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Hello and welcome everyone to Graps and Claps for the first in a line of many reviews this week taking us across the Pennines for Tidal Wrestling from this past Friday and also a double header of Southside Wrestling which will be reviewed by my understudy Chris in the next couple of days. Anyways lets get into reviewing Tidal Wrestling which emanated from The Temple of Boom in Leeds on a sunny Friday afternoon in a Vegan Cafe, the show titled ‘High Tide’ is generally noted as Tidal’s biggest show of the year with a number of U.S imports on the card plus the cream of the Yorkshire/North East circuit.

Taking the train at 1:58 pm in Littleborough with a can of Magic Rock Yorkshire Bitter and a bag of Black Pudding Pork Scratchings we took the 1 hour journey into Leeds, to meet up with the rest of the gang – Ben, Tom and Athers along the way. Starting off in The Head of Steam which was fairly quiet on this afternoon for a pint of 5% North Brewery Sputnik Pale Ale costing £4.30 with a CAMRA Discount , so you are talking around a £5 for this without the discount, a very good pint here from the North family who in the last month or so I have had a number of quaffable drinks – so I wholeheartedly recommend there drinks if you are on your travels.

A change of pace here as we moved on to a bar which I last visited last August – The Nation of Shopkeepers which with the sunny weather on this afternoon brought perfect beer garden weather and possibly the best pint of the days which was a Sierra Nevada Southern Gothic Pils costing £5.10 which when eventually poured after a barrel change provided a crisp clean finish and a drink that you easily end up having a couple of pints of, but do be wary around this area as there were a number of vagrants operating in this area showing off their ‘decent’ card tricks!

Next pub was North Bar a total of two drinks one of which was a North Brewery Pale Ale costing £4.40 providing a bright orange colour which was enticing on the eye. Also here I had a pint of a pale ale which was imported over from New Zealand meaning an extra couple of quid on the price of a pint here costing £7.50 but still it got the thumbs up from me as we discussed many a topic surrounding WWE UK and my completely silly thought that the PROGRESS Wembley Arena show would be the last under the PROGRESS banner going out in style and then morphing into WWE UK – an absolutely absurd idea but nothing surprises much anymore in the world of British Wrestling.

Last pub on the way to the venue was The Reliance which was visited the last time we came to a TIDAL show. I had a pint of Moor Brewery PMA costing £6 and was distinctly better than the other Pale Ale on offer. It was in this venue where the chant of the day would gain traction inspired by the stylings of Boney M – ‘The Rivers of Babylon’ and the also the mind of Ben (@britwresawaydays) for the appearance on this night of Dragon Gate/Dove Pro Superstar Naoki Tanazaki:





Repeat Chorus

As we would find out later on, this turned into Sugar Dunkerton levels of chanting reaching a duration of 4 and a half minutes long, just long enough to wind Joseph Conners up.

Arriving at The Temple of Boom a packed crowd were in attendance for the evening’s action which was great to see for Tidal as they have consistently put on some of the best wrestling’s show in the UK but not got the attendance that they have deserved. With this first ever Friday night Tidal show we kicked off with TCW Women’s Championship action with the Champion Little Miss Roxxy going up against Mia Yim in a clash on paper that looked a tasty affair.

In practice this was a good match but I thought Mia Yim overpowered and outfought Roxxy with chops that were as loud as some of the ones we have seen from the likes of WALTER. Roxxy did try to make a comeback with some chops and kicks of her own but to no effect to Mia who finished off Roxxy after about 10 minutes with a Package Piledriver for the 1-2-3 and your new TCW Women’s Champion is Mia Yim.

Another silly chant here from the Tidal Faithful to the tune of PIA – PIA PIANO PIANO


With her newly won championship, Mia Yim was ready for more action offering anyone in the back for a open challenge for her title. In a surprise out popped El Ligero with his newly gained Yorkshire accent to face Mia, this was an excellent match as ever with El Ligero who never has a bad match being dominated quite a bit during this match by Mia who has faced much larger opponents in recent times (Keith Lee). A range of kicks were traded between both combatants leading to the two of them flooring each other, back to a starting base and in what some might say was a shock win was Mia lifting up Ligero to finish him off with a Package Piledriver for the 1-2-3 to retain her TCW Women’s Championship. Mia is supposed to be back in November so look out for her when she comes back over, plus as well she genuinely looks like she enjoys the UK crowd and there silly chanting.

