Infinite Promotions “Ex Terra Luctatio” 20/3/15) Review

Added by Peter Hughes

A smallish crowd of around 150 gathered in the attractive surroundings of St Helens Town Hall for the second Infinite Promotions event in the venue. As G Man welcomed the audience he encouraged them to make plenty of noise which they did with enthusiasm throughout the evening, masking the disappointing attendance. The acoustics of the building helped the noise carry a long way. G Man introduced World of Sport veteran Gypsy John Kenny (in his home town) as his commentary desk colleague.

The first match saw Dylan Roberts take on All Star Wrestling regular Ringo Ryan in an encounter with plenty of hold and counter move. Ryan had the crowd behind him but Roberts Gaines the winning pin whilst holding the middle rope.

This was followed by Infinite Promotions training school graduate Craig Danzig making his debut against Zack Gibson (presumably one of his teachers). Danzig certainly didn’t come over as a nervous beginner, coming in and wrestling with an aggressive and confident attitude. It was too his credit that he showed up well against the experienced and well travelled Gibson and it was a hard earned pin fall win for Zack.

Last match before the interval was intergender tag team time with Australian pairing Toni Storm & Jack Shooter Zucato facing Marc Morgan & Violet Vendetta. Toni Storm spent most time in the ring, frequently having to fight against the heavier Morgan who occasionally tagged in his vicious partner to add to the punishment. Eventually Zucato got the tag and the match ended with all four wrestlers in the ring and a double pin getting the win for the popular Australians.

The second half began with the best match of the night. El Ligero finally got to wrestle CJ Banks after losing a match to him many months ago in which the stipulation was that he’d never get a title shot as long as CJ was champion. Now CJ had lost the title he could no longer dodge the Mexican. However, more prominent in the minds of the more vocal members of the audience was CJ’s recent altercation on the last Infinite show in Liverpool with the grandfather of a bespectacled small child CJ had upset by calling him “four eyes”. The St Helens crowd kept reminding CJ of this, which he took in good humour. However, CJ managed to upset another little boy by destroying his lovingly made El Ligero sign. The child was heartbroken but did get the chance for revenge when Ligero held CJ for the child to hit him, a move which left CJ clutching HIC chest in obvious pain. The in ring action was as exciting as would be expected from these two masters of their craft. CJ got the pin once again.

The main event featured a return to action by Liverpool veteran Frankie Sloan in a match against Leigh’s Joey Hayes. This arose from an encounter between them at the end of Danny Hope’s title defence on the previous Liverpool show, when Hayes had interfered. Sloan was full of enthusiasm but did seem to tire easily. However, experience showed and Sloan won the match, perhaps a foretaste of the tag clash between Sloan/Hope and Hayes/Sam Bailey which is due to take place on the next Infinite show. The St Helens show ended with Hayes being chases from the hall by children with foam fingers and inflatable hammers.
This was an enjoyable show with a good mix of wrestling styles; maybe not as exciting as Infinite’s Liverpool events, but certainly a great night’s wrestling.

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