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Hello and welcome everyone for a better late than never review of Fight Club Pro’s Project Mayhem Night One and Two which took place on the 28th & 29th September respectively in Wolverhampton, so let’s get into what went down by going through the matches first, then onto the beer and toilets, then the end!

Night One:

Fight Club Pro took to their third Wrestlehouse home of The Hangar for this weekend after the Starworks experiment ended due to skullduggery last seen when Den Perry burnt down The Phoenix Club. The new venue it does have to be said that it is a much more smaller intimate venue but way better than the Starworks as in terms of Beer Prices (£3 for Red Stripe) and viewing lines. The bogs could do with a bit of attention and the merch tables were a bit cramped to get around but those are only small gripes for what is hopefully a long running home for FCP.

Desmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz (The Rascals) vs Cima and T-Hawk. Here we had the return of Dragon Gate legend Cima to Fight Club Pro after last year’s excursion to Wolverhampton and this time he brought his doppelganger T-Hawk with him in tow. There opponents for this evening were The Rascals who have been collecting many a World Tag Title across the globe in the process, so this was certainly on paper going to be one to get proceedings off to a great start. In fairness they pulled off a good ‘un with The Rascals hitting one of their many finishers for a 2 with a push moonsault that Wentz hit perfectly but unfortunately for them T-Hawk hit a razor’s edge to Desmondo for the victory to end a good opener.

ELP vs MK McKinnan vs Chuck Mambo vs Scotty Davis vs Kurtis Chapman vs Dan Magee vs Charli Evans vs Martina. The FCP special returns once again with a 8 person mess-a-round as this one brings a combination of Rev Pro regulars in Magee and Chapman the latter who looks like a right beanpole and also the usual scramble competitors like Martina, ELP and Mambo. This as you guessed it was fun and frenetic with such highlights being Kurtis Chapman hitting a face first destroyer for 2 , ELP hit a ropewalk dive to everyone apart from Mambo to the outside and with that added energy at not being hit Mambo caught ELP unawares with a roll up for the 3 count – really fun stuff while it lasted (Mambo and ELP were excellent in this)


Yes our boy Flamita was back to face off with his hombre Bandido with the soundtrack of Hall & Oates ringing out in the background. Over the last 6 months or so Bandido has been building a reputation for himself on the independent circuit as possibly the second coming of Rey Mysterio with smooth moves and high flying antics and with this being my first real time of seeing him I was interested to see if he did actually live up to the hype unlike his mate Flamita who was a bit disappointing when I saw him in the Super Strong Style 16 two years ago coming in with a reputation.

Once these lads got use to each other, this turned into a fine contest with springboard dives coming in touching distance of hitting the lighting rigging. Bandido had hit a Spiral Destroyer to Flamita for a 2 count and then finished off his mate with a run-up German Suplex for the victory – Bandido is something else let me tell you!

Millie McKenzie vs Jinny – This was a match between two wrestlers who have been feuding over the last few shows at FCP with Jinny in the past sneak attacking a celebrating Millie on more than one occasion, so here we the contest and being honest this was maybe the only down point of the evening maybe due to my opinion dwindling on Jinny – yes she is great character based but I do feel like I have seen it all now with her and even in there with Millie McKenzie she looked a bit out of her depth (just my opinion, that counts for bugger all). Millie was on her way to victory until Jordan Devlin stuck his oar in to help Jinny beat down Millie until Bruisermate colleague Pete Dunne came down to send Jordan Devlin packing with an assisted destroyer by Millie and Pete, this left Millie to finish off Jinny with a bridging pin for the 3 count.

Schadenfreude vs Meiko Satomura, Omari and Moustache Mountain – Big 8 person tag team match with the Schadenfreude boys looking to once again stamp their authority on Fight Club Pro and prove once again to be a thorn in the side of Fight Club Pro Owner Martin Zaki. The hope in this match was the possible confrontation of Walter vs Meiko which for any hardcore fan is a dream to see at this current moment and certainly in FCP this looks a possibility, sadly though on this evening their confrontation was only fleeting as this went to a 15 minute DQ as Timothy Thatcher (who I had earlier spotted in my hotel) came down on behalf of Schadenfreude to bring the match to an halt.

With Thatcher giving the baddies the advantage they beat down everyone as well as a trainee on the outside and Martin Zaki himself to end what we thought was the last match of the evening – but how wrong were we as I will talk about next.

