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Hello and welcome everyone to this edition of Graps and Claps, this time taking me across the Pennines once again to Sheffield for Breed Pro Wrestling’s debut show taking place at The Abbeydale Picture House, located around a 20/25-minute walk from the Train Station.

A very early start for me, deciding to leave my dad in bed for a change I took the 30-minute walk to Rochdale Bus Station, but not before going to the newsagents to get the mornings paper to which I was greeted with the sight of a woman in a nightdress with her full arse visibly showing picking up cigarette butt-ends (Stay Classy Smallbridge!). Taking the 50-minute bus journey to Manchester, I arrived into Shudehill Interchange for 9:30am with enough time to visit the local Co-Op for a hot Sausage Roll and 3 Hash Browns to keep me nourished on the short journey to Sheffield – arriving in the Steel City for 11:10am.

First port of call as ever in Sheffield was The Sheffield Tap to meet up with some of the gang (Athers and Ben to name a couple). Only two pints in here in the hour that I was in with a Arbor Rocketman IPA (6% £5 pint) being the best out of the two that I had, the other being a Fyne Ales Maverick Dark Bitter (4.2% £4.20 pint that had a slight taste of dirty dishwater to start but gradually got better as the drink went down. With Ben making his arrival, we went on our expedition to the venue, but not before visiting another couple of pubs on the way, the first being a recommended choice of Breed Promoter Mitch – that being The Clubhouse.

To Mitch’s credit he chose well, as this pub had around 10 real ales on tap, plus for people who were there for the wrestling, there was Bacon and Sausage butties put on for everyone at a cost of £2.50 each making it feel like a proper wrestling away day, but with a bit more advertising about this I could see this becoming more and more popular as the promotion goes on throughout the year. As Bacon butties go this was a solid 8/10 on the crispy scale but still full of flavour. Drink wise it was a pint of Gongoozler Stout (4.5% £3.20) that won the battle in this pub, just mildly over the Peach and Amber Ale (£3.50), also it was nice to have a chat with Mitch’s Dad who we would see on a number of occasions during the show – top fella to chat with.

Drinks done in this venue, we carried on our long walk to the venue with along the way a sight of someone in a Chinese Dragon outfit doing some ceremonial cake buying, whilst it’s band of symbol players looked on outside – this was random as anything! With at least an hour to go before the show, a few of us decided to visit the pub next door to the Abbeydale Picture House that being – The Picture House Social which you could tell straight away as you walked down the steep stairs that this venue has found a spare tub of pink paint to adorn its walls.

Inside it did have the feeling of a basement bar that served Pizzas, a handful of real ales and as my friends Davey and Chris Wilson of the Bill fame would find out was that you can have the use of a private Cinema room which holds around 24 people for a cost of £50 for 3 hours – random but something that I could see them both taking full advantage of in the future that is for certain. Only the one drink in here that being a pint of Beak Midwinter Porter (4.8% £3.80 pint) rating as a good 7/10 in my book. This I would say if Breed are holding further events at Abbeydale Picture House could be a perfect meeting up spot for the wrestling as it is literally next door.

Drinks finished, it was time to get into the venue, which on first sight looked like the old Grand Central building in Liverpool with an ornate balcony. Cinema style seating was in action with easily around 300 people in attendance which is an excellent by Breed to draw that on their first show in Sheffield. As the building doesn’t get used that much nowadays, the venue was akin to Oldham Athletics Boundary Park better known as ‘Ice Station Zero’ – a bit cold that was for sure. Toilet situation was 3 different toilets but with only 1 piss stone in each of them, but it was still serviceable for people throughout the show. Drink options including cans of Abbeydale Heathen for £3.50 and pints of a local cask ale costing £3 which was passable as a drink through the show, but lacked a head as it was being poured straight from the barrel. Before the show it was nice to finally chat to FSM’s own Will Cooling, plus also to see my old Boltonian friend Matthew was great.

