House of Pain: Ground Zero (20/7/14) Review

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House of Pain Ground Zero began with Joe Conners challenging LJ Heron to a match after trying to talk G-man out of backing down on his match with Alex Gracie. After getting hit from behind, by Stevie Mitchell, a frustrated Joe was out to deal some punishment to LJ Heron, seeing how it was going south for their fellow foundation member Alex Gracie and Bam Bam Barton decided enough was enough and caused the match to fall apart. Zac Northern, Matt Hopkins and Gabriel Kidd came out to save Joe which set up and eight man tag main event for later in the show.

Following this was Vinnie Vain and Dorian Dyer against Tommy Taylor and Wozzy. As the team of Wozzy and Tommy kept the pace up in this match they were on top however Wozzy did look in trouble at one point when he was spending too much time on the wrong side of the ring. However Wozzy and Tommy picked up the pin fall win.

I liked the energy in this match and that the finish took out both opponents using a neckbreaker, DDT and splash. Though I thought that Dyer could have made himself less likable, as his moves were impressive and he didn’t do much to compensate.
The next match saw Syntax face Matt Hall where Syntax jumped straight onto his opponent to getting the advantage, possibly with that he hadn’t had a win for a little while so needed an early edge. After fighting back into the match Matt lost on a count out after hitting an exposed turnbuckle while thinking about using Syntax’s weapon against him.

The way the match was started even with Syntax leaving his mask on to give a better impression that he was in a rush to try and win and Matt constantly fighting throughout worked well. Not sure about the turnbuckle to count out though it didn’t take away from the match in any way really.

Jürgen Heimlich’s rookie open challenge this month was answered by not only HD Tyler but Danny Chase decided to test the German Sensation, making it a three way. This match was a case of try and keep somebody out the ring so we can wrestle. The guy who came up with the best way of doing this won the match in Jürgen tying Danny Chase to the turnbuckle before pinning Tyler.

The match was a little short but it flowed very well and the style in which it was done was very good. I think if Jürgen wants to attach someone to the turnbuckle again he should invest in something a little tougher then tape.

Just before the break Kane Arnell came out with Bear for another open challenge, which didn’t go so well after he realized that Felony wasn’t the person who he would be facing. Well it went well for the returning HOP Heavyweight Champion Barricade who cleaned house making light work of both Kane and Bear.

After the break Steven Harris and The Mighty Zhukov faced off against Bike Mike Wyld and Timberwolfe. The antics of using dog treats to distract Timberwolfe were used in this match for Harris and Zhukov to take the advantage. However on entry to the ring Mike Wyld soon put a stop to any momentum or advantage his opponents had, as he left it for Timberwolfe to finish up with the pin.

I like the way Mike and Timberwolfe work together and the dog act hasn’t boring as I worried I might find it would. Apparently a guy acting like a dog is just that funny. Harris and Zhukov could work really well together but I think they need a little bit of time to get into the new partnership.

The 8 man tag main event with Alex Gracie, Bam Bam Barton, Stevie Mitchell and LJ Heron facing Matt Hopkins, Gabriel Kidd, Joe Conners and Zac Northern. This was less a match more just chaos as it kept breaking out into brawls every time Joe’s team got much of an advantage. This allowed LJ went to hit Joe with a spear but joe leapfrogged him and rolled up LJ to win the match and start the post-match beat down leading to G-man being attacked and Matt Hopkins being driven into the bare boards of the ring. Even after Barricade looked like he was coming to save the day, the Foundation still left standing tall after telling a downer Barricade that he would face one of them next month.

The atmosphere created by this match was bang on what it needed to be and caused a feel of real worry for those left in the ring. I thought that Barricade might get a little more fight in then just taking on kick and being down but then a thrust kick from Bam Bam Barton would probably put anyone legitimately down and out.

Overall a good show that left a lot of unanswered possibilities, while showcasing some really good skills.

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