Graps and Claps: FutureShock Wrestling ‘Uproar 100’ (13/5/18, Stockport)

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Hello and welcome everyone to myself – Andrew Ogden (@oggypart3), a new addition to the world of The Indy Corner website, thank you to them for giving me the opportunity to write reviews of the weird and wonderful world of British Wrestling!

A background on myself, well I have been watching the UK scene since 2012 apart from the odd Dragon Gate UK/NOAH/ROH Tours back in the days of 2006. Last year I embarked on an arduous journey watching a grand total of 104 shows, travelling from as far as Glasgow and as close to home as Todmorden and Middleton and in that time I documented every match, pint drank and toilet visited whilst at the wrestling.

So here we are today, for my first ever review on The Indy Corner. Now my writing style is very different from your usual Wrestler A beat Wrestler B via CHEEKY ROLL UP!!, I instead I like to review it from the ‘day out at the wrestling’ perspective giving hints and tips on what places to visit before the wrestling, an almost British Wrestling Trip Advisor.

This first review will help take in the sights and sounds I experienced from Futureshock Wrestling’s biggest ever show that took place at the historic Stockport Town Hall – Futureshock Uproar 100, which I heard last week was supposed to be the place Yokozuna’s next show until he croaked it in his hotel room the night before.

I have been following Futureshock for around 5 years ever since a hot summer’s day in Stockport on the same day Andy Murray won Wimbledon beating Novak Djokovic and it has changed immensely in that time since the days of Dave Rayne fighting in the Main Event, on this evening we were graced with Ashton Smith (Champion) facing off with the North West’s Big Van Vader – Cyanide who has been on an unstoppable tear since the end of last year.

Before the show though, I visited some of Stockport’s local pubs and a beer scene that is continuously growing by the moment with such drinking establishments like The Magnet, Petersgate Tap, Remedy Brewhouse, The Nelson and The Crown.

First port of call was The Petersgate Tap, which has a number of CAMRA awards recently and has become a welcome addition to the local beer scene. Drink prices in here range from £2.80 for the lighter ales and £4 for the more stronger beers, I plumped for 2/3rds of Budvar Imperial Lager weighing in at 7.5% costing £3.50, as it was that type of lager drinking weather for this tipple, this went down very well.

Next pub on route was the Remedy Brewhouse and Bar which has popped in Stockport in the last year or so and is a cross between a restaurant and a pub style bar which in fact brews its own beer on show in tanks on display for customers to see. Drink prices are a bit more expensive in this place costing anything from £3.50 to £6 a pint, the latter I paid for a 6.5% IPA which was only of an average taste level.

One nice design touch in here though, is the comic book style decor in the toilets. A similar style to the ones in The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green. It is the little things that interest me!

Meeting up with the rest of the ‘Graps Gang in the British Wrestling staple of Wetherspoons, we soon headed off to what has become the main meeting place for these Stockport shows nowadays – The Nelson handily situated across the road from the Stockport Town Hall. The Nelson is your typical run of the mill pub with a Pool Table, Jukebox, Sky Sports and locals asking you the question ‘I remember when Big Daddy and Mick McManus used to do wrestling’.

Not much real ale in this place, the closest you are getting to a good high quality lager is the £3.50 pint of Sagres which was nice and crisp. The randomness of this visit was made even more random by the sight of half a dozen of our group doing their best Neil Buchanan impressions trying to draw Cyanide symbols on white and green t-shirts purchased from Primark around the corner, so they could partake in being a part of the ‘Cyanide Section’, a movement that started a few months ago and has reached high levels of silliness, but the type of silliness the Northern Wrestling scene thinks up.

Drinks and drawing done, it was time to walk across the road to the fabled Stockport Town Hall. As you can expect from any local town hall, expect grand artwork and paintings of the Queen on the wall both of which this building ticked off. As this was a special show for Futureshock they drew a jam packed crowd with all seats taken and the noisy chanting section taking their positions at the back of the hall for the evening’s action. So with that said – let’s see what went down!

