House of Pain: Evolution 6: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (9/5/14) Review

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The sixth show from House of Pain Evolution came from Sinfin Moor Social club on the 9th of May. To start this instalment of HOP:E we saw a young talent by the name of Zac Northern interrupt the introduction of the show to get some things off his chest, mainly his issue with how Barricade had attacked him and his girlfriend (and T-Bone’s sister), Nixon. Now saying that Zac had already got a match with the man monster Barricade booked for later that night, so when he decided that he didn’t want to wait and challenged Barricade to a match there and then it seemed a bit odd that he was in such a rush. However this gave an opportunity for Nixon to be the next arrival in the ring in order to voice her concern about him being in such a match in any way and that he shouldn’t face Barricade. Understandable really the guy is undefeated and has left destruction in his wake. Zac would not be denied his chance at payback, even after T-Bone’s entrance to the scenario where he included his unfinished business with Barricade and his manager Harvey Dale after they cost him his match against Kris Travis and attacked his sister, Nixon. This family affair was broken up by the man everybody wanted a part of, Barricade and Harvey Dale, who was being very cocky in reminding T-Bone of his no contact or T-Bone is fired contract and that T-Bone hadn’t got a chance in the world of getting a shot at Barricade. This was short lived as Money Benjamin, the spokesman for the management, entered the frame to throw out the no touch contract and tell Harvey that he will be suspended if him or his client got involved in T-Bone’s match that night, however Zac would be getting his booked match later. Thus ending the discussion.

Now onto the first match which saw two guys who are at 0-1 records in HOP:E, in Kaleb Hughes and Wild Boar, go at it. After Kaleb’s valiant effort against Barricade on the last show it was obvious he had won himself support from the HOP:E crowd, which carried through this match. In the early going it was Wild Boar who was attempting to silence the crowd with a physical display out powering his opponent. However it seemed as Kaleb found that power wasn’t the way to win and picked up the pace of the match the Boar just couldn’t keep up, until a bit of playing to the crowd from Kaleb gave him the chance to strike and take over. Kaleb would get a flurry of pins into this beat down however it was a Wild Boar miscue that would give the fan favourite the upper hand as the Boar bounced off a spear to the turn-buckle. This allowed a Death Valley Driver to be hit by Kaleb to take him to 1-1 with a pin fall victory.

Next up was the 2-0 Violet Vendetta going against the debuting Nixon. The match began with short bursts of chain wrestling however broke down into a chance for Violet to show just how low she is willing to go if it means getting then win. Throughout the match Violet used multiple chokes and hair pulls to gain an advantage every time Nixon tried to fight back. This eventually lead to Violet’s win after using her favourite submission move to elevate her to 3-0 in HOP:E. She didn’t stick around long to celebrate though as Barricade made his entrance immediately following the match, heading straight for Nixon. As Harvey cut Nixon’s escape off seemingly feeding her to Barricade, Zac dashed into the ring to cut the big man off and save Nixon.

As could be expected the previous events lead to the start of the Barricade vs Zac Northern match with the addition from money Benjamin that Harvey Dale was banned from ringside. As expected with what had been happening in HOP:E previously Zac was fired up for this match and was showing it in the way the match began. Though this was also his downfall as he fired out into a boot from Barricade after forcing Barricade on the ropes. After this Zac put up a good fight with odd bursts of speed putting Barricade off balance however even this wasn’t enough to overcome the pure monstrous power of Barricade when he caught Zac in a sunset flip to throw him into the air and through the mat with a sit out double handed chokeslam, leaving it with no doubt that the three count would follow and Barricade would pick up his next victim keeping his undefeated streak in tact.

Following the intermission T-Bone who was 3-1, coming off his first loss in House of Pain Evolution against Kris Travis, go against a man on a roll with two wins over Joe Conners taking him to 2-2, CJ Banks. Now as is expected with T-Bone in HOP:E there was a very mixed crowd reaction to his entrance and even with the help of his girlfriend Melanie Price this didn’t really change. Now as the match started CJ took the advantage in some short spots of chain wrestling however T-Bone used his power advantage to counter this, leaving CJ looking for other ways to get ahead. He found this way when he used Melanie to distract T-Bone before taking the chance to gain the upper hand, working on the mid section of T-Bone not allowing him to breathe and subsequently nullifying the power edge T-Bone had. Saying that when some separation was made T-Bone exploded with what power he had leading to the fight going outside the ring. As the two threw down near the bar, the ref counted to ten causing the match to end in a double count out, not that this finished the fight between the two as they took it to the stage and the back.

The Undefeated favourites of the HOP:E tag team division Battle Squad Awesome, Diamond Dave Andrews and Adrenalin Danny Chase, went up against the Alpha Males, Iestyn Rees and Charlie Garrett. The Alpha Males decided to start the match by talking about how much better looking they were and that the comic hero style gear of BSA was childish, which in a place where they weren’t going to be popular anyway just put them even more against the fans. Even taking this into account the Alpha Males showed off the huge gulf in strength between the two teams by pushing BSA around the ring as if he was nothing. Saying that when BSA turned up the gears they had speed left over after leaving their opponents in the dust to gain an upper hand, causing the Alpha Males to resort to cheap shots to cut Dave Andrews off. After further emphasis of the power advantage from the Alpha Males on Dave Garrett got a bit cocky allowing Danny Chase to enter the match and put the bigger guys down on the mat where they aren’t that tall. This also lead the the finish of the match where Garrett found he could catch Danny but not both him and Dave at the same time, getting hit by Dave’s top rope dropkick as he held onto Danny who pinned him on landing.

Finally Joseph Conners at 2-3 went up against the 3-1 bunny rabbit gear wearing Kris Travis. Before the match got under way, the man who Joe is facing in a best of 5 series, CJ Banks came out to go on commentary. The match then started in a very joking way, with fans talking about Travis’s hair and his questionable choice of ring attire, leading to something I thought was banned in wrestling, Joe messing Travis’s hair up. Now after all the laughing and joking around it was time to be reminded that in the ring there was two top notch performers. Which we were as they exchanged holds with each other. After making a quick exit from the ring Travis was pursued by Joe, this may have been a mistake though as Travis seemingly in his comfort zone used a chair to slow Joe down and then jump him to get the upper hand. As Travis handed out a beating on the outside from this advantage Joe fought back only to be underhandedly cut off before getting any momentum, this was personified by a reversal on the stage which had Joe taking a heavy back drop. After that it seemed that Joe was out however the widely supported performer managed to throw out a big clothesline to get some recovery time. This gave Joe the advantage leading into what was a sharing out of reversals and big moves which had the fans on the edge of their seats to where Joe hit his slingshot into the ring DDT which had everyone thinking it was all over only for Kris to kick out. CJ Banks had obviously seen enough of his rival getting close to a win and left the commentary position to distract Joe, getting himself hit in the process. He would probably see that as worth it however as this allowed Kris Travis to take another victory from the distraction.

I found this show to be better than I had thought it would be even with some of the regular faces from the past couple of shows missing. I also am enjoying the way that House of Pain: Evolution are using win-loss records as people enter the ring as it makes it look like the record matters and helps show dominance of the top stars.

My next show is Southside’s X-Factor on the 11th of May. Thanks to Indy Corner as usual for allowing me to do this and any feedback I’m at @AlphaofAwesome. Thank you for reading.

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