ICW: I’m A Lumberjack Match (And I’m OK) [2/8/15] Review

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After Billy Kirkwood had hyped up the crowd in the City Nightclub in Edinburgh with a couple of Roddy Piper jokes and a sing along to the Final Countdown. We quickly head into the first match. Ring announcer Simon Cassidy is subjected to “It’s your fault” chants for the whole night, referencing his role in the ill-fated DCT and Viper wedding.

 Saqib Ali vs. Davey Boy

Saqib Ali was accompanied by Chris Toal while Davey Boy was flying solo. Before the match Toal cut a promo saying that what this match was nothing personal between the two. But Toal wanted to make Saqib the next big star in ICW and Davey Boy was in his way. So basically, this was a match between two faces and was an enjoyable opener. The definite highlight was Saqib’s amazing Magic Carpet spot where he attempted a top rope dive after getting a Persian style rug from Toal (which he got by hollering “Toal! Carpet!”). Sadly, he missed and then Davey Boy managed to get the win.

After the match the two shook hands and Davey said Saqib was good, just not good enough yet to beat him. Davey then cut a promo saying in recent months he has been blinded by his anger when it comes to Stevie Boy betraying him but he now had a serious plan. He produced a list. On the list the 5 NAK members and top of the list is Chris Renfrew. He finishes his promo with a simple threat. He is coming for Renfrew.

Joe Coffey vs. Kid Fite

Up next was the first appearance by a 55 member, as Kid Fite made his way to the ring accompanied by both Timm Wylie and James R. Kennedy. The 55 may be the most hated heels I’ve ever seen live. Their interference in the wedding at Waynestock has clearly established them as complete heels. The Iron Man Joe Coffey is his opponent and the fans enjoying singing along to Iron Man by Black Sabbath as he makes his way to the ring. This was a pretty good match. The fans are really into Joe Coffey and everything he does. Some fans were a bit disappointed when an early giant swing attempt was actually just a Boston crab. Eventually Wylie intefered and was then swung by Coffey, knocking down Kennedy as he attempted to interfere getting a big pop from the crowd. In the end Joe Coffey won and looked damn impressive doing it.

After this match out comes Stevie Boy, the Zero G Champion (which is a belt with a great design) He complains that he’s the champ, his face was on the Waynestock T-Shirt and yet he doesn’t have a match tonight. Furthermore, when he asked for that to be sorted he got Grado who wasn’t there (he supposedly has a concussion). Eventually Lou King Sharp appeared and slipped up to the top rope and hit a very nice dropkick on a shocked Stevie Boy. This drew out Red Lightening, ICW’s GM. He said that he had fired Sharp and wanted him to leave but then decided that seeing as both men were pissed off, they should have a match.

Stevie Boy vs. Lou King Sharp

This was a really fun match. The crowd to begin with were mostly evenly split with a lot of people cheering for Stevie Boy. However, a lot of credit has to go to Lou King Sharp who by the end of the match had won most of the fans over. Thought Stevie’s great heel work helped too. It was a surprisingly completive with Sharp actually looking (heh) a serious threat to Stevie. This match did a perfect job of helping build up Sharp and still make Stevie look strong. Eventually, Stevie Boy picked up the win but not after an easy fight.

As Stevie celebrates the lights cut out. The fans, myself included where expecting a Davey Boy appearance. However, when they came back on Mikey Whiplash was on the top rope. He hit a very nice flying European Uppercut on Stevie Boy who got out of ring. Cue Wolfgang’s theme and we head straight into the next match.

Mikey Whiplash vs. Wolfgang

After cutting short Mikey Whiplash was met by his opponent for his match. Wolfgang came out with half his face painted in the same style as Whiplash and it was a really cool look. These two brawled at the ringside area for a long time and basically beat the crap out of each other. This real made the NAK and Legion’s rivalry feel very vicious. The finish came after Wolfgang went for a punch with the Brass Knuckles was countered and then countered that to then nail Whiplash and get the three. We then had a 20 minute intermission.

Sha Samuels vs. Joe Hendry

Directly after the intermission out comes the East End Butcher, 55 Member Sha Samuels. Flanked by Timm Wylie and Kennedy (a recurring theme in the 55’s matches) he made his way to the ring and then had to await his opponent. Needless to say the Local Hero was very popular in his hometown. Coming out to his recent viral hit cover of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” he received a huge ovation. He eventually got a microphone and cut a pre-match promo. He said that we were getting a pre-match video, as Hendry had acquired the trailer for a film Sha Samuels is working on. Thus began the trailer for Sha Samuels: The Movie. We were treated to a cover of the East Enders Theme were Hendry mocked Samuels as a Butcher working in Asda who loves meat and mugs. It was amazing. Samuel’s reactions were great as he was livid at this relatively tame video. Once the actual match began the crowd was red hot. I’m not sure if it was the 20 minutes of alcohol consumption or just the presence of Joe Hendry but the crowd was loud the whole second half. This match was unfortunately very short but Joe Hendry did a beautiful delayed vertical suplex on Samuels which lasted well over 10 seconds. Eventually the 55 cheated and Samuels got the roll up with a handful of tights and his legs on the ropes.

