House of Pain: Evolution 9 (21/6/14) Review

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House Of Pain Evolution 9 ‘Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Show So We Wouldn’t Get Sued’ started off with a match between the 1-3 Jurgen Heimlich and the 1-1 Danny Chase. Jurgen attempted to play cat and mouse with one half of battle squad awesome, but Chase was having none of it in the early stages of the match. The match had Jurgen playing with the crowd at every point that he could when Danny was down and in the end after a very competitive and entertaining match Danny Chase just got the upper hand and the win.

This was a good showcase of the two men’s talents in the ring and couldn’t have kicked the show off any better. Also seeing Danny look very comfortable in a singles match after being mostly used in Battle Squad Awesome was nice.

Next up saw the return of the still 0-0 Danny Hope after his no contest with Barricade on the last show go against the 3-2 LJ Heron. Danny was his usual jokey self at the start of this one with LJ seemingly waiting for his chance to get in a cheap shot while Hope was busy trying to get him to strut across the ring. Eventually he would be successful and this would set the tone for the match as LJ had most of the offence with Hope fighting back in flurries. However in the end Danny nearly proved too much for Heron as LJ took a sneaky rope holding pin to get the win and hand Hope his first lost in HOP:E.

This match did well to further LJ Heron as an underhanded character within HOP:E while Danny Hope kept the mood up, making it a very enjoyable clash of styles.

The debuting Ashton Smith had to take on Bam Bam Barton who was at 2-3 next. Early on Bam Bam seemed to ride the wave of energy that Ashton bought to the match by the skin of his teeth until his huge physical edge was on display after he caught the flashy speedster. Even after a beating in the match when Barton miss fired Ashton seemed to have plenty of energy to rapidly fire off kick after kick taking him to his first victory in HOP:E.

This match was a great clash of two guys who are completely differing ends of the size scale but both use their feet well. Looking forward to Smith coming back for the next show.

Money Benjamin had a chat with Harvey Dale next about a certain Ruffneck and how Harvey had suspended him at HOP:E 3. Well that suspension was lifted as Harvey’s favours with management had run out and Ruffneck would be back at the next show in Mansfield HOP:E 11.

Following this was a very physical match between the 1-1 Dave Mastiff and the 3-4 Joe Conners. This match was also a scrap from Mastiff’s physicality to Joe’s never say die attitude both men were battering into each other in a very brutal looking match. As Mastiff got more frustrated with Joe not staying down he made a mistake which opened the match up for a shot for shot trade-off to see who could finally get the win. After a missed cannonball attempt by Mastiff that would be Joe who went to 4-4.

Brilliant contest between two great wrestlers not much more I can say really.

The grudge match between the undefeated Barricade and T-Bone (3-1) was the following contest. After all the bad blood between the two it seemed T-bone wasn’t about to wait to get his hands on Barricade and turn this match to a war between two of the biggest guys on the HOP:E roster. This match was never at any point a wrestling match it was just two guys with a serious hate for each other, battering each other until T-Bone seemed to have Barricade beat. Enter LJ Heron and Bam Bam Barton, after LJ took it to T-Bone with a chair, all Barricade had to do was pick up the scraps and the win.

Great continuation of a feud that is getting more and more physical every month and it will be interesting to see how T-Bone combats the 3 on 1 he now faces to get his revenge.

To calm the mood Flex Buffington went against Grado (1-0) next in what was just a pure comedy showcase from start to finish. Flex with his marker pen muscle not only got pinned by Grado at the end of this one but also by Fern (the female referee) after pulling her down as he tried to get back to his feet, adding to the already hilarious match that had just happened.

Good to see Grado back in HOP:E going against a guy who is another brilliantly funny guy in Flex.

Finally Kris Travis (3-1) went up against the 1-0 Jack Jester who was making his return to HOP:E after dominating on HOP:E 2. This match had a very tense and aggressive build up with the anticipation for the match between two wrestlers of this calibre in a no DQ match. This match didn’t take long to go into a brawl around and to the outside of the venue as both men threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other. As expected in this style of match Jester was dominant with Travis always fighting to stay in the match even after smashing Jester with multiple chair shot he still wouldn’t stay down and would catch Travis for a pile driver on the same chair to pick up the win.

This match was exactly as expected from these two and it will be interesting if Travis’s rematch challenge is answered or not.

Overall the show was a very good show with the same lively atmosphere that has come to be expected. Some interesting paths are being taken rivalry wise and the six pack challenge on the next show will be very intriguing.

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