Death-House No.2! – Jimmy Havoc vs Drew Parker vs Rickey Shane Page vs Clint Margera.

The sounds of I Hope You Suffer rang around The Hangar and out came Jimmy Havoc who looked like a man on a mission as he walked straight through the ringside area and to a curtain on the other side which opened up to show that Death-House was once again in session as Drew Parker/Margera/RSP stood there waiting for Jimmy who had also brought a huge gathering of fans with him as well – almost like that image of Tiger Woods from that golf event a couple of weeks ago. For those who didn’t want to be showered with glass, there was a television screen in the main room showing the action.

As you guessed with this match, this was ultra-violence on another level with Light Tube shots a plenty including the Cameraman who was wearing a crash helmet getting hit with one, but he then made the mistake of taking it off and being hit with a follow up light tube (what a plonker!). We had Drew Parker being pressed slammed through a table with glass on by RSP, Jimmy Havoc put best friend Margera through a flaming table that luckily did break unlike the ones in the TLC match at Wembley Arena. The finish of the match came though when RSP and Drew Parker worked their way up to the top of a scaffold, with RSP knocking Jimmy Havoc to the floor as he was trying to make his descent upwards. With Jimmy out of the way, RSP hoisted Drew up for a Death Valley Driver to send him crashing through a table with light tubes to get the three count to end the brutality – Check Athers video’s on his twitter for the full view of this violence.

This was certainly as good as last year’s Death-House but I think the initial shock value of last year’s edition just shades it for me, but thumbs up to all the competitors here – bloody mentalists.

Night Two:

Jordan Devlin vs El Phantasmo (I’m a fuppin headbanga) – Well what a way to start proceedings this was as Jordan Devlin proved once again why he is one of the most undervalued wrestlers in the U.K and why he has been burning up the scene in Ireland.

Devlin worked on ELP’s arm early to get the advantage, but once Phantasmo managed to wriggle free of the arm attack he hit a moonsault for a two count. Up top again ELP tried to execute the ropewalk to Devlin but he was having none of it as he Spanish Fly’ed ELP off the top – this was excellent.

Devlin firmly in control he hit a headbutt, a Destroyer then a Package Piledriver to end a fantastic opening contest – Top stuff.

Chuck Mambo vs NIWA vs Nico Angelo vs RSP vs Drew Parker vs Scotty Davis vs MK McKinnan vs Millie McKenzie – 8 person battle for the scramble egg whisk. There was an early suplex battle between Millie and Scotty in this one with Millie certainly winning the battle as she hit a double suplex to both Davis and MK but while she was celebrating Jordan Devlin came up from behind to attack her and hitting the package piledriver to certainly end Millie’s chances of winning the whisk.

Before this we had an array of dives from all the competitors including a shooting star press from Nico who didn’t get full rotation on this and had an unfortunate heavy landing. Chuck Mambo hit one of the best dives coming from the outside to the guard rail to the ring apron then off the top to everyone down below – old Kofi Kingston had nothing on this well done Chuck.

Nico who was sent loopy earlier, was sent packing once again as Mambo hit a big splash to Nico to become ‘King of the Scrambles’ to end a really fun and fast paced match.

Next up was Timothy Thatcher and Chris Brookes who coaxed Moustache Mountain out to start this match after beating up announcer for the night Fraser Thomas for whom in no uncertain terms called him a failure.

Sadly for this match though this never felt like it got going with the limit of some people in the crowd being stretched with tiredness. Trent was under the cosh for most of this match from Thatcher and Brookes until Tyler came in to clean house to help his buddy.

Unfortunately for Tyler and Trent it didn’t end too well as Trent got front rolled up by Brooles who retain the FCP Tag Team Titles – probably one to give a miss on the VOD sorry folks.

After the break we had tag team action with The Rascals facing off against Flamita and Bandido who came out to the mexican classic song – Tequila (not the Terrorvision tune). As expected this was flips and dives galore which was much needed to pick up a flagging crowd, Flamita’s dive over the rope once again nearly hit the lighting rig – this was air traffic control stuff.

Props as well to Bandido who hit dives that I have never seen before, one of the many standouts of this big wrestling weekend. The finish of the match though didn’t turn out well for the Mexicans as Wentz and Xavier hit the push moonsault to Bandido to get the three count – excellent match.

