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Hello and welcome to everyone’s favourite alternative blog on British Wrestling – Graps and Claps, this time taking me to Wolverhampton for Fight Club Pro ‘International Tekkers’.

An earlyish start for me on this day took me via Bury and a visit to a new drinking establishment called ‘The Thirsty Fish’ which I am reliably informed used to be an Ice Cream Parlour. This place has only just opened up near Bury Bus Station but on the wrong side to the main drag of pubs, something that might encounter issues in the future when nightlife is in other parts of the town.

On first look though despite its small surroundings this pub offers around 12 different tipples costing anywhere from £2.90 to £4.10 a pint. A much needed pint of £3.40 4.2% Fels Pilsner was had in the warm climate of the day but depending on the clientele this is a welcome addition to the Bury beer scene.

Arriiving at Manchester Piccadilly for the 227pm train to Wolverhampton, one of which would end up taking 3 hours of my life away on this afternoon due to signal failures, cancelled trains hooking up to other trains and also an old lady wanting to get to Banbury to celebrate her birthday and get shitfaced off Pimms.

Eventually getting in Wolves following a diversion via Birmingham at 530pm with Taff, Dave H and Shauna in tow, I soon dropped my bag off at the local Novotel, freshened up and quickly moved on to get a much needed tipple from The Royal London pub.

First off I started with a pint of Lily’s Tropical Cider accompanied with some Mac ‘n’ Cheese and cheesy Garlic Bread all costing around £15. Next up was another from Lily’s cider range this time a lemon and lime flavour that gave a colour of a melting down Mr.Freeze lolly or over illuminous urine.



Whilst we all chatting about the news of Timothy Thatcher wrestling in The Frog and Bucket in September against Chris Ridgeway (Shauna needless to say was very excited about this news). The bar lady came to our table and said an ‘Anonymous’ customer had put some money behind the counter and wanted to buy the 4 of us a drink – with the initial feeling of non-plusment we ordered at least a £15 round.

After all of that excitement, we took the 15 minute stroll in the sunshine to the Starworks Warehouse for the evening’s action, so let’s see what went down on this evening:

Starting at 8:10 pm we were introduced to the evening by resident FCP Compere and current FCP & NXT Tag Champion (not in internet land) Trent Seven with his partner Tyler Bate in tow to thank all of the fans for the support before we got on to our first match of the evening which was a 4-way match between Infinity Tournament Trophy Holder Omari vs David Starr vs El Phantasmo vs ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey.

A hot 15-minute opener from these 4 guys with non-stop action along the cpurse of this match. Highlights I can point out were a couple of double maneuvers, one was Starr hitting a double cherry mint ddt to the apron and also Omari hitting a double flatliner both moves of which looked mightily impressive.

When Omari was having a struggle with David Starr around the right corner area of the ring, the sight of Mike Bailey climbing to the top rope and then landing the jumping double knees to both wrestlers was certainly a wow and a ouch moment rolled into one. Finish of the match came when El Phantasmo was going for the victory but was hit with a flip mid-air slam from Mike Bailey for the 1-2-3 – Excellent stuff!!

Next up we had an interview segment with Martin Zaki, CCK, Travis Banks and Aussie Open setting up a 6-man tag match later in the show, which also involved Chris Brookes introducing there mate to help him and Lykos on this evening, it was only the ‘Austrian Daddy’ – WALTER who announced his arrival in the ring by DAS BOOT to Zaki who was hit the deck quicker than me spotting a stray 2p.

IT’S WOLFIE!!!!!!!

Back to the action and to add to the quota of Wolf’s, out came Eddie Edwards to take on Fight Club Pro original M.K McKinnan. Quick question for you readers out there – How many Wolf’s are there in wrestling today?

I counted 7 last night, so answers on a postcard to the usual address! Anyway this match I’m afraid was probably the down point of the night, don’t get me wrong some bits were alright including a Jetpack Driver to the ring apron from Edwards to M.K but the crowd for the majority of the contest either talked among themselves or went for a piss.

The eventual finish came when Edwards hit the Jetpack Driver to M.K but this was reversed into a choke sleeper by M.K for the submission victory. This being the first time I had seen M.K since his Rev Pro snoozefest vs Marty Scurll around 4 years ago, he hasn’t improved much to suggest otherwise that he is just a bit bland.

