Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 3 Review

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Bengala vs Kobra Moon

Nothing gets the blood pumping more than two animal based luchadores. Especially when you have Bengala claws versus Kobras serpentine strikes. Bengala is not in the bested shapes but he still manages to fly as only a luchadore can. It was a very standard affair for Lucha Underground which is not an issue because not every match can be five stars. Kobra Moon picks up the win with a submission victory.

We get a promo from over a millenia ago! for the man known as Aerostar who appears to be a time traveller? I do love how Lucha Underground plays with these elements of sci-fi and mythology but does not make them seem silly or a joke. I mean you have a man who thinks he is a dragon for christs sake! Yet in the Lucha Underground universe it’s perfectly acceptable.

Jack Evans vs Drago

I am very excited to see Jack Evans in action again having listened to a recent episode of Colt Cabanas Art of Wrestling Podcast. So this should be a very entertaining contest. I agree with Matt Striker’s commentary Jack Evan is the “Human Videogame” he is so loose and fluid with his motions and he seems to add so many rotations to even the most standard move. Jack is working heel in this match and is grounding the high flying dragon with lots of eye rakes and thumb bites and other dastardly deeds. Drago hits the inside out blockbuster late in the match and Jack looks like he was killed but he manages to roll through into a backslide pin with his feet on the ropes for the win, What a heel! After the match he grabs the mic and proclaims himself Jack ‘The Dragon Slayer’ Evans much to the chagrin of Drago and the temple audience.

This time we get a promo for El Texano who appears to be doing farm stuff and splitting wood with his bare hands. Unfortunately I just find him very boring, A bit like a knock-off Alberto Del Rio he is just not convincing enough with his character and actions in my eyes.He returns next week!

Main Event – Last Luchador Standing Fenix vs King Cuerno (Non Title)

With the good portion of the show still remaining I am expecting this to be a long, hard-hitting affair between these two longstanding rivals. Fenix is firing on all cylinders to start this match off plenty of kicks and particularly crisp springboard back elbow, After a top rope Hurricanrana Fenix manages to get Cuerno down for a five count. Cuerno fives back with a absolutely on pointing single leg dropkick to Fenix’s jaw but that only keep this high flyer down for another five count. Fenix goes for a dive to the outside but Cuerno simple steps aside and lets this bird crash and burn. Now the action is outside the ring and Cuerno is tossing Fenix from pillar to well a pile of chairs but this bird will not stay down. No matter what Cuerno hits him with Fenix will not stay down, Fenix manages to land some offense in the form a superkick that would have decapitated a normal man. Now King Cuerno is the man taking the beating and outside the ring Cuerno barely gets up for a nine count. Fenix sets him up in the middle of the ring but the hunter kicks Fenix off the top rope to the outside and then hits a suicide dive on the now fallen Fenix. The hunter has decided he needs some help keeping Fenix down in the form of a steel ladder which he rams straight into his face. It looks like Cuerno is about to win but he decides to stop the count and wants to finish off Fenix once and for all by putting him through a table from the top of the ladder. The crowd is roaring and Cuerno goes to german suplex Fenix through the table but Fenix counters and begins to the climb the ladder. Unfortunately Cuerno has recovered enough to follow him up. Double unfortunately for Cuerno Fenix climbs on top of Catrinas office and kicks the king and his ladder sending him crashing through the table for the ten count. What a great last luchador standing match.

Post match we are in the office of Captain Vasquez who is after Dario Cueto and she is not happy with her current detective and has decided he needs some support in the form of officer Joey Ryan!

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