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Hello and welcome everyone to this edition of Graps and Claps bringing you a review of Tidal Wrestling’s final show of 2018 ‘Silent Nightmare 5 – Night Terrors’ emanating from The Temple of Boom in Leeds.

Starting off on a cold Sunday morning in Rochdale, me and our Geoff decided whilst we had an hour or so before our train we would take in a couple of pints around our hometown which over the past couple of years has had a bit of a renaissance in terms of quality ale houses and with the building of a new shopping centre/cinema/eating outlets, the town will hopefully be on the up in years to come from its current reputation as a bit of a shithole.

Anyways first pub was The Regal Moon Wetherspoons which by ‘Spoons standards is excellent with a wide range of real ales on selection, but sadly on this occasion the selection on offer we had already had most of these, so we decided to stick to the tried and tested Titanic Plum Porter (£2.15 4.9%) for starters and as ever was perfect in taste and texture. Last pub before travelling to Leeds was regular CAMRA award winning pub – The Flying Horse which for me has been the best pub in Rochdale for quite a few years now and also offers a great range of food options to compliment the drink on sale. Drink of choice in here was a 4.3% Snowbound pale ale from local brewery – Phoenix Brewery (4.3% £2.50 with CAMRA discount) – a solid 8/10 drink if there ever was one. Drinks done it was time to make the 1-hour journey from Rochdale Train Station to Leeds, landing in Leeds for 2:15pm to meet up with Graps gang namely guest Graps and Claps writers (Andrew Campbell and Ben Corrigan).


With this being the unofficial Northern Graps Christmas Do, we decided to try out a couple of new establishments which have opened in Leeds over the last few weeks namely the new offerings from North Brewery and Vocation Brewery who have both opened two big tap rooms. So first off we went to North Brew Co. which is based near one of Tidal’s old venues in the form of the Cockpit offering a total of 20 beers on tap and some food options including Mushroom & Spinach and Mushroom Dumplings costing £3 and £4 respectively. Drinks wise I plumped for the Mango and Guava Pinata which I have tried before on two previous occasions with a bright orange colour making it more look like a bottle of Robinson’s orange squash, but give a nice fruity after taste. On first impression there is plenty of seating in this venue and enough beer to keep you well oiled, but I slightly prefer the brewery own North Bar just up the road for a more authentic pub experience, still though this was a good bar to visit.Next up on our way to the Vocation Brewery, we took a detour to Craft Asylum which as I found out was a new venture from the owner of Ossett Brewery. A tidy looking place with some of the most immaculate toilets you will ever see, but the only downfall was there was no light sensors as you made your way down the staircase, meaning that you could easily fall arse over tit and no one would notice. Beer wise around 10-15 taps on offer here mainly from Salt Brewery including a murky looking Salt Jute IPA (4.2% £4.70) that I had which I would mark down a few points compared to the North Bar drink I had just had – still nonetheless I could easily visit this bar again.

Next up was one of the places I was looking forward to with Vocation Brewery’s new place in Leeds City Centre – ‘Assembly Underground’ which on first impression is just wow, with 50 beer taps on offer at the bar located inside, plus around 7/8 street food vendors offering anything from Burger & Chips to Falafels to the £6.50 Shawarma Wrap with Halloumi Cheese I had which was ace. The chips on the other hand were amazing with a proper crispy outside and a soft fluffy centre – these are how chips should be made folks!

Drink choice of mine to go with the food was 2/3rds of Magic Rock Dairy Freak (£4.50) that was akin to a milk stout, so very sweet in taste, but easily went down well with the food – so I fully recommend you visit this place if you are visiting anytime soon in Leeds! I certainly will be frequenting this place again in the future.

We had one final swift half in The Social before heading off to the Temple of Boom for the evening’s action with our head just full of Christmas related Wrestling songs for Rampage Brown, The Great O-Kharn, Brady Phillips and Co. who would be wrestling on the show. As ever a healthy crowd were in attendance which has become regular thing as word of mouth spreads and more people want to give Tidal a try to see if they would become regulars in the future, so without further ado let’s get into what went down at Silent Nightmare 5!

First up we had a tag team match between The Super Smash Bros. (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs Man Like Dereiss & for the final time ever in a Tidal Wrestling Ring – El Ligero due to the whole WWE UK stuff and what have you happening next year, so for myself even though I will see him again on maybe Progress and WWE UK shows next year, to see him in an intimate venue like this for the last time was going to be an emotional moment.

