Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 2 Review

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Week two of Lucha Underground and after the explosive episode one I wonder will tonight feature the repercussions? Has Pentagon Jr. taken out Mil Muertes for the foreseeable future? Adding another trophy to his collection but his master Vampiro did not looked too pleased with his actions. It’s time to find out!

Opening Segment

We find Prince Puma working his chiseled physique only to be approached by Pentagon Jr. Thanking him for his assistance in attacking Mil Muertes last week. Apparently Puma & Pentagon will be partners tonight against The Disciples of Death and after them Prince Puma is next. Puma does not appreciate this and after a brawl hits Pentagon Jr. with a beautiful flash kick that even Guile would be impressed with and that leads us into the first match.

Johnny Mundo vs Killshot

We have return of the former Nitro/Morrison Johnny Mundo who was one of the standout performers of Season One of Lucha Underground against Killshot an athlete who had good performances but never really stood out from the other talent. But this time we have a new and improved Killshot who is demonstrating his talents. landing his beautiful and crisp aerial offense early on in the match with Mundo playing foil by nailing a devastating spear on the outside. This was a great showing by both men especially with Killshot nearly getting the three count after a 450 splash. Unfortunately after a ref bump Mundo hit a low blow following up with the End of the World for the victory. Post-match Mundo stakes his claim to Mil Muertes title but is interrupted by the returning Cage AKA ‘The Swolverine’. Mundo incensed by the interruption mouths off at Cage who in return challenges him to a fight right now! But Mundo decides to fight another day, When Cages back is turn Mundo attacks but Cage quickly gets the upperhand goes for a powerslam but Mundo escapes again.

The Mack vs ‘The Darewolf’ PJ Black

I hope Black is able to reinvent himself like Johnny Mundo has because his talents were not fully utilized in WWE It is also very nice to see The Mack back in the temple I enjoyed a lot of the matches that he was involved in and his work on the independent scene. Both men are displaying excellent footwork and are hitting each other with some beautifully stiff kicks and chops. Amazing spot by Mack where he flawlessly went from a Samoan drop into a kip up into a standing moonsault which is something do not expect from a man of his size. Black nearly gets the 3 count after a blue thunder bomb but the Mack kicks out. PJ follows up with a springboard moonsault but that still only nets him a two count. A frustrated Darewolf goes up the top for his 450 splash but Mack moves out of the way. In the end PJ goes for a springboard maneuver but The Mack counters it into a stunner for the win. An excellent debut for PJ Black and it’s nice to see that they aren’t justing handing debuting talent victories.

Main Event – The Disciples Of Death W/Catrina vs Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr. in a Handicap Match.

Prince Puma is looking more and more like King from the Tekken series every time are see him. This is a good thing! Especially with Pentagon Jr. looking like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. The Disciples of Death jump Puma & Pentagon to start this match but it quickly devolves into a game of one-upmanship between this videogame tag team. But with Puma & Pentagon not working as a cohesive team the Disciples are picking them apart. Pentagon Jr. has finally had enough of the beatdown on Puma and breaks up the pin attempt but now both men are being beaten down by this sinister trio. Puma goes to tag Pentagon but turns away but Pentagon decides to enter the fight anyway nailing two sling blades and a superkick and turning the tide in this match but once again Pump & Pentagon stand off against each other in the ring and the Disciples take advantage. Puma manages to break free again and nails one of the Disciples with his 630 senton but as he does Pentagon Jr. tags himself in and grabs the pinfall victory for their team. Even though they won Puma is not pleased and finally it breaks down and the fight begins between these two. Pentagon goes for his armbreaker but Puma counters out of it. This feud is far from over.

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