Friday Night Fight Club: Episode 6 Review

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Venue: The Garage, Glasgow, Show: Spacebaws Episode 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Date of Show: 31st May 2015

Opening of the show we get Billy Kirkwood and Joe Coffey at ringside, in front of a very vocal Glasgow crowd, running down the card for this episode of Friday Night Fight Club.

1st Match: Lou King Sharp vs. Kid Fite (w/James R. Kennedy)

Match opens with Lou King Sharp already in the ring, on his way to the ring Kid Fite and is accompanied by James R. Kennedy. We get a promo from Kid Fite saying “tomorrow I’m gonna punch your c*** in”, that’s about as Scottish as you can get in a promo, it’s why I like Kid Fite so much.

Lou King Sharp is an up and comer in the world of ICW, used primarily in the Spacebaws shows. Notorious for his temper and his loud mouth, he has found himself on the receiving end of a few beatings since joining ICW.

There is about a half a foot difference in height between these two guys, not that Lou King Sharp seems to care, before starting the match he gets on the mic and says to Kid Fite to take it easy on him as he “shagged your maw” last night (Maw = mother). After giving Kid Fite more attitude he receives a slap for his troubles, getting right in the face of Kid Fite he is pushed to the mat a few times. Firing back Sharp takes Fite down with a double leg takedown.

What transpires is one hell of a one sided bout, Kid Fite dominates most of the early going with a series of stomps, chops , body slams and a foot choke on the 2nd rope. Sharp finds his way out of Fite’s D.O.A (Brainbuster) and hits Fite with a dropkick. Lou King Sharp feels the change in momentum and starts firing up, Sharp then lines Kid Fite up for a spear and hits him with it. Unfortunately for Lou King Sharp the weight difference between himself and Fite, made it about as effective as running into a brick wall. Kid Fite maybe took one step back from the impact. Lou King Sharp is on the deck.

The next minute or so is just brutal, Kid Fite hits Sharp with a Turnbuckle Powerbomb and follows up immediately with a Sitdown Powerbomb for just a 2 count, there is still some fight in Yer Maws Favourite Wrestler.

Kid Fite beats on Sharp some more and he sets up for the Superplex, but Sharp fights his way out of it with a few punches and grabs Kid Fite’s teabags (his baws). He goes for the tadpole splash but Fite dodges it, Sharp just can’t catch a break!
Kid Fite hits Sharp with the Death Valley Driver and the D.O.A but somehow Sharp kicks out at 2. The crowd try to get Lou King Sharp back into this by chanting “My Maw Loves You”.

Sadly it wasn’t to be for Lou King Sharp as Kid Fite hits him with a very cool looking DDT (He sets up for the DDT and pulls the arm back in a sort of hammerlock, then sweeps). According to one site that’s called the “Lockback DDT”. The ref counts the 3 and the match is over.

Winner – Kid Fite

Post-match James R. Kennedy throws a chair in the ring and orders a beatdown, Fite seems hesitant at first but is persuaded into it. He traps Sharps head in a steel chair as he’s lying helpless on the mat, Fite climbs up the turnbuckle but before he can do anything he is stopped by a member of security. Billy Kirkwood informs us that his name is Aaron Echo and that he is another student of Kid Fite.

Fite is furious that he was stopped by his student and has a few choice words for the defiance, shouting obscenities at Echo, including “You’re not good enough to be in this fucking ring!”

Echo goes nose to nose with his mentor but before a fight breaks out Kennedy stops Fite, saying they don’t fight for free. He closes the segment by telling Echo “Your card is marked” and giving some more playing cards. That last part got “That’s shite patter” chants from the crowd, ICW on demand transitioned to something else though.

Talking points:

I very much enjoyed this match. I think Kid Fite is an underrated wrestler. I’ve never been bored of the guy. Whether I’m supposed to boo or cheer him he’s entertaining.

Lou King Sharp is quality. He is great on the mic and quite good in the ring for someone so young. He is like a Scrappy Doo like character, except funny and likeable. Sharp has always been the small guy in every match I’ve seen him in, he gets himself in his opponents mind with his taunting which leads to them making a mistake. It has yet to materialise a win for him, that however is only a matter of time.

