Kamikaze Pro ‘Bad Apple’ (21/2/15) Review

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Kamikaze Pro wrestling heads to the Cadbury Club in Bournville for its second show of the 2016. After the very impressive January show that saw the best of British talent, and a possible contender for Kamikaze Pro Match of the year in the form of Haskins vs Bate, this show had a lot to live up to, and included some International stars, together with Local talent that made up for a good night.

Omari vs David Starr

Omari is a local favourite, and, as ring announcer Lawrie Neal points out, first graduate of the Kamikaze pro dojo. Here he faces David Starr. He is someone I am not familiar with, a young wrestler known mostly to the independent circuit of the north east of the United States, he is best known for working with CZW. The match started slowly, as Starr played around, an argument with referee Joel Allen, who is star amongst the fans himself! would result in Starr refusing to wrestle until Allen apologized, which reluctantly he did. A super running drop kick from Omari sent Starr out of the ring as this match finally got under way. Omari would also get a near fall from a great gut wrench suplex. Starr would take some control, and a nice flying dive outside the ring onto Omari almost knocking over the recording equipment would show us some offence from the American. Starr with a near fall from a suplex which he turned into a slam would not be enough as Omari with his finishing move would be enough to give the youngster a big win.

Was not sure how this match was going to go. Omari in his rookie year, seems to be pushed well in his home promotion. Seen mostly in four ways, this was the first singles match that I had seen him in, although he looks a little lost at times, he performs well and this win is good for him. David Starr, although supposedly the heel, received a nice response from the crowd.

Shanna vs ‘Blue Pants’ Leva Bates

If you are a NXT fan, then most people will know Blue Pants (Leva Bates) as the valet to the Vaudevillians and her rivalry with Alexa Bliss. Since leaving NXT, leva has been wrestling on the independent circuit. Here she would come up against Portuguese beauty and regular to the UK Indy scene Shanna, who basically carried most of this match. Blue Pants seems to be more of a gimmick than a serious wrestler! Shanna controlled most of the match and covered for most of Blue Pants weak offence. Leva did get in a series of slaps and a nice double stomp for a near fall. However it was Shanna’s patterned chest stomp on Leva, as she hung on the Corner ring post that turned this match and was an impressive move. After throwing around Shanna’s hairspray bottle, Shanna would dive to the mat in agony, covering her eyes, fooling the referee to thinking that Leva had sprayed her enabling Shanna to roll up Leva for the pin.

This was ok for what it was. Shanna is a good talent who impresses me every time I see her. She plays a natural heel, and her match last August against Mickie James still remains clear in my mind as one of the best of 2015. Crowd were into Blue Pants and she received a great response. Announcer Lawrie Neal called Shanna back out from behind the curtain to break the news to her that she would be facing Awesome Kong at Kamikaze Pro’s next event at the Cadbury Club on April 29th.

Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Championship: The Hunter Brothers (c) vs Mika & Elliott Jordan

Mika and Jordan have been in several four way matches over the past months, but they tend to work together in those matches, so it is no surprise to see them tagging together to face the always popular Hunter Brothers. Chants of ‘Tipton’ echoed throughout the room as Jim and Lee, the current Kamikaze Pro Tag champions, make their way ringside. A sneak attack from Mika and Jordan would enable them to dictate the start of this match as they cut the ring in half and maintained a lot of early punishment on the Hunters. Frequent tags and good teamwork gave the unpopular Mika and Jordan the advantage and an impressive double team back suplex on Jim would gain a near fall. A nice DDT from Jim however would finally turn things around as the Hunters rallied themselves back into the match. A nice sunset flip from lee from the apron on Mika landing on Jim’s knees got a good crowd reaction before Jim finally secured the victory and title defence by pinning Mika.

A match of two halves! some nice double teaming by Mika/Jordan and the way they cut the ring in half was good. The Hunter brothers are very popular with the Kamikaze crowd and keeping the titles on them makes sense. A good match.

Kamikaze Pro Championship: Robbie X (c) vs Andrew Everett 

The Bigger Picture make their way out to a chorus of boos and abuse from the on looking crowd. The faction that consists of Robbie X, Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne (who is not here tonight) introduce the newest member of their group in the form of Marshall X! This was not well received, and after a lot of mic work from Smile and Marshall X which seemed to go on forever! This match got under way. Everett, who got a decent pop considering it was his first time in a Kamikaze event, took down Robbie X several times flipping himself back up in the process. Some outside interference from outside the ring had Joel Allen dismissing both Smile and Marshall to the back, which got a great reaction! Robbie X tried in vain with several shoulder barges to take Everett off his feet, only for the young American to flip himself back to his feet which frustrated the champion! An amazing running high flip to the outside popped the crowd as he landed on the unsuspecting Robbie. Everett took control until Robbie managed to pull him off the top turn buckle to give him the edge. Some hard kicks from Robbie, followed by slaps to the chest saw a series of slaps from both guys as Everett reversed the momentum as this one went back and forth. Back in the ring, Everett managed a couple of near falls from an excellent hurricanrana and a nice German suplex. Unfortunately this match ended as Everett, perched on the top turn buckle was pushed by a run in from Marshall X enabling Robbie to roll up Everett for the win.

