ICW SpaceBaws V (21/12/14) Review

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It’s over a year since I first saw my first ICW event and it’s amazing looking back how much the company has grown.

2014 is the year Insane Championship Wrestling cemented itself into the World of Professional Wrestling. Practically considered and wrongfully so as the bastard stepchild of wrestling, the company leads the way in uniting wrestling companies across Scotland.

This year alone, the BBC show they have is regular viewing for all wrestling fans, there shows are consistently sold out and after the success of Fear & Loathing at the Barrowlands Glasgow, they launched the incredible On Demand service for the price of £3.99 on time shaming other mainstream companies who have tried the same but failed to deliver when the time came.

There sister company, Fierce Females, this year alone has received rave reviews and help develop the future female stars inturn with other Academies across Scotland.

Another way the company has helped develop younger wrestlers is with shows like ICW:Spacebaws, and on it’s fifth incarnation, they younger talent had there chance to prove they had what it took.

Before the show began, Zero-G Champion Kenny Williams called out Spacebaws G.M Red Lightning to have his back tonight instead noam dar arrives.

The two great competitors ribbed each other about there competitiveness and decided they should bring it to the ring  for 2015 that the fans cheered for, but thats when Red lightning arrived.

As he took the microphone a fan shouted, “who the fuck are you!” He answered, by telling him exactly who he is, the man who help build ICW, the man who bleeds ICW, then he said no to Williams and Dar fighting before assuring Williams not to worry on this night.

The ICW wrestler of the year Joe Coffey told everyone at Spacebaws to bring there A-Game as he’ll be watching while doing commentary and as the stipulation for winning the award he has a Title match at Barramania.

Polo Promotions vs Robbie Solar and Sweeny.

The moment ICW fans had been wanting was that Sweeney would face Jackie Polo again with DCT, while Sweeney would have the magnificent Robbie Solar as tag team partner.

Starting off the match, Polo would face the fast paced Solar, overpowering Solar, Polo would take control of the bout, tagging in DCT, the crowd erupted for the moustache maniac as he delivered three scoopslams to continue the Polo dominance, but Solar would fight back with his fast kicks and tag in the menacing Sweeney who inturn would give DCT two scoopslams and a series of rabbit punches to have him wanting to retreat.

As the crowd and the match was solidly in Solar and Sweeneys corner, Solar was distracted by the Polo Promotions manager, but this allowed DCT to attack Sweeney with the polo stick on his left leg from there Polo and DCT began to dissect the leg with there continous attacks.

Solar was able to be tagged in and he showed exactly why he is one of the premier talents in Scottish Wrestling as he fought off both DCT & Polo, before Sweeney could join in to help his tag team partner the coach of Polo Promotions struck again, this time by hitting his leg and from there despite a titantic effort, Solar was pinned.

As Polo Promotions gloated on the runway back to the back, Sweeney destroyed his own sunglasses and appeared dejected with himself, later on twitter he tweeted this –

Goodbye ICW it’s been a blast #EndOfAnEra  @InsaneChampWres – @Originalsweeney.

David “Yum Yum” Devlin vs Jeremy Feerick.

The cult following for Yum Yum continued on this night, as the fans cheered when he hit the ring, but the air turned toxic when Feerick arrived and credit to Feerick for handing the viscous ICW crowd chanting, “Fuck em’ Yum Yum Fuck em’ Up!”

As Devlin battled his hated opponent, he showed his passion for wrestling that is why he has his cunt following but Feerick proved he is more than just a Jeremy Kyle gimmick as he hit a enziguri and hit some hard stomps but before the match could get fully started, Devlin managed to get the pin with a backslide to the shock of his opponents and his fans.

Next it was an 8 man Royal Rumble Battle Royale where the winner would be in the Square Go! Event next year.

The match kicked off with the awesome Viper facing the destructive T.J Rage. Rage at the beginning tried to give her a chance to leave, but Viper, one of the very best talents in wrestling, declined and struck with fierce forearms but Rage shrugged them off and punished her, with his strength and hard kicks, before he could do anymore, David Devlin was No3 and charged to the ring.

As soon as he arrived, Rage hit his savage spear, the crowd chanted Ryback at Rage – an unfair comparison I feel, Rage is just a fantastic wrestler, Ryback has his limits – as Rage stood solidly in control of the match, No4 Jeremy Feerick arrived, wanting no part of Rage, he formed a temporary alliance as he battled Devlin and Rage continued fighting with Viper.

Business then picked up as No5 Bobby Roberts arrived and all hell was raised as he hit stunners on anyone that moved, he then clashed with Rage and eliminated him.

No6 saw Saqib Ali entered the fray to cheers as he fought Devlin and then Viper but during the fray Roberts put out both Feerick and Devlin who continued fighting up the ramp, Ali was then put out by Roberts as No7 Switch arrived to the ring.

