Joshi Corner #2 – Thunder Rock vs Oedo Tai

Added by Luke Hickey

This is billed as Io Shirai’s farewell match at the Korakuen Hall, as it’s rumoured she’s heading to the WWE. She’s teaming up with Mayu Iwatani to reignite Thunder Rock one last time as they face the new World of Stardom Champion, Kagetsu and her stablemate Hazuki. I know last time I focused on Io Shirai, but this match contains three talented members of the Stardom roster that can fill the void when Shirai departs for pastures new.

A reported 1,571 came out to say bye to the former Ace of the company.

Thunder Rock (Io Shirai & Mayu Iwatani) vs Oedo Tai (Kagetsu & Hazuki)

The crowd is fully behind Io Shirai but Oedo Tai are hoping to spoil the part. Mayu Iwatani realised as she was announced that she forgot her championship, she’s one half of the Goddesses of Stardom Champions with Saki Kashima.

Shirai and Hazuki start off with a collar and elbow lock up, trading control of a side headlock until Hazuki unleashes a succession of forearms, she ropes to the rings and is taken out with a standing dropkick that looks perfect by Shirai. They tag out and it’s Kagetsu vs Iwatani. Iwatani has the run of it until Hana Kimura interferes and hits her with a board.

Brief skirmish outside until Mayu is rolled back in the ring and is double teamed by Oedo Tai. Referee asks for 1 in, 1 out and both he and Iwatani get misted with water by Kagetsu. Hazuki is back in and they set up Thunder Rock in parallel corners and do simultaneous facewashes. Hazuki follows it up with a Crossface as Shirai and Kagetsu leave the ring, Iwatani fights her way to the ropes to break the hold.

Iwatani creates some space after a Slingblade and tags in Shirai who takes out Hazuki with an elbow smash into the corner, Kagetsu comes in illegally and Oedo Tai try to double team Shirai but are taken out after a dropckick, they roll to the outside and the Genius of the Sky comes at them with a Suicide Dive but Kagetsu clocks her with that wooden board. Hazuki takes Shirai up into the crowd as Kagetsu takes up Iwatani on the other side. They go to whip the members of Thunder Rock into each other but it’s reversed and Oedo Tai are taken down. Iwatani picks them up and holds them in place for Shirai to do a Moonsault onto them off the top of the stairwell.

Back in the ring, Shirai hits Hazuki with a 619 and follows it up with a Springboard Dropkick. Hazuki comes back into it after a Codebreaker and a Springboard Dropkick of her own. She tags back in Kagetsu, who kicks the chest of Shirai. They go reversal and counter-reversal until Kagetsu is down in the corner and Shirai comes at her with Double Knees. Oedo Tai with more interference as the board is reintroduced, Kagetsu does a Driver to Shirai on top of it but the referee refuses to count due to the board and its intentional use. Kagetsu goes batshit with the board until members of Shirai’s stable Queen Quest stop the attack but Shirai ends up in the corner and takes offence from almost everyone involved and at ringside, even Queens Chest bar one who thanks her and strangely Natsu Sumire who charges at her with intent but takes out her phone for a selfie. Mayu Iwatani comes at her with a dropkick and calls for Kagetsu to pin Shirai, only to break it up.

Kagetsu takes Shirai up for a Brainbuster that only gets a two, this is followed by a series of offense and nearfalls, a Hurricaran from Shirai followed by a Tiger Driver. Mayu is tagged in, Cradle Driver pin attempt, kick out at two.

Thunder Rock double team Kagetsu, Iwatani with a Dragon Suplex bridge retained into a pin that’s broken by Hazuki with a Senton onto Iwatani. Oedo Tai double team Iwatani and set her up for a 450 Splash from Kagetsu, Shirai breaks the pinfall. Shirai takes out Hazuki and Missile Dropkicks Kagetsu. Tandem Moonsaults from Thunder Rock to Kagetsu, Thunder Rock with a Spiked Tombstone to Hazuki and then one for Kagetsu, one more Moonsault from Shirai and a Dragon Suplex pin from Iwatani on Kagetsu to get the win.