Infinite Promotions: A Hard Days Fight-Round 3 (8/11/14) Review

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Infinte Pro returned to it’s spiritual home of the grand old Renshaw Street Dome this past Saturday night.

The evening kicked off with a singles bout between Tyson T-Bone and one of the most hated men in Infinite Joey Hayes. This was a good fast paced opener highlighted by some great crowd bating by Mr Hayes and several awesome sounding chops metered out by Bone onto the chest of Hayes. Bone took the pinfall after powering out of a Hayes submission and dropping him with a tombstone piledriver…this would not be the last the fans saw of Joey though, as he made an appearance later in the evening!.

The second bout was between one half of the tag team champions of Infinite, Bubblegum and the debuting Charlie Garrett. Although a little slow to warm to the newcomer, soon the crowd were engaging in duelling chants for both Bubblegum and Garrett. The two rewarded the crowd with a great back and forth match, which was fought within the confines of the rules. Eventually Bubblegum won out with a shooting star press on Garrett. Both men put in very impressive performances and Garret in particular made a great first impression with several chants of “please come back!”..which will hopefully be heard by the Infinite management.

The last match before the intermission was billed as a ‘Renshaw Street Fight’ between ‘The Pride of Manchester’ Sam Bailey (hated by the pro-Liverpool crowd) and the former WWF European Champion D-Lo Brown. After some football related banter by Bailey, D-Lo made his appearance sporting a Liverpool shirt, which he had worn earlier in the day as he had been to Anfield to watch Liverpool unfortunately get beat by Chelsea. This was a hot and heavy brawl, highlighted by a number of thunderous chair shots by D-Lo onto the back of Bailey, and also a monstrous top rope Superplex that nearly got the three for Brown. Unfortunately Bailey wound up getting the W, due to a low blow behind the back of the referee followed by a schoolboy roll up. D-Lo gained a measure of revenge post match by hitting the Lo-Down, and a leg drop before sending the crowd into the break with a top rope head wobble.

Back from intermission and both owner of Infinite pro, and MC for the night Ciarán McConnell pointed out that not only were we joined by local World of Sport era legend ‘Gypsy’ John Kenny, but also former Eurovision Song Contest entrant, Molly Smitten Downes, who just so happens to be the sister of ‘The Baby Faced Pitbull’ Sam Smitten Downes. While interviewing Miss Downes in the ring, The Blackpool Blondes decided to interrupt the proceedings and verbally run down the young lady, which brought out her brother and his tag team partner, Tim Wylie to defend her honour. This tag team encounter was a fast paced affair with Pitbull hitting several devastating suplex variations on both members of The Blondes. The team of Wylie and Pitbull ended up taking the spoils after hitting a top rope Doomsday Device.

The penultimate match of the evening was between local hero, Zack Gibson and ‘100 % Welsh Beef’ (and noted vegetarian!) Dylan Roberts. The crowd was rabidly behind the home town boy and he delivered a great performance in overcoming a sustained attack from Roberts to eventually win the match with a schoolboy pin.

And then it was time for the main event for The Infinite Promotions Heavyweight belt. The champion of some 2 years plus, CJ Banks put it on the line versus the man riding a huge streak of popularity in ‘The Master of Tassle-Mania’ ‘Delicious’ Danny Hope. Hope took control early, feeding off the emotion of the rabid “tassle-maniacs”, but Banks with all his championship experience, fought back and had Danny on the ropes with a sleeper hold. Drawing from the crowd, Delicious “tassled up” and looked to be on the verge of winning the title, before a deliberate ref bump from Banks, sent the match into chaos. Banks sort to use his title to put Hope away, and only paused to spit in the face of owner Ciarán McConnell l (of whom there has been a lot of previous heat with) before taking the belt into the ring. The belt shot was not enough to put Hope away, and after a second ref bump, Joey Hayes, the former partner of Hope in The Models and now hated rival, came out to no doubt screw Danny out of his biggest opportunity. Fortunately for Hope, Hayes misjudged throwing the Belt to Banks, and overthrew it to the welcoming Hope, who then used it to knock the champ out clean, but with no referee in the ring, due to the previous bumps, it was left to Infinite owner McConnell to count the three and declare the winner and new champion as ‘Delicious’ Danny Hope, sending the crowd into rapturous applause which grew only louder as Hope joined them, and was then paraded around the dome on their shoulders.

A fitting end to a great night of action, and I am sure that Infinite will continue their run of strong shows in 2015. Already booked for their return is a Strap match between Dylan Roberts and Tyson T-Bone and the first title defence of Delicious Danny Hope, by a as yet unnamed opponent.

Nick Hughes

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