Tag Team action next with the returning former TCW Tag Team Champions – The Proven (Caz Crash and Sam WIlder) facing off against ICW regulars The Purge. A very even contest which was initially The Purge doing a long beatdown early on to Caz Crash until Crash got his bearings and made the hot tag to Wilder who came in like a house on fire to take control of the contest and it wasn’t too long after that The Proven finished off one of The Purge with the ‘Chasing The Dragon’ for the victory which puts The Proven into TCW Tag Team Title contention.

Fourth Match of the evening was for the TCW Open Championship between the Champion Brady Phillips facing off against former Champion Sean Only who turned face at TCW a couple of shows ago but it did take a little time on this occasion to warm to the fact he is now a good guy here after seeing him be the baddie for so long. A good contest here which halfway through was interrupted by Miles Kayman who also interjected himself into the match but at every opportunity he was thwarted by both Phillips and Only and also Cowboy John the referee who landed a stunner to Kayman to the cheers of the crowd.

With Kayman out of the way, Brady hit a spinning DDT to Only for a two count , but was then countered soon after into an RKO from Only from a close 2. With his title hanging in the balance Brady managed to hit a DDT to Only for a 3 count to retain his TCW Open Championship. After the match Only offered a handshake to Brady who declined the offer to boos from the crowd.

Next up we had a 3-way women’s match with possible title shots later in the year at stake with Charli Evans vs Millie Mckenzie vs Isla Dawn. Another good match here with the crowd behind Charli and Millie and less so behind Isla, This did look more like a showcase for Charli Evans as she impressed during this contest and is someone who deserves to get more opportunities than just being stuck behind the merch desk. Millie did spend a lot of time on the outside of the ring during this match but when she did get in she hit her customary German suplexes to fold her opponents up like accordions but when she was in full control she was knocked out of the ring by Isla who then locked in a Dragon Sleeper on a helpless Charli for the submission victory – Good Match!

Next contest was for the TCW Tag Team Championships with the Champions – The Lion Kings (Nsereko and Sebb Strife) going up against Scottish Kingpins The Kings of Catch (Lewis Girvan & Aspen Faith). A very good tag team match here with The Kings of Catch impressing her with their tag team offence and ability to cut off the ring especially when they were beating down Nsereko as he was trying to get the hot tag to Sebb on the ring apron. When Sebb eventually got the tag and hit both a top rope splash and a moonsault for two falls respectively. With The Lion Kings on there way to victory, they were almost distracted by The Proven who came out to argue their case for being the next in line but thankfully The Lion Kings kept there focus and finished off The Kings of Catch in just over 15 minutes for the victory.

Four way TCW Heavyweight Championship Match next with the Champion Joseph Conners going against Dara Diablo, HT Drake and crowd favourite Naoki Tanazaki who as noted before had one of the biggest singalongs you will see this year at a wrestling show, maybe it did go on a bit long but you can’t deny stuff like this adds to the atmosphere and the overall experience of watching a wrestling show.

A wild 4-way took the outside of The Temple of Boom with the referee unable to gain control of the combatants in the early stages of the match. Once order was restored, a very good contest took place which ended with Conners relinquishing his belt in his first defence to HT Drake who he had beaten for the title at the last Tidal show. For the crowd though the takeaway was the love of Tanazaki, make sure you get the opportunity to show him this love in the next couple of weeks while he still on his jaunt around the UK.

Main event of the evening was a BIG HOSS clash between ‘The Walking Weapon’ Josh Alexander facing Rampage Brown in what looked on paper to be a hard hitting contest. Sadly though an unfortunate Separated Shoulder injury befell Rampage Brown early on into the match bringing a victory for Alexander via injury to Rampage which was a sad way to end the show but these things happen in wrestling and one can only wish of a speedy recovery for Rampers.

Beer prices – £2.50 Old Speckled Hen

Food Prices – £5 for Vegan Curry or Black Bean Dream with rice (These are excellent dishes that come highly recommended from many people in attendance).

Toilets – Outside toilet is improving with the lack of cans swimming in the gutter for a change – but still a 3/10

With the time reaching 9:50 pm we went along our merry way back to Littleborough arriving back at 11:45 pm.

An excellent evening’s action at TIDAL and if you are interested in going watching TIDAL they have a double show on the 22nd July and two midweek shows coming up on the 15th August and 19th September – go and check them out.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this review, Like, Retweet and Share this as ever! With which Gabriel Kidd is an avid reader I guess from his promo at Southside last night (probably not)!