As Roberts confronted the detached Switch, No8 Nathan Black arrived and systematically eliminated Roberts, Viper and then Switch but making a final impact he hit three muscle busters on Switch to leave him destroyed in the ring.

Gatecrashers & Courtney vs David the Beloved & E.G Mackie.

The hatred that Christopher Saynt had for David the Beloved was evident as Dave Conrad and Courtney had to hold him back because of the views that Beloved has.

The main question from the crowds was who was going to be tagging with the Beloved and it turned out to be E.G Mackie much to the shock of the crowd.

The match began as Mackie was sacrificed by the Beloved to face Saynt who took out his venom him and he had to face the furious power of Conrad who withstood deverstating shoulder barges into the ribs.

It wasn’t until Beloved got involved that the tide turned as the fluid tag team action saw the tide turned. Mackie hit a double stomp from the top turnbuckle and a headlock bulldog.

It was when Conrad hit a viscous clothesline to Beloved as he tried to attack Courtney that the match turned back to the Gatecrashers and in the closing of the good tag team match saw Conrad throwing Mackie out the ring as Saynt and Beloved engaged in a furious battle that saw Saynt getting the win but this battle between the two isn’t over yet.

Lou King Sharp Vs Chris Renfrew.

The past few months, the leader of the NAK, Chris Renfrew, has punished and almost ended the career of Sharp more noticeably in the last Spacebaws event when he placed the head of his opponent in a chair and the NAK were ready to stomp on it from the top turnbuckle until being saved from G.M, Red Lightning.

The desire for revenge and the demand for respect within ICW from Sharp made this match and from the moment the bout began, Renfrew again showed now respect as he took the microphone and gave Sharp a count of five to leave the ring.

Sharp declined.

An enraged Renfrew began to attack, assaulting the smaller Sharp, then seizing the microphone again, “I’m gonna make an example of you! This is a I Quit match! Card subject to Change!”

The crowd cheered and Renfrew continued his barrage, hitting two standing suplexes, a series of knee drops and stiff elbows to the head leavinh Sharp face down on the ring but he wasn’t beaten yet. As the overconfident Renfrew sat in the corner awaiting his opponent to try and crawl back up, Sharp rallied and launched a running dropkick catching him square in  the jaw, the rage and aggression took over Sharp as he pummelled him with his fists. Despite Renfrew throwing him off, Sharp kept coming with more punches, until the viscous clothesline put Sharp down.

The battle raged on as Renfrew was solidly in control and was determined to get Sharp to say I Quit, but each time Sharp would quip a sarcastic comment or a direct insult. Then finally impatience reached Renfrew, he couldn’t get him to quit so he hit the cutter and got the pin.

Walking away, he heard,
“I’m not dead yet ya fucking prick!” from a beaten Sharp, the shock and disbelief was etched on his face and raced directly to the ring and hit a Cutter off the top turnbuckle. Then placed his briefcase on Sharps face, climbed to the second turnbuckle ready to stomp, climbing down, taking the mic,
“Any famous last words?”

Defiantly Sharp, “I’m still yer maws favourite wrestler!”

The fans erupted and cheered, never had they seen any young talent displayed such arrogance and fight. And Renfrew stopped, lifted the case and admitted,
“You earned my respect! Welcome to ICW!”

A great ending to a great match and a superb story to make a statement forone of the new talents in Scottish Wrestling.

Layla Rose vs Sammii Jayne

Both Women have made there mark in the sister company, Fierce Females, with Rose exercising a wrath of dominance in each of her matches, with Courtney, Viper and Fiona Frazer falling victim while Jayne has had fantastic matches with Kay Lee Ray and Bete Noire. Both on this night would be making there Spacebaws match debut.

From the start, Rose attempted to seize control, using her power and strength but Jayne combined her speed and agility to unsettle the larger Rose, coming off the top turnbuckle with the high crossbody and the suicide dive through the ropes had fans in bout of the outcome of the bout.

Rose had appeared to have scouted out the impressive Jayne as her opponent came off the ropes to hit the spinning neckbreaker, Rose dodged it and then took control of the match with hard stomps and reverse chinlocks.

The two women had the crowd cheering for both of them as they traded offenses,  Jayne hitting the running crossbody into the corner and hitting a dropkick off the top turnbuckle while Rose would get the victory after hitting the Barbie-buster for an impressive victory and a great debut for both.

Career – Zero-G Championship Match: Joe Hendry vs (Champion)Kenny Williams.

Before the start of the match it was clear to see how serious Joe Hendry was taking the stipulation, sending manager James R. Kennedy to the back, he was wanting to do this, alone.

In contrast, Kenny Williams was confident and ready to continue his ICW winning streak since capturing the Zero-G Championship.

Extending a handshake Williams had his hand kicked away, the two engaged in the bout and the two traded armbars as they settled in to test each other early on.