The 55 then began to beat down the Local Hero until DCT ran out to make the save armed with a Polo Mallet. DCT was very popular, people really like this man and clearly want him to get his revenge.

New Age Kliq vs. Summerian Death Squad

Now came the match I was arguably most looking forward and I wasn’t disappointed. This match made the Wolfgang and Whiplash match look almost civilised. As soon as both teams were in the ring they were out of it and brawling in the crowd. Eventually, Gunn and End brawled up to the balcony while Dante and Renfrew brawled below. End then headed back down having knocked out Gunn or so he thought. Taking his chance Gunn leapt on the other three competitors and took everyone out. Cue a very loud “ICW” chant. After the teams got back to their feet the brawl continued in the ring. Tommy End’s kicks may be some of the loudest I’ve ever heard in my life. All 4 men were amazing in this match. After a few false finishes, including two amazing suplex lift into a powerslam combo by the SDS, the end finally came when Gunn was taken out with a top rope diving blockbuster by End while Dante held him in a Wheelbarrow pose. The fans loved this match. I would thoroughly recommend seeking this one out because it was amazing. I’d even argue ICW On Demand is worth it for this match alone, never mind the other stuff there.

Following the match, as the SDS celebrate Wolfgang comes out and attacks the SDS. This brings out Whiplash with a Singapore Cane. He takes out the NAK and produces some tape. Renfrew and Wolfgang are taped to the top rope as Tommy End gets a mic. He says that Gunn’s punishment is to be caned 5 times. Whiplash happily obliges as End counts along on the mic. Eventually, End finishes by getting in Renfrew’s face and says the Legion can do what the NAK do but better, because they are Legion and they never forget. The Legion depart and Wolfgang and Renfrew are eventually are cut free to tend to there beaten brother.

Out next is Noam Dar. He cuts a promo on the 55 after enjoying the fans chanting for him non-stop. He points out he nearly beat Bram at Waynestock but for the 55. He also mentions how he and Kenny Williams would be tag champs if there was no 55. He says simply the 55 are what is holding ICW back from being a global company. So he issues a challenge to Martin Kirby, if Dar can beat him in a 1 on 1 match with no interference from the 55, they will have to disband. After Kirby comes out and mocks him for a while he agrees to the stip. As a quick aside Martin Kirby’s reaction to a baldy chant is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. Timm Wylie stays at ringside and the match is underway.

Noam Dar vs. Martin Kirby

Martin Kirby keeps his promise of no 55 interference for at least a whole 30 seconds. Noam Dar keeps battling though he eventually takes out Wylie and puts a leg lock on Kirby, Kid Fite runs out to break it up but he gets put in one at the same time by Noam. Eventually, the unthinkable happens, Kirby taps! The 55 are no more.

Kennedy and Sha Samuels appear and a big hullabaloo is going on. Meanwhile Noam is partying in the crowd. Eventually, out comes Red Lightning who says that as Noam didn’t clear the stipulation with him it doesn’t count. Cue deafening anger. People were outraged at this. Furthermore, he was reversing the decision as a result of Noam’s actions and lack of respect and awarded Kirby the victory. Noam Dar eventually left and the 55 exited the ring but didn’t leave the ringside area. Red Lightning says he has to address what happened at Waynestock where he and Jack Jester screwed Damo out of the ICW World Title. He says the only way for ICW to become a major brand is with Drew as the champion. He insists its nothing personal. Damo comes out and Lightning explains his match has been changed. He wants a lumberjack match for the main event of I’m a Lumberjack Match and I’m OK. The 55 will be Jester’s lumberjacks and, well, he forget to pick some for Damo.

Big Damo vs. Jack Jester

This match gets underway and Damo is on the warpath. He attacks Jester viciously. Inevitably, the 55 play a large role in the match distracting Damo multiple times costing him victory and excessively beating him down outside the ring. Eventually, Damo has enough and leaves the ring and actually starts attacking the 55 and winning on his own! However, that momentum doesn’t last in the ring, Jester hits him with a brutal chair shot to the head, which only gets a 2! But a DDT on to the chair finishes Damo off for the 3. Jester quickly leaves through the crowd leaving Damo alone with the 55.

As the 55 continue their assault, help arrives for the Beast of Belfast. As Joe Hendry, DCT, Joe Coffey and Noam Dar rush the ring and clear the 55. This brings out Red Lightning. By this point Red Lightning had basically become public enemy number one. He said this was a serious disciplinary issue and demanded the fans leave and the wrestlers leave the ring. Neither happened and he was angry. This brought the show to an end with a lot of people cheering on Damo as he made his exit.

This was an awesome show. As it was my first ever ICW event, I’ve got to say I’m excited for next week’s show and am so glad I bought a season pass for the run at the City Nightclub at the fringe.

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