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Hello and welcome everyone to Graps and Claps this time visiting Stockport on World Cup Final day for Futureshock Uproar 101 at the Stockport Masonic Guildhall on a hot and sweaty late Sunday evening.

This was Futureshock’s 4th event in the last 5 weeks and would lay the final pieces of the puzzle on their way to the 14th Anniversary Show on August 18th.

Travelling on the insanely fast Virgin Train to Stockport, me and Geoff arrived in tow with Ben Winterburn and former Graps and Claps columnist Matthew Pryor who was making a rare appearance these days at the graps. Arriving with only an hour and half till the World Cup, we only had time to fit in one pub beforehand this time being The Petersgate Tap which has become a regular haunt on my Stockport travels. Here I had a 6% pint of Rub a dub dub IPA costing £4.90 and looking very orange in colour compared to most IPA’s you get nowadays. It is noted in this pub that can use a sort of stamp collecting system for drinks, so say you buy 6 pints you will get one pint free, which is well worth it if you like your real ale.

After wolfing down a spot on Subway sarnie, we moved on to a new pub on the route which was recommended by BritWres legend Chris Linay a couple of weeks ago after walking past it, this pub was called The Wellington.

With 3 real ales and a good range of lagers including Cruzcampo and Dortmunder Vier, the latter of which was maybe the most crisp pint of lager I have had in a while costing £3.90 for a pint. Lots of soft furnishings and antique objects adorned the pubs front space, sadly the toilets hasn’t had much work with the use of only 1 toilet and 1 urinal but with no handle on the inside of the door entrance to the gents. Still though this place is a much better option than The Nelson across the road, so give it a try when visiting Futureshock.

After an exciting World Cup Final and a £50 win for me after Kylian Mbappe scored, a chipper Andy Ogden skipped along to the venue with a big smile across his face.

With the hot weather outside reaching boiling point, the temperature in the main hall was proper betty swollocks stuff, with sips of alcohol at a premium especially when its £4 pints of Kronenburg 1664, the action started at 6:10pm with a crowd of around 150 in attendance mainly due to the football and also PROGRESS being on in Birmingham, but as we would find out this small but select audience made the best choice of the day by far whilst the people in Brum were watching TK Cooper vs ‘Battery Tester’ Rob Lynch.

The evening’s action started off with an entertaining 6-man tag team contest with The Sexy Gents who have been having issues of sorts recently tagging with J.J Webb facing off against the trio of Damon Leigh, BIG JOE and the ‘Nordic Accountant’ Thomas Wolfe. As ever with DDL and Joe the crowd were on their backs from the get go, even coming up with a great tag team name for them in the process of ‘Chicken Little’ which soon wound them up.

With The Sexy Gents firmly on the right page on this evening it drastically upped their chances ten fold and with that in mind, it was a double team neckbreaker hit by the Gents to Big Joe to leave him laying for J.J Webb to pick up the pieces and tapout Joe in a really fun match. J.J now goes on with that momentum to face DDL on August 18th in a ‘Loser wears a Chicken suit’ match, The Sexy Gents on the other hand with this win under their belts go on to face CCK in August in what should be a possible match of the night contender.

Next up was an interesting match of the Chris’s as Chris Egan took on Chris Ridgeway. Two different styles of wrestling on show here with Ridgeway looking to hit his lethal strikes some of which sounded evil on this evening with a large THUD! sound being heard everytime one connected with the body of Egan. Egan on the other hand was using a more submission style of wrestling whilst also incorporating some mexican influence.

On this evening though it would be Egan who would get the surprise victory as Ridgeway went for a choke but was rolled through into.a pinning combo reminiscent of Piper vs Hart from WrestleMania 8. This was a very good 10 minute watch that is well worth a look back on VOD!

Sam Bailey out next with Rizwan Khan to gloat about his victory last week in Manchester against Joey Hayes and Soner Durson. This gloating soon brought out both Joey and Soner to ring wanting another go at the Adrenaline Champion, sadly though no titles would be on the line as instead we got the Teddy Long special with Hayes and Durson vs Rizwan Khan and Sam Bailey.

Finish of the match came with Soner hitting a sweet running dropkick to Rizwan Khan followed by a big splash to the fallen Khan. With Khan dazed he was primed for a JKO from Joey to get the 1-2-3 for Joey and Soner. After the match though Bailey got a slight bit of revenge as he attacked Soner with a chair to the boos of the crowd.

Now I would like report something before the next match , Kevin Webster’s No.1 Oil Fitters Noah and Henry T.Grodd have finally carried out a successful oil fitting as there was no sign of any black residue on their faces this evening. So it is with effect from now that the Webster’s garage joke is now retired, but as a treat for you Graps and Claps readers here is Indy Corner podcaster Joe Lemon paying a visit to Webster’s to mourn the loss of the joke 😭

So next match up was to be a No DQ match between James Drake and Cyanide, but with those relaxed rules Cyanide set his mates Noah and Grodd out to do his bidding to try and leave the scraps for Cyanide later in the contest.

Drake though had other ideas and performed admirably to fend off the Noah and Grodd threat, leaving Cyanide to go in and try and finish off what his mates hadn’t done. Cyanide didn’t get his own way and after initially beating down Drake, he soon had enough after a fightback from James and went for the countout loss. It will be interesting where this leads to in the future as Cyanide goes on to his Title vs Mask match against Ashton Smith on August 18th.

After the break we had Women’s action with Molly Spartan w/Jayla and Kasey taking on Wrestlepro trainee Taonga (replacing Shax who was injured) with Lana Austin as the special guest referee.

Of what I saw of this match as I did take a loo break, Taonga looked very good against Molly here and looks like someone with a bright future. A great shout from a kid in the crowd here of ‘Ginger Spice’ to Molly brought laughter from the crowd but that laughter soon turned to tears as Molly hit Taonga with the Women’s title as Lana was distracted by the rest of the Queen Bees for the reluctant 3 count from Lana for the victory.

Next up, my god if you thought it was hot in this building up to this point it was soooooooonnnn going to blow it off with Zack Gibson taking on a relative newcomer to Futureshock Wrestling, Callum Corrie (AKA Sandy Beach). After the customary Gibson promo got booed down by the crowd, they were fully behind Corrie on this night with chants of:






Christ this crowd was molten for this 15-minute starmaking performance from Zack Gibson who I have a new appreciation for afer this match as he gave Corrie a great amount of offence to look a threat in the process. Corrie looked a megastar in the making to this crowd!!

As the match went back and forth, it was Gibson who would eventually pick up the Shankly Gates submission over a gallant Corrie. A well deserved standing ovation for both wrestlers was had and a show of respect of sorts from a sarcastic Gibson – This match is must see on VOD!! 😍😍😍

Main event time now:


Wolfgang taking on Ashton Smith with the sounds of ‘All of the Lights’ ringing around the Stockport Guildhall. A fine contest with went around the building with Wolfie using some underhand tactics with a small foreign object to try and wound Ashton. Sadly though for Wolfie he would be stopped in his tracks by Ashton who got the victory in sweltering conditions to send the crowd home happy and set himself up in great fashion for his showdown with Cyanide in August.

With the crowd filtering out, our Geoff and the rest of the gang made a quick exit to get a picture with a famous face in the crowd – It was only bloody RIC FLAIR!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 😉😉

On that note, that brings an end to this review which I hope you have enjoyed lots, please leave any feedback and spread the word about #Grapsandclaps.

Next review will be up on Wednesday asI visit the Frog and Bucket for the IPW CCK Pool Party.