ICW ‘And Now For Something Completely Different’ (9/8/15) Review

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Live The City Nightclub Edinburgh.

Lou King Sharp protests before the show outside the City Nightclub complaining that ICW is an unfair working enviroment and Red Lightning, ICW’s resident GM, is a corrupt official. So that was a fun way to start the show.


Damo squashed Divers in this match. So there is little to write about Damo was extremely popular with the crowd though. He really showed his dominance in particular by breaking his own pinfall attempts on Divers to futher beat him down.

Following the match Damo took a mic and cut a promo. He put over Divers, saying that he was a good wrestler and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He said he is the true ICW World Heavyweight as he had Galloway beat at Waynestock. He says that he won’t stop until he gets another title match.


This was probably my favourite match of the night. It had a really cool mix of old school technical wrestling straight from World of Sport and quite a few comedy segments. The normally very vocal ICW crowd was surprisingly quiet and were equally pleased to cheer on either man. One highlight came from someone mocking Whiplash’s unusual attire as the two circled each other. “It’s just a jump to left!” Someone yelled, a reference to the Time Warp from Rocky Horror. This led to both men, well jumping to the left as they circled each other. They eventually exited the ring trying to get the ref to dance but he refused earning the man in stripes a “You Can’t Dance” chant. The two continued the match and it looked as though Whiplash had the victory but Stevie Boy distracted him from the crowd allowing Chris Renfrew to slip in the ring with the Square Go Briefcase which he annihilated on Whiplash’s head. Both sides of the case were broken in half and it made for an impressive visual. Gallagher managed to pick up the win as a direct result.

Following the match both men showed mutual respect for each other to the delight of the crowd. Mikey Whiplash says he wanted to have another match with Gallagher the next time Gallagher was at an ICW show. He then turned his attention to the NAK. He made it clear he wanted to take out the NAK once and for all with Legion by his side.


The International Sex Hero took on a debuting (in ICW) Chase, and both men put on a good match. Chase was impressive in his debut hitting a couple of very impressive dives. He kinda reminds of Mike Awesome in a good way. However, the crowd was firmly behind DCT. In the end DCT picked up the win but Chase put in a good showing.

Following the match, DCT got a mic and cut a short promo saying he wanted to face Bram and get revenge for Bram’s attack on Viper at the wedding at Waynestock. People want to see this match.


This number 1 contendership match was a very funny comedy match. The crowd were very hot for this match with constant chanting. There were a lot of good comedy spots like Cabana attempting double elbows with Grado and Grado hitting a big boot instead and vice versa. Cabana also got a big reaction for teasing and then eventually hitting the GTS. All in all this was a really fun match the crowd was super into. Inevitably, Irn Jew picked up the win much to the delight of the fans.

During the intermission, Lou King Sharp stormed the ring with his protesters demanding he be reinstated in the ICW roster following his dismissal from ICW. The get forcibly evicted by ICW security.

We return from Intermission with Simon Cassidy in the ring introducing Noam Dar. However, instead of Noam out comes Joe Coffey in street clothes. He proceeds to get a chair, sit down in the ring and gets a mic. He then cuts a really good promo against the group of Jester, Lightning and Galloway. He talks about never breaking through the glass ceiling in ICW. He says he is denied matches and opportunities in ICW by Lightning. Eventually, he teases retirement. This brings out Red Lightning, he says that Coffey has a match with Drew next week and that match will happen. Coffey demands it becomes a ICW World Title match. Lightning appears and appears to accept Coffey’s request and heads to the back. However, he changes his mind and comes back out saying that if Coffey wins his match next week he’ll get a title match then.


This match began with a long sequence of stalling with Jester refusing to begin wrestling Noam. Eventually though these two had a really good match. Jester picked up the win after a Lightning distraction of Dar allowed him to hit a tombstone for the win.

Following the match, Jester and Lightning beat down the prone and attempt to smash in his head with a chair. When out comes Big Damo for the save, he sends both men scarpering and once again calls Drew a paper champ. Cue a video of Drew on the big screen where he says he has had enough of Damo’s comments and he is going to come out tonight and take him out! Of course its a fakeout that acts as a distraction so Jester can brutally attack Damo with a chair. Red Lightning of all people actually breaks the middle rope after climbing out of the ring and cleverly improvises telling Jester to choke out Damo with it. In the end they stand tall.

We then had an awkward impromptu intermission as the crew desperately repaired the ropes. It was very hot in the City Nightclub, leading to some of the crowd getting a bit burned out. Billy Kirkwood did some stand up and Colt Cabana did an impromptu version of cut my promo. Eventually, the ring was fixed and the show continued.


This is one of the quarterfinals in ICW’s tournament to crown their first Women’s Champ. Debbie Sharp looks a lot like Paige. Nikki Storm is “The Best in the Galaxy” and is accompanied by her protégé “The Second Best in the Galaxy” Samii Jayne. The interactions between these two are very entertaining with Storm constantly correcting Jayne’s pose and then posing in front of her anyway. In the match which was pretty fun the end came when Jayne distracted the referee from a pinfall by Sharp. This then allowed Storm to get the pin and the win. Some tension was teased between Jayne and Storm with Storm irritated by Jayne’s actions in the match. But nothing came of it… yet.


This was a pretty fun match. All 4 member of Polo Promotions came to the ring but only Both teams were very popular with the crowd, however the crowd was surprisingly quiet, probably from too long in the heat. The finish came when Chris Renfrew and Stevie Boy in the crowd distracted the SDS, Polo Promotions went for the quick roll up win but were unsuccessful. End hit his leaping knee on Polo setting up Dante to then hit a big lariat on Polo. Only a 2 count however. The SDS then went for the suplex-lift powerslam combo but Dante was pulled from the ring by Renfrew allowing Coffey and Polo do to a combo German suplex, with them getting the three count from the bridge.

Following the match, all 4 members of Polo Promotions celebrated after retaining the titles, with Jackie Polo being named the Triple G Music man of the match which was pretty funny. They say that they never got to finish DCT’s stag do or wedding reception so they decide to have it now and climb through the crowd to the bar to close the show.

I thought this show was good but the extra time spent in the place because of the ring rope breaking took people out of the show a bit. Still very fun though.

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