First match up was an 8-Man Tag Team contest with the good guy squadron of J.J Webb, Delicious Danny Hope, Bobby Gage (Little Daddy Walter) and Chris Egan facing off against Deadly Damon Leigh, Isiah Quinn, Mr Thomas Wolfe (Nordic Accountant) and BIG JOE.

Now the bad guy side has 2 of the standouts of the GPW promotion in Wigan – Quinn & BIG JOE. The latter who was a relative unknown to anyone last year has proved a hit to many people on the Northern Underground scene. The gimmick of JOE is one of an undersized bodybuilder who is constantly trying stand his battles against much larger opponents but thinking he is this 7ft Monster which is far from the truth. The reaction though in his short time of wrestling has been excellent and he has been hitting all of the right notes when he has been on shows.

Damon Leigh is one of the most under appreciated wrestlers on the national circuit, but his year plus long run as the ‘Chicken’ in Futureshock has been comedy gold and proves the ‘less is more’ statement is very true when it comes to Damon.

This was a hot and fun opener to proceedings with the good guy team getting the victory, with a suplex of all things from Futureshock Academy standout J.J Webb to BIG JOE for the victory. Webb is someone who is making a statement for himself in Futureshock having recently gaining wins over Damon Leigh and Mark Coffey, make sure you keep an eye out on Webb for the future.

Second match of the evening was a heated grudge match between former friends and partners, with Soner Dursun vs Sam Bailey. In the last year Dursun has been one wrestler who made a name for himself as the ‘Ace of Futureshock’ by taking the secondary title of the Adrenaline Title and taking it to a level where it was on a par with the company’s Heavyweight Championship. If you haven’t seen his matches, there are a number of his matches on YouTube when he was champion against such wrestlers as Travis Banks, James Drake and Rockstar Spud, he also had a couple of barnburners with current WWE UK Champion, Pete Dunne.

The premise of this match, was Bailey turned on his former friend at the back end of last year costing Dursun who was attempting to win back the Adrenaline Title at the time in a match also including Pete Dunne and Xander Cooper. This defeat caused Dursun to lose his rag and at one moment accidentally hitting Futureshock matchmaker Chris Brooker causing Brooker to indefinitely suspend Dursun.

Fast forward 4 months since the suspension and after much deliberation Brooker decided to reinstate Soner so he could have the opportunity at revenge on his former friend Bailey bringing us to this grudge match.

A really good grudge match, sadly ended with Dursun getting frustrated not being able to put away Bailey who had already taken 3 frog splashes before this. Dursun trying to hit Bailey with a steel wrench, instead accidentally hit Futureshock’s resident blinkered referee Mike Fitzgerald who soon called for the DQ once he gained his bearings to the disgust of the crowd. Obviously with the DQ finish, we can expect a No DQ decider in the future which should be excellent and one to keep a look out for.

Third match was a 6-Women Tag Team Match between Shax, Viper & Lana Austin facing off against The Queen Bees (Champion, Molly Spartan, Kasey Owens and Jayla Dark). The build up to this match has been centered around Lana Austin trying to gain back her Futureshock Women’s Championship since losing it by nefarious means courtesy of Molly Spartan. In that time it has been a case of whether Lana had any friends to help her overcome the odds situation, but thankfully for Lana she was able to call on the help of Viper and Shax (Originally it was going to be Leah Owens, till she got injured last weekend at EVE).

A fun match here ended, when Austin and Viper nullified Dark & Kasey leaving Spartan open for a surprise loss to Shax who has put herself into contention for a possible title shot in the future.

‘LOVE SHAX, BABY LOVE SHAX’! – The chant writes itself!

