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Hello and welcome everyone to another edition of Graps and Claps, this time bringing you a visit to what was supposed to be the last ever ‘Tuesday Night Graps’ presented by IPW UK at the Frog and Bucket due to incidents with talcum powder and some of the things happening in the ring that didn’t go down very well with the venue itself.

As ever though with any journey to the graps and any journey to the Frog and Bucket, it started with a visit to Graps and Claps Pub of the Year contender – The Crown and Kettle which has been the meeting point for many editions of ‘Tuesday Night Graps’ and on this occasion the pub was as busy as it ever has been with many people paying their last respects to TNG. Due to a delay with doors opening not until 7:30pm, it meant extra time was had in the pub to devour the usual great selection that is on offer in this boozer.

In conjunction with a Manchester Egg from Beehive Foods, I had a total of 4 pints as follows: – Gadds Dark Conspiracy (4.9% £3.60) which was a smooth porter, followed up by a Cyclone Muscavado Tropical Stout on keg tap (6.5% £6), probably the best two drinks for me were next in the form of a Red Rowan Irish Red Ale (4% £3.50) that surprisingly didn’t go down well with my mate Simon who ended up with a right tinny tasting pint and last but not least before I set foot in the Frog and Bucket was a Fierce Brewery Day Shift (5% £5.50) that was a fruity IPA and very clean on the tastebuds.

A huge group photo was then taken as seen below, the usual tall ones at the back and small ones at the front routine but it doesn’t half show how one show has brought a large group of people together on what would usually a quiet Tuesday night sat at home watching Lego Masters or something to that effect.

Apart from the usual hug from Mr.Taff who I hadn’t seen for quite a few weeks, the view of Gadge’s tea which was a proper northern pie, mash, peas and gravy that looked like heaven and only costing £8.95 – I will certainly be testing this gourmet delight the next time I visit this pub.

Setting across to the venue, searches were in force for anyone trying to sneak in talcum powder in amongst the sold out crowd for this final hurrah, so without further ado let’s get into what went down on this evening: –

First up was a return match from Sunday’s NGW show in Keighley as El Phantasmo took on IPW UK Champion ‘Superbad’ Kip Sabian with the latter looking for revenge from his loss at the weekend. The start of this match was very similar to the shenanigans of Sunday with Sabian taking a powder on the outside as the tune of ‘Supertwat’ was ringing in his ears. Whilst this was happening ELP was trying to chain wrestle with Referee James Greenwood in the ring using a multitude of wristlocks that young James didn’t look bad doing.

Once the action got going, it went all a shade of slow motion as visions of the great Slow-Motion match from PCW all them years ago with Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis vs Mad Man Manson and Danny Hope brought back fond memories and what can be said about this match was both lads played these slow-motion antics to perfection, also give the crowd their due they even joined in with slow-motion chanting and clapping. I sometimes think with the wrestlers doing this act, they do well at not cracking up themselves in the ring and how they keep a straight face is just great.

After around 15 minutes though, the finish of this match came when El Phantasmo went for a slow motion splash from the top rope but a black morph suited ‘Create a Wrestler’ came in to help him land but Sabian connected with slow-motion knees to wind ELP and then quickly in a great turn of pace roll up ELP for the victory in a perfect starter to the madness what would be this show and certainly fit the remit.

After the match though Sabian got on to the microphone, to say thanks to Tuesday Night Graps, but then said he was thankful that this was the end of the shenanigans and told the fans to take their miserable faces to Milton Keynes to see the proper IPW or something to that effect, which was roundly jeered by those in attendance at the thought of going to the ‘Land of the Roundabouts’ for IPW.

Next up we had 4-way action with 3 of TNG’s favourites (Charli Evans, Joe Nelson and Chuck Mambo) and Shane ‘The Power’ Taylor. Early on the 3 fan favourites tried to take the much bigger Taylor down to send him to the floor outside, Evans hit a head scissor driver to Mambo but Joe Nelson came in and hit a superkick and a springboard press to Charli for a 2. Nelson though was left on his own in the ring but was in trouble when Shane Taylor came up from behind to attack Joe, but Joe with Charli and Chuck managed of all things to triple superplex Taylor. We then had fought on the floor with Taylor, Evans and Chuck fighting between themselves but what’s that coming out of the sky from the balcony none other than Joe Nelson with a huge dive to a great reaction from the Frog and Bucket audience.

