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Hello everyone! Once again to another review from Graps and Claps this time taking me to the arches of Deansgate, Manchester for Futureshock Wrestling’s Reloaded on a glorious Sunday afternoon.

With the England vs Panama World Cup match taking pride of place on this day, I set off to Manchester early enough to get a prime spot in one of the many bars on offer in the city. My initial first bar of choosing was the Walkabout in the Printworks but due to the overall busy area, I only had the one drink in here which was a bottle of Crabbies Ginger Ale costing £4.85. One thing I did notice in here was the trays of Jagerbombs being flouted around at this early hour – my guess would be there would be some sights later on in the day around this area.

With the Walkabout out, it was off to an old haunt of watching football matches in pubs – The Sawyers Arms on Deansgate which is fairly well known as a Manchester United pub back in the day. This pub which is under the Nicholson’s banner offer a good range of beers including two from the Red Willow banner costing £4.25.

Whilst watching England thump Panama 6-1, I decided to use this place as a feeding stop before moving on to elsewhere in the afternoon. I had the Double Cheeseburger and also a portion of dirty fries topped with pulled pork costing in total £10.95, this got the thumbs up from myself from a taste and filling up perspective – certainly give them a try if you are in the area.

Leaving the venue at 245pm and with the tune of Three Lions ringing in our ears from the pub next door we moved along to more the Oxford Road area, but not before coming along an interesting happening near Manchester Town Hall – A Hungarian Arts/Food/Beer festival.

The sight of a load of dancers in traditional Hungarian dress dancing around a bloke in a tree costume, saw this blog branching out into a different reviewing field – the results for the half an hour we were here was Treemendous!!

In among the festivities I tried possibly the best lager of the week – 6% Csiki Sor costing £4 a bottle an instantly became a perfect partner with the sunny scenery on this afternoon. I guess you would be able to pick these up at your local euro drinks shop – well worth the effort to find.

A quick stop off in the Paramount ‘Spoons was had for a coke whilst watching our Geoff try to master the fruit machine (he did in the end).

Final stop off before going to 53two was the Knott Bar which has had a bit of a spruce up since I last went to this pub with new signage. Still intact though was the wide beer range with over 30 ales on offer plus an extensive bottle and can collection. The good thing about this pub when the sun is out, is you can take advantage of the balcony to watch the collection of people making there way down to the locks area (some interesting ones that is for sure).

Drinks in here were a pint of a Tiny Rebel drink and also a half pint nice stout that didnt feel like its 8% alcohol volume.

Arriving at the venue and with a crowd of about 70 in attendance which is still good for a venue of this size, which even though being small in stature, it provides a great atmosphere once it gets going. So lets get down to the brass tax and see what went down on this evening:

With the bright lights shining down on the ring we were introduced to our first match of the evening which was a contest that was due to take place originally in Prestwich the other week. We had ‘Delicious’ Danny Hope going against:


Yes you guessed it was the Golfwang from Glasgae who was here to add another win to his victory column over Hope’s partner Chris Egan from the other week. After the opening feeling out process, Wolfgang took firm control of the contest but with Wolfie getting a bit too cocky for his own good, he tried to use the brass knuckles on a couple of occasions to land the final blow to Hope but he failed to do so, as he missed Hope and instead hitting his hand still with the knucks on to the canvas.

With Wolfie in pain, he turned around and was hit with a Superkick from Hope to rub salt into the wound and was pinned for the 1-2-3 and the shock victory for Danny Hope. Needless to say the Futureshock Faithful were well on hand to greet Wolfie on his way back after defeat.

Credit: Futureshock Wrestling/Tony Knox

Women’s action next with a debuting Alexis Falcon taking on one third of The Queen Bees with Kasey Owens defending there honour on this evening. For me this was a great showcase at showing Kasey as a possible contender for the Futureshock Women’s title somewhere in the next 6 months, having also seen her two matches at Southside as well this weekend against Kay Lee Ray and Mia Yim she was impressive on them occasions as well.

Despite her best efforts, Falcon was finished off here with a running knee of death from Kasey for the loss. After the match Spartan and Kasey beatdown Falcon with a chair to leave her laying – boooo

Third match of the evening was an offer of a open challenge from Chris Egan who was in the mood to impress Futureshock management and face only the biggest and the baddest around on the roster. The answerer of this challenge would only be BIG JOE!!! To the delight of our group who are keen followers and grief givers of BIG JOE due to his hot temper and short stature, he was here once again for the jesting and Inspiral Carpets themed chanting.

