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Hello and welcome once again to Graps and Claps taking you on a summer holiday to The Frog and Bucket for a #CCK Pool Party made up from the very creative mind of one Chris Brookes.

Before we get into the wrestling and beer, on this blog from time to time I will pick up on either lookalikes or rude sounding names. The winner of this week’s ‘OOH ER MISSUS’ Award goes to this set of doughnuts found in the local Co-Op!

A collection of Spunk and Balls in the same packet.

As ever with these trips to the Frog and Bucket, the evening started off with a visit to Graps and Claps Pub of the Year – The Crown and Kettle for a huge meetup of inflatables, hawaiian shirts and people in shark outfits, as seen in the below evidence: Jamo in his Kushida lifejacket maybe wins the award of best outfit ahead of Taff in the shark outfit but who am I to judge – I was in a black t-shirt and jeans like the closet goth I am.

Plenty of top ales were on the menu with anything from a 5% Thornbridge pale ale to a 10% Imperial Barrel Aged dick kicker to the solarplexes. Feast your eyes on this selection that makes this pub a must do on your wrestling trip around Manchester 😮

Drinks done at about 7pm with 2 and half pints down my throat, I walked across the road to the venue for this evening of which was a sold out crowd which has been a thing these Tuesday Night Graps have produced on a regular basis.

Before taking my position at the back of the room, I was greeted by Benno who was making a first time visit to Tuesday Night Graps and by all accounts he enjoyed it for the fun aspect of what these shows are known for.

First match on this evening was between two of the youngest wrestlers on the UK scene battling it out for the Z-Force Championship as the Champion Maverick Mayhew took on ‘He Isnt very hench, he got an A in French’ Joe Nelson. A good opener that got off to a fast pace with Mayhew hitting a neckbreaker on the outside to get the advantage, then follow up with a meteora for a 2 count.

Nelson came back with a sweet springboard moonsault to the outside followed up with a tornado ddt to look on his way to victory, but sadly for Joe he was stopped in his tracks with an USHI-GO-RUSHI from Mayhew who got the 3 count to end a fine bout.

Next up was 4-way action with Kip ‘Supertwat’ Sabian who got a rendition of said nickname to the theme of Purple Rain by Prince which left Jack Sexsmith in fits of laughter at this tune. Sabian was taking on Sexsmith, Chuck Mambo and making his debut from New Zealand – Johnny Idol who looks like prime beef who can shift.

After the early volleyball shenanigans in which Kip Sabian showed off some great football skills including the ‘Higuita’ Scorpion kick. Johnny Idol looked a bit non-plussed at this and promptly suplexed his opponents into orbit to show his disgust. A really good 4-way match came to a close when Mambo got slingshotted into the turnbuckle and was then finished off by Sabian with a Burning Hammer front slam for the 3 count. Sabian is very good in this role as a mega prick, he certainly has come a long way since his debut at the Frog and Bucket.

Third up was a deathmatch between two of Tuesday Night Graps favourites as Chris Ridgeway took on Drew Parker. Sadly for me this didn’t hit the right notes as I am not the biggest deathmatch fan as they can become a bit ‘paint by numbers’ with Staple guns, baking trays and pins.

They did spend a bit of the match on the floor which made it hard to view if you were far back in this tiny venue. What I did see was Drew feeding Ridgeway some pins in his mouth and then smacking him in the jaw whilst these were in hus gob.

Back in the ring, the use of scissors came into effect with Drew being cut open with to make his face the proverbial crimson mask.

The finish of this match came when Ridgeway managed to choke out Parker in about 15 minutes, but this just wasn’t my graps as both are accomplished wrestlers in their own right, the use of a deathmatch gimmick just for the sake of it justs renders it as complete nonsense on my head.

Next up after Drew had finished wiping his bloody forehead on a tampon at half time, was Eddie Dennis vs El Ligero which started off with stuff relating to Marty Scurll and people shouting random nonce-sense (read on twitter which explains more), which had me shaking my head as I walked to the bar in just why bother shouting random stuff that doesn’t relate to the competitors in the ring.

Anyways that out of the way, this was a good match with the main highlights being Ligero hitting a powerbomb and a big splash for a two count. Dennis came back and hit a huge splash mountain buckle bomb in the corner to daze Ligs, Dennis though got a bit too ahead of himself and was finished off with a C4L by Ligero who got the three count.

Semi Main Event was for the IPW Women’s Title with Charli Evans who came out to the Frog and Bucket’s crowd favourite song – Tom’s Diner which is a banger and a great fit for Charli’s name but be warned fans don’t try to fit a million other things into this tune (another gripe from Victor Meldrew Ogden).

Charli was taking on Xia Brookside who has looked good on the matches I have seen here have and I would go as far to say that run continued her for me, but it wasn’t to be easy for Xia as she got caught with a sweet ddt from Charli for the nearest of two falls. With Charli on her way to victory she was caught with an inside cradle by Xia who got the 3 count to retain her championship. Good stuff but as Meldrew said ‘the crowd annoyed me a bit here’ .

Main event time now with everyone’s favourite Best Boys – Kid Lykos and Chris Brookes taking on the Anti-Fun Police in an ‘all inflatables are legal’ match which was certainly that as every blown up things was used including a returning inflatable Lykos who did a huge dive to Santos down below.

A really fun way to end proceedings was this match with many comedy moments that fitted the theme for the evening. It all came to an end when Brookes hit the SHOOOP! and then the Jay Driller to Damien Dunne for the 3 count.

So there you go, a fun show in most parts with the main event and the first two matches edging it. As stated I wasn’t a fan of the deathmatch but you might be – just my own preferences.

Show done it was the decamp after the show to the Smithfield Tavern for the post-mortem over a half pint of a 10% Dark Cherry Stout from Northern Monk costing £5 and tasting like silk, even Chris Egan (good chap) who was sat with me gave the thumbs up.

IPW return in September to the Frog and Bucket for the scrap between Chris Ridgeway and Timothy Thatcher which should be a great technical duel and full of stiff kicks. I hope my mate Shauna gets a better position than the one she had tonight (she loves Thatcher).

Anyways thanks for reading, give it a share, leave feedback and I will be back next week with a review of TIDAL Wrestling in Leeds.