Early on we had duelling headlocks between Uno and Ligero, but it was the SSB who got the early advantage on Dereiss as Stu hit a running dropkick to him, but Dereiss tried to make a comeback only for Evil Uno to hit a big shoulder charge and a side slam to Dereiss for a two count. Uno then followed up with a Neckbreaker to Dereiss to let in Stu for the two count. Once Dereiss managed to tag in Ligero, the Leeds Luchador came in like a house on fire as he hit a huge dive to the outside on Uno and then followed up with a splash to Stu for two. Ligero hit a knee to Stu, which was then followed by an X-Plex from Dereiss for 2, but a breathless sequence where we had Dragon Suplexes, Superkicks and a Chasing the Dragon from the SSB to get a two count brought the Leeds faithful to their feet in applause. We weren’t finished there though as the SSB nullified Ligero, leaving Dereiss in a perilous position and the SSB hit a Weapon X Cutter for the 3 count to end a cracking opener and a fitting way to end the Tidal wrestling career of Ligero as he moves on to pastures new.


Dereiss for his earlier inexperience in his Tidal Debut, didn’t look out of place in with his more experienced dance partners and could be one to look out for in the future in 2019, first of all taking on Joe Nelson at the next Tidal show in February.Next up we had singles action with Sean Only who has been on a bit of a roll lately taking on one of my favourites in the form of Sheikh El Sham. Now before the match got started we had some technical difficulties throughout the night with music and the microphones, so the sound system was a bit crackly, thankfully for the Sheikh he managed to get his words out, despite the crowd mocking him with the usual ‘Sheikh El Shambles’ chant which to Sham’s credit he played along with, showing mic skills of someone who you would think is more experienced – the lad certainly wasn’t flustered even to the point of having banter with Tidal Nana on the outside.Early shenanigans in this one as Sheikh tried to run away from Only, but that only lulled Sean into a false sense of security as Sham drove Only into the ring post to get the upper hand. In the ring with the Sheikh on top he managed to hit a pop up shoulder charge in the corner whilst at the same time working the crowd, giving subtle scowls to a number of people in the audience plus the fact he took umbrage to being likened to a ‘Shit David Haye’.

Sheikh though at one stage he had won the match as hit the roll through spear only to get a count of 2 much to the surprise of the Middle Eastern Millionaire. With Sham frustrated, Only made a comeback as Sham missed a spear attempt to be hit with a boot then the Curb Stomp for the three count to leave Sham all dazed and confused and ready for the AAAAARRRRGGHHH Finger Point of Doom!

All in all, a good contest, with Sheikh once again impressing onlookers as he goes into what could be a fantastic 2019 for the man from Burnley – Sheikh just knows how to work a crowd in the middle of moves with subtle winks and distain at the audience.

Next up was a five-way match for the TCW Women’s Championship as Rhio defended her newly won title against Ivy, Ruby Radley, Natalie Sykes and Eliza Roux with the stipulation being that the title could only change hands if Rhio was pinned for it – so keep that in mind. Anyways the bulk of this match ended up being the other 4 ladies apart from Rhio all fought among themselves whilst Rhio who was the smartest of the lot of them just sat on the outside watching the other 4 tear strips out of each other.

Once Rhio did get in the ring she picked up the scraps as at one stage she hit a double fireman carry slam to both Ivy and Ruby Radley and then not long after hitting a Roll of the Dice on Eliza Roux for the three count to retain her TCW Women’s Title in stylish fashion which looking back on it now wasn’t the best of the three matches we had seen on this evening so far maybe due to the stipulation which meant Rhio could have easily driven off into the sunset not to be pinned ever! Anyway I digress!

Half time Main Event next with a proper battle of the big lads with Rampage Brown taking on New Japan’s The Dominator – The Great O’Kharn. Once the bell rang there was a cacophony of noise from the Tidal crowd as the first of the Christmas related songs started including ‘The 12 Days of Rampage’ and ‘Mary’s Boy Child Jesus Christ’ the latter being for Mr. O’Kharn.


As expected this was a hard hitting affair, with O-Kharn being the aggressor taking it to Rampage who was on the back foot for the duration of this contest. O-Kharn looked well on his way to victory when a distracted Cowboy John didn’t see O-Kharn hitting a low blow to Rampers and then locking in the back claw hold which for a man like O-Kharn to do this Rampage was a sight to behold – at a slight moment during this Rampage looked in deep deep trouble but managed to wiggle his way out of this. At a standing base Rampage booted O-Kharn in the face and then followed up with a Piledriver to O-Kharn to get the hard fought win in a really good 50/50 match –  have to say The Great O-Kharn has come a long way since that Altrincham debut a few months ago and with a few more months under his belt over here he could look the finished article once he goes back to New Japan.After the break we returned with no music once again and a contest between Henry T.Grodd who was last seen on the Grounded No Ropes show a couple of months ago taking on Sebb Strife in a losing effort. Henry’s opponent was our favourite pants wearing wrestler from Kettering – Brady Phillips, as ever the songs were out in force for Brady who came out wearing some really tight leather pants that didn’t leave much breathing room. Once the action got going, Grodd took early control as he hit a big slam for 2 and then a uranage for a follow up 2 count when Brady had hit the corner of the post. An interested onlooker at ringside was none other than Rhio who had been on a scouting mission prior to this a couple of months ago namely in Will Kroos and B.A Rose’s matches as well. Near to the end of the match Brady was all ready to finish off Grood as he had him prone on the top rope but Rhio stuck her nose into the match pulling Grood out of the ring to cause the countout defeat for Grodd – Booooooo!!!!Next match was for the TCW Tag Team Championships with the long-serving champions The Lion Kings (Sebb Strife & Nsereko) taking on ‘The Crown of Thorns’ (B.A Rose & Will Kroos). Couple of things to note before getting into the match, was a change of music for The Lion Kings with the Toto hit ‘Africa’ now accompanying them to the ringside area, also an inspired chant for Nsereko to the Macarena which got the royal thumbs up from the Ugandan Warrior.