This was a good Championship match. Everett, who is not well known, here got a great response, especially as he had to contend with the rest of the Bigger Picture as well. This victory secured Robbie the luxury of knowing he is the longest reigning Kamikaze pro champion of all time!

Pete Dunne vs Timothy Thatcher

This match was a pure lesson in mat wrestling! The always improving Pete Dunne was more than a match for the current Evolve champion Thatcher, whose ring attire reminded me somewhat of the days of world of sport. This match started on the mat, and basically stayed there for some time. A series of wrist locks and leg locks as both wrestlers tackled for position was followed by a series of attempted pin falls as both guys tried to gain the win on the mat. Thatcher made a nice pin attempt when he held down the hands of Dunne, who responded by bridging his way out of several pin attempts. Thatcher wrestled stiff, which is his style, and the two exchanged a lot of elbows as Dunne wrestled Thatcher’s way which more than kept him up with Thatcher. A half crab from Thatcher saw Dunne crawling for the ropes. An attempted surfboard from Dunne saw him throw the knees of Thatcher down instead. Thatcher did execute a great belly to belly for a near fall, before an enziguri from Dunne, followed by a roll up to give the deserving Dunne the win.

The crowd struggled to get into this match at first. Most Indy crowds want to see flips and high spots. This was the match of the night, and only two shows into 2016, produced another potential match of the year! For me watching two accomplished wrestlers fight it out the traditional way on the mat with holds and locks, and done properly as this match was, is a rare treat. Crowd got into this in the end, which is testament to both Dunne and Thatcher. I hear great and negative things about Thatcher. However I could only see the great. Pete Dunne proved he can turn his hand to anything and continues to rise. Maybe he will get the chance to be at the WWE cruiser weight tournament in July?!

Travis Banks vs Dan Maloney vs Marshall X vs Clint Margera

This match went straight to the outside, as expected, and went all over the room as various spots and moves were executed onto the floor and whatever furniture was about. New Zealander Travis Banks grabbed a child from the crowd and took him to the ring and berated him, which was obviously a work! Most of this match saw Marshall, Maloney, and Banks triple teaming on Margera, as each took turns to beat him down, and then proceed to break each other’s pin attempts! This match ended when Maloney hit Margera with his Money in the Bank briefcase, only for Marshall X to steal the win.

This match was ok. I expected most of this match to go outside, and it did. Fatal four ways are fine for what they are, however, none of these wrestlers were really over with the crowd, not even Margera, who it seemed was supposed to be the babyface! So it seemed like four heels beating up on each other.

Carlito vs Ryan Smile

A section of the crowd, sitting behind me, proceeded to turn their backs on Smile as he made his way out carrying a pineapple! Smile, always a friend to the mic, simply responded by suggesting that everyone in the room may as well turn their backs as he did not care! For which almost everybody turned their back on him! Carlito received a great response, and looked in great condition. Ryan Smile, still holding the mic offered Carlito the chance to leave and proceeded to throw one of Carlito’s apples across the room, maybe not expecting the apple to hit the roof beam and explode onto the unsuspecting crowd sitting below! Carlito responded by throwing Smile out of the ring and took this match to the floor. Smile took some big bumps as Carlito threw his head onto a table, following that with a scoop slam onto the same table, eventually sending Smile back into the ring. Smile would kicks the ropes as Carlito climbed back into the ring to gain the advantage and gain some momentum. A great spinning clothes line that followed a high Knee from Carlito brought him back into the match, which he followed by producing a nice standing suplex which he turned into a nice snap mare for the near fall. Ryan would however win the match as the rest of the Bigger Picture’s interference would enable Smile to cheat his way to victory as the referee did not see Smile’s legs perched high on the top rope.

The Bigger Picture would continue to attack Carlito after the match, until the music of Zema Ion, which shocked the crowd, started to play as Ion made his way to the ring to help out Carlito. Announcer Lawrie Neal went on to announce that Ryan Smile would face Zema Ion at Kamikaze Pro’s July show.

This was a really good main event. Smile, as always is great on the mic. Whether you like Ryan or not, he entertains, and he had great back and forth banter with a certain section of the crowd. Carlito looked good, and assisted to put the Bigger Picture over as the top heels in kamikaze. Zema Ion coming to the aid of Carlito got a big pop as the crowd seemed surprised by his appearance.

This was another good Kamikaze Pro show, which, after January’s excellent show had a lot to live up to, and as always did not disappoint. Another match of the year candidate in Dunne and Thatcher, to add to the previous candidate in Bates vs Haskins.

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