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Hello and welcome everyone to Part 2 of the PCW 7th Anniversary weekender this time moving to Preston from Blackpool via a 20 minute train ride.

Leaving the Ruskin hotel at 930 am and after  search for our Geoff’s coat which he had left in the cabaret room the night before luckily enough the good people at the hotel left it with the reception desk, so with a relieved brother in tow we embarked on a trip to the local Joke shop’s and pound shops of Blackpool on the search for musical instruments for the ‘Fans bring the musical instruments match’ on the evening show between Tel Banham and Matthew Brooks. Sadly the first stop which was a Joke shop didn’t know what a kazoo was of all things, who would have thought that in 2018??

With the tour of the local shops over and ending up being empty handed we went to Spoons from the night before and tucked into some much needed breakfast with a pint of coke before setting off on our way to Preston, arriving there at 1130 am to meet up with friend of the blog – Ben Corrigan who was taking in the afternoon show of PCW before moving on to Prestwich for the Futureshock 14th Anniversary show (the troubles of shows double booking on the same day).

Nothing much in the way of pub action beforehand due to 2 places not opening till 12 Noon and Hogarth’s being in a state of refurbishment so we went to The Twelve Tellers for a pint of coke and a charge of the mobile phone devices before meeting up with the rest of the group in the Guild Ale House for a swift half, my mate Carbs was very impressed with the price of the Fruli in this pub notably because he always pays a small fortune down south in Watford.

With the wrestling starting at 1pm, we moved on to the Flag market in Preston for the afternoon’s action but due to what I would find out later (Dave Taylor Seminar at the Academy taking place), the show was delayed by 45 minutes including a spot of stalling from PCW Commentator Stallion who was doing the ring announcing for the afternoon, some of his jokes were painful to listen to but bless him he had a tough job of stretching time out.

Finally things got under way at 1:45 pm with a starter of Dean Allmark who was readying himself for his PCW Championship opportunity on the evening show against Lionheart, his opponent for the afternoon show was T-Bone who has been missing from action in the last few weeks reportedly due to an injury. This was very much in the sphere of a holiday camp type match with lots of stalling and pandering to the crowd (I am a big fan of this stuff, its just great to see you don’t have to do much to get an instant reaction, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it doesn’t half work), lots of dad dancing and dabbing from Deano in the early part of the match, but when it got down to business this was a great tune up for Deano to show he could hang with the bigger heavyweights as he finished off T-Bone with a 3 move combo (Double stomp to the back, Superkick then a moonsault to get the victory). Excellent fun!

Second match up was a more high flying battle between Planet Bolton’s own Arcadian going up against Drew Parker. As per the match the night before with the goodie taking the baddie for a walk around the audience so kids could chop the baddie, this happened once again with Parker being the victim to some stiff chops from the young locals. Parker though did regain his bearings once back in the ring and finished off Arcadian with a Pele Kick and then followed up with an impressive 450 splash (picture perfect if I don’t say so myself).

Third up we had a battle of 2 up and coming wrestlers from the PCW Academy with ‘Big Time’ Bruce Wheeler who has a gimmick of being a bit of a playboy whilst carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels, on first impression he has a good look that could be lots of fun given the right time and attention. His opponent was AC Stryker who debuted on the Tribute to the Troops shows in losing efforts. This was a good 10 minute match with 2 relatively unknown wrestlers, as I found out later Bruce was knocked a bit loopy from a back suplex by Stryker so props go out to him for continuing. With Wheeler being knocked loopy, it was left to AC to hit 4 ripcord knees of death to compound Wheeler’s misery for the victory.

After another short wait for some reason or another, we came back to the action with the monstrous BIG T not wearing his Dennis Taylor glimmers on this occasion and his opponent for this afternoon was Daniel Varley who is another Academy trainee wearing some Stone Roses influenced tights and in conjunction he came out as well to ‘Fools Gold’ for which the band had a smash hit record.back in the day. This was what some people might call a public flogging s BIG T chopped and booted poor Varley into orbit on his way to an easy victory, in a sick way this was entertaining just to hear BIG T’s chops scare off many flocks of pigeons in the surrounding trees.

Next up we had Tag Team Title Action with The Kinky Party (Sha Samuels & Jack Jester) taking on the team of Dave Birch & James Finn w/Chris Da Bell who I last saw at a PCW Halifax show (he has great potential I think as a manager of the baddies). This match was made into a good old fashioned Preston Street Fight as the action spilled out to the local chain of Nando’s and a Cafe with Sha Samuels laying waste to Poor James Finn, Samuels looked like he was having the time of his life during this match, Once back in the ring, Samuels and Jester finished off their opponents with a jumping Spike Tombstone to retain the tag titles, this was great fun with the crowds of people really enjoying the chaotic nature of it – top stuff!

Next up we had an intriguing battle on paper between ‘The Prince of Panache’ Sheikh El-Sham taking on Ashton Smith – cue my singing once again Everytime Ashton Everytime!!, also chants to rile up the Sheikh of ‘Sheikh El Shambles’ and ‘Sheiking in his Boots’, just great to see El-Sham playing up to this nonsense. As a wrestling match this was maybe my favourite of the whole afternoon show with Ashton and El-Sham both having their working boots on and it was Ashton Smith who sadly succumbed to Sheikh El-Sham’s camel clutch for the tapout loss – BIG win for El-Sham as he looks like someone who could be challenging for title honours in the next year.

Quick note: It was noted at this stage by a couple of our group of the canny resemblance that referee Liam had to OCD Policeman Craig off Coronation Street, got to say for a first reffing gig Liam did very well.

Semi Main Event action next with the fallen former PCW Women’s Champion Rhio taking on World of Sport Star Viper in a battle to gain valuable momentum. Give both ladies there due this was a good match but maybe it didn’t reach the heights of previous encounters that these two have had in the past with Viper missing a Cannonball into the corner which led to Rhio hitting a huge Samoan Drop for a near fall. Viper did eventually hit the Cannonball in the corner to wind Rhio and then finished her off with the Viper driver to get the win. It is to be noted the local asylum had let a couple of delinquents out on day release and drop them where I stood ( Deary me 🙁

Main Event time with the PCW Championship on the line with Lionheart defending his title against the might of Sugar Dunkerton whose entrance was a WrestleMania style one atop of the Preston Town Hall conducting the audience in another rendition of Sugar Sugar for another good 10 minutes – he is over like rover in the North West. On to the match, Sugar hit a fireman’s carry into a punch for a 2 count, at a standing base Lionheart hit what looked like a match winning Rock Bottom for a 2 count. The finish came when referee Liam was distracted in the corner allowing Lionheart to boot Dunkerton in the knackers and CHEEKY ROLL UP Sugar for the tainted victory. After the match with Lionheart beating down Sugar, Dean Allmark came down to make the save and issue a warning to Lionheart to watch out for what was to come in the evening show.

Overall a fun couple of hours despite the 45 minute delay, Sheikh vs Ashton and the Streetfight were possibly the standout matches of the afternoon for me.

With the show done at 4pm, it was time to get a couple of drinks in and a sit down before the big evening show as we bid farewell to Benny who was hot footing it to Prestwich and with that said, I will leave you till next time when I come back with a report of show number 3 – I told you it was going to be a bumper edition.