Lucha Underground Episode 10 Season 2 Review

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Dario Cueto & Pentagon Jr. In-Ring:

Last week was just the beginning for what Cueto has in store for the believer’s. First, Cueto is happy to announce that this week he will be starting a brand new Trio’s Tournament. Pentagon Jr comes out to interrupt Cueto. Pentagon tells Cueto to hold on for a minute. Pentagon asks Cueto if he wants to know why his brother won the Lucha Underground Championship last week?

It was because Pentagon wasn’t involved in Aztec Warfare2. Cueto says that Pentagon was not apart of Aztec Warfare2, because he’s not champion material. Pentagon grabs Cueto by the throat. Pentagon wants to fight Matanza in the main event. Pentagon goes to break the arm of Cueto, but Cueto grants Pentagon his wish.

Taya Valkyrie & Johnny Mundo vs. Cisco & Cortez Castro

Valkyrie and Castro starts off the match. Valkyrie with a shoulder tackle to Castro. Castro drops Valkyrie with a dropkick for a two count. Castro goes for a suplex, but Valkyrie counters with a flying clothesline. Castro tags in Cisco. The Crew with a double team boot to the stomach of Valkyrie. The Crew connects with the double team running bulldog for a two count. Valkyrie with the hurricanrana to Cisco. Valkyrie tags in Mundo. Mundo with a series of forearms to Cisco for a one count. Mundo with a slam for a two count. Mundo connects with the Moonlight Drive for a two count.

Mundo goes for the End of the World, but Cisco rolls him up for a two count. Cisco with a right hand and a neck breaker to Mundo. Cisco tags in Castro. Castro chops to Mundo. Castro goes for a back body drop, but Mundo get’s back on his feet and tags in Valkyrie. Castro with a dropkick that knocks Mundo off the ring apron. Valkyrie with a dropkick to Castro. Castro with a spinning clothesline to Valkyrie. Castro plants Valkyrie with a DDT for a two count. Mundo with a knee strike to Castro. Cisco sends Mundo to the outside. Cisco goes for a baseball slide dropkick, but Mundo counters with a clothesline. Brian Cage comes out. Mundo backs out of the ring. Valkyrie with a series of forearms to Castro. The Crew with the Psycho Relm to pickup the victory.

Winner: Cisco & Cortez Castro

Marty The Moth Martinez:

Along time ago, the moth once reign over the Aztec Empire. They were known for two things, their Aztec Pride and Wealth. That wealth still exist today. People get jealous and they try to take what’s your’s. The moth was a secret weapon. Mariposa the greatest warrior who always defend their tribe. We see stills of Mariposa beating up multiple luchadors. The mask has been past down from generation to generation. Martinez says that the dangerous Mariposa of them all, is in the temple. Beware his sister will help lead the Moth Tribe to rule again.

Catrina & Dario Cueto Office:

Black Lotus is standing a front of Dario Cueto’s office. Lights goes out in the office and Catrina appears. Cueto didn’t see her coming, but that’s her thing now. Cueto wants to thank her for keeping the temple strong while he was gone, but again it’s his temple now. Catrina says that Matanza is not the rightful owner of the championship and sooner or later, death will come for it. Cueto’s brother doesn’t fear death. Cueto has no beef with Catrina, he even grated The Disciples of Death a rematch for the Trios Championship. Cueto says that he and Catrina have common enemy’s. In a matter of time, Matanza will face death and the temple will belong to Catrina once again.

Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico (c) vs. The Disciples of Death w/Catrina for the Lucha Underground Trio’s Championship

Angelico and Barrio Negro starts off the match. Collar and elbow tie up and Negro with a boot to the stomach of Angelico. Negro with a armdrag to Angelico. Angelico with a couple of armdrags. Angelico with an armbar and tags in Havoc. Havoc with a flying boot to the shoulder of Negro. Havoc with a flying senton for a two count. Havoc with a armbar and tags in Ivelisse. Ivelisse with a armdrag. Ivelisse with a wrist lock. Negro presses Ivelisse on his shoulders and tags in Nestro. Nestro with a dropkick that sends Havoc to the outside. Catrina distracts Ivelisse from the outside and they get in a tussle. Negro with a enziguri from the ring apron. Ivelisse is eliminated. Nestro tags in Trese. Trese sends Havoc face first to the top turnbuckle. Havoc with back elbows to Nestro and Negro. Havoc tags in Angelico. Angelico with clothesline to all members of The Disciples of Death.

