House of Pain: Fully Charged (22/6/14) Review

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To start off this instalment of House of Pain wrestling, Joe Conners went against Syntax accompanied by Felony. This match seemed to be a bit of a laugh for Joe as he toyed with syntax for the most of the early parts and never really missed much of a step as syntax got some offence in but the more experienced Conners even took the win after a Felony distraction. Felony didn’t seem to be too happy with her new “weapon” after his loss either.

This match was a good solid match that maybe would have gotten more reaction after the crowd were warmed up a bit.

Following this Bam Bam Barton and Alex Gracie came out to interrupt G-Man to complain about Joe costing Alex his last match and that G-Man shouldn’t have hit him after the match either. After a lot of Barton being called tuts and Gracie was being called sweet cheeks by G-Man he offered Gracie a match for any time and any stipulation of his choice which Gracie wanted a tag title match as well. Which he got a number one contenders match and planned the match against G-Man for next month. So continuing from this Wazz and Tommy Tayler came out to compete in the number one contenders match. Tommy and Gracie started the match where Gracie ended up being rapidly double teamed by his smooth running opponents, Until Bam Bam changed the game after Gracie escaped to his partner. Even after Gracie spending too much time on the crowd Barton still managed to keep his team on track for a victory over a very game pair in Wazz and Tommy, after Gracie picked up the pin.

This match was a very good showcase of how dominant Barton was and the slick teamwork that Wazz and Tommy have between them while Gracie played a big mouth with a big guy to cover his back very well.

Next up was Steven Harris who was bought out by Robert Sharp with an E, as he pointed out before bringing out his client, going up against Timberwolfe. At the start of the match it seemed that Steven didn’t quite know how to cope with Timberwolfe and his antics until the brains of SharpE came into effect getting Timber to chase him off the fetch some balls on a string. This allowed Harris to get a count out win, or so we thought until the referee Whitey restarted the match on Timberwolves’s re-entry after biting SharpE’s back-side. This time thought SharpE used his plan B with a whistle to distract Timberwolfe and even after getting taken out by a dive to the outside SharpE managed to recover to allow Harris the win by hold Timberwolves’s leg down in the pin. Then beating down on their loosing opponent. Big Mike Wyld would come to save his partner from the last show and got ambushed by SharpE’s new personal protection, the Mighty Zhukov.

This match was a good way to show the help that Sharpe was going to give Harris while also setting up for a future tag match between Robert’s clients Harris and Zhukov and Mike and Timber.

After getting beat down Alessandro shot out to try and capitalize on his match following this one, with Mike Wyld. However he couldn’t keep the big man down. Even after spitting a mist into Mike’s face, Wyld still managed to pick up the win after getting put on the back foot from the start.

This match emphasised the physical dominance of Big Mike Wyld that even after starting in a bad place he could pull it back.
After the break Kane Arnell accompanied by his security Bear issued an open challenge to try and find someone that he could break his losing streak on. HD Tyler answered that call and when Kane tried to get out of the match baited the man with the longest losing streak in House of Pain back into the ring where he quickly needed to get outside for another break from the high paced flair of Tyler. Which Tyler obviously didn’t want to hang around but this over eagerness caused to be his downfall and he crashed and burned after Kane got out the way of a corner dropkick. In the end though in usual fashion for Kane nothing he could do would be enough to pick up the win as he tapped out to take his streak to 0-12 and a full year.

This one was another good Kane match even after being put later in the card also Tyler did himself some good by showing some real flair and skill. When will Kane win??

The main event saw Stevie Mitchell go against Gabriel Kidd in a match where each man picked his partner to have a tag title contest. Mitchell went for Jurgen Heimlich and Gabriel chose Matt Hopkins. Hopkins showed off his speed edge early in the match running circles around Stevie, but a cheap shot on Kidd would help him gain the edge and take away the momentum Matt had created. After letting this momentum slip Jurgen seemed to be bored of working with a man who was getting beat by “children” and bailed on Stevie leaving him for Matt and Kidd to clear up.

The new number one contenders Gracie and Barton decided to welcome the new champs with stereo spears from behind. G-man came to put down Gracie just to get outnumbered until a certain Zac Northern made his anticipated return to House of Pain taking out both Barton and Gracie before taking his title back from Mitchell who had stolen it months back.

This match was a great main event with an even bigger cheer for Zac’s return than expected. Though G-Man looked hurt and I don’t know about the match next month with Gracie. The whole thing left an interesting set of question that will hopefully be answered at the next show, with where they all go from here.

Overall a brilliant show that answered as many questions as it made more to be answered. Can’t wait till July 20th for the next show and to see what happens next.

Thanks again to The Indy corner and to you for reading I’m @AlphaofAwesome.

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