House of Pain ‘Betrayal’ (20/4/14)

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The House of Pain ‘Betrayal’ show in Arnold was started off by Kane Arnell with Bear facing off against Timberwolfe. Before the match had even started Kane could be heard from the back yelling about how his nine match losing streak wasn’t a streak and continued to tell everyone that he would end it. As the match began it became obvious that Timberwolfe was going to be a comedic character and this match was a light hearted beginning to the show, using various biting and dog like acts from Timberwolfe, while Kane worked the crowd well getting them to see the funny side. One spot saw Kane take advantage in the match after Bear jumped onto the apron and pretended to throw a ball, catching Timberwolfe’s attention. However this teamwork fell down as Kane got distracted avoiding a collision with Bear that would cost him the match sending Arnell to a 0 and 10 loss streak.

Following the match LJ Heron, Alex Gracie and Bam Bam Barton, the foundation, came to thing ring seemingly with bad intentions for Timberwolfe, this would be cut off by a group of house of pain roster members lead by Joe Conners. This would lead to Joe announcing that in the main event he would face the foundation in a six man tag match with his partners being, Matt Hall and Tornado Matt Hopkins.

Next up was a six man tag with Zhukov, Syntax and Charlie Asbo going against Tommy Taylor, Woz and Jenna. Jenna started the match against Charlie who got the crowd against him by yelling some rather questionable comments involving how she should be in the kitchen not in a ring. This match was very back and forth with Zhukov showing his dominating physicality while Woz seemed to be able to find the upper hand. At the end of a frantic sequence Tommy, Woz and Jenna found themselves all pinning Syntax together to get the win.

The Jurgen Heimlich rookie invitational was the third match on the card, which Sonic Steve Harris decided to take up the offer. Unluckily for Steve, it didn’t seem like Jurgen was being paid by the hour as he jumped straight into attacking Steve before the bell had even rung. Steve managed to find a few flurries however after Jurgen hit his leg folding german suplex it was all over, apart from the small bit of beat down after the match which allowed Jurgen to be standing tall over Steve as he had his hand raised.

After an announcement about the condition of Zac Northern following the beat down handed to him on the previous show Zac’s music began playing. This excitement of the crowd was only let down when Stevie Mitchell exited the curtain with the stolen full throttle title belt in his possession as he claimed to be the champion and challenged any full throttle division wrestler to a match. One half of the house of pain tag team champions, Gabriel Kidd was the man to answer the call. Kidd managed to avoid a pre match belt shot by low bridging Stevie as he swung with the belt. Stevie throughout the match was very physical with his opponent which all built up to a spinebuster that he used to drive his opponent into the match for a victory.

After the interval it was time for the big men of house of pain to collide as the house of pain champion Barricade with his ironically small female handler, Felony, faced off against Big Mike Wyld. As was expected this match was very physical with two of house of pains biggest wrestlers battling it out to try and obtain an advantage which seemed to be going in big Mikes favour until Felony paid dividends for Barricade allowing him to catch Mike while he was distracted. After Mike took a huge cross body the match was all over apart from the three count.

Finally, the main event which had the foundation going up against Joe Conners and his partners Matt Hill and Matt Hopkins. This was an extremely heated match with it breaking down into a complete brawl in a matter of minutes from the bell with the ref having to split the teams up and threaten to throw the match out before it had really started. Following the break the two Matts took control of the match showing off their silky skills while working as a cohesive unit. After a while LJ managed to slip away from the grasp of Joe Conners which allowed the foundation to take advantage and start working on Joe to their advantage. After Joe managed to escape and get Hopkins in for a flurry which showed in part why he is the tornado, only to cause the match to enter a phase of one for one which left Conners putting Heron in a place it looked as if he would tap out from. Alex Gracie must have also sensed this as he decided to hit Joe with a microphone to bring the match back into a brawl. Following taking out what seemed to be all the fan favourites on the card and Woz being fed to Heron for a rib breaking spear it seemed nobody would stop the foundation. That was until Barricade entered the scene much to the disappointment of Felony who pleaded with him to not enter the ring. Following Gracie seemingly getting the big man on his side only to be chokeslamed out of his boots the foundation seemed very relieved as Felony finally back off Barricade to the back, which was followed by the announcement that the match, which had been pretty much forgotten about, was a no contest.

Personally I thought this was a good card with some very interesting characters from start to finish. I would like to thank The Indy Corner for letting me express my opinions in this way and I look forward to my next set of shows which will be the Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s Risky Business and Speed King shows this coming Saturday.

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