Joshi Corner #3 Part 1 Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling (26/05/2018)

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I originally wanted to do a dual review for the two shows that are currently now on the Sendai Girls on Demand, but have since revised my plans and will do this in two individual reviews to allow for greater commentary on the matches and the wrestlers.

This is from the 26/05/2018 show Miyagino Ward Cultural Center, which is in Sendai itself. The event can be viewed for FREE on their Pivotshare Service HERE

Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling is owned and operated by Jinsei Shinzaki & Meiko Satomura since 2006. Coming into this show, the Sendai Girls World Championship was vacant while the team of Cassandra Miyagi & Heidi Katrina held the Sendai Girls Tag Team titles.

KAORU vs Ami Sato

KAORU is a veteran, having competed since the late 1980s while Ami Sato has little than 1 year experience.

Sato offered a handshake, as KAORU accepted she sneakily kicked Sato in the bread basket and they brawled outside for a time. Sato was busted open either on the lip or nose while outside as when the camera caught back up she was bleeding a bit. KAORU pretty much worked as a heel, making full use of the referee’s 5 count and using weapons against her rookie opponent. She held control for much of the match and snuffed out much of Sato’s comebacks. KAORU got the pinfall after a Michinoku Driver.

KAORU despite being a veteran looked a tad sluggish but that could just be the heel persona being lazy i.e Eita in Dragon Gate. She definitely is well versed while Sato looks like she could be one for the future, just needs confidence and experience.

Alex Lee vs Cassandra Miyagi

The Bosnian Alex Lee has a few years’ experience over Cassandra Miyagi. Miyagi is one half of the tag champions so is clearly not to be taken lightly.

Early on, they showed off their technical skills by some chain wrestling, trading locks and holds and looking for an advantage. Miyagi with a quick pin attempt and follows it up with a big shoulder tackle to Lee. Miyagi goes off the ropes and gets hip tossed by Lee who follows it up with a kick to the back. Like KAORU before her, Miyagi starts using all of the 5 count. Big Scoop Slam by Miyagi who follows it up with a Rope Assisted Swanton into the ring but only gets a two count. From here on to the finish, Miyagi is in control, move after move but Alex Lee sneaks in with a roll up and gets a 3 count.

During the match, I favoured a Miyagi win so was pretty shocked at the outcome as Alex Lee seems to be missing ‘it’. Was a decent match overall.

Mika Iwata vs Heidi Katrina

Heidi Katrina, at 5’’10, has height, weight and 6 years experience over Mika Iwata’s 2 year career and only stands at 5’’3. Iwata has a speed advantage and needs to use it against the other half of the tag team champions.

The powerhouse lass from Essex, Heidi Katrina controlled much of the match and for times appeared to be enjoying the punishment she was inflicting on her smaller opponent.

Katrina snuffed out any offense that Iwata mustered with big moves, further putting the match in her favour but it was Iwata with a roll up that got the victory.

They had a good match, Katrina played the big foreign heel well, Iwata’s technique looks good and definitely has the ability to succeed in the future. Post-match, Katrina set up a match seeing Iwata & Lee, whose victory now makes more sense, challenge her and Miyagi for the titles.

Mio Momono & Hikaru Shida vs Manami & Meiko Satomura

Experience favours the 23 year pro, Satomura, Shida has been wrestling for 9 years while who wrestles mainly for WAVE, Mio Momono has been at it for 2 years and wrestles for Marvellous and was trained by the same legend who trained Satomura, Chigusa Nagayo. Manami, has been wrestling less than a year, wrestles predominantly for Sendai and is 13 years old. Yup, 13.

Momono and Shida control much of the match, mainly dominating the young rookie, Manami. Shida, at times, uses Momono to inflict damage, like when she leg swept Momono onto the torso of Manami for a splash. Their tandems, while comedic, the veteran using the rookie, worked and it worked well. At one point, after Satomura got some momentum for her team, Shida had her leg trapped in the middle rope while she was stuck in the corner, she suplexed Manami on top of her.

In the end, it came down to the youngsters of the teams, as Manami and Momono traded a series of nearfalls but when Momono got Manami trapped in an Armbar, there was only going to be one outcome and she got the submission victory for her team.

Manami looks good but she has time on her side to develop, the pairing of Shida and Momono worked well and Satomura’s offence was as crisp and fluid as ever.

Chihiro Hashimoto & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs DASH Chisako & Nyla Rose

Hashimoto, at time of this show, is a 3 time Sendai Girls World champion, a 4 year pro, trained by Satomura. Matsumoto, a freelancer who has been wrestling for 11 years. DASH Chisako, also trained by Satomura, has been wrestling for Sendai since its inception, an 11 year pro but has yet to win Sendai’s World title but is a 4x Sendai Girls Tag champion. Nyla Rose, from USA has been wrestling for 5 years, but has the height and weight advantage over the rest in this match.

Early on, Hashimoto & Matsumoto offered the handshake but it was refused, as they turned around they were pounced on by Chisako & Rose, as they brawled outside, metal music was played on the sound system.

Back in the ring, Hashimoto & Matsumoto asserted control of the match over Chisako, with Hashimoto paying special attention to the head and neck area of Chisako. Chisako and Hashimoto trade forearms, Chisako created some space after a Cutter on Hashimoto and tags in Rose. Rose swings the momentum in her sides favour, using her size to her advantage.

In the end it would come down to Hashimoto and Chisako, Hashimoto would Powerbomb Chisako, who kicked out at one. Hashimoto goes for a second but Chisako counters with a Hurricarana Pin and gets the win.

Post-match, they talk about the main title being vacant and about who will lead Sendai. Satomura comes out and says the Niigata card has been decided and the match will take place at Shinzaki’s Anniversary Show for Michinoku Pro.

Hashimoto won that match to become a 4 time Sendai Girl’s World Champion.

The service itself is very good, the name graphics are Anglicized, which makes it accessible for English speaking viewers, the final promo between Hashimoto and Chisako was subtitled as well. Which is something NJPW, who have a long established service, have yet to do for Japanese promos.

A very good show to break yourself into Sendai, and it’s free. The cost itself is reasonable at 5.99$ for a subscription.

The next part of this focus on Sendai will follow in the next day or two.

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