Red Lightning In-ring promo:

Red Lightning is already in the ring, the crowd is relentlessly chanting less than flattering things at Red. He says that he wants to show people that he is a fair boss, he then goes on to have a go at ring announcer Simon Cassidy for leaving during the last show. Simon was attacked during the intermission of the last show in Glasgow “Flawless Victory” by ICW “Bad boy Liam Thomson”, Simon left as a result of the attack. Red Lightning demands an apology from Simon, which Simon does and his dismissed from the ring.

Red Lightning goes on to announce a Women’s Championship tournament starting at the Edinburgh Fringe shows and the winner will be crowned at Fear & Loathing VIII. This prompts Mark Dallas’s music to hit and the boss is back! He doesn’t waste time dressing down Red Lightning about avoiding Dallas’s attempts at getting in contact with him, avoiding phone calls and texts from Dallas.

Dallas states that Red Lightning is very good at his job, since it is a very demanding job, Dallas never expected him to make many friends, he needed someone to tell people when they “fucked up”, but Red Lightning has been going over the top by suspending people and stopping matches halfway through. Dallas doesn’t think that is acceptable behaviour and as a result, Red Lightning will no longer be in charge of Fear & Loathing VIII at the SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre). Since it will be ICW’s biggest show to date Red Lightning definitely isn’t happy about the decision.

Mark Dallas now says that he needs to find someone to stand in for that night, someone who knows the business and gave his life to the business at the biggest stage in wrestling. He then pulls his hand out of his pocket to reveal Mr. Socko! Mr. Socko has a word in Dallas’s ear about someone (can’t imagine who) wants to be the Commissioner for the night, Red Lightning is then given the message “He wants you to have a nice day!”

The segment ends with Red Lightning on his knees looking dejected, a confirmation advertising hardcore legend Mick Foley will be the guest commissioner for Fear & Loathing VIII.

Can’t describe how much I marked out to that reveal, it has been a long time coming. Great decision, November can’t come soon enough.

Backstage segment with Lou King Sharp and Red Lightning:

Backstage interviewer Veronica Lestrange is trying to interview Lou King Sharp about his match earlier, however before she can get a question out she is interrupted and sent away by Red Lightning, who seems to want a work from Sharp.

Red Lightning says that he’s had enough of Lou King Sharp’s antics on twitter. Lightning then remarks how Mark Dallas said that he was doing things without reason or justification. But due to Sharp’s social media abuse of Red Lightning, Lightning has every reason to discipline him. Lightning asks Sharp if he is the model employee to which Sharp replies “I believe you are a dobber”. Lightning has implemented a social media policy and he can’t tolerate people bringing both Lightning and ICW’s name into disrepute, he then fires Lou King Sharp. Sharp pushes Lightning and is then taken away by security.

Lightning then sends a message to everyone saying that Mick Foley may be in charge of Fear & Loathing, but until then Red Lightning is the man who makes the decision and the man who holds the cards.

Dickie Divers In-ring promo:

Dickie Divers is the winner of the ICW Square Go match in January, which is a Royal Rumble style match and the winner gets an opportunity at the ICW championship whenever they want over the next year, so it is like it is a hybrid of WWE’s Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank.

A mixed reception for Divers, individuals in the crowd get on Diver’s case but if there is one thing Divers definitely is, it is quick on the mic, which those people find out quickly when Divers puts them down masterfully.

Divers reminds everyone that he won the Square Go and that he can get a show at Drew Galloway’s ICW World Heavyweight Championship when he likes. The date that is to his liking is Fear & Loathing VIII in November. This brings out Chris Renfrew.

I couldn’t really do Chris Renfrew or the NAK justice in a paragraph. They deserve an article for themselves as they are one of the biggest attractions of ICW, something for another day. Long story short, Divers is a former member of the NAK, until he eliminated Chris Renfrew from the Square Go, winning the match in the process.

Renfrew makes his way to the ring and draws Divers attention away from an incoming ambush from Stevie Boy, Divers has played that role himself in the past so he seen it coming and knocked Stevie down off of the apron before he can attack, Renfrew tries to get a shot in on Divers from behind but Divers takes him down and unleashes a flurry of punches. Unfortunately for Divers the NAK are many and Wolfgang tears him off Divers and starts beating him down, Stevie is back on his feet and hits Divers with the Canadian Destroyer (Glasgow Destroyer). All the while the fans are chanting “We’re having a party when Divers dies!” the Glasgow crowd can be brutal.