Back in the ring we had a Triple Superkick to Taylor to send him packing, so with 3 left we had Chuck Mambo being rolled up by both Joe Nelson and Charli Evans to finally give Evans a win in a Tuesday Night Graps ring to lead the fans into a singalong of ‘Tom’s Diner’, sadly though the celebrations were cut short when Taylor came back in the ring to leave the 3 goodies laying – booooo!!!

The last match before the break was a rematch from the last Tuesday Night Graps show between Drew Parker and the Invisible Man which in this writer’s opinion wasn’t particularly looking forward to as the first one wasn’t a patch on Joey Janela’s road to madness in Blackpool about a year ago this week.

From what I could see of this match, Parker tried to cut off the Invisible Man’s Willie, tried to chuck him off the balcony and do other silly stuff in the ring include at one stage trying to cut himself which I thought was utterly silly – Drew won in about 10 minutes but this was utter shit!

Drew for me is just one of them characters that I don’t get, when I have seen him have proper wrestling matches he is actually quite alright but I do feel in the current time he is dangerously pigeonholed as a Hardcore wrestler which once you have seen one hardcore match, you have seen the lot (i.e. Jimmy Havoc who has fallen foul of this in the last year or so) – Death House aside which does feel like an occasion. Drew does feel like one of them popular through Twitter wrestlers, but probably not as good as people think, but only my opinion.

Back from break we had tag team action that was supposed to be David Starr & Jack Sexsmith vs Mark Haskins & Jimmy Havoc but due Starr rolling his ankle on Monday night and Jimmy Havoc being AWOL, so instead we had Jack Sexsmith teaming with Darius Lockhart taking on Mark Haskins and Chris Ridgeway (two of the stars of the Tuesday Night Graps shows).

From the get-go we had Sexsmith on the back foot as Haskins connected with hard kicks to the chest of Sexsmith and then both Haskins and Ridgeway double teamed Darius with multiple kicks to the chest to leave him wounded. Luckily for Darius and Jack, they got in some offence including a superkick from Sexsmith to Ridgeway and also a couple of underhook suplexes to Ridgeway for a 2 count. Sadly, though that was as good as it got for Darius and Jack as they were both caught by Haskins and Ridgeway in double submissions to cause the tap out victory in around 12/13 minutes. Lockhart I have to say I would like to see come back in the future to possibly face a Haskins/Ridgeway as he looks a very accomplished wrestler.

So here we are, we come to the final ‘Tuesday Night Graps’ with CCK & Aussie Open teaming up to take on The Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne, Los Federales Santos & The Brothers of Obstruction (The Hunter Brothers) in an elimination match where you could only defeat your opponent by either Pinfall, Submission or Murder!

One thing I liked early on was the call back in the outfits of CCK & Aussie Open to the Reservoir Dogs incident where Kyle Fletcher got shot and was still playing dead, having to be carried out during his entrance by Mark Davis. We had Kid Lykos dressed in pool party gear on the outside, Mark Davis was dressed in his bunny ears and Chris Brookes was dressed up as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

As expected in the near enough 25/30-minute duration this was comedy perfection once again from the beautiful mind of Chris Brookes and his band of merry men, with the finish coming that there was only Chris Brookes left for his team (well we thought it was) and IPW UK owner Billy Wood who was looking to put the final nail in the coffin for the Tuesday Night Graps shows as if Brookes and his team won the match they would be able to take over the running of the show.

At a standoff, Wood shot Brookes in the chest with a gun to send him plundering to the mat with a thud to eliminate him, but who is this sneaking from behind – only Kyle Fletcher who rose from the dead and knifed Damien Dunne a couple of times in the stomach to murder him and win control of Tuesday Night Graps for The Aussies and CCK to send the crowd into raptures knowing that there will be more shows in 2019 of this fun and wacky concept that has been great for a midweek show.

So there we have it, I would say a successful evening’s worth of entertainment with Sabian/ELP and the Main Event being the best matches on the card if you are looking for something to watch when released on IPW on Demand! I hope you have enjoyed reading and I will be back next time with a review of PCW’s first visit to Bolton on Friday evening, so until then – BYE!!