Next up was a P.W Revolver Tag Team title match which was a rematch from last month between the now Champions ‘The Bruisermates’ Pete Dunne (in Vader homage singlet) & Millie McKenzie vs The Besties in the World. That was until a third team interjected themselves into the match with that team being ‘The Rascals’ Desmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz.

This was an excellent 3-way tag match very similar in the vain of the first match with its high-octane action quota with dives galore from Wentz and Xavier hitting all the right notes. Pete Dunne played the part almost of Big Brother to Millie helping her hit an assisted destroyer to one of the Besties for a two count. However with the finish in sight, a bulk of the competitors were taken out by an impressive dive by Desmond Xavier which was like shit off a shovel to the outside. Leaving one of the Besties open for a 3 move combo from The Rascals for the loss and your New Pro Wrestling Revolver Tag Champs – The Rascals. Great stuff!!!

After the match though Millie Mckenzie on her way out was attacked by Jinny who has had previous with Millie at a past FCP show, so it will be interesting to see how this moves along storyline wise in the future.

With the 30 minute break in the greenhouse over (thank you goes to Mr.Taff for an earlier fanning with a flyer) , which involved the addition of a pint of 4% Banks Numero Nuno Bitter which was an excellent light sipper for the evening we came back with a lap dance from ‘Shark Jumper’ Martina and Shay Purser to a fan in the crowd, said fan sadly ended up breaking his seat mid-dance.

First match back was a battle between Dragon Gate and Dove Pro star Naoki Tanazaki vs Jordan Devlin. Sadly though on this evening despite our best efforts, the Tanazaki singalong didn’t materialise due to acoustics and a lack of singers in the crowd.

The match was good in spots but deserved maybe a bit more crowd encouragement to move this to the next level. The finish came when Naoki went to charge at Devlin but was hit with a GIANT HEADBUTT and then soon finished off with a huge Package Piledriver for the Devlin victory. Devlin looked impressive here but I do wish the Massive Head chants would get in the sea for my liking.

Semi Main Event next with a battle of WWEUK vs New Japan as Tyler Bate who’s entrance took all of the time it takes to have a piss, grab a pint and have a conversation – Jurns Simmons would have been jealous at this timing, his opponent on this evening was Will Ospreay. Suprisingly this was a first time contest between two of the best around today and they didn’t fail to deliver.

The match I felt was a more slow and deliberate Japanese style match conducted to perfection by Ospreay who has added this to his arsenal and it is just as effective as his usual high flying routine. Excellent sequences here one of which included duel kempo kicks, lariats and suplexes this was intensity of the highesy order also add in for good measure a huge huracarana from Bate to Ospreay,

But with the action coming to an end it was Bate who hit a Spiral Tap and then two Tyler Driver ’97s to a fallen Ospreay for the victory – Bloody amazing stuff all around!!!

Final match of the evening was the 6-Man Tag Match between Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos & WALTER vs Travis Banks, Mark Davis & Jimmy Havoc who was replacing an injured we guessed Kyle Fletcher. A good match to end the show with a shocking finish in which Kyle Fletcher turned on Travis Banks and his best buddie Mark Davis with a chair shot that sent shockwaves through the Starworks Warehouse leading to CCK and Walter getting the win here. After the match it now looks like CCK, WALTER and Fletcher are now a faction against the powers that be in Fight Club Pro, so it will be good to see how this storyline plays out.

Show done for 11:30pm, we moved off to The Giffard whose bogs were just as ripe in smell as the last I visited. Only the one can of Red Stripe for me here before going back to my humble abode of the Novotel to see myself and Naoki Tanazaki struggle with getting in our rooms with duff room cards.

Overall though an excellent show from Fight Club Pro, make sure you go out of your way to watch Bate vs Ospreay, The opening 4-way, The 3-way tag and the shocking turn of events in the Main Event. Make sure you check FCP live either the end of next month or at Project Mayhem at the end of September (28th & 29th).

Hope you have enjoyed this review, any comments are welcome – see you next time when I review PCW’s Tribute to the Troops double header from Preston.