Early portion of this match was the Lion Kings on top with Nsereko htting a splash to Rose and also Sebb getting the better of an early staring contest with Kroos. Kroos though got his team back on track as he caught Nsereko with a huge push slam that led to Nsereko’s feet catching the lights. With Rose and Kross in control, Kroos and Nsereko had a hard hitting back and forth that ended in Kroos hitting a big boot to Nsereko, thankfully though Nsereko managed to get the hot tag to Sebb who came in like a house on fire hitting a big splash to B.A but Kroos managed to make the save.Sebb once again tried to hit a splash up top but was caught by Kroos who slammed Sebb off the top rope to leave him lying on the mat. We then had a back cracker for a two which was then followed up with a back suplex by Kroos to Strife for another two count. Sebb though eventually got straight back up to hit a big splash to Kroos for an agonising two count, leaving Kroos to roll to the outside and for B.A Rose to be left in the ring prone for a Neckbreaker/Powerbomb Combo from The Lions Kings who picked up the win in a belting tag team match to continue what has been an excellent tag team title reign of well over a year.Second to last match was supposed to be Addy Starr taking on TCW Openweight Champion Little Miss Roxxy, but due to travel issues from Liverpool for Roxxy, Addy had to find a new opponent which thanks to Colin up top we had Eliza Roux making a return to the ringside area to take Roxxy’s place in this contest. Sadly, though for Roux this didn’t turn out to be a good night for he as Starr bulldozed her way through Roux in around 5 minutes after hitting 3 curb stomps and a double underhook suplex which only mustered two counts on both occasions, but it was a swift boot to Roux’s chops that put her out of her misery for a successful appearance for Starr.

Main Event time now with the TCW Heavyweight Championship being defended in a Triple Threat match with the Champion Sugar Dunkerton taking on two challengers in the form of H.T Drake and Soner Dursun both of whom have duly earned their title shots against ‘The Leader of the Band’ for whom himself was looking to close out what has been a breakout year for the American.As ever with an Sugar match, there was the early frivolity with the ‘Sugar Sugar’ tune and some festive tunes involving Sugar’s name which certainly got the crowd warmed up, take into account as both Drake and Sugar working well together to send Soner packing to the floor as I went back to my standing spot, Soner was sulking in a front row chair not wanting to get in the ring, so it was left to both Drake and Sugar to tussle it out in the early running of this match. Sugar showed off during this match some interesting submission moves including one where he locked in a Cattle Mutilation and a triangle choke on both opponents causing both Drake and Dursun to nearly tapout.On a number of occasions during this match, all three competitors had opportunities to win this contest which built to a great finish as Sugar caught Dursun up on the top rope to hit an Avalanche DVD to Soner to get the three count to retain his TCW World Heavyweight Champion which he will now go and defend on February 10th against Rampage Brown in what could be a match for the ages folks.

After the match though, with Sugar celebrating, both him and Drake were surrounded by the newly formed ‘Crown of Thorns’ (Rhio, Grodd, B.A Rose and Will Kroos) who attacked both Drake and Sugar leading to the quartet placing a barbed wire crown on top of Sugar’s head which led to The Lion Kings coming out to make the save to set up what looks like our main storyline going into 2019 for Tidal Wrestling.

So there you have it, another excellent evening courtesy of Tidal Wrestling which nearly everything hitting the right points and those that didn’t have good bits in between but all in all I went away a happy customer as can be seen with this photo of the Graps Gang with Brady Phillips before we left the venue to get out transport back home – myself arriving back into Rochdale for 11:15pm.

If you have enjoyed reading this review, make sure you check out Tidal’s upcoming shows in February in Newcastle on the 10th and in Leeds on the 22nd and if not that they are doing a show in London on March 3rd– trust me you will enjoy it!! Next up from me on the site with be the Graps and Claps awards show – so until then BYE