Starting near enough bang on time (3pm), we were introduced to the afternoon’s action by ring announcer Lucy for whom it was her first full show announcing, despite a couple of early stumbles on the mic she performed admirably as the show went on. First match for the afternoon was a 3 on 2 Handicap match with Session Moth Martina teaming with The Anti-Fun Police (Damien Dunne and Los Federales Santos) taking on 2/3rds of Irish Trio ‘More Than Hype’ that being L.J Cleary and Darren Kearney.

Lots of fun and shenanigans early on with Martina and Santos grinding on Cleary which initially flustered the young Irishman as this certainly put the Police on top for around a good 4/5 minutes, luckily for Cleary he managed to wriggle free as he hit Dunne with a roundhouse kick and them promptly tagged in his team mate Kearney who came in to hit kicks and a roundhouse of his own to Martina then a sit out slam to Dunne. The Police came back as Santos got a 2 count, but that was as close as it got as More Than Hype eventually got the victory as they hit a kick/Jay Driller combo to get the victory in a good fun opener. After the match, the dissension told in the Anti-Fun Police as Martina was dismissed of her duties by Dunne and Santos, but soon got revenge as she was consoled by More Than Hype.

2nd match now, with the first in the Breed Pro Wrestling Title tournament with Progress Broken Toy TK Cooper looking to prove that he is no back number, taking on Man Like Beano who I have only seen a couple of times on my travels around the U.K. It was to be the man from Wales who was on top early as he hit a face-first buster for a 2 count, following up with a forearm to stun TK then another slam for a 2 count to have the crowd fully behind him in his quest to defeat TK. TK however, got around to the realisation that he needed to win as he hit a Cartwheel Kick off of the top rope, then following up in swift fashion with a side slam to get the 3 count in another good contest.

3rd match was set to be a strike fest as Danny Jones (Not of McFly) took on Chris Ridgeway for whom some people had as their favourite to go all of the way to win this tournament. A very technical start with Ridgeway getting the best of the exchanges, Jones though did come back hitting double knees in the corner to Ridgeway to wind him. Ridgeway though came firing back with a SEX PIN for 2, then turning it into a crab to try and submit Jones, Jones though rolled through to save his skin. It only saved him for so long though, as the Cumbrian Ridgeway finished Jones off with a boot to the head to get the 3 count to advance to the Main Event 4-way – good match!!

4th match on this 9-match card was a change to the advertised match-up with Irish Starlet Scotty Davis replacing El Phantasmo who got injured trying to do a flip off a park bench whilst drunk – (Where’s Beadle when you need actual footage of this)! Davis was taking on Ben Corrigan’s favourite wrestler Chuck Mambo in an intriguing contest where maybe on paper it would be hard to pick a winner. As we started, both wrestlers hit high impact moves with Mambo hitting a DDT and Davis hitting a dive to the outside to floor Mambo. Lots of chants in this one about the wrestling attire on show with Scotty Davis’s Purple Pants and Mambo’s Turtle Pants being sang to the tune of Prince ‘Purple Rain’. Even Referee Eddie Sideburns got a chant about his Stripey Shirt!

Silly chants out of the way, Davis hit a driver to Mambo to get a two count, then followed up with a pair of knees to wind Mambo, but Mambo came back to hit a sweet Superkick then an Emerald Frosion for two. That was as good as it got for Mambo, as Davis locked in an arm submission on Mambo who duly tapped out to end a fine contest.

Half-Time Main event now with the final qualifier in the Breed Pro Wrestling Title Tournament with Spike Trivet taking on German Superstar Lucky Kid with the Mayor of Sheffield Majid in his corner to try and put Trivet off. Early control by Trivet in this one, a long leg hold stalemate then followed. Lucky Kid tried to apply some of the RISE poses he is famed for to make Trivet’s mind go mad and this worked as Lucky hit a Bounce back elbow to Trivet to get a two count. With the crowd fully behind the charismatic Lucky Kid, Trivet tried to use the Champagne bottle but was foiled by Majid who stole this from his clutches, leaving Lucky to hit a kick then lock in the Cross face to make the Tory Boy tap out. So your line up for the final in a 4-way Elimination match would be TK Cooper vs Scotty Davis vs Chris Ridgeway vs Lucky Kid.

