Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 6 Review

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Mil Muertes & Catrina

Mil questions Catrina about her decision-making over allowing Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. to fight each other, but not allowing them to fight him. Mil says that he could’ve sent both Puma and Pentagon into the darkness, but he listens to her. Catrina says that she knew Mil ever since he was a little boy and if it wasn’t for her, Mil would have never come into his own. Mil grabs Catrina by the neck and tells her that he wants Puma and Pentagon. Mil says that he will bury them. Catrina tells him no, the lights goes out and Catrina escapes.

Kobra Moon vs. Sexy Star w/The Mack

Kobra places a waist lock on Star. Kobra with a roll through and both luchadores have a stare down. Kobra slaps Star in the face. Kobra with a knee to the midsection of Star. Kobra applies an armbar submission hold. Star with her own series of right hands to Moon. Star puts a boot to the face of Moon. Star begins chopping  Moon in the face.

Kobra gets Star in a Guillotine and drops her with a DDT for a two count. Kobra whips Star to the corner. Star  a boot to the Kobra’s face. Star with a roll up to Kobra for a one count. Star gets Kobra in a Surfboard Submission Hold. Star gets distracted by Marty “The Moth” Martinez who’s in the crowd. Kobra attacks Star from behind. Kobra locks in the Dragon Sleeper which forced Sexy Star to tap.

Winner: Kobra Moon via Submission

Rey Mysterio continues training his protege Dragon Azteca Jr.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

Puma with right hands to Pentagon. Pentagon with a forearm that knocked Puma to the ropes. Pentagon leaps over Puma. Pentagon sends Puma to the outside.  Puma rolls Pentagon back into the ring. Puma with a kick to the chest of Pentagon. Pentagon with a huge knee to Puma for a two count. Pentagon lays a monstrous  chop to the chest of Puma. Puma gets a two count. Puma and Pentagon have a stare down. Puma lands with a flying forearm.

Puma with three Northern Lights Suplex’s. Puma drops Pentagon with the standing moonsault for a two count. Puma goes for the 450 Splash, but Pentagon rolls out of the way. Puma sends Pentagon on the top rope and he lands a sick uppercut. Pentagon with the Mexican Destroyer for a two count. Mil Muertes is in the crowd. Mil tears the sling off his shoulder. Pentagon goes for the Package Piledriver, but he puts Puma down on the mat as Muertes jumps on the ring apron. Pentagon goes after Muertes. Muertes with a nasty chokelsam to Pentagon to cause the disqualification. Puma connects with a super kick to Muertes. Muertes with a spear that lays out both Puma and Pentagon. Muertes connects with the double flat liner to Puma and Pentagon. Muertes holds up the Lucha Underground Championship up in the air.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. via DQ

King Cuerno Promotion

King Cuerno promotion talking about having no remorse making a kill. He promised to climb the ladder tonight and become a god when he wins.

Breaking News:

Matt Striker announces that the infamous Aztec Warfare Match will happen in three weeks. It will be a battle of the 20 best fighters in the world and the winner of the match will get an opportunity at Mil Muertes Championship. Striker makes a promise that this Aztec Warfare will be darker.

King Cuerno (c) vs. Fenix in a Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship

Cuerno kicks Fenix in the mid section. Fenix with a springboard back elbow connects with King Cuerno. Fenix with a double foot stomp on the back of King Cuerno. King Cuerno rolls outside. Fenix with the Phoenix Splash on top of King Cuerno outside. Fenix brings a ladder into the ring. Fenix sets the ladder in the middle of the ring. Cuerno gets back on his feet as Fenix climbs the ladder. King Cuerno knocks Fenix off the ladder. Cuerno puts the ladder in the corner. Cuerno powerbomb’s Fenix on the ladder in the corner of the ring. King Cuerno places two ladders on the ring apron.

Fenix blocks a suplex attempt by King Cuerno. King Cuerno throws Fenix to the outside. King Cuerno sends Fenix ribs first on the ladder placed on the ring apron. King Cuerno places a ladder right in front of Catrina’s office. King Cuerno with a boot to the mdisection of Fenix. King Cuerno sends Fenix face first into the steel ring post. King Cuerno with a vicious side kick to the ribs of Fenix. King Cuerno with a springboard clothesline off the ladder connects with Fenix. Cuerno whips Fenix into the crowd. King Cuerno kicks Fenix in the back. King Cuerno and Fenix battle on top of the ladder that’s placed on the outside. Fenix with a series of right hands to King Cuerno. Fenix sends King Cuerno flying off the ladder. Fenix  Bomb’s Cuerno over the ladder. King Cuerno sends Fenix into the guard rail.

King Cuerno and Fenix begin to fight in the crowd. King Cuerno with a huge stomp on Fenix’s chest. King Cuerno bounces Fenix head off one of the chairs in the crowd. Fenix with a super kick to King Cuerno. Fenix climbs on top of the steel guard rail. Cuerno sends Fenix to the ladder placed on the ring apron. King Cuerno goes to strike Fenix in the face with the ladder, but failed. Fenix lands a  kick to King Cuerno. King Cuerno throws a ladder at Fenix’s face. King Cuerno rolls back into the ring. King Cuerno ascends the ladder and Fenix knocks Cuerno off the ladder with a springboard dropkick. Fenix begins to climb the ladder. Fenix and King Cuerno grab for the championship and are now hanging in the air. Cuerno with the Thrill of the Hunt to Fenix. King Cuerno sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. King Cuerno brings in a table and rolls into the ring. King Cuerno puts Fenix on the top turnbuckle. King Cuerno puts Fenix in a fireman’s carry. King Cuerno goes for the Thrill of the Hunt, but Fenix counters with a palm strike. Fenix with a springboard hurricanrana that sends Cuerno through the table. Fenix gets up the ladder to pickup the victory.

Winner: New Gift of the Gods Champion Is Fenix


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