Renfrew says that the last time they faced, Divers picked the stipulation. Renfrew then pulls out a ladder and for the next few minutes it is a complete beat down of Dickie Divers. Renfrew then challenges Divers to a ladder match at Shug’s Hoose Party, with the ICW World Heavyweight Championship opportunity on the line.

As Renfrew says that Wolfgang is going Rhyno hunting, Wolfgang gets a table, sets it up on the outside and piledrives Divers through the table from the apron. Terrifying sight to behold, Renfrew then says that “Shug’s Hoose Party belongs to the NAK, NAK till Death”. Divers looks like he’s out cold outside the ring.

That piledriver was scary, but if Divers is still alive come July 26th that match will be a side to behold.

James R. Kennedy Backstage Interview:

Kennedy talks on behalf of the 55’, he says that opportunity in ICW means nothing but money to him. He talks about Aaron Echo being lucky and that he is losing patience. He alludes to a match with Kid Fite vs. Aaron Echo at the Maryhill show.

Mark Coffey (with Coach Trip) Backstage Interview:

Backstage interviewer Jennifer Louise talks about Trent Seven and the match that he had against Mikey Whiplash in Birmingham, and asks Mark about his recent back troubles. Mark says that he has been in the gym non-stop with Coach Trip doing “Coach Yoga”.

He then gets a bit more serious and concedes that Trent is a heavy hitter, but Mark says that he is an absolute slugger and that Trent isn’t prepared for what’s coming to him.

Onto the match!

2nd Match: Mark Coffey vs. Trent Seven

One half of the tag team champions Mark Coffey on his way to the ring with his absolute badass Goldenaxe Theme and accompanied by Polo Promotions, Mark Coffey is an excellent performer. A former ICW Zero G Champion.  His opponent tonight is Trent Seven, I imagine he’ll be a familiar name to many who follow his work but I’m still new to him, I watched his first match on ICW on Demand and have concluded that he’s a beast. It’s a shame that he didn’t come out to “Seven Nation Army”. That would have gotten over quick with the ICW crowd. I would guess the change is due to copyright and would be dubbed out on ICW on demand fro silence. I suppose having a new theme is better than absolute silence.

This is his Scottish debut for ICW, judging by his initial reaction there are still a few people still to watch the Birmingham show, generally respectful, but quiet reaction. That changes quickly as the match progresses.

This match would be better described as an absolute fight, lots of tests of strength and strikes. The stiffest shots that I think I may have ever seen. Coffey takes control early with a dropkick, a few stomps. An Irish Whip into the corner followed up by a clothesline continues Coffey’s momentum until Trent dodges a follow up clothesline, Seven takes control with a series of brutal chops including one massive open hand chop that echoes through the building. Billy Kirkwood then says that the chop was a cricket reference and quips “I don’t understand Cricket as a concept”, Billy clearly speaking for all Scottish people there.

A second massive chop was kicked away by Coffey, who climbs the ropes, Coffey tries to kick Trent away a second time, who grabs the foot of Coffey and pulls him off the turnbuckle with a nice lariat for a 2 count.

Flashbacks to the Birmingham show as Trent signals for a Suplex onto the ramp, Coffey gets out of the danger with a stun gun, moving to the outside Coffey then catches Trent’s attempt at a double axe handle to the outside and turns it into a pop up Powerbomb.

Coffey brings the action back into the ring with a Suplex. Trent gets to his feet and the two go nose to nose, they then trade forearms, chops and slaps. There wasn’t a shot that didn’t look sore.

After a particularly nasty series, Trent gets in Coffey’s face and drops to one knee asking for Mark’s best shot. A nasty forearm from Coffey dazes Trent. Coffey then offers Trent a return shot who obliges with a nice chop. This continues until Coffey delivers a sick headbutt, you can’t hear it on the on demand service, but I heard that headbutt from the crowd.

Trent gets back to his feet and ducks a second lariat, delivers a chop and then a devastating lariat of his own for just a 2 count.

Coffey then ducks a rainmaker, tries to deliver a German Suplex but Trent counters that into a Dragon Suplex and follows it up with a Piledriver, but Coffey kicks out of the pin attempt.

Coffey manages to counter a second Piledriver by Irish-whipping Trent into the ropes, delivers a nasty forearm, and follows it up with a Brainbuster. Trent kicks out of the pinning attempt, Coffey without missing a beat runs the ropes and delivers a Deathwish forearm to the sat down Trent Seven for the 3 count and the win.

