottles and Cage stands still. Mundo shoves Taya towards Cage. Cage with the Weapon X to pick up the victory.

Winner: Cage

Mil Muertes (c) w/Catrina vs. Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr. in a Triple Threat Match for the Lucha Underground Championship

It looks as though Puma and Pentagon are working on a strategy to team up against Mil.

Puma and Pentagon begin to double team Muertes. Puma and Pentagon stomps on Muertes chest in the corner. Pentagon kicks Muertes in the ribs. Puma and Pentagon have a stare off and they go back to double teaming Muertes. Muertes with a double clothesline to both Puma and Pentagon. Muertes with a powerbomb to Puma. Muertes with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Pentagon. Muertes with five corner clotheslines to Pentagon. Muertes launches Puma to the other side of the ring. Muertes with a irish whip that sends Pentagon to the outside. Puma with a Tornado DDT to Pentagon. Muertes with a big forearm that knocks Puma off the ring apron. Muertes with a flying crossbody to Puma on the outside.

Muertes launches Puma in the crowd. Puma with a superkick to Muertes. Puma with a hurricanrana to Pentagon off the steps. Pentagon with a huge superkick to Muertes. Puma lands a massive forearm to Muertes. Pentagon drops Puma with a back body drop to the ring apron. Muertes with a forearm to the back of Pentagon head. Muertes sends Pentagon face first to the steel ring post. Pentagon with sling blade to Muertes. Pentagon connects with a plancha onto Muertes on the outside. We have the same sequence from Puma as well. Pentagon sends Puma to the crowd. Puma with a series of right hands to Pentagon. Pentagon chops Puma in the chest. Puma goes for a suplex, but Pentagon blocks that attempt.

Pentagon with a flying crossbody to Muertes. Muertes drives Pentagon back first to the ring apron. Muertes irish whips Pentagon into the chairs at ringside. Pentagon with a superkick to Muertes. Puma with a Shooting Star Moonsault to both Muertes and Pentagon on the outside. Puma with the 450 Splash, but Muertes breaks the pin attempt at the count of two. Puma with forearms to Muertes. Muertes with a quick powerslam to Puma for a two count. Muertes goes for a Flatliner, but Puma and Pentagon counter with multiple superkicks. Pentagon with a backstabber to Puma. Pentagon with the Pentagon Driver for a two count. Pentagon connects with the Package Piledriver. Pentagon goes to break Puma’s arm, but Muertes counters with the Dagger in the Heart. Muertes with the Dagger in the Heart to Puma. Muertes connects with a Double Flatliner to both Puma and Pentagon to pick up the victory. After the match Fenix comes out to announce that he’s cashing in his Gift of the God Championship next week.

Winner: Still Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes

Next week will not disappoint as always Lucha Underground keeps the action going. I am excited to see if Fenix will cash in The Gift of the Gods belt to battle Mil. And see what Marty and his crazy family has to bring to the Temple. I know if you are like me a week is definitely a long wait. I will continue to bring updates as they are released and look forward to next week.

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