The two then traded chops, kicks then holds and counterholds as the two reached a stalemate to the cheers who respected the action in the ring.

Williams sped up the match as Hendry was on the outside of the ring he hit a dropkick through the ropes and then a moonsault off the top turnbuckle on Hendry who was in the crowd at the time.

As both men made there way back into the ring, Hendry struck with a lariat turning Williams 360, then he hit long standing suplex and worked over the back and neck with various styles of chinlocks.

Getting back into the match, the Champion came off the second rope with back elbow and then a running dropkick as Hendry was trapped in the ropes.

Suddenly during the chaos, the referee was knocked down, and as Williams was ready to hit his finisher from the top turnbuckle, Kennedy arrived and forced Williams to lose his balance allowing Hendry to hit a fallaway slam from the top turnbuckle.

As Kennedy tried to get Hendry to use the Title belt as a weapon he declined but this allowed the Champion to seize his chance and capture the victory in an amazing match.

When Williams won by pinfall, an almost uneasy silence fell over the crowd as they knew what it meant, Hendry wouldn’t be in ICW. Then cheers occured as Williams fans celebrated his win. As Williams was trying to recover on the outside of the ring, Hendry was confronted by Kennedy who with reinforcements from T-Bone slapped him but before his now former associates could attack, Damian O’Connor stormed to the ring to a fountain of cheers, encouraged Williams to join him in the two in the ring and the three men celebrated the great match to end the night…

Or so we thought, as Damo and Hendry left the ring so Williams could have his moment with the fans, suddenly Lewis Girvan arrived.

Apparently congratulating Williams on his win he waited until turned his back and attacked the Champion.

“Drew Galloway is not in the building!…months and months I’ve spent getting ready and he’s too much of a bitch to face me…this Galloway is your fault!”

Girvan declared that this was revenge for the fact that Drew Galloway hasn’t answered his challenges or even commented as Girvan has tried to antagonise him. As Girvan was ready to assault the Champion more, General Manager,Red lightning arrived and explained why Drew Galloway explains why he’s not in the building, he was defending the ICW Title and Girvan was “acting like a big pussy”

Suddenly the lights dimmed and Lewis Girvan was getting a match, but with who, the build up ended and it was ICW Champion Drew Galloway!

The crowd erupted and went ecstatic as only a few days ago he won DPW Heavyweight Championship Title. The match tonight was made.

Drew Galloway vs Lewis Girvan

Before Girvan entered the ring he pushed Ginder Hal into the ring, who was greeted with laughter from Galloway before giving him a big boot to the face.

As Girvan and Galloway locked up, Galloway was in dominant mood as he threw Girvan out the ring and propelled him into the ceiling of the raised stage and then chopped him all over the stage as he invited fans to chop him as well.

Before they got back into the ring, Galloway beat him over and over again with a stray Christmas Tree. It was all Galloway as Girvan tried to chop him before he then was thrown up in the air and hard chopped.

The action continued as Girvan retaliated by hitting a dropkick and then as Galloway was knocked outside, Girvan hit a stunning sommersault over the ropes into him. The crowd chanted, “This is Wrestling!”

As the two fought back and forth Galloway hit a flying clothesline from the top turnbuckle and that was when
Chris Renfrew arrived.

The distraction allowed Girvan to lock on a choke to almost force a tap out from Galloway but afterwards Galloway fought back to hit a tombstone and his finisher for the win.

After the match, the ICW Heavyweight Champion took the microphone,
“Lewis.. That was awesome!”

The Champion congratulated Girvan on a fantastic match and then said he should be Lewis Girvan not the next Drew Galloway, he then demonstrated the heart that he has for ICW, by says that ICW is thinking outside the box, the fans are part of the roster and then let the fans know of his future plans, that if a title is defended in 5 countries, it’s declared as a World Title, Galloway has defeated the Title in three countries so far…two to go.

Galloway then issued the challenge to Renfrew now in the ring, even getting on his knees and turning his back that  Renfrew went to attack but realised Galloway was still prepared and left leaving an angry Champion in the ring, “Renfrew! I’m gona kick your cunt in!”

The show officially closed on a fantastic feel good fashion with most of the roster members in the ring, as the crowd sang Feed the World and then Red Lightning sang a rendition of The Big Show.

One of the fans I spoke to on this night, dismissed Spacebaws of the WWE:NXT of ICW. I had to disagree with him on many points, WWE:NXT is a fantastic show with great talents that within WWE fans eyes punch above there weight by overshadowing a failing main event RAW card. Spacebaws if you have to draw a comparison, aren’t punching above there weight, they are that good and can hold there own against a thriving and amazing main event ICW Shows. But in closing, the main one thing I disagreed with about his comment was that Spacebaws is not WWE:NXT, it’s an amazing division in it’s own right.

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