Next up we had the first match in the New Breed Tournament which is an up and comers tournament with the first competitors being Connor Mills Vs Maverick Mayhew both of whom are more well-known for tag team wrestling, but Mills recently has been making waves down South on the Undergraps scene. As with the earlier Ridgeway match, this had a technical feeling out process but once they got into their stride the high-flying moves soon came out of the closet with Mills attempting a dive but he didn’t connect, he did though connect with a low dropkick to Mayhew to get on top. As the match reached its conclusion though it would be Mills who connected with a kick then finishing off his friend with a 450 from the top rope to get the victory in a passable contest – possibly not their best outing!

Women’s action next with Candyfloss vs Jayde vs Eliza Roux vs Shax, the latter has recently ditched the blond locks, going for a darker brown hair colour which suits her. Also I do have to point out that Shax & Damien Dunne have a beautiful dog not so sure on the breed, but a good dog nonetheless. Plenty of action early on in this, including Shax hitting a dive to everyone on the outside, back in the ring we had a leg stretch from Jayde to Candyfloss to try and submit her but ultimately failing. At the tail end of this match, Roux had locked in a Rack (Not of BIG T proportions, but still effective), that didn’t end up in a victory for her, as it would be Candyfloss who locked in an arm-bar to Roux to get the Submission victory in around 10 minutes.

Second qualifier in the New Breed Tournament with Omari looking to get back to the glory days of 2017 in Fight Club Pro taking on local lad Alec Michaels. Lasting around 10 minutes, Michaels was giving a good showing proving more than Omari’s Equal, that was until a mysterious blond haired chap came from the outside to distract Michaels enough to eventually be hit with The BIG O by Omari who got the three count to advance in the tournament. One minor gripe we never found out the name of the mystery blond haired man.

The 9th and final match of the evening now with the clock just coming past 6pm, with the Final of the Breed Pro Wrestling Tournament with a 4-way Elimination match between TK Cooper vs Scotty Davis vs Lucky Kid (No Magic Majid in his corner this time, he was at the bar) vs Chris Ridgeway. A wild opening to this match with early eliminations for two of the Favourites with Scotty Davis going first and then swiftly being followed by Ridgeway (my betting slip was duly thrown after this elimination, shows what I know). This left TK Cooper and Lucky Kid to fight it out for the big prize, with the crowd fully behind Lucky Kid who was getting over very well with the crowd in attendance.

With this support, we thought that this would spur Lucky Kid on to victory and it looked like that until Spike Trivet got involved, only for Chuck Mambo to come out for what was to make the save for Lucky, but he instead turned on Lucky and sided with his Escaping the Midcard buddies, as TK soon finished off Lucky with Eddie Sideburns in position to count the three. So your first ever Breed Pro Wrestling Champion is none other than TK Cooper – BOOOOO!!!!

There we have it then, as we end Breed’s first ever show and in closing about the show I would say it was a success with a show full of solid matches, but nothing spectacular but still a fun 3 hour show that was well worth my £14. I do feel that things like time-keeping and overall organisation of the show was excellent (something that Mitch can be proud of). Venue wise it was serviceable, despite the cold, we shall see how their second show holds up in Sheffield City Hall on the 17thMarch (a totally different venue)

With the show done, it was time to make our merry way home but not before having a natter with Mitch’s dad again and also Matthew Taylor-Richards who is a lovely fella. Leaving the venue, we still had time for a couple of pints in a nearby pub, before we went for our train at 9:11pm (arriving back home for 11:40pm – weary!).

I hope as ever, you have enjoyed reading this review of Breed Pro Wrestling and if you are interested go and check them out for their second show on the 17th March and also their 3rd show on April 7th (Mania Night) – you won’t be disappointed. Like, Share and Retweet this review and I will see you next time with a review of PCW in Leeds on the 15th February, so until then – BYE!!