Half time Main Event was another feud that has been built up over the last year and one that was possibly at a climax in this particular 2 out of 3 falls contest between former friends and partners in Futureshock – James Drake and Zack Gibson. As expected this was an excellent match between 2 of the standout wrestlers in Futureshock over the last 12 months, Drake in particular has come into his own with his high intense offence, highly groomed hair and a love for putting people in bins. One highlight of the bin days was the ‘All Bins are Legal’ match from the Futureshock December show vs Damon Leigh which was everything that it said on the bin.

This match got off to a quick start with Gibson picking up an early pinfall on Drake, leaving the Blackpool Native vulnerable requiring 2 more falls. That doubt though spurred on Drake who soon levelled up at 1-1 with a Frog Splash, then after around 15 minutes finished off the Mouthy Scouser with the Grunge Plunge for a popular victory. It will now be interesting to see where that leaves Gibson now in the Futureshock pecking order, but if it does mean he is going off to greener pastures – good luck to him.

After the break, we came back with Adrenaline Title action with Champion, Wolfgang facing off against Joey Hayes. Hayes on the quiet has been producing some of the best singles work of his career and has deserved to be contesting for title matches at the top of GPW & Futureshock cards respectively. Wolfgang who won the title in January from Xander Cooper, has only defended the title on one occasion with a victory over Chris Ridgeway in among some missed appearances – needless to say the luster of the title that Soner Dursun built had gone away in Wolfgang’s hand.

The crowd was around a 90/10 split in favour of Hayes, who doesn’t live too far away from the venue in Leigh and that support was well warranted as Hayes picked up the victory with a cheeky Crucifix pin on Wolfgang to win the Futureshock Adrenaline Title. To say I was pleased at this result would be an understatement, I have just never got the fascination with Wolfgang – I mean good luck to him with the WWE UK deal but just don’t get it myself.

6th Match of the evening was a Tag Team Title match between Futureshock Tag Team Champions, The Sexy Gents (Sexy Kevin Lloyd & John McGregor) vs the Tattooed Terrors of T-Bone & Chris Ridgeway. In the last few months these two teams have been trading wins and losses in a number of singles contests including a Sexy Kev vs Chris Ridgeway match that was breath of grappling fresh air that I recommend you check out on VOD.

Now going into this match, I have been thinking that Sexy Kev even though he hasn’t teased it has been previewing videos online of him playing up a more serious character, so I was thinking that this could be the moment where Kev snapped and turned on John McGregor, alas sadly not. Kev though was involved in the finish though as he ate a T-Bone Piledriver for the loss after McGregor who had taken the bulk of the shooing from Bone & Ridgeway tagged him in.

Bone & Ridgeway are a very interesting combination for a tag team, but it could be one that proves fruitful in Futureshock in the coming months.

Main Event Time with Futureshock Champion, Ashton Smith facing off against his biggest challenger to date – Cyanide! These two faced off two months ago in Stockport, with Cyanide dominating Smith to the point of a public beating that gave you visions of them old Sid Justice squash matches on WWF Superstars. Last month though Smith wanted to prove he could hang with the big men by challenging and dispatching of ‘The Bastard’ Dave Mastiff with a GTS.

So here we were with the Cyanide Section in full force and the sounds of ‘All of the Lights’ by Kanye West being sang by some over enthusiastic soprano from Rochdale – it was time for the Main Event. After a number of run in’s with Cyanide’s confidants Noah & Henry T.Grodd being ran off by the two Futureshock trainees who Cyanide had battered the month before, it was left for Ashton to hit Cyanide with a Superkick for a surprise victory.

Overall a fantastic show from Futureshock Wrestling who knocked it out of the park and in turn probably gained a number of new followers. The success of this show has had them hint that they are going to be returning for Futureshock Uproar 103 in November. If you have enjoyed reading this review go and search out Futureshock’s VOD catalogue and also try and get yourself to one of their shows which won’t break the bank money wise.

Beer prices in Stockport Town Hall was £4.50 for Kronenberg Lager.

Hope you have enjoyed this review, and I hope to see you next time 🙂

Thank You

Andrew Ogden