For a 10 minute match, this was excellent fun with Joe always trying to show his strength lifting Egan up like he was a sack of spuds. Egan though soon gained advantage and hit a tornado ddt to BIG JOE for a two count and not too long after it was a big splash from Egan that was hit for the victory. Having only seen Egan’s work as a Manager which he was excellent in that role, I have to say I am enjoying seeing his current undercard stuff in Futureshock.

But if you are still look to search out new talent on the scene – check out BIG JOE or even give him a follow on Twitter.

Half time Main Event time with the Adrenaline Title on the line with the New Champion Sam Bailey facing off against the Former Champion Joey Hayes. A lot of this match was a case of Bailey trying to resort to dirty tactics or getting his followers – Alex Boylin and Rizzy Khan involved to help him overcome Joey and in some aspects this did work as Alex Boylin got involved but him and Rizzy were ordered to go to the back by the referee. Sadly for Joey, Rizzy came back to cause enough distraction for Joey, so Bailey could get in the ring before the 10 count to the anger of the audience.

Before Bailey could scoot off, it was announced that at Futureshock Tapped on the 8th July at GRUB Manchester that Bailey would have to defend his Futureshock Adrenaline Title in a Triple Threat match against Soner Durson and Joey Hayes – This could be great if all 3 guys are on song on that evening.

Back from the break we had a singles match between Cyanide w/The North West’s No.1 Oil Fitters – Noah & Henry T.Grodd (Cyanide Section sadly missing on this afternoon) going up against Mr. Mayhem James Drake. Drake who was fresh from a tag team win last week in Prestwich encountered an uphill task here against the monstrous man mountain Cyanide with the bulk of the bout being a slow and steady dissection of Drake with him not getting much offence.

When he did get a couple of running dropkicks in though, he looked to be on the front foot but he was distracted by an incoming Noah and Grodd, that distraction led to a front facing razor’s edge bomb by Cyanide for the victory. Cyanide looking dominant on his way to his Futureshick title match in August against Ashton Smith.

Second to last match of the evening was a Tag Team contest with the team of Henry T.Grodd & Noah vs The Young Guns (Luke Jacobs and Ethan Allen). The latter who have impressed this writer in there short time in Futureshock as a team continued their success with an impressive victory over the former Futureshock Tag Champs when Ethan pinned Noah with the CHEEKY ROLL UP for the win.

As with BIG JOE, keep a look out for The Young Guns

Before the main we did have the raffle drawn by JJ Webb, sadly we were unsuccessful on this occasion but we did have Damon Leigh come from behind his commentator position to confront JJ who was looking for a challenfe, needless to say we saw the ruthless side of DDL who is asking for a bit more respect than he often gets from the Futureshock crowd chanting ‘CHICKEN’ every month!

Main Event time next with the Futureshock Championship on the line with a battle of WWE UK alumni between Zack Gibson and Futureshock Champion Ashton Smith who was serenaded by our Group with a rendition of his entrance, needless to say Gibbo wasn’t impressed ‘Don’t cheer that’!!

Picture: Shoes Off For Gibson!! Credit: Futureshock Wrestling/Tony Knox

As expected this was a really good contest with two of the best on the scene, but just as the match was reaching a great crescendo they were interrupted by Cyanide and his boys who laid a beatdown to both Gibson and Ashton to cause the No Contest. With the beatdown continuing out came James Drake to help Gibbo and Smith fend off the heel trio, which was intriguing to see as for well over 18 months the crowd has firmly wanted to do anything but boo Zack Gibson, but this turn of events has now led to a 6-man tag at Futureshock TAPPED on the 8th July – will Gibson co-exist with his partners we shall see??

So there we have it, a fun couple of hours for a Sunday afternoon was had with quite a few set up storylines for future shows in place. The next being as said at GRUB Manchester on the 8th July which is an event with a mixture of Street food, Craft Ale and Graps to suit the tastes of many folk around.

Drink prices at 53Two was £4.50 a pint for Maverick IPA. It is £5 minimum spend of using your card though.

Toilets are Unisex but of an exceedingly clean standard and also nice artwork in the cubicles – 8/10.

Hope you have enjoyed this Graps and Claps review. Share this on the usual social media platforms and any comments are welcome!!

Next Reviews from myself will be the 4-show weekend of Fight Club Pro in Wolverhampton, PCW in Preston and New Japan in Altrincham.