Angelico with a big knee to the face of Trese. Angelico connects on the side kick to Nestro. Trese with a dropkick to Angelico. Angelico kicks Trese in the stomach. Angelico with the Fall of the Angels and Trese is eliminated. Negro with a boot to the ribs of Angelico. The Disciples of Death double teams Angelico. Angelico sends Nestro to the ring apron. Angelico with a somersault to Negro. Havoc with a springboard moonsault to Nestro on the outside. Angelico with a springboard flying knee. Nestro with a double knee stomp to the back of Angelico and Angelico is eliminated. Havoc with a springboard back elbow to Nestro for a two count. Nestro with a series of right hands to Havoc. Nestro tags in Negro. Havoc with a springboard crossbody to the Disciples of Death. Havoc connects with a double knee stomp to both members of The Disciples of Death. Havoc with a standing moonsault and Negro is eliminated. Nestro with a big clothesline to Havoc. Nestro misses on a moonsault. Catrina hops on the ring apron and knocks Havoc off the top rope. Ivelisse comes back and lands a side kick to Catrina. Havoc with a multiple suicide dives to Nestro. Havoc rolls Nestro back into the ring. Havoc with the Shooting Star Press to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still Lucha Underground Trio’s Champions Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico

Dario Cueto & Rey Mysterio Office:

Cueto says that he’s surprised that Mysterio is still here and he’s quite star struck. Mysterio says that he’s here for Dragon Azteca Jr. Cueto says that it was nice to see Azteca Jr back in the ring during Aztec Warfare. Mysterio says that he’s here to find his and Azteca Jr’s master who’s supposedly never left the temple. Cueto has no idea what Mysterio is talking about. Mysterio says that his master is dead and it’s thanks to Matanza. Cueto says that Matanza had nothing to do with that. Cueto honor’s the past, but he lives in the new world and he’s solely focus on making the temple the best underground fighting league. Cueto says that he was impressed by Mysterio performance in Aztec Warfare2. He knows that Mysterio is one of the greatest luchadors in the world and he wants him and Azteca Jr to compete in the temple, but only if he and Cueto can leave the past to the past. Mysterio and Cueto have a toast.

Sexy Star w/The Mack vs. Mariposa w/Marty The Moth Martinez

Star ducks a clothesline and rolls out of the ring. Martinez rolls Star back into the ring. Mariposa drives Star to the corner. Mariposa with a series of right hands to the stomach of Star. Mariposa misses on the moonsault. Star with a tilt-a-whirl armbar, but Mariposa drives Star back first down to the mat. Mariposa with the Butterfly Effect to pickup the victory. After the match Martinez stomps on The Mack. Mariposa with a big boot the Mack.

Winner: Mariposa

Matanza (c) w/Dario Cueto vs. Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground Championship

Matanza with a shoulder tackle to Pentagon. Pentagon with multiple kicks to Matanza, but he doesn’t budge. Pentagon with forearm strikes Matanza immediately gets back on his feet. Matanza sends Pentagon to the outside. Matanza stomps on the back of Pentagon. Matanza irish whips Pentagon to the chairs at ringside.

Matanza sends Pentagon back first to the steel beams. Matanza tries to rip the mask off of Pentagon. Matanza rolls Pentagon back into the ring. Matanza with a german suplex to Pentagon. Matanza with the Wrath of the God’s to pickup the victory. After the match Vampiro enters the ring to help Pentagon Jr. Matanza drops Vampiro with a big boot. Matanza throws Pentagon to the outside. Matanza powerbombs Pentagon through the announce table. Pentagon is taken out by a stretcher.

Ends with VAmpiro riding in the back of the ambulance with Pentagon Jr.
Winner: Still Lucha Underground Champion Matanza

I am very partial to Pentagon Jr he has to be my favorite Luchador. I was actually saddened to see him so broken last night.

Have a great week and I will see you all next week.

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