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Here we go again with the second part of this double header of Tidal Wrestling with this review of the evening portion ‘The Battle of LS2’ in a packed Vegan Cafe in Leeds and my god was this a hot building even with the windows open it was sweaty.

As I left you in the last review like a cliffhanger from Corrie, as the afternoon show finished we moved on to a Sam Smith’s pub (The Eagle Tavern), not before Graps and Claps-ish reviewer Chris Wilson had a whale of a time playing on a drum kit.

We went for a couple of drinks before returning back for the night’s action at 5.30pm. If you are visiting any Sam Smith’s pub now, I recommend you give their organic range a try with bottles of Organic chocolate, Raspberry and Cherry they have concocted one of the most flavoursome set of drinks around costing £3.87 a bottle – A-MAZ-ING.

Pictured: Ben & Geoff meet the pub’s mascot

Walking back to the Temple of Boom we came back just as the first match of the evening was making its entrance as Boris Koslov (a popular character in the local RISE promotion) taking on Dan Evans. Surprisingly this was a very good ten minute match with plenty of hard hitting moves and a number of near falls, I would go as far to say that this was the best that Dan Evans has looked since I first saw him 5 years ago (really got himself in shape).

Koslov who is another one who surprised me with his wrestling nouce a month ago vs Martin Kirby, was finished off by Dan Evans after a swift kick to the Bolsheviks. Very competitive match!

2nd up we had what was supposed to be Crashboat (Pop Punk Kid & Jack Bandicoot) vs Danny Hudson in a 3-way match, but early on this was changed as Miles Kayman who is getting a reputation for sticking his nose in other people’s business interjected himself into this match until Hudson finally came in to make this a 4-way.

Hudson who has been prevalent on the Megaslam scene, is a huge cuddly bear of a man who used his size and strength to throw especially the Crashboat guys very far. In what was a surprise result though was that PPK and Bandicoot managed to fell big Hudson leading to the Pop Punk Kid hitting a moonsault to Hudson for the victory.

Third up was for the TCW Open title with the Champion Brady Phillips taking on the former TCW Heavyweight Champion Joseph Conners (who at the last show nicked the TCW title from HT Drake after losing it on that evening). Conners who does get some stick in twitter circles as being a bit bland, was on top form on this evening in both this match and the later main event with his work at antagonising the crowd and just acting the ultra prick (top work).

Phillips is another one who has been burning it up on the Tidal scene and I expect the Graham Chapman lookalike to go on to big things in the future. An ultra competitive match came to an end when Conners was distracted by HT Drake who came to reclaim his belt and was then rolled up by Phillips who got the CHEEKY ROLL UP win. After the match Conners issued a challenge to Drake to be put in the position that Adam Brooks had (missimg) in the main event for the TCW Championship.

Half time main event with the TCW Tag Titles on the line in a No DQ match with the Champions, The Lion Kings vs The Proven. This was a wild and chaotic brawl that spilled to the outside of the Cafe with many a slam on concrete and chairshots to all competitors.

Back in the ring, the drawing pins made an appearance with The Proven falling victim to a double team neckbreaker from The Kings through a chair with some nearby pins adding more misery to a fallen Sam Wilder – Excellent fun all around as ever with The Lion Kings.

This times curry option was Tob’s Vegan Tikka Curry and Rice for £5 and was another winner on the board for the cook at the venue who I had a chat to whilst in the bar complimenting her on her cooking skills.

Back from the break we had four way action with Will Kroos vs Rory Coyle vs Joe Rage vs Sean Only, so apart from Only this was a proper BIG HOSS match in which Will Kross stood as a star of the future in the process. Coming out, you wouldn’t have thought much of him but how wrong were we – great athleticism and big powerful moves galore from Kroos who pinned Rory Coyle with a sit down driver for the 3 – Impressive!!

Match 6 with the No.1 contender for the TCW Womens Title being on the line with Rhio facing Little Miss Roxxy. Rhio attacked Roxxy early on as soon as the bell sounded and this carried on all the way through the match with Rhio looking dominant on her way to picking up a stoppage victory over Roxxy to really show off Rhio’s ruthless side as she now goes on to face Mia Yim at a later date.

Semi Main event was the return of Sugar Dunkerton to the place where the chant of ‘Sugar Sugar’ was born making Sugar one of the most sought after imports on the circuit with his gravitational personality and charismma. His opponent was El Ligero who as we know never has a bad match in him especially in vegan cafe’s. This was for a shot at the TCW Heavyweight Title next month on August 15th.

After a 5-minute singalong and a dance off involving Miles Kayman who was sent packing with his bad dance moves, this boiled down to a really fun and entertaining match with Sugar catching Ligero with a bridging pin to get the 1-2-3 – cue wild celebrations to bring a smile to the wilting leeds crowd in the heat.

Main Event time now with H.T Drake defending his TCW Title against Joseph Conners. This had the feel of one of them wild circa 1998 Raw main events with run-ins galore from most of the wrestlers on the show, a huge balcony dive from Drake to everyone below got a great pop from the crowd both inside and outside of the venue.

With it just down to Conners and Drake in the ring, it would be Conners who ended up ticking off the ref who then gave Conners a stunner leading to Drake pinning Conners to send the Leeds faithful home happy.

Drinks in here are still £2.50 for alcoholic cans and £1 for soft drinks.

Overall a fantastic evening show that exceeded expectations that I had looking at the match card, with attendances being on the rise at the Temple of Boom – Tidal look like they have hit the right formula at last which is long overdue given the look they have had with venues and I could see that when I chatted with the promoter during the show.

Make sure you check them out and look into going to either of their midweek shows on August 15th or September 19th, you won’t be disappointed (even just come for the curry if nothing else).

Next review from #Grapsandclaps will be Wrestlepro in Salford this coming Sunday, which will be my last review for over two weeks but I might pop up with something in between.