Winner – Mark Coffey

After the match is won, Coffey lifts Trent Seven and threatens another forearm, before extending his hand for a handshake to a man that pushed him to his limits.

That was an outstanding match, an all out war from start to finish. I had high hopes going into the match and to say it delivered is an understatement. Both men gave it their all in this match, their absolute best they had to offer. Trent just didn’t want to say die and when it seemed like the end for him he just kept fighting back, both looked unstoppable during the match. Coffey looks like an absolute world beater and Trent Seven took a loss that any other night could have just as easily went his way.

Trent Seven walked in to a crowd that didn’t know him that well and walked out with the absolute respect of everyone in attendance and I’d be willing to bet that anyone watching ICW on demand would be the same.
I hope we get to see more of Trent in Glasgow in the future, but I’m selfish like that.

Backstage Promo with Mikey Whiplash:

Mikey Whiplash talks about the “whys” that people have been asking him about his feud with BT Gunn, his response is “I don’t give a fuck”, if someone gets in his face, he’ll return the favour. He is Mikey Whiplash and he hurts people with no regard to his own health and safety.

Whiplash is a great promo, I believe that he will hurt someone and he’ll sacrifice himself to do it. It really sets the tone for the main event of the evening.

3rd Match: Sammii Jayne vs. Viper

With the announcement of the Women’s Championship this is a nice little preview to an early favourite to win the big on, Viper. The Friday before this event she won the Fierce Females championship, the next day she got engaged at a charity show to Polo Promotions DCT, quite the eventful weekend for Viper it seems.

Opening the match Sammii Jayne attempted a running cross body but was not able to take Viper off her feet, Viper follows up with a seated Senton and a big cross body to a prone Sammii Jayne. Jayne isn’t not out of it yet as she kicks out at 2. Jayne managed to dodge a splash into the corner and follows it up with a nice dropkick to the jaw of Viper.

Sammii climbs the ropes but is thrown off before Viper runs the ropes and hits a Senton bomb on Jayne for a 2 count, Viper dominating this match.

Jayne escapes a scoop slam attempt and hits an Enzuigiri and changes the momentum of the match with a neck breaker. Jayne climbs the ropes a second time but is again stopped by Viper who sets up Jayne into an Electric Chair position, before she can hit the move however Jayne grabs the rope and pulls herself and Viper to the outside, not letting up she runs in the ring and hits a suicide dive to Viper.

Viper gets back into the ring and to her feet, while Jayne tries to launch herself into the ring but is caught by Viper, who then hits a Viper Driver (Michinoku Driver/Samoan Driver) but only gets a 2. Jayne is back to her feet and attempts to lift Viper into a firemen’s carry position but Viper pushes her into the ropes but Sammii hits back with a German Suplex for another 2 count.

Sammii Jayne climbs the ropes a third time in this match, but misses the dropkick as Viper seen it coming. Viper then hits an Electric Chair Facebuster for the win.

Winner – Viper

Excellent match from these two, the women’s tournament will be a must watch. There are many talented wrestlers in the division, all waiting for an opportunity to shine.

Backstage Interview Chris Renfrew:

Jennifer Louise is hoping to have an interview with BT Gunn instead Chris Renfrew takes his place. Now that I think about it, I don’t actually think I’ve ever heard BT Gunn speak. It gives him a mystique as he never seems to cut a promo, at least from when I’ve started attending shows.

Jennifer asks Renfrew why BT Gunn is targeting Mikey Whiplash, Renfrew remarks on how often he is getting asked “Why” the NAK are doing what they’re doing. He says that Gunn is a man of few words and talks about Gunn’s battles with Wolfgang, Renfrew and that they were supposedly out of love for them.

Whiplash however is being targeted by Gunn simply because he hates Mikey Whiplash. When Gunn sees Whiplash he sees a broken mirror of himself. Whiplash likes to play the martyr and is in an abusive relationship with wrestling as he keeps destroying himself and coming back.

Renfrew then says if Whiplash is willing to be a martyr then they are willing to grant his wish, if Whiplash is in an abusive relationship with the business then he is in an abusive relationship with them as they are the business.

Tremendous promo from Renfrew, he is just so damn good at talking. He has perfect delivery of promos, for me at least. But I’m from Glasgow and Glasgow is NAK country.