Another tag match now which should have been Cima vs Pete Dunne but due to Dunne being rested for the big Wembley show, we had instead Cima and T-Hawk taking on the Ultimate Daddy Squad of Walter and Mark Davis – these are certainly two fella’s you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of over a bag of pork scratchings and a pint.

This as expected was a bit of a once sided mugging as both Walter and Davis hit Das Boot’s galore and multiple chops to Hawk and Cima leaving many marks for days. Already wounded Hawk was put away with a Powerbomb by Walter and then a half crab submission to get the victory – this was still a good match despite the dominance but the last tag match was a tough act to follow.

Main Event time with Meiko Satomura defending the Fight Club Pro title against self-proclaiming Champion Kyle Fletcher who since joining Schadenfreude has shown a cocky darkside to his character and certainly someone you could see as a Heavyweight Champion in some sort of promotion in the years to come.

Fletcher it has to be said, held his own very much against Meiko for whom herself is a fearsome opponent in her own right. As we got to the end of this match and with Meiko on top, the whole locker room seemed to empty including of all things Martin Zaki powerbombing Walter – the match we never thought we wanted till now Zaki vs Walter.

With everyone out of the way it was Meiko who finally got the victory among the choas pinning Kyle Fletcher in about 20 minutes to send the audience into rapture celebrating Meiko’s victory by singing Backstreet Boys like you do. This was very much like one of those attitude era title matches with all the chaos and run in’s – maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but still lots of fun.

Beer Notes:

Hog’s Head – 10% off with a Camra Card for a £3.35 pint of Electric Brewery Weerd Pale Ale which nice and fruity but it didn’t go down too well with a couple of our group.

On the other hand the 5.6% pint of Television and a 6.5% Strong Ale certainly hit the taste marker as we scuttled off to find the new venue which is two streets away from Starworks.

The Giffard – Cans of Red Stripe £3.40, an hour of dancing to such tunes as Put Your Hands On and other 80s/90s rock, sadly the bogs are smelling of ripe piss god knows how the no wash no nosh guy survives in here (danger money hopefully).

Hollywood Bowl – Now a few of us as a change went to try a bit of bowling for the afternoon instead of wandering the streets of Wolves but that would have been wasted as many pubs were home fans only for the football in the area (Wolves vs Southampton).

The Hollywood Bowl I do say has seen better days with a couple of the hockey machines being out of order and sadly no bowling lanes until 540pm, so instead we had a go on a number of the arcade machines including Mario Kart, 2p Slider machines, Fast Soccer and also a Basketball game where giant me got my arse whooped by Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Ben Corrigan).

Slush Puppies was the drink of choice in here giving me brain freeze that I hadn’t experienced since my childhood with them Mr. Freeze Ice Lollies.

There was also reports of a mass murder of someones arse in the toilets – literally shit everywhere I was told 💩💩💩💩.

The Nickleodeon (Greene King) – Tea spot for the Saturday afternoon with a £10.95 Mixed Grill being my food of choice and plates full of Carvery being the choice for nearly everyome else including Chris Linay who put Badger of Bodger & Badger fame to shame for his Mash Potato mountain. Well worth a trip if you fancy a trip to the retail park that this is located on!

The Dog & Duckett – A new pub in Wolverhampton centre that has opened up across from Popworld and on first account it will be a place I visit again as it has a good range of Real Ale and good lagers and also some interesting toilets with Beer Barrells coloured in the colours of the local football teams – if they had only finished the guttering below the urinal this would certainly be a fore runner for the prestigious ‘Bog of the Year’.

The Lych Gate Tavern – A real favourite of mine over the years in Wolverhampton which has an oldy worldy feel about it with many an old local in attendance, £3 for a pint and bags of Pork Crunch – what more could you want?? Here I had two pints one called Shakademus and one Fireside Bitter both around the 5% marker and hitting all the right notes to my tonsils – maybe the best drinks of the weekend.

Redwings hotel – £2.95 for a pint of Angelo Poretti and a £40 per night bed, I would certainly recommend here for somewhere to stop that is more upmarket than the murder hotel (Brittania).

With that we come to the end of this round up of my trip to Wolverhampton, I hope you have enjoyed reading and please leave any comments, likes and retweets and I will see you next with a double dose of reviews of the two PCW shows this weekend.