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Hello and welcome everyone once again to Graps and Claps, this time taking me on a short trip to Stockport for Futureshock Wrestling Uproar 102 taking place at the Masonic Guildhall. Arriving into Stockport at 3 p.m I made my way to the regular haunt of The Petersgate Tap to meet up with the Graps gang for a couple of hours of drinks and chat before the wrestling started. Drinks in here as ever was an excellent selection of IPA’s and Stouts including a spot on pint of 6% Saltaire Brewery Unity IPA costing £3.60 which had the slight taste of an Abbot’s Export Ale. Also on tap was a 12% Coconut porter which I didn’t touch, but if you are in there it is well worth a 1/3rd if you are in the vicinity.

Meeting up with Birthday Boy Andrew Gibney in the ‘Spoons next door, I had 2 pints of 5% Naylors Northern Gold both of which were passable, being honest though there wasn’t much selection in the way of different drinks in this ‘Spoons. Next up on the road to the Guildhall was another visit to the Wellington for a sit down in its exceedingly great range of soft furnishings whilst having a pint or two of Dortmunder Vier which if you ever visit this pub – it is a cracking pint!

One thing that did catch my eye on this afternoon, was the array of old pubs signs adorning the walls of the beer garden/smoking area. Supposedly the bloke who runs it has some strange sort of hobby where he collects old pub signage (each to their own), but an interesting quirk to an already decent pub despite the lack of urinal space in the gents.

Drinks done, we arrived at the venue to be greeted with a piece of paper listing special offers on drink including 500ml cans of Scrumpy Jack for only £1.50, i only had the two of these during the show any more I would have rightfully been on my arse.

A sold out crowd was certainly in attendance as extra seats were having to be found to fit everyone in. We had a total of 7 matches on this evening including an Adrenaline title match between the Champion Joey Hayes taking on Doug Williams in what looked like it could be a cracker on paper. So without further ado let’s get into the action!

First up we had tag team action with the newly formed team of Chris Egan and John McGregor, the latter having split up with Sexy Kev at the 14th Anniversary, their opponents for the evening was the team of Damon Leigh (still in his Chicken suit) and Big Joe collectively known as either ‘Big and Brave’ or ‘Chicken Little’.

As ever with Damon and Joe involved there were plenty of pratfalls from both with Egan and John making them look silly. One great shout when Joe was on the offence was Damon shouting to Joe ‘Show him your inner Kevin Nash’!!

Sadly for Joe he ended up on the deck quicker than when Big Kev got finger poked, as McGregor submitted Joe in just over 10 minutes to get him back on the winning path since his downhill slope with Kev.

Next up was a Teacher vs Student match with former Adrenaline Champion Sam Bailey taking on Callum Corrie, with the latter trying to build momentum from his last Stockport appearance where he pushed Zack Gibson in an absolute barn burner.

This match was another one to add to the run of great matches Corrie is having recently. Corrie hit a BIG Springboard elbow and a modified Snow Plough for a 2 count, Bailey came back though with a Yakuza boot and a roll up for consecutive 2 counts. As Rizzy Khan on the outside tried to get involved, it didn’t work to Bailey’s advantage as Corrie caught Bailey clean with a front face DDT to get the 3 count – hopefully this is just the start of Corrie sky rocketing up the Futureshock ladder.

After the match Rizzy and Bailey beatdown Corrie until Soner made the save, as we would find out on this evening Sam Bailey is due to face Soner Durson on November 18th in what looks like a possible feud ender.

Next match was a 6-woman tag match between sworn enemies as The Queen Bees clad in very nice t-shirts (I would probably buy one) took on Lana Austin, Shax and Hollie.

Early stages was The Bees dominating showing their prowess by beating down both Hollie and Lana but somewhere along the way some sort of miscommunication cloud came over The Bees, as they found themselves on the wrong end of a comeback from Shax, Lana and Hollie. This comeback led to Mollie Spartan and Kasey Owens skulking off to the back leaving their mate Jayla literally in the Dark as she couldn’t defy the 3 on 1 odds and soon fell to defeat – Could this be the beginning of the Bees downfall?? We shall just have to see.

Next match and the half time main event with the Adrenaline title being on the line with Joey Hayes taking on Doug Williams. With the pleasantries out of the way we got down to action with some neat chain wrestling from both wrestlers.

Doug however though being the veteran dug into his skullduggery box including using the Adrenaline belt at one stage whilst the referee was distracted to hit Joey for a close 2 fall. With Joey still dazed, Doug tried to hit the final blow with the Chaos Theory but by attempting this he was caught unaware and rolled up by Joey for the 3 count to retain the Adrenaline Title in a fine contest to send the crowd off to half time to get their raffle tickets and cans of Scrumpy Jack.

We returned from the break with Tag Team Title action as the Champions ‘The Tattooed Terrors’ Chris Ridgeway and T-Bone took on The Young Guns who as I have previously stated have rightfully earned this chance at the straps impressing everyone with their youth and exuberance.

One of the highlights of this match was the exchange of kicks between Luke Jacobs who is a bit of a hoss for someone of his age trying to trade off with known Shoot Style wrestler Ridgeway. Even though Jacobs kicks looked hard, my god his soul got sent off into orbit with the thud like strikes of Ridgers – Ouch just OUCH!!

Lasting around 15 minutes, The Young Guns certainly held their own impressing those in attendance but sadly as I predicted in my preview of this show they came up short as Ridgeway pinned Luke Jacobs to retain the tag belts. After the match a well deserved show of respect was shown to the Guns who have been one of the shining lights in Futureshock’s 2018.

Second to last match was high stakes for a now ‘Serious’ Kev Lloyd fresh with new music and looking to get an opportunity at the Futureshock Heavyweight Title in the future but only if he beat current champ Cyanide RAAAAARRRRGGGHHH! In a non-title match.

Sadly though for Kev it didn’t go too well for him as he was mullered by Cyanide in quick fashion as Cyanide hit a huge lariat to Kev that shook Kev’s head from side to side as he pinned the former Sexy Gents – Poor Kev 😢

Main event time now with a 4-way elimination match to see who will be looking at the lights next Sunday for WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne at Fairfield Social Club. The competitors you ask well we had J.J Webb, Soner Durson, our boy Ashton Smith who got a great rendition of ‘All of the Lights’ from yours truly and the last man was Graps and Claps favourite – IT’SSSSSSS WOLFIE!!! Wolfgang/Golfwang.

Straight from the off, Wolfie was being roundly booed by the Futureshock faithful who were on fine form this evening – GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLFFFFFFFFFF WANGGGG!!! -Yes I have been suffering today with a sore throat from this wailing. Anyways on to the elimination as it was Wolfie who sent J.J packing after 5 minutes to much jeering.

Wolfie though was next to depart as Ashton pinned the ‘Last King of Scotland’ sending him to the back with the AAAAARRRGGGHH Walk of Shame ringing in his ears. So we were down to 2 with Durson trying to at least some momentum together in what’s been a poor 2018 for the Turkish Wolf. With Soner looking like he was about to get the victory he was stopped in his tracks by Rizzy Khan and Sam Bailey who flattened Durson leaving Ashton to hit a GTS for the win and a visit with Pete Dunne at Tapped 2 next week.

So there we have it, another fun couple of hours from Futureshock who rarely have an off night, and if you are at Tapped 2 next week you are in for a treat! Back home for 1030pm with a 14 inch pizza and some onion rings it was off to sleep to end another hectic weekend of wrestling.

Next show review from me will be from Tidal Wrestling Flabbergasted on the 19th September, so I look forward to bring you all of the going downs from that event, so until then leave your feedback, likes and retweets and BYE!!