4th Match: Main Event – Mikey Whiplash vs. BT Gunn (Falls Count Anywhere match)

Mikey Whiplash makes his way to the ring, looking in fantastic condition. Not being able to wait for BT Gunn to get in the ring he waits on the apron, the two then start their match on the outside. They exchange blows on the entrance way and brawl into the crowd. Whiplash attempts to dropkick off of the stage onto BT Gunn. Gunn however catches whiplash on the floor and catapults him into the plastic barrier of staircase leading to the upper levels of the Garage.

The two brawl over every booth, making their way to the back of the crowd. The crowd brawl ends with Gunn pushing Whiplash through the ladies toilet door, they then make their way to the ring after Whiplash recovers. As Gunn rolls Whiplash into the ring, Whiplash rolls onto his feet, runs the ropes and delivers a suicide dive onto Gunn. Whiplash is then caught in a stun gun as he attempted a second.

A fan pours a drink over BT Gunn, Gunn retaliates with a right hand and the fan then disappears completely from view. Gunn attempts to chase after the fan, security attempt to restrain Gunn which gives Whiplash enough time to climb the turnbuckle and dive into the crowd! BT Gunn was the only man not taken out by Whiplash it seems, and drags Whiplash back into the ring.

BT Gunn is in control until Whiplash hits Gunn with a Blue Thunder Bomb, back on their feet they trade strikes until BT Gunn delivers a super kick which knocks Whiplash back into the ropes, Whiplash then kicks BT Gunn, floating over the ropes as he does so. Whiplash then attempts to launch himself at BT Gunn, Gunn then catches Whiplash with a cutter for a 2 count.

BT Gunn goes to the outside and starts throwing chairs into the ring. After he has acquired enough chairs (4 apparently being enough) he sets up two chairs in a seated position next to each other. Whiplash tries to catch Gunn with a Death Valley Driver, Gunn pushes Whiplash into the ropes and back body drops Whiplash into the chairs.

Gunn drives the top of the chair into Whiplash and sets up a chair on top of Whiplash’s body. After Whiplash dodges a double stomp attempt from Gunn he throws a chair at Gunn’s face.

Gunn is setup in the Tree of Woe with chairs sitting on his face and Whiplash delivers a dropkick to the chairs.
After only getting a 2 count, Whiplash heads to the back and retrieves a broken guardrail. Mikey Whiplash has a storied history with the guardrails of ICW, which Joe Coffey alludes to on commentary. Whiplash brings the guardrail into the ring and Flapjacks Gunn on to the guardrail, Whiplash finds himself set up on the rail and is dropkicked off the guardrail and over the ropes.

The fight continues onto the floor and the steel steps are used on Whiplash and are brought into the ring. Gunn attempts a Powerbomb onto the steps but is thrown on top of them instead. Whiplash then brings in thumbtacks and spreads them over the mat. BT Gunn avoids another Death Valley Driver, Whiplash attempts a Suplex instead but Gunn reverses it into a Reverse Suplex onto the thumbtacks.

BT Gunn then hits a Superkick on Whiplash, who lands on the thumbtacks again. Gunn then traps Whiplash with a Figure-4/Texas Cloverleaf on top of thumbtacks. Whiplash manages to grab the ropes and break the hold. As Whiplash recovers, BT Gunn finds a Ladder underneath the ring. Setting the ladder up in the corner and trapping Whiplash underneath the steel steps. He starts climbing the ladder, as he makes his way to the top Whiplash is back on his feet. Whiplash strikes Gunn and hits a Death Valley Driver from the top of the ladder onto thumbtacks. He covers Gunn and gets the 3 count.

Winner – Mikey Whiplash

That match was incredible, they about killed each other in that match. Hitting as many big moves as they could, with as many weapons they could. They pushed themselves to the absolute limits a human should be able to endure. This match exceeded my already selfish expectations I had.

Post match both are still laid out, Mikey Whiplash leaves with the assistance of a couple of stagehands and Renfrew comes to the aid of Whiplash. ICW sometimes has a tendency to end a night with a beat down, especially if a member of NAK is in the match. Thankfully tonight both are allowed to leave in peace to the chants of “That was awesome” from the crowd. The show then comes to a close with Simon Cassidy and Billy Kirkwood saying farewell.

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